Monday, 25 February 2013

Give Wenger A New Contract But With Less Responsability

Arsene Wenger's contract at Arsenal runs out next summer and although people are saying it may be time to replace him I think that would be the wrong move.

He's been with Arsenal for a zillion years and sometimes change can be good to freshen things up but I genuinely believe that Arsene has it in him to end his days here on a high. 

Wenger does an awful lot for a manager. He pretty much runs the whole club from top to bottom and I think if he could just focus on the football side of things and get some help then we can compete for titles again.

The board need to help him a bit more because the likes of Stan Kroenke are about as useful as a chocolate teapot at the moment. 

They need to take the pressure of the clubs finances away from the gaffer and let him get on with the playing side of things again. 

We all know that Wenger is incredibly stubborn. In fact I've seen mule's gaze at him in awe. But if he can get some guys with the clubs best interests at heart alongside him then it can only be good right?

I'm sure the likes of Keown, Parlour, Henry and Bergkamp would love the chance to work at the Arsenal again. They hold the clubs values to this day and Wenger can trust them.

And it may put a few noses out of joint but maybe the bullet could be bitten and David Dein, or a man Arsene can work with, could be brought in because that would benefit the club.

What's most important here is Arsenal Football Club. We all want to win things and need the right man to lead us back to those days.

In my view Arsene Wenger can be that man again. Give him a new deal but with less responsibility.

Take the finances away from him. Let him run the footballing side of things and get people in to help. People that he trusts.

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Mark Chalfen said...

He could easily be on half of his wages and just manage the team and not the club.

A lot of people get peed when they see he earns more than SAF and his peers but does not get their results.

His eye for a player seems to have dropped a notch or two in the last few years.

Mark C

Anonymous said...

As much as I agree with your post; it isn't going to happen. Wenger wouldn't allow it.

Let's face it; he interviewed and chose his own boss (Gazidis). Wenger has too much power at the club; because the board of directors have no passion for the club. Since we have lost Dein, Bracewell Smith and Fizman (RIP) and Friar has been marginalised, we only have board members who see it is a good way to spend Saturday afternoons on expenses.

Anonymous said...

Not sure if this is a joke or not.

New contract, no way, hes terrible, a truly terrible.

Anonymous said...

Your mad. A dictator will never relinquish power. He is not overworked. He has not been crying out for help. He has advocated defence. Steve Bould is wasted. Tactically we are not at the races. The losing mentality comes from him (4th a trophy). He befriends players and finds it hard to cut them when they are not performing. His emphasis on player versatility is a hinderance. Thanks for the memories Arsene, you helped to change the game, but you cant keep it up now. Its time for a fresh start with a winning ambition.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous .... I could not agree more. Lock Wenger in a room till his contract is up and let Steve Bould get on with it - as he did briefly early season with success.
Tactically we are a non event and have no balance between us with the ball and us without it.

Anonymous said...

AW is past his sell by date but the real problem is mediocre Kroenke judging from the lack of glory in his US clubs.

Anonymous said...

Am starting to feel that Wenger has lost something and we need a change of direction. Bould could step up but his hands are tied with Wenger on his side.

Wenger gives an impression of a listening man but it appearshe only wants to hear certain things mainly praises of him and style even when its not working. Its hard to cut loose but he needs to eff off sooner.

Anonymous said...

He is stubon thats the big problem 4 him

Anonymous said...

Please please give it up, youre heart (or youre head)is not with it.

Anonymous said...

The idea is simple: let’s make up someone who can be Mr Incompetent, and lets laugh at him a lot. Oh I know. Mr Wenger. The one man in the Premier League who never ducks a question, never refuses to talk to the media, always graces even the most stupid journalistic question with an answer – let’s get him.

It is difficult to think of a club that has come under such attack as Arsenal have in the last couple of weeks. Arsenal were one of three top clubs that lost to lower league opposition recently in the Cup. But has Tottenham and Liverpool undergone such attacks? I suspect not.

Arsenal lost to Bayern Munich – and were criticised for that. Forgetting perhaps the English teams already out of the competition. Did they get attacked? No.

Arsenal might not qualify for the Champions League next season. They might, but they might not. So let us look at the league table. Liverpool isn’t even listed in my little extract from the league positions.
1 (1) Manchester United 27 22 2 3 64 31 33 68
2 (2) Manchester City 27 16 8 3 50 24 26 56
3 (4) Tottenham Hotspur 27 15 6 6 47 32 15 51
4 (3) Chelsea 27 14 7 6 55 30 25 49
5 (5) Arsenal 27 13 8 6 52 30 22 47
6 (6) Everton 27 10 12 5 41 34 7 42

Are Liverpool being torn apart week after week? I think not.

