Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Arsene Wenger Has Had Enough

I've never seen Arsene Wenger look as frustrated as I did on Sunday during the defeat against Aston Villa.

He looked like a man who was told he could spend the night with Nicole Scherzinger but, unfortunately for him, he suffers from impotence.

His demeanour and the angry looks tell me a thousand words. He is pissed off.

I know people will say that Wenger is a stubborn man and that he won't change his policies but I honestly think he will this summer.

Wenger put a lot of faith into this squad and a lot of them have let him down. Massively.

The five-year-project has failed, like my car failed it's MOT, so it will be ripped up and Arsene Wenger will start again.

I'm sure some of the players have been playing for their futures recently and I expect some will be out the door quicker than you can fart.

Arsene has received a lot of criticism lately, some justified, some not. He hasn't become a bad manager over night but he does need to make changes. And he will.

The summer of 2011 will be the start of a new era for Arsenal and Arsene Wenger. Mark my words.

Players with better attitudes are needed. I'm sure players with the desire of Robin van Persie, Thomas Vermaelen and Jack Wilshere will be brought in.

A few tweaks and Arsenal will be champions next season.

Things seem like a load of bollocks at the moment. I know that as much as anyone. These are frustrating times.

But don't listen to people like Ian Wright saying Arsenal will struggle to get into the top five next season.

Things aren't that bad!

Wright said that last summer. And the summer before. And the summer before that. He was wrong. Like many others.

With the right departures and acquisitions we will be in the mix next season. I'm very confident of that.

Wenger knows that too. He knows how close we were this season. And no matter how bad things appear to be at the moment we were close whether you like it or not.

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Anonymous said...

I tend to agree you have got it spot on- even Arsene must now realise his plan has failed with this set of players and will bring in th eright sort of player

Anonymous said...

Can't see Wenger bringing in lots of new faces. He's not suddenly going to abandon his 'project' and admit failure. If he does, he will have to explain to the board that they were wrong to put so much faith in him.

Anonymous said...

Wrighty mate... You wrote exactly the same thing at the end of last season.

Dimitri said...

Wrighty, didn't the summer before that and the summer before that you say that Wenger had had enough of some of these players who let him down continuously?

He's looked sad, depressed, angry, resigned on many occasions over the last few seasons. But that's what summer is for, it allows him to take a step back and remember he gets paid 6 mil a year for making the board a profit, and then remembers with sentimentality the days he laid eyes on the 16 year olds like Denilson and Diaby, and retains the faith that they are going to become as good at this age group as they were back in the day.

I would love it if Wenger showed some of his old ruthlessness, shipped out the deadwood, and brought in 4 or 5 real winners and fighters, but I'm not holding my breath and neither should any Arsenal fan.

In Arsene we rust.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the pundits were right at the end - the most Arsenal can get is 4th place. We were lucky that Liverpool had a bad start otherwise it might have been worse.

Anonymous said...

Haha - you wrote this same crap last year.

Anonymous said...

Nothing and i say NOTHING will change this summer. We'll still have the same team come next term.

Wenger has already showed us its going to be pretty much the same shit, by keeping Pat Rice. He will beg Bendtner, Clichy, Squillaci, Eboue, Rosicky all to stay.

The team is crying out for changes. We eed to pull out the weeds from our club. We need a tactical no2 and some fresh backroom staff.

MeteorMonster said...

Yes mate, Wenger is angry, sad, irritated and defeated at this point in time. However, does he have the wherewithal to not only change the components (players) but change his entire philosophical view as to how the game should be played?

Bringing in new players in this system where defense is not coached, no film is watched (as per Cesc) and pre-game strategy is almost non-existent (unless we are playing Barca, Chelsea or Manure), will make us better but still unable to win the hardware.

Unless new coaches with fresh ideas are brought in to assist Wenger it will be the same old shite.

Anonymous said...

Wrighty7, your Unicorn is at the door.

Anonymous said...

Wrighty mate, sorry to burst your bubble but Wenger still believes in this squad. He says they are the best team he has ever had. That doesn't sound like he is going to make drastic changes.

Heres to another year of underachieving

Anonymous said...

I bet the crap players Eboue Denilshit Diaby and Bendtner are still at the club but Cesc Nasri and Arshavin will be gone.5th place here we come.Wenger is a dictator he wont change.Just look he asked Rice to stay!!!!

Anonymous said...

No film watched??? I took the stadium tour with Charlie George, and he said the players were sent home with a DVD of their performance after every game.

Anonymous said...

We really need to sort the defense out. Far too often this season the long ball has caused collective panic among the defenders.
Learn to defend against it and we will do better against the teams in the bottom half. Don't forget that's where we lost so many points this season.

visionary said...

wrighty, you have it so wrong about wenger, his ability as a manager, his ability to clean up the mess that he has created at the club or even his willingness to admit there is a problem
he has already stated his approval at the 6.5% rise on loyal supporters, another knife in the back for us.i had never heard of this supreme manager before his arrival at our home and do you know something wrighty, i firmly believe that i never would of had only for dein sacking 2 managers at arsenal to install his friend in the job

Anonymous said...

