Thursday, 2 January 2014

Berbatov Would Be PERFECT For Arsenal

It's no secret that Arsenal could do with another striker this January. 

Giroud is knackered, Podolski is slightly short of match-fitness and Bendtner, the best thing to come out of Denmark since bacon and John Jensen, is injured.

There could be a case for Walcott having a run up top but in my very, very, very honest opinion he is doing such a good job on the right flank that he should be left there.

Many Gooners will be screaming for the likes of Diego Costa but I think you'll just be giving yourself a sore throat. You could end up sounding like AVB in fact. All croaky.

This is World Cup year. Players are playing for their places in their countries squad. Big signings, well high profile signings, are about as likely as me getting under an umbrella with Rihanna.

One player we seem to be continuously linked with at the moment is Dimitar Berbatov. Going by what I've seen on Twitter I think most Arsenal fans are against it. 

I'm one of them though that thinks it'd be a great move. And I swear, on my Makita drill, I've taken my tablets this morning too.

Berbatov is a player that I've always admired from afar. Even when he played for S*urs and Man Utd I often wondered how he'd look in an Arsenal shirt.

He is perceived as being lazier than a sloth stoned out of its mind on the best Amsterdam has to offer. But I don't think that's fair. Maybe he is a little bit lazy when it comes to tracking back but that isn't what his game is about.

Berbatov is all about quality in the final third of the pitch. That's when he comes alive. And even the most ardent Gooner cannot deny the man has quality.

Giroud has done a sterling job this season. He still has his doubters but the man has grafted his awesome physique into the ground. He needs a support act.

What a support act Berbatov could be at Arsenal. He could be the ideal short-term solution. I'm sure he would be happy with an 18 month deal and I would snap up the chance to take him.

I'm not saying bring him as a first-choice. I'm talking bring him in as a squad player to help push us onto the title this season.

Bringing in Berbatov now and then making a big, big signing in the summer is the ideal situation for me. Despite Bendtner becoming unlikely hero at present he'll be off in the summer to pull another princess. So Berbatov can take his squad place.

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Mark Chalfen said...

I can see why it makes sense. We need someone to put the ball in the net for us. I see Berbatov as a flat track bully, scoring goals against weak teams. That is just what we need, rest Giroud against a Palace or Norwich and get Berbatov to get the goals.

Anonymous said...

Surely the "best" option would be that WC signing right now, as unlikely as that may be? Berbatov til the end of the season would be ok, if we can't attract better, but I'd want him off the wage bill by the summer. Better to put that 100k+ a week towards a superstar, than a notoriously moody 3rd choice striker.

Wrighty7 said...

I think we'd be lucky to get a world class signing right now.

The top players will be fighting for their places at the world cup.

Anonymous said...

Another Sukur,Wenger will never do that.

Anonymous said...

Berbatov surely wouldn't command 100k+ a week at this stage in his career?

I'd be satisfied with him as a short term signing for a couple of million on a 18 month contract and then go all out for Diego Costa or Luis Suarez (if Liverpool fail to gain CL Qualification) in the Summer.

The only feasible world class addition this month I can think of is Lewandowski, but he seems likely to move to Bayern on a free in the Summer.

Raymond said...

Arsenal need an agresive striker and not the likes of Berbatov

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

where have you bee hiding my dear

BermyGooner said...

So, do you feel about Loic Remy? An out in out striker that has the ability to play across the frontline. Which would no doubt be an major plus being as we get hit by the injury bug at the worst possible times a season.