Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Its OK, Steve Taylor was just practising for WWE partnership with Hulk Hogan

I've heard reports from the USA that Hulk Hogan is very impressed with Steve Taylor and his signature move; 'The Forearm Smash'

Hogan watched Steve Taylor perform the move on our very own Andrey Arshavin at St James Park. It was executed to perfection with the Geordie even taking only two glimpses at the Russian before nailing him straight in the kisser.

Hulk Hogan was amazed at the fact that Taylor is only 23 and showed maturity beyond his years to elude any criticism or coverage over the incident.

Fuck me!

How is it possible that Steve Taylor has got away with this? It was an attack! If I did this in the street I'd be locked up for GBH and would spend the next three years of my life locked up. And I would deserve it.

The intent of Taylor's actions were more obvious than the fact that Harry Redknapp has a twitch. At least Redknapp tries to keep it under control. Just like Redknapp, Taylor took one look, then another before finally deciding the time was right.

I liked Steve Taylor before this assault. I rated him as a very good defender but this was total bollocks.

This may sound drastic but one day a player will be maimed, disabled or even killed as a result of such thuggery. Taylor should be punished as a warning so it doesn't happen again.

Unfortunately it may take something like a death from such a challenge before something is done.

I'm just glad Arshavin is fine.

Keep it Goonerish..............

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  1. finally someone else who is of the same oppinion! glad you brought it up wrighty7 lets hope Arsene drops by his house to bitchslap him XD

  2. i'm actually first?!?!?

  3. It was a liberty!

    Imagine had it been the other way round?

  4. hi wrighty,

    ive done a post on our site today about this and i said exactly the same thing.

    it was an outrage, nobody saw cesc spit at anyone yet fifa are investigating it, yet a forearm smash thats caught on camera and in front of thousands of fans neve gets a fucking mention.

    remember a few months back when it happend in a league one match and the player fractured his skull and cant play football anymore?????

    morgan for sheffield utd i think it was.....

  5. Yeah, but you are forgetting the most important thing and the most damming evidence...

    Steven taylor wasnt wearing a leather jacket, jeans and sneakers... Cesc must be an effin thug. What more evidence do you need?

  6. That's why epl players dare not use the elbow in european cup matches.It was a straight red card.
    I rememember Bergkamp using his elbow on Carragher in a match between Liverpool and Arsenal years ago. The Dutchman was sent off.
    The FA shd give the referee in question demerit points and he shd be sent to the League 2 as a warning to other underperforming refs to drive home the point.
    This is a glaring oversight and cannot be tolerated and the FA shd look into how they can punish such refs where it hurts,in the pocket.

  7. agreed!

    what about sol's red card after that ole-fukking-solskjær incident?

    the fa is a joke!

  8. it makes me laugh spike how our players are branded as thugs for their clothing yet on the pitch our players are elbowed kicked and heve their legs snapped but thats football.

    fucking piss take, its a witch hunt and the sooner we win something to shove down their gobs the better.

  9. solsjkaer played for manutd.... thats the differance....

  10. Its effin criminal that the FA gives Hull 5 extra days to get their lies to correspond...twats

    Oh well, if it creates a siege mentality within the squad, then all good.

  11. I suppose that we could always point out that it was an English player against a Foreigner which is rarely punished. Had it been the other way around the usual pundits would be baying for blood rather than praising spirited and committed challenges.
    It will take a challenge that ends the career of an English international in his prime before the FA does anything. As things stand Gerrard could kill an opposing foreign player with a bad challenge and the FA would only call it unfortunate and pledge their support to Gerrard to help him through his difficult time whilst they fasttracked his successful red card appeal.
    It is a sad and shocking damnation of the English game that most of the pundits and indeed fans would rather see an act of thuggery from their team than a beautiful piece of skill. Especially if that act of thuggery is against sombody who performed that piece of skill against their team.
    It is this prevailing attitute that prevents the National side from progressing not the skillful foreign players populating the league. Still it is easier to blame the foreigners than look to within for the flaws.
    Xenophobia and lack of imagination are the new hallmarks of English football. The FA will complete this process by helping platini's new 6+5 rule which will further the cause of focusing on our differences rather than on our similarities. The FA will act as the Judas of our beautiful game and their 30 pieces of silver will be to host a World Cupin a couple of decades.
    Eventually clubs are going to have to wake up and realise that the only power the FA, UEFA and FIFA have is what the the clubs allow them. The clubs provide the product. The product is what generates the money. Replace UEFA with UEFC United European Federation of Clubs and hold the UEFC League of Champions etc. The TV companies have zero loyalty to UEFA and would jump ship as would sponsors. The UEFC could operate as non-profit. All money goes to the clubs with no greedy corrupt bastards lining their pockets.
    I'll go you one better. Having dipatched UEFA, inform FIFA that they had better watch THEIR future fucking conduct. The clubs don't forbid any newly contracted players from playing international football but they do offer a 25% bonus to those players who do not participate. Finally Club football would enjoy its rightful place as the more important side of the game and clubs would no longer have to pay the wage bills for UEFA and FIFA corrupt regime's and only to have their little Napoleons express their thanks by interfering in club business and using their powers to play favourites and show favouritism to former employers.
    Wow and I meant to write something short.
    Irish Gunner.