Wenger broke up a team that did not require surgery and yet has persisted with a group of players in desperate need of surgery for years. As sad as it seems it's time for Arsenal to move on from Wenger's peculiar and failed project.

Wrighty7 said...

Lets just see by 31/08/2011.

If I'm wrong, then I will admit it.

Anonymous said...

Damn straight, he has seen as much of the crap we've been peddling in the last few months as we have and there is nowhere to hide; we've had our first team for the crunch games and they've let us down. Whether he'll be able to sort it out is another matter ofc but there'll be a fair few big ins and outs this summer imo.

Anonymous said...

New era, what a bunch of crap. He can't organise a defence, and if you can't do that you win nothing.

Wenger can buy who he likes, but as long as he is happy for his team to let in 25 set piece goals every season - as he has been for half a decade - he can forget it.

You're just naive, and a bit stupid.

Anonymous said...

Funny enough Wenger did spend some money ... Kolschieny and Squillaci didnt come for free! What AW need to stop doing is being cheap!! Buy an established EPL Centre Back ( Cahill) an established EPL Midfielders ( Parker) and a continetal hot prospect ( Hazard) = 50 million for a tittle! So my conclusion buy is fine but bring in dodgy defenders from average team from France or Spain! We better to promote youth such as Kyley ( If I am right) instead of loaned him to rangers.


Anonymous said...

Wenger and Arsenal has to also deal with the coaching staff, that turns out unfit and over-weight players. Why is it we can have players sitting for most of the season on the bench and when they come on they cannot fire on all cylinders? We had a B Team that was worse than the youthful Reserve squad. We need players in the B-Team challenging the First Team for their places and fit for purpose. That is the duty of the coaches.

Anonymous said...

Time will soon tell if Wenger has lost it and like his side kick should be pensioned off.

Wenger needs a better technician and defensive coach on the coaching team. How so? It has taken 5 years to plug a gaping hole. I hope it will be plugged at last?????

Gaz said...

I feel like I'm trapped in a summer groundhog, it's been happening for the last 6 years.

Davi said...

I dont think theres much wrong with the 1st 11 players really. The attitudes seem to drop collectively when a few of the major players are missng for some reason, and I think that will be addressed with new blood.
I don't really think radical changes in personal are necessary, and I think we will see a couple of young player promoted because coquelin, lansbury and bartley in particular have done really well on loan; then there's frimpong. I think a centre back will be brought in and possibly a striker, but our problems are partially tactical, and I hope our manager makes some adjustments there.

george said...

did it fail?
He kept us competitive with this squad through a recession ,kept us in the CL and with a net spend, in 6 years of nothing.
No other club has achieved anything near that level of success.

tn_germainewitya said...

I hope to god thats the case its hard being a gunner nowadays :(

Anonymous said...

Sorry but i don't agree .... you say we were close this season ... well fair enough, thats your opinion.

However, since end of fed start if march we have simply fallen.... and im not saying like every year capitulation, this year has been honestly one of the worst in top flight history. 3 competitions in 2 weeks, only 3 or so wins in months - quite frankly we were not close at all !

You say we were close but how? We were close come january and then we just spectacularly imploded in a fashion i think no team has ever seen!

Quite frankly we are not close at all ... we can all say oh yea look how good we were up untill february - the league is longer than that and this squad have shown over the years they cannot do it... in fact this years they showed us that they couldn't even get the league cup!

Sorry but your so wrong... we are not close at the present time! Now i do not think we will be knocked out of the top four, no way, we are to good, despite how bad we have been recently... however, to win things - no way ... simply not good enough by a long shot.

Anonymous said...

I don't thing Wenger will be ready to part with his favourite son Diaby,he rather let go of Cesc & Nasri but not Diaby,believe me. I don't expect a big change than the pain of losing our big stars.

Anonymous said...

You know what! The biggest problem with Arsenal they don't respect their funs, not the board,not the manager neither players. I can't forget when Song shouted how they are adamant to win Carling for Cesc and not their funs who contributes alot for them to earn their salary.

Anonymous said...

Alright im marking your word mate!!! I will come back here to comment after the window closes.
But i believe he will not change mark my word.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Wrighty, you pull head and then stuff it right back in in the same article, bravo! Wenger can't change, and you know basically nothing.

Anonymous said...

Living the dream I see. Wenger or not, new players or not, we won't be champions next year. Citeh will spend what we've spent in 10 years, Chelski will try to keep up and United will too to replace their old stars. Whatever we spend will be dwarfed by them.

Us winning the league is as probable as Valencia winning la liga.

But yeah, it's all Wenger's fault.

Anonymous said...

I'd think wenger will be trying to get Andrea Pirlo who is out of contract and i still believe he has two good seasons in him who is a real winner with great experience to calm our midfield

Spectrum said...