No, Arsenal, and in particular, Mr Wenger, is the target. And when the journalists have had enough, they go and get all the ex-players who can be found and who just reiterate the same old stuff, over and over. The ex-players quite like it, since they are all after media work. Funny thing that – if you want a job in the media, your chances of getting such a chance are enhanced if you are an ex-Arsenal player with a penchant for mouthing off.

Shame on you guys. We worshipped you, just like we worshipped the team and the club of your era. Turning your back on Arsenal now and spouting this drivel does not help anyone – except yourselves. Now we see you as you really are.

Then a minority of fans get onto the phone ins and slag off Wenger. The pro-Wenger lobby – the people who have cheered at the recent upturn in form in league matches – don’t bother with such tripe. So it goes.

In reality is that this is certainly not our best Wengerian season, but it is one hell of a lot better than we have been most of the time in Arsenal’s history. Do you remember when we were bottom of the league? Well, if you claim to have been an Arsenal supporter who saw the first double under Bertie Mee in 1971, you’ll remember. It was Bertie Mee who also took us to the bottom of the league. Under Wenger there has been more doubles and nothing like that.

Instead of the years and years of failure after 1972, we have had 13 years of playing in the knockout stages of the Champions league. And for all the years since we won a trophy, there is no reporting in the press of how many years it has been since Tottenham won the league. Why not? If Arsenal is due all this attack, why not Tottenham?

OK they may have won some things (I haven’t really noticed). But if that is the case it is only because of the way the media has framed the question. Why is winning anything the issue? Why not “winning the league” or “winning the league without losing a match”.

We also have the Emirates, which I think is a brilliant stadium. We are not like the clubs who have yet to develop a new stadium (rather like Tottenham, Everton and Liverpool). We didn’t have to get the state to build the stadium for us (as did Man City, and presumably as WHU are getting).

And we don’t have huge debts or a benefactor, just at the time when financial regulations are moving in a direction that benefits us.
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Anonymous said...

Of course I would like us to be higher up the league, to have beaten Bradford and Blackburn, and not to be behind Tottenham. Of course.

But not at the cost of the spending of Manchester City or Chelsea and giving ourselves up to a benefactor who changes manager when he feels like it.

And so what I want to know is why the press corps let Roberto Mancini say that he has been the best manager in England over the last 15 months or so, without anyone who was at the press conferences having a bash at him, rather than bashing Arsene Wenger.

That is not to say that I want to attack Mancini, any more than I particularly cared about the fact that Sir Alex wouldn’t talk to the BBC for quite a while (actually I quite enjoyed that) but it really all does seem one rule for Arsenal, one rule for the rest.

Where was the criticism of the failure of Man City and Chelsea in the Champs League this year? Sure there was some, but it only lasted a little time. And I don’t mean to compare that with Arsenal who will probably go out to Bayern after the next game. I simply mean, judged by their resources and expectations, surely they were due some criticism. And yes they got some – but nothing like the stuff thrown at Arsenal by the press day after day after day after day after day.

For me the worst possible outcome of this media and AAA hysteria would be not that Mr Wenger would leave (although that would be bad enough) but rather that he would leave and go and manage at Manchester City. Because with the endless resources there he would walk off with the Double. And the Champions League. Worse we would get one of the other supposedly top managers like Benitez. Now that would be a test of my endless loyalty.

But of course we don’t know who will go where or when, and we can only marvel at how Liverpool FC has managed to sink as low as it has, and to screw up its transfers as much as it has, without getting 5% of the negative comment Arsenal gets every day, every month.

I wonder also about the summer to come. If Luis Suarez is tempted out of Liverpool and Gareth Bale out of Tottenham, just as Cesc and RVP were tempted out of Arsenal, what then? Will they both find replacements that continue to keep them where they are (striving for a top four in Tottenham’s case, playing catch up in Liverpool’s).

But let’s try it backwards. What if Arsenal had not been the force it has been. Supposing we had continued with Rioch – would we have stood in the way of endless domination by Man U? I doubt it. Instead I rather think the league would have been closer to the situation in Scotland in their top league (and come to that in their third division).

Under Rioch I can’t see us having kept pace with Liverpool, let alone Chelsea. I rather suspect that we would be more interested in keeping up with the clubs at the foot of the league, rather than having created the only Unbeaten Season in either the 20th or 21st centuries. No doubles, just a mid-table job with occasional trips into the Championship – just like Man U, Man C and Tottenham before us. (Actually I am sure Chelsea went down as well sometime, but I just can’t remember when it was).

We have had a wonderful time, seen wonderful football, are still up with the elite, who spend so much more than us, and are ready to take advantage of our new money, and the new FFP regulations. Of course if you demand that Arsenal win the league all the time, that’s not enough. But perhaps I still remember being bottom of the league under Bertie Mee, and that’s why I am willing to wait a while longer.

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Anonymous said...

This Anonymous bloke has a lot to say for himself....