  12. great post irishgunner - cant believe nothing has been made of that fuckin challenge, even the headlock clichy got put in! it is a pisstake how the media jump on nonsense like the spitting incident, but wen a real offence occurs ppl look the other way. i just dont understand it. the new chief exec of the fa is a fucking arsenal fan as well - get that silly pen pushing wanker to sort things out.

  13. i forget to mention ur post was great too wrighty - if only the actual wrighty wasnt such a media muppet these days. to be fair to him tho, i listened to that talksport the day after it happened and he pretty much defended cesc.

  14. I left a comment on Taylors smash on another ARSENAL blog a couple of days ago asking why no one had made a fuss about it and got dogs abuse from Geordies about being a daft cockney tw@t and "its a mans game" etc etc yaaaaaaaawn - The premier league would be so much better off without these muppets and their Toon Army - I hope Tango man has a stroke if they go down ( some may remember him from the good old days in the clock end - you couldnt miss him ) !And now Arshavin comes out and says he doesnt think he meant to do it - Who the hell told him to come up with that !!!!

  15. talk about over dramatic...what a load of BS..'locked up for 3 years'...'GBH'...'maimed (spelling) or even killed'....are you sure??

    I watched the game and didn't see anything that bad. But the sentiment is right though. If it had been on an English player there would have been replay after replay and the book thrown at us. In fairness Sherwood did try and say that he thought it was a really naughty challenge and that Taylor knew what he was doing but the presenter just moved the conversation on. I do feel there is def agenda against us.

    As for the prem better off without Newcastle - dont be such a fkin dick. They have great fans who make a great atmosphere, shame all these new Arsenal fans cannot do the same. Spoilt dicks.

    Change the blog name Wrighty, you aint worthy of it.

    Ian Wright Wright Wright...Arsenal Legend.

  16. and for those of you 'New' fans who mouth off about Ian Wright being a useless media c**t. Yep you know who you are take a look at this link and hang your heads in shame. You really should be supporting Spurs.

    Ian Wright....Arsenal Legend.

  17. Sol, do you remember years ago there was a kind of pantomime 'call and return' thing where sombody on stage would shout 'oh yes I am' and the audience would shout in response 'Oh no you're not!!'
    Well unfortunately this is the intellectual level that has been assigned to sky media pundits and their crafted responses. The idea is to get the most response both positive and negative to any news item. This technique elongates the lifespan of any given story etc and the mileage that a broadcaster can gain out of it between commercial breaks.
    I love Ian Wright but I know who now signs his pay cheques. I also remember who sent him on his way to West Ham. I'm fairly sure that he does too.
    It is a sad sign of the times these days but any ex-Arsenal pundit who continues to support the club in the face of constant media pressure, especially those that work for a former shareholder in Man UTD that kicked and screamed as they were forced to sell those shares, is generally subjected to more and more ridicule and has to suffer the ignominity of answering the most retarded and loaded of questions. Frank McLintock is gone fron GSS and Charlie is hanging in there as best he can and fair dues to him he refuses to give ground. This probably means they wont renew his contract but it make shim even more a legend to me.
    In Ireland Liam Brady has to suffer the same crap on Irish TV and when he has had enough and lets fly back at the retards that he has to suffer in studio, it is only his position as AM of the National side that keeps him in a job.
    Like Charlie Nicholas though he refuses to give ground. It goes to show that their playing careers might be over but class was in their genes and not just their feet.
    Somebody should point that out to Alan Smith. He was one of my heroes when I was in school but every words he speaks now is like pouring acid on an open wound. I suppose that some ex-players become legends not only for their playing contribution but also for their stoic defence and support of the club all the way to their dying breath whatever the weather. Alan Smith may have scord more goals but he is no Tony Adams and no Charlie Nicholas and no Liam Brady.
    I still have hope for Ian Wright though.

