Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Arsenal Have A Siege Mentality

It's almost come as a shock to some people that Arsenal are kicking into gear and are starting to fly like R. Kelly believes he can.

It doesn't surprise me though. Not at all. There is too much quality in the squad for us not to be.

Of course, this current group of players is arguably one of Arsene Wenger's weakest since he joined the club but that just shows the strength of the previous teams he has had.

We aren't title challengers, and we suffered the worst start to a season since 1876 when John Lukic was in goal, but the place is buzzing at the moment.

The players are playing with confidence and really seem to enjoy each others company. I could imagine them all having tea and scones together.

I think Robin van Persie is key to this. Not just going by his magical form on the pitch but also the fact he appears to be a proper leader and captain.

In the past Wenger has often used the term 'mental strength'. So much so, you can be sure he used it in at least 99% of his previous interviews.

Admittedly I often rolled my eyes when he remarked on the 'mental strength' of the squad. I almost thought he was taking the pee a little bit because 'mental strength' was a quality I thought we lacked.

However you cannot throw that accusation at Robin and co. This lot have it in abundance. Not an ambulance.

To come from behind 34 times in a row is an achievement. I even think it could be a record. But this squad don't know when they are beaten.

There appears to be a siege mentality within the squad. Has Steven Seagal given an Under Siege motivational speech or something?

They have been knocked, been popped at more than someone on Poppers, ridiculed and written off faster than my Ford Fiesta.

Yet they STILL are in the top four, only a point off the best team in the whole wide world.

I'm actually starting to get a little excited for next season now. I know that is premature, and that's enough of my sexual problems, but this squad will grow and with a couple of decent acquisitions can really challenge.

The siege mentality developed by this bunch has become a joy to see. They fight for each other and battle as hard as those warrior's from Sparta.

On a completely different level check out the 1 Nil Down 2 One Up site by Dave Seager for a lovely tribute to another Arsenal legend and warrior, Rocky Rocastle, here.

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Anonymous said...

We will win a cup next season ! Good blog btw ! Remember German sniper coming soon ;)

Anonymous said...

What has also changed in recent weeks is the vocal support that the the crowd at the Emirates are currently giving the team. I've always found it embarassing the number of "fans" who just sit there quietly waiting to be entertained with brilliant football & goals. Maybe we need to go a goal behind early in a game for the fans to support the team. Whatever... it's clearly lifted the team. RVP recently said how fantastic the crowd has been in the past few games. Long may that continue.

Anonymous said...

Lots to look forward to next season if we add bit more quality to the current squad. The team spirit is much better than last year you can see us finishing strong this time.

Wrighty, have to say your blog is a consistant oasis of positivity amongst a whole lot of miserable whiners like 'Arsenal Truth' and 'Le Grove' websites etc. You a Proppa gooner with fair comment. Nice one mate.

Anonymous said...

Great article as usual, keep it up


i think if we can get 2/3 signings of high quality,a striker,cdm and amc,aswell as keep rvp (which im confident)bring through more youngsters (miyachi,afobe,yennaris,campbell,aneke,ebicilio)then i see no reason why we cant go for the title next season,we have the starting 11 for it.

Anonymous said...

If the gunners had met Pool in the form they showed against Everton,they could have been well beaten.Which brings me to Ranieri. The Italian said Marseille won although they had fewer shots at goal .That means you have to convert your chances like RVP did against Pool.
Against Everton,Arsenal could be in for a tough fight.Even matches with AV and QPR aint going to be easy.I hope the gunners treat game to to the end of the season as cup final and third could be within reach.
RVP may not be able to score all the time and that's where the other gunners,including defenders can chip in with goals.

Anonymous said...

Just a word of warning to Arsenal and our beloved fans. We need to keep winning because we cannot let slip at all. Chelsea seem to be resurgent from the result that we saw yesterday and probably after AVB's departure. But if we keep winning, there should be nothing to worry about. With Ten games remaining, we need to win them all and start another record of sorts.

Anonymous said...

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