Thursday, 13 December 2007

Gunners gunning for big guns!!

After the results of last nights games Arsenal have finished second in the group. Meaning a potential clash against either Porto, Barca, Inter, Real Madrid or AC Milan. For me, I could'nt care less who we face in the next round as u have to face the best to win it. The only disadvantage is we face the first leg at home, but this should'nt matter too much as long as u dont concede. Even a 0-0 at home in the first leg is a good result and encourages an away goal in the second leg. I've a sneaky feeling that we will get Barcelona, but as Wenger says, the players will be more focused in the big games and to be honest on our day we're untouchable football-wise. And I include Barca and Manchester United in my thinking. I look forward to the draw and I'm sure when its made we will get a little feeling in our stomachs and mine will be excitement!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm sure the players are confident against whoever they play and rightly so. And I can tell u this, every team that has won their groups will want to avoid Arsenal in the next round. Many teams around Europe realise the potential in this Arsenal side and that the future of our great club is huge.
When the draw for the Champions League is made, it will allow the players to focus on the league again, which is a good thing with Chelsea coming to the Emirates on Sunday. More on that another day!!!!


Anonymous said...

Yeah I agree!!! Bring on the best, we can compete with anyone!!!!

Chanelle said...

What a load of old bullshit. Every team left will be dying to get Arsenal in the knockout stages because they know Arsenal have no bottle and for a supposidly big side haven't won a trophy for ages. Wrighty7 you are a joke.

Anonymous said...

What the fuck are you Chanelle? I bet you're a Spud!!! Typical Spud, only interested in Arsenal, fuck off back to Shite Hart u dip shit!!! When u get in the champions League then large it, until then, do one muppet!!!

chanelle said...

Ark it