Thursday, 23 September 2010

He Amazes Me!

This kid. He amazes me.

Jack Wilshere, in my opinion, could have the world at his feet. And what's so thrilling is the fact he plays in the red and white of Arsenal.

I love the boy already.

This might sound crazy but I'm more excited about his breakthrough than Cesc Fabregas's. Of course I'm not saying he is better than Cesc, but when both were 18? Who knows?

Fabregas had the guidance of several world-class players whereas Wilshere doesn't. I only hope that Cesc is helping Jack with advice and that the young Englishman is taking it on board.

Jack has come through the ranks at Arsenal and I genuinely believe that he could remain at the club his whole career and be a future skipper. That may seem a little over the top but I hope it can happen.

Then again, I thought Ashley Cole would have been a Gunner forever and the leader of the players one day!

Many English people knock Arsenal for our lack of English players. Personally I don't care for where a player comes from as long as they do the business for Arsenal.

But regarding Jack, I think the English public will be thanking Arsenal for a long time. This kid is special.

Keep it Goonerish...........


Anonymous said...

We had Englishman assisting Englishman at the Carling cup... almost twice if Gibbs hadnt been ruled offside.

Gibbs will definetely be a 1st teamer in the future, Walcott is already.

That's 3 English players, Ramsey is British, so thats good too.

JET, Frimpong, Lansbury, Freeman, Bartley?

Wenger said we'd have a lot of English players in the future and is now starting to show.

And the best thing... we dont have to go and pay £20m for them because they are English, like Man City are doing, we train them the Arsenal way, if they let money and fame get to their heads and start getting prostitutes and in fights then Wenger will kick them out.

So they better behave :)

Anonymous said...

100% agree he played brilliant against the spuds on tuesday to. he'll be a legend

Anonymous said...

Yes he is great, yes Cashley Left us and No, no one from England ever thanks Arsenal for Cashley. ALready the press is putting JW's greatness and development down to his loan spell at bolton. So no no one will be thanking the Arsenal for him, or Gibbs or any of the orther great looking Eniglish players comming through the ranks.

Anonymous said...

Yeap agreed, and how brilliant it is to witness the making of another Arsenal legend.

Anonymous said...

Well they better find someone to protect him before he ends up in traction. Hope Frimpong is the answer to that question because it is a safe bet they have no nasty little oiks in the system.
Can't see Wenger going, zut alors he eees an animal, sign him up.

Anonymous said...

Jack is special.
I used to stand on the North bank as a kid a be in awe of Liam Brady and Jack is the closest thing we've ever had to him. Yes, Cesc is World Class, but Jack has so much more. This kid can dribble past 5 players, he can spray 40 yard passes, he can curl shots into the top corner.

Fab can go with love to Barcelona. Jack will take his throne.

Anonymous said...

i can definitely see him staying for his whole career...he has grown up here since he was a kipper, and half the boys he grew up here with are still in the setup, and will be joining him in the first team squad shortly. ashley cole felt out of place in with a bunch of foreigners.
what's more, he takes pleasure from being allowed to really play. where else is he gonna get all that? he will be to us what giggs was to manU. he'll stay for 20 years and win everything over and over.

Anonymous said...

he's totally arsenal...attitude-wise he would not be out of place playing alongside the likes of adams, winterburn, parlour, wright and the like. he's got grit, he's hungry, but he's also classy and a bit cheeky. arsenal all the way. with him, lansbury, ramsey, aneke, frimpong, coquelin, eastmond...our midfield will dominate for 15 years.

Anonymous said...

Hang on Wrighty.first of all where have you been? Secondly,I think that Cesc.RVP and Arshavin,to name but three.are world class.I know none of them are Dennis,but still.

Anonymous said...

Arshavin & RVP are not world class. They are in 1 match out of 10, but that don't make'em world class. World class = consistent performances. Cesc is, DB10 was, Wilshere will be.

Johnny said...

Of course RVP is world class. Sure he spends a lot of time out injured but his goal/assist per start ratio is as good as about any player in the world and what he can do with the ball is nothing less than master class.

Arshavin seems a bit below 100% at the moment but anyone who scores 4 incredible goals at Liverpool merits this consideration.

Song put in a world class performance last season although he would have to string two or three of those together before he might be considered truly world class.

Jack McCarthy said...

He will get his leg broken in an 'English tackle' sooner rather than later which is a pitty

Anonymous said...

Comment above: "he has grown up here since he was a kipper"

So is he a direct descendent of Billy the Fish?

Anonymous said...

Where the hell have you been??? I miss your witty upbeat posts. Do it more regularly!

Anonymous said...

If people think that Cesc can waltz off to BArca and young JAck will walk in and take over his role they must be a little giddy and foolhardy. Cesc is where he is acknowledged as one of the finest midfielders in world football after having served an apprenticeship for almost 4-5 years. Jack is a twoddler and needs time-he is the real deal but one swallow does not make a Summer.

Anonymous said...

no, but one swallow makes a good night.