Sunday, 3 April 2011

Am I Bothered Though?

That killed me yesterday.

You would have thought that Arsenal were playing in a pre-season friendly the way they performed.

Arsene Wenger described the performance as 'flat'. Well I'd use another term to be honest. Very shit.

And that's being generous too.

I can't believe that the players were not up for this game. It was the start of a run of cup-finals and just like the Carling Cup final we didn't turn up.

My great, great, great, great, great great, great, great Nan has more urgency than that Arsenal side yesterday and she has been dead over 150 years. I think.

In the past Wenger has always advocated that this Arsenal squad has strong 'mental-strength'. They just drive me mental.

I will always support any player wearing an Arsenal shirt and I try my best to be upbeat in any given situation but yesterday I couldn't defend them.

The way the players strutted about made me feel more deflated than Donatella Versace lips after someone has attacked them with a pin.

Did they really care? Do they care enough? They talk a good game that's for sure.

I'm not going to jump on the Arsene Wenger out band-wagon that is gathering pace quicker than Road Runner can do the 100 metres but he needs to do something before its too late.

I know he isn't Merlin but we need him to do some magic.

The attitude of these players at the moment has to be questioned. I can't work whether they are bottle-jobs or just not bothered enough.

They are running out of opportunities and I'd say we are in last chance saloon now.

I really hope they are hurting like us Gooners are right now. They don't get the stick on a Monday morning at work like we do.

Keep It Goonerish.........


B.B.K said...

Wrighty m8,the season ended against brum,there's no last chances here now m8.

w12mcee said...

even if its over already atleast go down fighting.

w12mcee said...


NorthBank Jay said...

Good article mate, yesterday was a shambles, really can't understand what has happened to the team.
I like you have not been part of the Wenger witch hunt, but i have started to doubt my loyalty. (don't get me wrong i still can't bring myself to ask for his head)
At least he didn't hold any punches after the game, but i don't think the comments from Wenger about the boos from the crowd being not being their problem a bit disrespectful.
The most fustrating thing is that we are not far away from being a great team, A experienced centre back, midfieler with some bite, and a top class striker would do the trick. We need to get rid of a few players who just seem to cruise through games and pick up there wages, - Diaby, Denilson, Chamakh, Bednter, Rosicky, Almunia and i know you like him Wrighty but Clichy as well all need to be sold.
I'm going to suggest a name for our midfield, i know i am probally going to get slated for it but i feel he has exactly what we lack on the pitch - Joey Barton.
Don't get me wrong he has been a prize prick at times but since completing his time in the nick he seems to have turned a corner and i have been impressed with his performances on the pitch this season.
For now we need to stop sulking, forget about the carling cup final and being knocked out of the CL by the best team in the world and losing to United away in the FA cup and remember some of the many positives such as beating Barca, smashing the Chavs, Citeh etc

Thank god India won the world cup yesterday, but even that made me more annoyed for wasting 90 minutes at the Emirates yesterdaywhen i could of elected to stay in the Pub!

Anyway fuck it - come on you Gooners

Wrighty7 said...

@BBK, hello mate. It does seem to have fallen apart since the Brum game. I have to keep believing until the very end though!

@NorthBank Jay, in the past I've wanted Wenger to have a go at the players in public to give them a kick up the arse!

I don't think I could stomach Barton in an Arsenal shirt though mate! The way he acted in getting Diaby sent off earlier in the season did me up!

I understand what you mean though, we could do with some nastiness in the squad.

Hisham said...

why has it taken you this long before you say what many have been saying for the past 5 years?...not only is the team flat but so is Wenger....perhaps you'll admit that in 5 yeras time too

Irish gunner said...

Wrighty as usual your spot on,im still pissed off at that performance an its hard to see where the nxt win is coming from at the moment. I hope the day never comes when i see barton in a gooner shirt give me scotty parker any day. As for wenger its the players that have let him down he has put so much faith in them for last few seasons,i guarantee hes hurting as much as we are!arsenal forever

Wrighty7 said...

@Hisham, I never admit anything!

@Irish Gunner, thanks. The players are letting Wenger down.

He has shown so much belief in them even when people have questioned him.

I actually believe he is at the end of his tether. I think a couple will be gone in the summer and new faces will be coming in.

Anonymous said...

Our season been over before the Brum game. Our performances has been lazy for a while. We struggle and showed no urgency against Ipswich, Leyton, West Brom, etc. There so much wrong with this squad...over reliance on too many youths, no leadership, no defence, goalkeepers, fulbacks who can't deliver a decent ball in the box, when was the last tie we scored from a fee-kick, over-paid/under-performing players, etc, etc.

visionary said...

fans like myself, the buck stops with wenger not the players or pat rice, it was wenger who brought each and every one of these players to arsenal and they are simply not good enough. don't recall stroller been given a massive amount of money or time to build the squad that essentially finished top 5 times in there career. at least you have not hidden wrighty anyway

fab4 said...

