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Should Yossi Be Offered A Permanent Deal At Arsenal?

Yossi Benayoun has surprised me since joining Arsenal on loan last summer.

I've always believed that he was a very good player, an Arsenal player in the wrong shirt really, but what I have been impressed with most of all is his fantastic attitude. 

He hasn't spent as much time on the pitch as he would have liked but, when he does play, he always give 110% to the cause.

Looks can be deceiving I suppose. I see Yossi and honestly want to take him home and feed him up. He looks so weak and wimpy but surprisingly he is a real fighter. 

His talent is unquestioned. This may seem more outrageous than a pair of Simon Cowell's high-waist trousers but I think that technically he is up there with the best in the league. 

And he has plenty of experience in top level football too. 

Despite his ability, taking him on loan raised more questions than Who Wants To Be A Millionaire but its only now we are seeing the best of him and what an influence he appears to be.

It seems the decision to bring him to the Emirates was a good move by Arsene Wenger. Especially at the business end of the campaign where his experience and influence is counting. 

Benayoun has been a little unlucky at times this season that he has picked up little niggly injuries otherwise I am sure we would have seen more of the Israeli on the park.

It's clear Wenger trusts him. He has played in important games and I wonder whether the gaffer might offer him a permanent deal at the club in the summer.

The only thing blocking that idea in my eyes is that Yossi might want assurances of a more active role in the first-team. And that is understandable.

If it was down to me I would offer him a contract at the club tomorrow. Or even right now, this moment. 

I know we are clamouring for signings with names bigger than Frank Lampard's waist size but in my opinion Yossi is one of those unsung heroes in a squad that are needed by everyone.

He might not be a massive name. He might need convincing that he is an important part of the first-team squad furniture, but I've seen enough of Yossi to believe that he deserves a contract at the club.

Or at least be offered one. Because if we don't, I think someone will get a real bargain in him this summer.

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Anonymous said...

Hello no! Too lightweight, his better years are behind him. Dilly-dallies on the ball too much. People are getting carried away because he scored a goal. We need a player who is a proper threat to the opposition. If Benayoun was that good he won't have been surplus to retirements at Liverpool and Chelsea.

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Anonymous said...

his attitude and professionalism is second to none but i would have to say no i dont think he would play that much next season

Anonymous said...

given his limited playing time, he has scored a couple of goals, including a winner if i remembered correctly. maybe not a first 11, but if he is ok being a squad player, definitely a keeper.

Unknown said...

It is vital to have experienced players who is comfortable with the fact they will only get limited time on the pitc. If Youssi is OK with that I believe he will be very valuable for us!

Anonymous said...

I think we should sign him on permanent basis, man u have Park who can play in big games so havin him wil be great in big games & addition to our expirience in the squad.

Anonymous said...

Hell yeah !!

Anonymous said...

4m and 75k a week might be a stumbling block too!

Anonymous said...

What a good player! He deserve a credit by giving a 2 year contract. Keep Yossi release Ramsey.

Anonymous said...

no thanks lets buy

Anonymous said...

good player but too old to buy and prefer wenger to play chamberlain more next season with ryo back as well

Anonymous said...

Too few people see the great value that the likes of Benny and Rosicky bring to the squad. Considering the collection of 'promising youngsters' and downright liabilities that have made up our bench in recent seasons, having players of their undoubted talent and experience available to add their input when needed has proven invaluable as of late. If we're going for the CL and PL titles next year, we may need better 1st team starters, but as rotated squad players go, I can't imagine we could find a better or more professional pair.

Anonymous said...

+1. I'd rather keep him. His talent,seniority, experience, guidance for the youth, all a benefit for the multitude of up-and-comers we have.
Dump Diaby. Why Wenger still has belief in that crippled giraffe, I'll never understand.
Unfortunately, I don't think he'd take a contract with us since he won't get the playing time he wants.

Anonymous said...

So long he doesn't make an issue out of playing time which may be limited as it has been this season, or who eve knows depending on our injuries, then, sure, he would be a very experienced one and hence valued one to have around

Anonymous said...

Yossi,Arteta,Rosicky,Song it's worked wonders an the real reason were in 3rd 2mill 2yrs

soulcricket said...

I think the title and many responses are a joke. He will not stay..... he will not stay at Chels. He is 32 and Captain of Israel. Of course Wenger wants him Chels Di also but he is out of contract after next year. He wants to play. He will go for under 6Mil but never to a top four he could do that as squad player for another three years. Nope I say Yossi to Fulham, starts every game healthy and good job. thanks Yossi for the help.

Anonymous said...

A good player; a great commitment and a natural born leader....Wenger should keep him!

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Anonymous said...

After the poor start, we played 4-3-3 with Gerv and did well. then Gerv left for the ACN, all our FBs got injured and Rambo got tired TR7 started playing like the CM who dominated who dominated the Czech team (he's not a winger).

TR77 is like a new signing - if we'd bought him in Jan we'd be saying we had a bargain.

But we needed cover for the FBs. Like Freddie balancing Pires or Parlour balancing Overmars.

He's started the laste few games and played well. I'd keep him.

But if he starts then Feo, Ox, Gerv, Ryo and Plodski are playing for one wide place. This is the prob.

Ox could play attacking CM (but with Song and Arteta -who reminds me of Petit in 98 in keeping things going) then Jack, TR7 and Ox are playing for one place. Rambo and Jack can cover for Arteta. Diaby could b great but is too injured.

I'd love him to stay. Our injuries mean he will play, but he's been great recently, just like TR7.

It's his choice. He won't start for the Chavs. He could go to the mid-table team and be the main man, but he could stay here, become a cult hero, win us our first silverware in 8 yrs, and force his way into the team, as he has recently.

But Ox, Gerv, Plodski, Ryo all want to play on the left.

But if he wants to stay, and we can get him cheap on a 2yr contrct, then I hope he does. He's impressed me recently.

If Jack's fit, and we can ship the dead wood (AA23, Deni, NB, MC, Park, Squillaci) then sell One of JD and Per (IF we can get Vertigen), then we have a chance.

If we have enough left over for M'Villa, even better. Though Song, M'Villa - Arteta, Ramsey,- Jack, TR7, OX with Coq and Frimpong, is a good midfield.

4 FBs, (With Ver as cover) qith Kos, Verm, Ver, Per or JD, with Iggy Miggy is great.

RVP/Plod up front. Feo/OX/Gerv/Ryo/Plod/Yossi wide.

If we can balance the books on those (3rd place essential for no cl qualifier is vital) then we'll be sorted if no major injuries.

That Eistfeld looks good too, and Gnarby's being fast trackd.

Eistfeld played up ront for the reserves. Afobe's rated by RVPP. Is this enough, or do we need a 3rd choice CF other than those two?

Anonymous said...

Keep Yossi for one more season as a squad player. Flog diaby. Buy m villa. And most importantly get song to sign a new contract. He has been immense this season and is not often credited for his defensive and assists. With jack returning, our midfield will be a good blend of experience and youthful steel.