Invicta Moto said...

Although I can no longer be classed as an AKB supporter I fear that the options, should the club move Wenger to pastures new, leave us with few if any better options. Moyes?

I also don't expect the financial fair play regs to have any bite simply because the big clubs that attract the TV audiences will simply laugh in Platini's face.

The Champions League only came about as the big clubs wanted to generate more cash.

They were about to start their own league until UEFA bottled it and the lash up that allows four teams from a lot of countries to enter the "champions" league was created.

Loads of games, loads of money sloshing about.

And Platini wants to end that?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I’m not making this up and it’s not the usual cocksure bravado that
you get from the average sports fan but if I’m completely honest, I’m
not nervous about Sunday.

Yes, Arsenal are facing the form team of the Premier League, with the
form player, playing at the highest level of his career. A player who
has just this year unleashed a Ronaldo-esque toe-punch from set pieces. A
toe-punch that is, I might add, getting him goals from dead ball
situations. Dead ball situations that Mark Clattenburg will gladly award any time anyone gets anywhere near Gareth Bale and he falls over like he loves to do.

And we all know that Gareth Bale is the darling of the Lickspittles
on Fleet Street because he’s a player who admits that he dives and who
(like Rooney before him) gets a pass in the press. I’m not exactly sure
why he gets a pass, maybe he needs to dive for Wales against England, in
a World Cup match or something before he will get the royal treatment.
But the marked difference between the way that the Daily Mail basically
hung Eduardo in effigy and have instead made excuses for Bale’s diving is, well… marked.

And still I’m not worried about Sunday.

I even know that it’s a big game, probably the biggest of the season.
How could I not know that Tottenham are above Arsenal in the table and
that this one game could go a long way toward solidifying them as
finishing above Arsenal for the first time since 1995? And how could I
have missed the fact that this game could very well determine what type
of European football Arsenal play next year? I couldn’t and I didn’t.

I also know that Arsenal have an error prone defense. One which is
setting ignominious records for allowing slapstick goals. I know that
Arsenal’s captain, and chief of the defense, is not in his best form,
that the team’s most experienced right back is out injured and in his
stead Arsenal will start a very raw Carl Jenkinson, and that the team
has a new left back who has never experienced a North London Derby. Both
fullbacks will be tested by the aforementioned Bale, who will be making
every effort to get the ball on his left foot and fire in wicked shots
that will test Arsenal’s shaky keeper.

This should be the kind of game that I’m very worried about, but I’m not.

My quiescence comes not from a sense of bravado about the fact that
we have beaten Tottenham 5-2 in two consecutive matches, that Arsenal
have the better head to head record over the entire career of Arsene
Wenger, and that they have a long history as the little bottlers who
couldn’t. I was in London last year when Spurs were overturned from a
2-0 lead. I sat on the train my last night in London last year and
watched as a Spurs supporter openly wept because Tottenham had just lost
3-1 to Man U and he knew that the bottling of their season had begun.
That fact should have leave me feeling confident but it’s not the reason
why I feel the way I do.

Anonymous said...

No, this Spurs team look like a strong team who will give Arsenal a
real challenge. And Arsenal are starting to look like the team who tend
to disappear from matches. Arsenal are a team who can go into a big game
and not even bother to show up until the opposition have already won.
Arsenal can stumble through the first half like a blind drunk and wait
until the second half to even bother start playing, time and again.

And yes, this is the biggest game that Arsenal will face for the rest
of the season. If every season is a story, then this game is the
climax. From Sunday at about 10am local time, the season will start to
be resolved. There will be more matches and naturally there will be some
more drama but nothing will compare to this game and the events which
unfold in this game will almost certainly determine the path that
Arsenal take for the next few months, if not even longer.

Missing out on Champions League football would set in front of this
Arsenal board and Arsene Wenger a choice: double-down on the policy
which has gotten the team to where we are now or change directions and

And yet, I’m not worried.

I’m not worried because I’m anchored by the history of the Arsenal.
I’m anchored by the 13 league titles. The 16 consecutive years of
Champions League football. The Invincibles. The players who have come
and gone and the players who are enshrined outside of the Emirates.
Players like Henry, Adams, and Dennis Bergkamp who now have a granite reminder outside our gleaming new stadium that form is temporary but class is permanent.

It’s that class that Arsenal exudes in everything we do that is the
difference and what gives us, as a club, a leg up over Tottenham. It’s
not the back to back 5-2 wins over them, it’s the fact that we didn’t
need to make a DVD to celebrate those wins. It’s the fact that we have
millions of fans from all over the globe. Fans like me who are going to
Munich to support the Arsenal come what may.

And maybe I’m “frying chickens in the barnyard” crazy but come what
may on Sunday, I will always be an Arsenal supporter. And that means I
will always be one better than Spurs.

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Anonymous said...

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