Thursday, 15 October 2009

Henry or Fabregas in Manchester City shirts?? Do me a favour!

Who hates international football week(s)? Hands up. You at the back? Yep, me too.

International football week(s) means no Arsenal, so that means no proper football. I hate that. Almost as much as I hate treading in dog-shit as soon as I've slipped on a brand new pair of white Reebok work-outs fresh from the box.

It also means that there are newspaper columns and Internet web-sites to fill despite there not really being any news to fill the empty spaces. So that results in stories being made up. A bit like Father Christmas. Apparently he doesn't exist. Yeah right. How else do those presents get under my tree?

Anyway, the newest piece of shit, I mean made up news, I've read/heard is that Manchester City are set to prise Cesc Fabregas away from us. For £45m. Yes, £45m! £45m wouldn't buy Fabregas' right ear-lobe.

I know news is hard to come-by but please, could you see Cesc in a Manchester City shirt? I mean really? Go on try. It aint gonna happen.

The reason? Money isn't the be-all and end-all with Cesc Fabregas. He is an actual dying breed in the game. He is loyal. Like Thierry Henry.

I'll be honest and admit that Manchester City's emergence is good for the English game. It raises the bar. But can anyone really tell me that players would have gone there if it wasn't for the cash they are offered and finally earn?

Gareth Barry would only leave Aston Villa for a Champions League club? Apparently! Would Carlos Tevez have left one of the biggest clubs in the world to join their neighbours if it wasn't for the cash? Nope, and he'll do the same to City in two years.

Adebayor? The biggest cash-whore in the world. He actually bathes in money. Lescott? He loved it so much at Everton until he was seduced by the green offered to him. Robinho? Ha. Maybe even Kolo? I could go on.

Thierry Henry wouldn't join City out of respect of Arsenal, Wenger and of course, us Gooners. No matter what money was offered to him. I would bet my house, car, dog and my new shit-stained Reebok work-outs on that. The same with Cesc.

Henry would hate to play against Arsenal and he would hate to have to win against them. In a Manchester City shirt he would have to do just that. If Cesc Fabregas left, I have every reason to believe the same.

They have red and white flowing through their veins. Could they bleed for Manchester City? Nope! Unlike most who end up in a City shirt, things mean more to those two than money. Loyalty, love and the fact they aint mercenaries help!

Keep it Goonerish.............


Anonymous said...

how many times have u been told u are not funny. either stick to football or disapear somewhere

Wrighty7 said...


randomepiphanies said...

c'mon...such words for kolo?!!!

Anonymous said...

You are heading for a big fall you arrogant tw@t

Wrighty7 said...

I said maybe for Kolo but the rumour on the grapevine was that he was offered a huge increase in his wages last year. Hence his transfer request in January.

Wrighty7 said...


Can you catch me then?

Whats your problem anyway? If you don't like it then its simple; dont read or comment here!

pagooner said...

You’re actually fairly amusing. Your style of writing used to grate on me at first, but now your over the top metaphors actually make me laugh. Keep it up. You can’t please everyone

Wrighty7 said...

Cheers Pagooner. You've seen the light! ;)

At least I don't annoy everyone then.

Anonymous said...

Neither are good enough to get into the current City side.

Anonymous said...

lol wrighty keep up the good work don't let the Anonymouses grind you down : P

Wrighty7 said...

Nite all!

Aaron M said...

Cesc is no Adebayor. He won't whore himself out to the highest bidder. He'll keep his head down, keep playing superb football and hopefully lead this team to some long awaited silverware. I long for the day I see Cesc lift up the Premiership trophy and I'm convinced it will happen soon.

I think every Gooner is resigned to the fact that Cesc will leave us one day. But at the same time, all of us know that when he does eventually hang up the red and white no.4 and the captain's armband, he's heading straight back to Barcelona. The boy bleeds blue and red in one half of his body and red and white in the other half. Until that day, I know that when Cesc says he loves this club and doesn't want to leave, I know he speaks from the heart. Which is a lot more than the like of Adebayor, Tevez and Barry can claim.

Anonymous said...

