Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Forget Euro 2012 Jack!

Being young and enthusiastic Jack Wilshere will be itching to play football again. 

The enthusiasm to get back out there on the pitch is all well and good but he must not rush his return to action because he could suffer repercussions in the future. Deadly serious repercussions.

Of course he want's to play for England this summer. He is probably as desperate to perform for his country as Rosie47 is to escape her master from hell, Harry Redknapp. The bastard, blaming his dog like that.

Wilshere needs to try and curb that frustration though because no matter how important playing for your nation is, it isn't worth risking an even longer-term injury for one tournament. 

Jack looks about 14 years old so he has many more international competitions in front of him. He doesn't need to rush his comeback this season to play in Euro 2012.

Not only that, he needs to think of Arsenal more than anything at the moment. We have waited patiently for his return and if he rushed back to play for England, and suffered an even bigger set-back, I'm sure some Gooners would be a little cheesed off.

In my opinion, I would write Jack off this season. Like the condom in Jay Spearing's pocket he hasn't been used. So we won't miss him and it really will be like a new signing for next season.

That is probably not what the little maestro would want to hear but it is the harsh reality of the situation. Jack needs to forget the Euro's, get it out of his head, and just concentrate on getting fit for next season. 

Also the way some players are praised to high heaven and then knocked down quicker than one of Manny Pacquiao's opponents by the English media is another reason for him not to rush back.

I have no doubt that if he returned to the England fold he would be hailed as the messiah and a half-fit player, with the expectation of a nation on his shoulders, would be under lot of pressure. Like Freddy Mercury.

Jack needs to grit his teeth, forget about the tournament and focus on next season. No matter how hard that must be.

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John said...

Hmm, I'm on the fence on this one; you could also argue a bit of match practice might be good after being out for a whole season. Yes, there is the risk of injury but I assume he'd only go if he was 100% fit.

Anonymous said...

Ha, love the comment about Jay Spearing! I miss Wilshere :(

Anonymous said...

Let him play it will do him some good to play at the top level and he will be raring to go in August

velahxx said...

That would be the ideal situation but still think he will go even if to play as a sub -just to please the English media or else ? WENGER'S RELUCTANCE TO RELEASE WILSHERE COST EMGLAND EURO VICTORY !

Anonymous said...

very nice article and love to see jack back as soon as possible