Friday, 28 December 2007

Go back to basics

Everton away. Tough game at anytime but they are bang on form and ready to take on anyone at the moment. But we are Arsenal and must pick up points at tough places like Goodison Park. The Christmas calender has always been the toughest time in the Premiership season with the amount of games to be played. Arsenal, and I'm not making excuses here, have looked tired in recent games. We've had alot of away games and also started the season early because of Champions League Qualifiers. Injuries took their toll on a number of players recently and u can see these players not picking up the type of form they had early season. We've got a strong squad so we should use it.
I like us to go back to basics against Everton. 4-4-2. The players look more comfortable with it and we have the players to use it, even with RVP out injured. No doubt Everton will go for the victory tomorrow and will not be content with a point like Portsmouth were on Boxing day.
As stated in a previous post, Arsenal haven't been at their best in recent weeks. What us Gooners need to understand is that we cant play the swash buckling football we love to see Arsenal play EVERY week. There will be times when we struggle, but I'm positive we will turn it round and get playing to how we are used to seeing Arsenal play. It's encouraging to see the side still picking up points, even when we're not playing well. And its encouraging to see the side still trying to play to their beliefs and still trying to play good football.
It's important that the players focus tomorrow and take one game at a time. It's been a busy period and I don't think it will affect the players going to tomorrows game in second place. They are ready for any test this season and have passed all the tests so far. I think the first test was Fulham, on the opening game of the season. To win that gave the players the confidence of a good start. Then came the week with Liverpool and Manchester United, we came through undefeated. But for me the biggest test was our reaction to defeat. We had Chelsea after the defeat at 'Boro, and we had the strength of character to win that. Tomorrow is another test, and these players are showing us how good they are at football, and also alot of steel. Expect alot of steel tomorrow. We've always been at our best with our backs to the wall. Keep it Gooonerish.

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Gunner said...

Yeah it is good that we are still trying to play our game, even if its not quite coming off at the moment. I expect a tough game tomorrow and possibly a draw.