Man City make Arsenal look like Accrington Stanley as far as money is concerned. If any club in the world can afford the worlds best players then it's the richest club in the world who will sign them. Arsenal are already beneath City... nothing more than a top 6 club - better get use to it coz it's reality and maybe Csec knows it

Anonymous said...

Cecsc'll be raising the premier league trophy - in blue and white

Simon said...

I like you! Keep writing and ignore all the haters.

Love from Sweden.

Fabregas said...

Man, no one in white and blue will ever lift the EPL trophy.

SR, Manchester said...

Fuck me! Responding to internet lies,sad.

john.graham said...

Why the bloody hell would we want them in a sky blue shirt? DO me a favour!

We've proved that we have enough quality already...remember 3-1?

Anonymous said...

Can't believe you buy all that "Henry loves Arsenal" nonsense. He's no different from any other player; he makes the best decisions for his career (balance of trophies/profile/money/first team football etc.). If the best move for Henry was with a Prem club other than Arsenal, he'd take it. End of.

David said...

So, now that you have finished (for a day or so) with your patronising, deluded, arrogant, obnoxious, belittling of question.

Who do YOU think will finish higher this season?

City or Arsenal?

Anonymous said...

money talks. wrighty wake and smell the coffee. whoever pays the most will get the best players. simple. that old respect for my club. arsenal in my blood crap from henry shite. why did he go to barca then. football is a game for greedy mercinaries played by them. highest bidder wins

Anonymous said...

ireland can be better than fabregas, while henry is passed it what city need is someone like rooney who plays behind the strikers, and put another welcome to manchester sign up,

Anonymous said...

See that picture of the cat in the hat having a go at horseface, top right? Can anyone tell me where I can get the one with the bat wings and red laser eyes? Used to wind the rags up with one but they could'nt take it and ripped it up.
By the way, I thought Arsenal won more points without rather than with Fabregas. Great player but can he fit in?

Anonymous said...

This is definatley the most stupid article I have ever read it is absolute bullsh*t I am sure if henry who's days at barca are drawing to an end if offered the chance would join city and I can admit that robinho is a money grabbing whore but he is the only one the rest have come for a new challenge. Your just a typical arsenal fan who is scared that we will break into the top 4 which will happen one way or another. CTID

Anonymous said...

good article. it's boring withou arsenal playing. i vote for cancellation of international football. 2 fingers up the CITY's arse. have good night sleep ya all.

Anonymous said...

Reply wrighty to the comment above

Anonymous said...

Another desperate attempt to be funny what a terrible article

Anonymous said...

Why would we want fabregas we have the best midfield squad with the exception of Chelsea. You keep him and carry on playing pretty football, we will just sit de Jong on him, he passes to Barry then out wide then to adebayor. You know the rest. Some people are on the pitch..oh don't worry it's a load of cockney shitehouses pretending they aren't in the prawn sandwich brigade and deluding themselves that professional footnallers would gladly play for their club for free. Ps fabregas did not show much loyalty to barca at 16 do you think he just had an undying love for arsenal or do you think perhaps he was made z better offer. Grow up and watch the revolution

Anonymous said...

to mr ian wright the real funny goon of all gooners stick to tryin to stick the ball in the net with your daft head because you got nowt else in that thicko head of yours my friend,manchester city have the second highest attendance outside of wembly,abeit not for sum time , one of the best accadamy set ups in the country who helped to make your shauny the outstanding player that he is today ,this is the club that has produced countless acadamy players with the ability to earn a living doin what all sunday league players can only dream of,a club that has as much history as any club in the world and is now the richest,well we didnt ask for the dream we just got it gods only club.barry ade tevez lescott robinho de jong toure bridge kompany bellamy santa given might ave come for the dosh but who cares cos we got em ya top class goon of all gooners

mikeg said...

man city has noreal foundation, we wil see where they finish end of season. too aragant.

dj dan said...

''They can have all the money in the world,but at the end of the day they will always be manchester city''.People used to like them now they have turned into arrogant pieces of shit,and have only gained the players that have fallen out with there previous clubs

Ole Gunner said...

For seasons it was the Spuds. Last season Villa fans were here on this blog mouhting off. Now it's fucking Man City.

