Thursday, 30 September 2010

I Think Arsene Wenger Deserves A Gee-Up!

In recent times Arsene Wenger has taken a lot of stick. In my opinion some of it is right and some is wrong.

He is often criticised for his transfer policy. I'll admit that it can be frustrating at times. Especially when you see the likes of Manchester City spending more money on players then Katie Price does on botox.

But they are on another spending level to us and everybody else. While it must be nice to have unlimited cash available and signing all these superstars it must be slightly worrying to think it could all go tits up if the sugar-daddy gets fed up and jogs on.

We have no such worries under Arsene Wenger. I know we have no 'pimp' in charge but rest assured we know he won't take the piss with the club's cash and make us skint.

Of course I would like him to sometimes 'push out the boat' and spend a little more than he could be willing to but at least we know our future is safe. And I'm sure in years to come we will be thanking Wenger for being so prudent.

As I've said, Arsene has been under the cosh for his ways of using Arsenal's money but he always seems to pull a little gem out of somewhere doesn't he?

Marouane Chamakh has been a great signing and will be become a key figure for Arsenal. You could say he is now but the little gem I think Wenger has pulled out of the bag is the signing of Sebastien Squillaci.

The Frenchman isn't a massive name in football but he has been a very good purchase for Arsenal.

After the departures of four million experienced centre-backs Squillaci arrival has been welcomed and after the start he has made, even more so.

He cost about a fiver and I'd rather Wenger went out and spent that sort of money on players than spending £24m on a player like Joleon Lescott.

Sebastien has settled in at Arsenal with ease. I have to admit I was a little worried at how quickly he would become accustomed to the English premiership but he seems comfortable here.

He will be tested by Didier Drogba this weekend but if truth be told the Chelsea striker will test anyone. Even Superman.

I think Arsene Wenger deserves a gee-up for getting Squillaci's signature.

People are quick to jump on his back for his lack of spending but in this case he has done well. An experienced classy defender who cost less than a cheese and onion sandwich from Tesco.

Keep it Goonerish.............


vince said...

to be honest wrighty, i don't really see anyone crying because we're not spending like city or chelsea. i just think people are upset (and rightly so) that wenger didn't buy a new goalkeeper. it was always going to come back and bite him on the arse, just a matter of time.

forgetting that major mistake, i, along with the majority of arsenal supporters are happy with wenger's signings this summer. ss18 and lk6 look more like real defenders that gallas and silvestre. mc29 has been brilliant. also wilshere and gibbs have stepped up and become first team players.

yes, there were the people would write out next seasons starting 11, and say things like;" we need dat dm playa and 50 goal season strika, den go for kaka/pato/robinho and we will win da prem"...but they are about 14.

Marko said...

I like your optimism, but I still think it is too early to praise him so much (I'm talking about Squillaci, not Wenger), because so far he has been solid and I quite like him, but not quite spectacular or world class, to be honest. Maybe he still needs some more time to settle and I would prefer him over Coscielny, but he is not exactly Chiellini, Vidic or Lucio.

Anonymous said...

gone back on all your principles I see. what's wrong, haven't got the balls to tell it as it is? losing readers were you? not happy with being unpopular? what a cop out.

arsenal have had some poor results already this season, the new centre backs have proved nothing, clichy, almunia, fabiasnki, denilson, song, diaby,vela are all disaster zones. and our captain doesn't want to be at the club. arsenal have raked in well over £100m in profits in the last 2 seasons, and wenger won't even spend above break even to give the team a fighting chance of competing for a major trophy.

let's have a celebration!

Anonymous said...

city dont have 1 single world class player in my opinion,we have fabregas , RVP,vermaelen and from what im witnessing so far this year nasri and wilshere,man u have vidic and err rooney,chelski have essien,drogba,malouda,even liverpool have torres who is 1234455 times better than any striker city have

Marko said...

City have Tevez, and he is world class.
City have Yaya Toure, who is a very good defensive (and sometimes offensive) midfielder.
City have Joe Hart, who is five times better than our keepers combined.
City have Silva, who is a better winger than any of our winger, because we don't have any.
I don't like them at all, but to be honest, they are the next Chelsea, and they will be knocking for the title and the Champions League very soon, believe me.

Bilguun said...




lolcat said...

Marko has clearly not watched Manchester City play.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know how much he actually did cost as they were holding out for €6m for him???

I like Kozzer he is not the finish article but has been a very solid signing also

Wrighty7 said...

"gone back on all your principles I see. what's wrong, haven't got the balls to tell it as it is? losing readers were you? not happy with being unpopular? what a cop out."


Anonymous said...

Wenger's been let down by the players he protected from the fans and media - Almunia, Diaby, Clichy, Eboue etc., He's pampered them and given them all the confidence in the world but they have constantly let him and us down.

Diaby may come good. He has it all but lacks consistency.

Almunia is a JOKE and should FUCK OFF!

Clichy is the biggest liability to our entire defence for the last 3 seasons. He needs to get behind Gibbs now. Enough is enough.

Eboue has cult status - but when he starts games in midfield. It's ridiculous and takes the piss of us paying £50 for a seat! HE IS A RIGHT BACK! NOTHING ELSE!

Flapianski is a mistake waiting to happen - and no doubt that will be on sunday.

We have SIX players only - Vermaelen, Fabregas, Wilshere, Nasri and Chamakh. The rest frankly, because of injury and poor form can ALL be replaced for better.

Anonymous said...

"We have SIX players only - Vermaelen, Fabregas, Wilshere, Nasri and Chamakh. The rest frankly, because of injury and poor form can ALL be replaced for better."

Ergh .... I think that's 5

visionary said...

wrighty drogba has stated that he loves playing against the arsenal, obviously he has no fear of our esteemed new center backs

Anonymous said...

Well said Wrighty!

We are secure and development is in progress..all positives. It's just the matter of time this team wins a trophy and that will kick in some serious fighting spirit to keep winning more.

Hope both Squ and Kos keeps Drogba in their pockets. Song MUST help them not venture forward needlessly.


Anonymous said...

those cheese and onion sandwiches from tesco are overpriced...

Anonymous said...

Great post Wrighty, while everything is not perfect our 3 new signings look like top deals, give credit where credit is due.

It's a shame that 2 days from one of the biggest games of the season there are some who've got nothing better to say than harping on the team, players and manager. Not even the slightest hint of support (if not faith)...

Anonymous said...

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