Wenger's poor judgement is on display again. Persuading Pat Rice to stay on for another year.Every assistant manager discusses his opinions with the manager.And no doubt Rice cares about Arsenal. That’s a given. But the evidence on the pitch ( which is all we have to assess him by ) suggests that 1) Rice is far too passive, and does not speak up either enough, or at all. That means he’s content to go along with what the manger wants = a yes man. Or 2) He DOES see the problems, tells Wenger, and Wenger ignores him.Then he has two choices; he can feel frustrated that he’s being taken for granted, and move on or retire, or stay and be Wenger’s obedient lap dog.
Either of these scenarios means he’s INEFFECTIVE in his role as an assistant coach. He’s been the deputy now as long as Wenger (?). And we’re still making the same mistakes over and over.They BOTH need to go.
“In Arsene we rust.”

Anonymous said...

next year next year.......6 years without a trophy you're rubbish and you lot know it.

wankerwengermustgo said...

You must be joking! AW change? Whatever for? He is the only manager in top flight football in Europe who does NOT have to achieve anything to keep his job! Where is the motivation to change? Has the Board given him any ultimatums? Have the fans really shown this clown that they have had enough? Apparently the majority of gooners still think that the sun shines out of Arsene's you know what!

If you were in AW's shoes - why would you change anything? Why wold you risk having to admit that you know absolute jack shit about football?! I mean - for God's sake - he begged Pat Rice to stay! What does that tell you about this moron?

Anonymous said...

you seriously think wenger will admit defeat by making big changes?

afraid not, the changes he will make are forced, ie not his decision, he has no choice anymore.

when the fans get this upset its bad for business and kronke wont suffer that !

thanks god

WiganGooner said...

You commenter's drive me banana's.

Arsene has shown in the past his ability to change and modify his system. Thats a fact-biscuit right there. Have a nibble.

Here's another-When he joined we played 5 at the back, four across the middle and Wrighty up front.

He changed us to a 4-4-1-1, he employed Bergkamp and Kanu behind Wright in a free role, operating in the hole. In this period he shipped out Hartson, Suker, Merson

With that formation we won everything except the Champions league, but he's had to change that to accomodate Cesc wanting a free role to create. So now we have 4-3-2-1 with Cesc in an advanced playmaker role like Xavi.

He has in the past and will continue to change the way the squad plays together and will change the personnel as he sees fit.

He has said many times he picks the formation to get the best out of the players he has.

I think there will be departures and signings and the formation will change.


Anonymous said...

If we are looking for a overhaul of the team with more than 3 big name players coming in, asking AW to review his game tactics, his philosophy in his football, a change in his backroom staffs... We are actually looking more of a change of manager.

I wonder if Martin keow n Nigel winterburn can be invited back as coaches for defence, david seaman or john lukic as goalkeeper coach. David dein back as football director? Hmmm... We needed so many coaches because we sell all our experience players away....

Anonymous said...

Hi fans,
pls don't forget the effort of this man AW he is the only one i know can do the job considering the phase we are in. new stadium with the debt, CL every year with budget,the money of our direct competitors. i hope many clubs will prefer our situation, just hope we have a better seasons ahead and minimal injuries. certainly AW is why we are in the club.

Anonymous said...

You said this a year ago Wrighty I remember, whats gonna change now?

Anonymous said...

Wenger needs to man up and realise we are a football club not a business. One problem I feel with Wenger is when he spends big he tries to make sure the playing style is perfect for us and forgets about the quality for example Jeffers and Reyes. He needs to look at position and just say he is a great player I will get him. Striker is needed, Falcao probably the best goalscorer in Europe spend the money that Porto want his goals will pay you back quick enough. Defender Samba will fix all Arsenals set piece problems immediately not an Arsenal style defender but thats exactly what we need. Defensive midfielder that will intimiate players like Vieira did. For me Felipe Melo should be brought in wht a job he would do. We need a proper winger that will take players on like Hazard would. Players ou for me would be Almunia, Vela (good player wont be given chance and his nme in squad will stop Wenger dding to his strikers), denilson, rosicky, clichy and arshavin. Would also like to see Song and Wlct out but I no thats not happenin. Bring in plaers like Taarabt and N'Zonzi as squad players

Anonymous said...

Villas-Boas in, Wenger out!

Should even save some money in the long run

Anonymous said...

Is this really an arsenal Blog all I see are the same coments where ever I go maybe I should start my own blog where real supporters can make comments. why dont the rest of you sorry excuses for arsenal supporters go support some prefab team like man city please!!!!!!!!!!!! you make me sick you make me ashamed to be an arsenal supporter. maybe we should follow you and spend like there is no tommorrow and get relegated next season.

Anonymous said...

you are quite correct....AW didn't become a bad manager overnight he became one over the last 6 years...

Anonymous said...

Just love it when one of our own says go and support another team just because we differ opinion about AW and our Clubs policy.
Crazy comments like that make me laugh.
Support through thick and thin I agree with but some fans must be blind not to see that changes from the top downwards are needed as times move FORWARD!!!
Time warp for Wenger is coming to a close. Next season is his last chance to correct his flaws or even my patience will have run out.

Anonymous said...

What do you guys really expect from a manager who goes on record saying he doesn't believe in paying top prices for players, has lost players for not paying going rate salaries, Ashley Cole left for a £5k/week dispute, yet he ensures he is one of the highest paid managers in Europe!

Dorthy said...

This will not actually have success, I consider this way.

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