Yeah, I think Wenger deserves more than what those players are giving him. Sacing him will get us nowhere. Who will replace him? I think the best manager we could hope for is raffa benitez? Nahh Arsene is our man. I just hope he sells some of the crappy players. Van persie might aswell have been in goal in that game. 2t shots at goal I think. Well he's better then Almunia wherever

Anonymous said...

Get the accountant out now and get coyle in!

Anonymous said...

there are 2 things

1. wenger can't motivate our players
2. how many of our players are arsenal supporters or "fighters" ? 1 ? 2 ?

3. not enough competition for places, lets look at our XI and then at the players that would play in their places in case of injury, etc

szczesny - fabianski (improved this year but still dodgy GK)

clichy - gibbs (clichy's been crap for last 3 years, gibbs hasn't been playing any better either)

sagna - eboue, eboue can be decent when he's bothered

vermalean - djourou (good back up CB)

koscielny - squillaci ( a joke of a CB)

song - diaby/denilson (song isn't the greatest DM but the 2 donkeys in diaby & denilson are so bad i have no idea how they still at arsenal, neither can tackle or pass.

cesc - ramsey ? rosicky ? neither are good enough to replace cesc, nasri is good for this role but plays better out wide.

wilshere - diaby, ramsey rosicky ? all are worse

nasri - arshavin when on form arshavin is undroppable

walcott - arshavin, rosicky, vela ? - none can provide the directness and speed that theo posses

rvp - bendtner, chamakh, vela, shit, went from good to shit, will he ever be good enough for EPL ?

now compare our 2nd team players to man utd, i believe that most of their players are as good or worse that ours, but when they get on the pitch they look like the can bothered...

Danish Gooner said...

Far,far to late.With the statements Wenger have made over the last 3 seasons there really is no way back,he cant make it work that is clear as daylight and he cant do a u-turn and suddenly spend millions then he will have lost face big time and an egomaniac will never do that.He is vice and it is tightening even as we speak,the fans can and will not stand for a training session when we are actually playing for the League.

Anonymous said...

Guys we really can't moan as it is clear this is the best squad ever at Arsenal bar possibly the Invincibles, the players taking a lot of the flak are youngsters and will improve significantly, I can't wait until certain Arsenal fans eat humble pie when Bendtner is scoring 25/30 goals a season and when Denilson finally gets a decent run in the side he can show what a world class playmaker he is, we really are in such a healthy position and with next season the returning Vermaelen will be like a new signing, adding to our fit, all accomplished center backs, add to that quality youngsters like Lansbury and Randall returning we will definitely win at least 2 trophies next season even if Cesc wants to return home, just look at this side guys! Almunia,Sagna,Vermaelen,Koscielny,Gibbs,Wilshere,Denilson,Song/Lansbury/Randall,Walcott,Van Persie,Bendtner.

Gav in said...

Most of these players owe their career to Wenger, they know the pressure he is under and this is how they repay him. I am more sure than ever that this group of players really just dont care about Arsene or Arsenal fc.Just wish AW could see it.

Anonymous said...

Out: Almunia, Eboue, Squillaci, Denilson, Rosicky
If they want to go just let them: Clichy, Bendtner, Vela, Diaby
In: Der Wiel, Vertonghen, Rodwell
Bring back or promote: Mannone, Bartley, Frimpong, Vela, Emanuel Thomas
All players that want to go need to be replaced of course but I don't think many will go.
Final squad: Szczesny, Fabianski, Mannone, Sagna, Der Wiel, Djourou, Koscielny, Vermaelen, Vertonghen, Bartley, Clichy, Gibbs, Song, Rodwell, Frimpong, Wilshere, Diaby, Walcott, Vela, Fabregas, Ramsey, Nasri, Arshavin, Van Persie, Chamakh, Bendtner, Emanuel Thomas.

Not a bad squad eh? Perfect mix of height, youth, talent, speed, competition and what I would call a title winning combination.

Anonymous said...

When a company is not performing, you do not fire all the workers. You simply change the management team and things work out. The problems at Arsenal will be solved by getting rid of Wenger. The problem is that he is making money for the shareholders/ directors. Therefore, there is no incentive to fire him. Arsenal fans should stop behaving like shareholders and demand trophies. It's ridiculous to show up at the Emirates with an Arsene Knows sign when the guy has not won a trophy in six years. In the past, the club at least played entertaing soccer. Now, the footbal stinks and the results are bad. Arsenal fans, wake up and demand change at the top. Wenger's time is up!

