Saturday, 30 October 2010

Who Cares?

I have no doubt we will hear a lot of moaning and groaning about us 'only' beating rock-bottom West Ham 1-0 today but truthfully I couldn't give a shit.

A lot of people were expecting a cricket-score but football doesn't always go as expected.

Personally I think Robert Green deserves a gee-up for his performance.

Once again he was outstanding against Arsenal. I've never really rated Green but for some reason he seems to turn into a brick-wall whenever he plays us.

I think he might hate Arsenal or something.

If Chelsea won 1-0 with a late goal then they are resilient and its a reason that they are champions.

We win 1-0 with a late goal and we are lucky.

See the difference?

Who cares that it was a late winner? Who cares that we didn't win by four?

At the end of the day, its three points on the board and another win.

I'm starting to feel really confident in Arsenal again. In the days when Thierry, Patrick and co were in the side I was confident that we would overcome any hurdle.

Be it playing against side intent on putting everyone behind the ball or being 2-0 down, I'd still have the belief that Arsenal would come through.

We have been too soft for too long and finally we are becoming strong again.

For the last few years watching Sky Sports News during game time could be torture. Hearing a 'goal in the Arsenal game' made me nervous. Who scored us or them?

Now I'm confident when Jeff Stelling utters those words WE have scored. Like I used to be.

Grinding out results is what champions do. We cannot win by hammerings every week. Even if the opposition are bottom of the table.

A win is a win and I will take that every time.

Keep it Goonerish.........


che grimandi said...

spot on chief, spot on

Anonymous said...

Here Here!!!!

Anonymous said...

Nothing lucky about the win - dominated the game, hit the woodwork twice, and Green made 4 World class saves.

Paul Parker made 4 bookable fouls and didn't get one. Another English player getting away with constant dirty fouls

dans said...

Green made at least 4 stunning saves, maybe more and we hit the woodwork twice.

I'll take playing poorly and creating those chances every game.

Anonymous said...

Where does the author say we played poorly?

Anonymous said...

Ya win is a win! 3 points is what we need! Fans nowadays expect arsenal to hit everyone with 3 or more goals! For fuck sake this is football and anything can happen! The whole team played really well until the last minute and worked their socks off to get the victory! ARSENAL ROCKS!

Anonymous said...

Parker and Behrami are cunts!!

tg said...

Parker, Behrami AND that ref were complete cunts. We deserved the win, and those time wasting crapping 'ammers deserved a bigger spanking. See how quick the piss taking cunts were moving when they did concede. "Going down with the scousers". Heh.

Anonymous said...

The biggest cunt was Da Costa ! Did you see him provoking Chamakh and Arshavin all day long ?

Anonymous said...

my sentiments exactly mate!

wallace said...

scott parker is a cunt

Anonymous said...

shit blog

Anonymous said...

funny how our 1-0 victory has been put down as lucky.

Yet everyone is making out that NANI's blatent cheating to score man utds 2nd vs tottenham was not important because the spuds would have lost anyway...double standards in the media again.

Jimi Abdullah said...

Wenger should buy Green then