  18. joppa,

    i aint a new fan, ian wright was my idol, i cried when he left us but to be honest the last few months hes become a right tosser....

    hes become so anti arsenal since SWP went to chelsea, and his hatred for arsene is obvious now more than ever...... he will never like arsenal again whilst wenger is in charge but you cant pick and chose if your a real 'fan' as you say so ian wright can fuck off.....

    and by the way, you honestly saw nothing that bad with the taylor challenge?????? he smacked him in the face with his arm and followed through with his fist in his face, and eyed him up twice before doing it, it was more intentional than going on holiday with a suitcase full of condoms and afterwards telling your girlfriend you didnt mean to cheat on her......


  19. are these the sort of fans we are attracting now....pathetic...pampered babies

  20. arsenal should buy taylor, that's the solution.....

  21. Shob Soheler Dosh!!

  22. Sorry Joppa road we all cant be all macho fans like the geordie nation
    are? taylor elbowed him no two ways about it mate if you cant see that wash the coaldust out of your eyes you geordie prick!!!!!

  23. joppa your comments are starting to get on my nerves,who are you to start saying these fans our plastics because they disagree with the way wright's treated us in the last couple of years.

    and if you think there was nothing wrong with that smash in arsh's face than you must be blind mate.

  24. I'm sick of hearing of those "great geordie fans", the same ones who were screaming abuse at Pires as he was being taken away on a stretcher !

  25. whats makes me laugh is that I posted about Wrighty on my blog and have had a Spurs, Liverpool, and West Ham fan say the man is a legend and cannot believe Arsenal fans would put him down.

    Like I say they are not proper Arsenal fans on here. 'The way Wrighty has treated you?' Do me a favour. Do you not realise its like good cop bad cop on Talk Sport? Are you that thick?

    As for Arsharvin yes it was a foul a nasty one at that but he is ok, its a man's game (sometimes). Get on with the game. Killed or maimed lol. The rugby boys seem to get up each time. Credit to Arshavin, he is a tough player.

  26. 'I'm sick of hearing of those "great geordie fans", the same ones who were screaming abuse at Pires as he was being taken away on a stretcher'

    Are you for real? Is this the best you can do? Is this the sort of fan we have now. I bet you just sit there in effing silence when you go. At least they can get an atmosphere going and are passionate.

    Toughen up guys ffs, you are beginning to sound like a bunch of teenage girls. Lol.

  27. Jobba Road
    I have only buttered 1 slice of bread of my sandwich, can i now become a member of that tough toon army coz i feel really MACHO now

  28. ian wright was a legend but as soon as he slagged off the arsneal he went down in my estimation, nobody is bigger than this club

    i will not continue to idolise a man who continually wants other teams to win the PL and continually critisises the team...

    what sort of fan would that make me if i agreed with Ian wright????

    You are the one who still licks ian wrights arse even after all hes said about us and you are the one who is defendind taylors antics, maybe you should question your own loyality to the club rather than question other peoples????

    did you defend taylors challenbe on eduardo too last year????

    do you agree with the witchunt on cesc over spitgate?????

    mate you really are puzzling me????

  29. put it simply I wouldnt slag off one of our greatest players. You know Wright's pesonality, he is passionate, he cares, he does says silly things but surely you can tell deep down he loves Arsenal. He always will do. Remember it is the Sun and TalkSport he works for and I do still hear him saying good things about Arsenal but as I dont read the Sun or listen to all the bias Man U shite i.e. Sky, Talksport, I dont get to let it cloud my judgement.

    I can only think of one legend who got my back up big time and whom my respect went for a little and thats David O'Leary. That was for getting his Leeds team so fired up to beat us when we were challenging for the title. It was at Elland Road and we lost 1-0 which really meant Man U would go on to take title. The Leeds fans didnt care who won yet O'Leary came running on the pitch fists pumped. That made me sick. Yeah if Wright had done something like that then fine, but often I think he just talks from the heart. He is still a fan.

  30. Taylor get away with red card. Rooney escape from further punishment. What going on with the refs and FA. It is really clear that Rooney swear at the ref yet ref denied it. And what about punching the corner flag? Is this behavior is more appropiate than wearing jacket, jeans and sneaker? For this, I as the Arsenal fans curse this FA and Man Utd. There should be Anti Corruption agencies make audit on the FA and ref nad media also. They always favor Man Utd but Arsenal remain as their scapegoat.

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