Anonymous said...

Sagna djouru samba vermaleen
Kos song
Wilshere nasri
walcot rvp

Anonymous said...

Lol at anonymous 23:17!!!
That shit made me cry with laughter what planet you on?

Anyway nothing will change intill his gone,and he aint going no where,were sell good players and keep shit ones get a few bosman signing than players coming back from injuries will be like new signing.spin us bs about mental strength etc and I believe.......were get 1 of the easyest group stages in champions lge and come second in the group stages,injuries come around Christmas,promise of signings for injuried players to come in jan.last your if transfer window we have signed a 9 year old from Barry island dubbed the new zidane.go out of all the cups due to injuries and players playing shit denilson signs a new 5 year contract worth 80 k a week we lose ground in the lge,wenger will say again I believe and mental strength is strong as ever we can bounce back,come may we wonder what went wrong,AKB blame luck etc than another season trophyless!!!

holy14ever said...

Wrighty m8, I'll come straight to you and the fans here that Arsene should go even if he wins the league come May. He has lost the plot, which is getting obvious. No backup, having to ring up a soldier from WWII to fight your battle is a sign of things to come, defeat. Injuries, below-par performance, couldnt care less attitude, no tatical strategies, one sided play, the epl teams have seen us through with packaged counter tactics. and the best of all, we dun have anyone to make a change.

And should we even talk about the injuries we have? or the lack of depth on bench? your flinstone granny would have put herself on the bench and try to do something.

anyway, I can only see a change when the manager is changed. and the team building will start all over again, hopefully by a Pep G like figure. I wonder how will the board of AFC warm up to a new manager? "Dun worry about cups. Show us the money and the job is yours for the next 6 years."

Anonymous said...

without wenger who would of given wilshere the chance and have as much trust in his ability than wenger? so for the stupid fans saying his times up..think what his done for the club!
we will be champions again just some changes need to be made.

sell: denilson, traore, bendtner, chamakh, almunia, squillaci.

bring in: given, g.cahill, alex witsel or eva banega, kevin gameiro, pato or cavani

gilbert said...


i thought trophies have cash accompanying them!is that too hard for the board to understand?

everetro said...

Reading this morning's Guardian report of the match they seemed to be speculating that Arsene could be assessing his position at the club and whether his influence is on the wane. It would be typical of his humility to recognize that he may well be the weak link and that the time was at hand for a change. Personally, I think it would be a mistake for Arsene to be replaced too quickly and would rather the board brought someone in to be groomed for the job under the tutelage of Arsene with a view to take over in a year or so, that way the transition could be relatively painless.

Anonymous said...

Wrighty mate..

i cant understadn why yourself and many Gooners fail to see the real problem...and the problem is cesc..a player that rather would play for the whores of catalunya and have gone public with it..and what did wenger do..yes begged him to stay ..gave him a suitcase of money and begged some a result wenger lost the dressing room,and cesc well he is just surfing along until he runs off to Spain...get that ingrate cesc out of Our Beloved Arsenal..he does not deserve to stay..

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:04, you are very right about wilshere. But without wenger, who would also give almunia a 1st team place DESPITE ALMUNIA'S MISTAKE AFTER MISTAKE AFTER MISTAKE, COSTING THE CLUB POINTS AND GAMES AND EVEN TITLES.

Anonymous said...

OK, let's agree that things need to change and have a clear out in the summer. Starting at the top, bye bye Hill-Wood, thank you Kroenke but your seat on the Board has been removed. Ivan, you talked a good story, but you didn't deliver. That's that sorted. Wenger and Pat? You might honour your contracts, but we ain't honouring yours, cheerio. Backroom staff? Do not come back for pre-season, your p45's are in the post. Cesc? you can ramble off to Las Ramblas for tuppence halfpenny, Almunia Diaby Denilson Bendtner Song you are all long gone. And then season 2011/2012 gets underway.No boardroom, no manager, a team of kids (yet again) and complete discontent among those who actually stay. We would be in a position of certain relegation rather than supporting a team that nearly, but not quite, got to the glistening prizes. Wenger out? Arsenal down. It is hard and painful, but keep the faith.

Anonymous said...

I would be happy if, at a minimum, arsene came out and said he has told the players that they are playing for their jobs in the last 8 games.

nicoman said...

unbelievable how many deluded gooners there are that still believe song clichy diaby and bendtner are decent players. Wake up you muppets they are absolute liabilities.

Hisham said...

what is frustrating about Arsenal is that we are not but a few signings away from doing very well