I used to consider the average Spud pretty deluded.

The morons here who think "Stevie Ireland is potentially better than Cesc" win the moron prize.

Ireland is 2-3 years older than Cesc but at no time in his history has he looked in Cesc's class.

Shaun Wright Philips & Stevie Ireland are World Class. Man City are the biggest club in the world! Blue Manchester rules.

You idiots make me like Man United.

dutch said...

You live in a dream world matey. Why would any player leave his home country to play in a foriegn league if it isn't for money?
If City offered £45m for Cesc, Wenger would bite their hand off.

Sean said...

Bitter is a understatment, 3-1 or 4-2 ring any bells? after dominating little City for years it's quite a system shock isn't it?

I can understand the hatred for Adebayor, it's not that I agree with it but this is Arsenal so I'm not surprised, are you the new Villa fans? their hatred for Barry, your new found Hatred for Toure?

A former captain, a quality player who deserves better then being un-wanted because of form and you go on about the one thing that you's lack, Cash Baby!

Times are a changing & I love it, your good football won't protect you, it's either you or the Scouse that's dropping to 5th, can't wait to hear us out-sing you after our win at the Emirates, such a beautiful stadium, a shame really.

Anonymous said...

City will never finish above Arsenal this season. Just becuase your riding the lucky train you get all arrogant and cockey. Fuck City. They have always been the shite little team and no amaount of money will change that. The shit runs through your blood.

ymmit said...

to the man city fans who think that Robinho is the biggest money-grubber in the team,
that situation changed the moment you signed Adebayor....

Sam said...

There seems to be more Arsenal Haters reading your blog than true Arsenal Fans themselves ...

Always liked ur posts wrighty. Keep up the good work.

Those who do not like rather not visit this blog. Why keep reading and commenting abuse?

Anonymous said...

Nice post wrighty.
I like your comedic/arrogantesque style, even though it lures in the unwanted trash (man city fans)

Anonymous said...

Oh drar irland beta than cesc haha no cvhance irland is a pile ov shit just like man citys midfield and citys back four are shockin if it wernt for given u wud ov lost every game dis seasen by bout 4. Goals haha. Dave.

perry groves said...

really enjoyed the article thanks wrighty,but i loved reading the comments from them thick northern unemployed *****.ur-ropey league at best for city.

Anonymous said...

What a bitter, jealous

4-2 and could have been more. We could have really done with Cesc. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff Wrighty! Citeh fans disgust me. Cesc would Never play for that small time neighbor to a real club. At least act like you've been there you pathetic citeh fans. No class at all just like your team. Don't yall have your own blog site to spew your nonsense on? Muppets the lot of you. I Can't wait till yall come to Emirates this season!

Ambient said...

Looks like you are about to get a new owner. When that day comes, as it surely will, any reasonable offer for ANY of your players will not be refused. Meanwhile your arguments carry as much sense and rationale as a rant from a London Cabbie. You don't happen to have done the "knowledge" by any chance? Lucky you have Iam Whatmore swaying things in your favour at the FA.

It wont stop you finishing behind City though. What will happen when that Champions League filthy dosh has gone from Baron von Hardups coffers?

the zambian gooner said...

Wow city you pieces of shit.Firstly Writghty thanks again for another good post.Henry & Cesc are red and white.Barca rejected cesc and he found a new home where he is loved.If he really wanted to go now he would have handed in a transfer request like a certain MR Toure.I loved Kolo to the death coz he always kept going.I remember when we played everton @ home he literally played with one shoulder he showed his committment to the club I thought he was going to battle through all the differences he had @ the club and @ the end of the day he finds himself wearing shit and white every weekend.On the 4-2 city were lucky to even have ended with 11you didnt deserve to win you did nothing other than step on our players.You may have all the shit notes in the world but you are very far from the elite.Am Zambian and I havent seen any of your shit and white jersys in our stores here you are so far off the elite .For you guys finishing 4th yet alone 5th you can go anywhere on the planet and you still not achieve it.Ireland had a good season last time out Cesc has had and will continue have great seasons.His display against rovers is the most that ireland came up with as a whole.You guys disgust me.if by new challenge you mean bumper salaries then you should join the stock market.A challenge is joining a club with real ambitions,yours is who wants to make a quick buck real fast.Your brothel of a team disgusts me and your pimp sparky should get a real job like being our team bus driver.And Shittybawhore well the name speaks volumes even in in afica he is hated.

Anonymous said...

dont give a shit what these citeh scumbags comment here. there is freedom of speech and expression so let them talk and come next year, they will be playing europa league. champions league is way outta their league despite all the money. world class players are the likes of fabregas, arshavin,torres,messi,and (sic) cristiano among others, and none of whom is at citeh. they only have other club's rejects. we will support u in europa next season. that is one cup i know u got talent to win!

Anonymous said...

robhino already sent his testicles to Barcelona midweek..people with no passion for the game will never succede in the premier proof is Sir Alex and Wenger..put aside these two and there arn't any other successful managers doesn't get the mancity fans, picture this, your rich arabic owner, suddenly after another couple of years decides he'd rather buy the Ferrari factory or something and pulls out of football..all you mofos will be paying for your club..tevez, robhino, ADEBAYOR, and the rest of the gang will find another club to suck upon..good luck to you then..all i can say is enjoy it while it lasts for you..

Anonymous said...

I have absolute respect for toure, he along with henry earned the right to do what he feels like.

james said...

No way is Fabregas off to City, or Henry for that matter. BTW would you put Fabregas in the Arsenal all time Premiership XI? Found a site which lets you vote, it's Bloody addictive.

abid said...

Even if Cesc wasn't red and white he wouldn't join Citeh for whatever money...he isn't brain-dead.

If Cesc goes anywhere, it will be to a club that reflects his heritage and values.

You're right, Cesc and almost all of the players we have right now are a rare breed.

And 45 million...that's pathetic. Citeh couldn't lure Eto'o or anyone else with class for that matter. How the hell are they going to lure two captains of the Arsenal?!

Pathetic. The fact that people can spew up this garbage is disrespectful to our players and the club.

Anonymous said...

well you arsenal fans really are deluluded you pinch young kids from around the world and produce very few homegrown english players you dont win too much an ave a manager who only ever sees what he wants to see if adebayor had not jumped out of the way of van mardi persies way he would have had his legs broke from his reckless challenge he should have caved his saddo head in. class you gooners aint got a clue about it ya bunch of southern puffs who ave got not grace in defeat.

Anonymous said...

what an intelligent article from a not so clever man the only bit i dont understand is why when you stepped in something with your brand new reeboks trainers why did you not put them in your load mouth and wipe them clean with your tongue , just cos you played football for crystal palace an then moved on to the gooners for less money off course it just shows your intelligence is still the same as it always was you goon an you get paid for writin trash

Anonymous said...

How many years without a trophy for shit old arsenal with fabregas in the team where united have won the league 3 times with fletcher. Arsenal shit fans, worst in the league. Fabregas totally overrated. Arsenal to win 1 league cup int next 10 years. What a pile of shit fans

Anonymous said...

Fletcher. LOL. Some people just dont know anything about football.

Anonymous said...

first of all =, fuck off citeh and untd fans. citeh are shit and we all know that even them.
arsenal have the best youth facilities in the world and the best accademy in england and they produce more english players than untd for exemple who buy them.
arsenal is thebest club that ever grace the earth

YURISTA said...

fabregas,,, you're the young best player...

henry ,,you're the legend of arsenal...

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Между прочим, история ее разработки была очень интересной и немного оригинальной. Так, в конце 20 века двое популярных разработчиков приступили к разработкам. И мало кто знал в то время, что буквально через пару лет игра станет столь популярной по всей Земле. Правда, у одного из создателей, имеющего прозвище «Гусятник», уже был похожий опыт – известная игра «Quake 2». В марте того же года создание получила свое название, а первая тестовая версия вышла уже в начале лета. Тогда все игроманы ринулись ее испытывать, и интерес к игрушке не истек до сегодняшнего дня. А все потому, что игроки, которые так ее любят, имеют все, что нам обещали авторы.
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