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Should We Send Aaron Ramsey Out On Loan?

I love Aaron Ramsey. I love him like a little brother. So when he gets a bit of unfair stick from Gooners (and he has done) it gets my back up and I have to defend him.

Now don't get me wrong, I see the flaws in his game like everyone else. He isn't perfect and to be honest he probably hasn't had the best of seasons.

Of course people have an opinion on everything, that is the beauty of freedom of speech, and if they want to criticise Aaron in a fair way (not a golf course fairway) then so be it.

But when I see him being slaughtered like the way we ironed out S*urs at the Emirates, I do feel sorry for the boy.

And that is all Ramsey is really. A boy. A lad who has a career-threatening injury already at his age due to some caveman who snapped his leg into pieces.

Think back to before Aaron suffered his leg-break. He was coming on stronger than a world champion weightlifter and becoming a first choice in the team. His progress was astounding.

That progression has been put back a couple of years due to his injury and, to be honest he was hung out to dry a little in the last campaign.

In my opinion the Welshman was overplayed. He looked jaded from February and Arsene Wenger must take a share of the blame.

In defence of Wenger though, the injury to Jack Wilshere had a big influence on Ramsey being more overplayed more than my Barbie Girl cassette.

Nobody, not even medical experts or Stephan Hawking, could put a time scale on Jack's injury. Well, nobody would have known he was out for the whole season anyway.

So whilst Wilshere was expected to be back at any time, poor old Ramsey was being flogged like an old horse. And his performances suffered.

Now I think that Aaron will be much better next season. And stronger too. This was his first full season since his leg was broken.

I wonder though whether he would be best off on loan somewhere to get a bit of confidence back because to me it looked like he had lost some.

I have every faith in him becoming the top player that he was progressing into one day. And I believe he will achieve those goals wearing an Arsenal shirt.

But I think he could do with a bit of 'freedom' (not from George Michael) to help his progression.

When he makes a mistake playing for the Gunners you can hear the moans and groans from Jupiter. And I worry in case he is becoming a bit of a scapegoat. And we seem to like having a scapegoat recently.

At times the support from Gooners this season has been unbelievable. Its definitely been the best year we've had at the Emirates. Most of the time the place was rocking more than a Rolling Stones concert.

As for the away Gooners, best in the land by far.

There is still that little element, borne out of frustration, that gets on certain players backs. Ramsey is one of them.

I know he can frustrate. I get frustrated too, but I can't have a major pop because he plays for Arsenal and it kills me to have a dig at anything Arsenal related.

Maybe he would be best off on loan, to another premier league club, to help him get his confidence back and be able to grow under less pressure?

Then maybe a rejuvenated boy can become the player and man we thought he would be.

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Anonymous said...

i think he should be sold totally.

Anonymous said...

In an Ideal world I'd wished he was loaned to Bolton/Sunderland. The Hardworking sides. So he'll learn the defensive side of the game. When and how to foul a player, to be aware of danger and chase after the player, when to subtly pull the shirt and not get a foul etc. That sort of thing.Personally I feel that the offensive side of his game will naturally develop since he is very much an offensive minded player but his lack of defensive discipline, on field awareness is his hindrance. Plus he dwells too long on the ball, always takes one touch too many and hence momentum is always lost when the ball is with him.

Anonymous said...

you are not funny

Anonymous said...

Yes, Yes, Yes, go for ever. he cause more problem and most the game that Arsenal Lost because of him RUBBISH

Anonymous said...

He wouldn't have been so frustrating if he had any finishing skills whatsoever. How many time did he just straight up miss a wide open net. But he has value on the bench... Depending on if we can make a couple more signings in the midfield.

Anonymous said...

It's a simple answer to you question and that is; Yeeeeeeeeeez

Tipper12 said...

Yea He deffo needs more composure in front of goal and he still dwells on the ball.. a loan spell would help a great deal.. but hed still get overplayed if he went to a lesser club.. Hed probably be the most creative midfielder in the team!

Nottingham Gooner said...

A little tip for you, never feel sorry for a multi-millionaire !

Abolade bossman said...


Anonymous said...

I think a loan spell that ends in January would be a great idea, provided he gets a lot of playing time.

I do want to see him play more simple. The number of times he tried (and failed) to complete little heel kick passes really got on my nerves this year.

Both he and Jack need to work on their finishing, and I think both are going to have to work hard to prove they deserve a starting role. I have more hope for Jack, but he hasn't played for a year so regaining a starting position is going to be tough for him.

Anonymous said...

Meaner says... Sell him? I doubt any club will want him. Loan? yeah.. to the lower division maybe..

Anonymous said...


Doanythingformoney said...

Where do you find so many idiots all in a bunch. Arsenal's future midfield 3 will be Ramsey, Jack and the Ox. They will score 30 goals a season and be the best midfield 3 in Europe. Will the 'Anonymous' clowns come on and grovel then? Not likely! They willbe too busy venting their stupid, immature invective on the next scapegoat. Pathetic!

Anonymous said...

One year on loan, if he doesn't improve he can always be sold. We should start trusting players who love Arsenal more and are gonna play for Arsenal a long time.

Ratingsbytime said...

It is good to see that one of his 'defenders has come around to the view that a loan would be good for him. Repeat, 'good for him'.
Without doubt this was the worst season to come back from injury, given our start. Made worse by having to play more than would be the case had everybody been fit.
Personally, I think a loan abroad would give him a broader view on the game, and more so, on his game. With no pressure from an anxious crowd he would be able to develop a style that compliments his international performances with Wales, which it has to be said, has not suffered in the same way as his club level form.
But to anyone who agrees with the view that he will be a key player in Arsenal's midfield next season, all I can say is not on merit he won't? AW's loyalty is another thing. But remember, that did nothing for Denilsen did it!
So, loan - Yes
Will he improve - Yes
Will he be happier elsewhere when he has found HIS game strengths - Ask him then?

Anonymous said...

he now only had a full season after that injury....did anybody saw wilshere playing after his ankle injury???? injury slows development...we can send him on loan but we should not sell him....

Anonymous said...

Send him to Siberia
Or back to Gary Speed precious arm...
Twat cost us lost of games

Anonymous said...

Look Wrighty,

i loved ramsey... and i was extremely comfortable with him taking over the fabregas role - he was scoring goals, bossing the midfield and threading beautiful passes through to the strikers. BUT ever since he got indjured he's turned into a pile of shit... i agree we've over played him massively and the boy is tired, but his football brain has actually switched off. We all know how woeful his finishing is but his passing game has gone down the pan, everyone of his passes is negative and slows games down. he would rather dwell on the ball and slow the game down then keep the tempo and thats the problem!

Arsenal fans always stick by their players but sometimes thats our problem... we wait season for players to start performing and once they do they just fuck off - Flamini, Nasri, Adebeyor ect...

We need to get rid of him and get M'vila in - our centre mid would then be a real force - Wilshire, Song, Arteta and M'vila. Theres no space for Ramsey!!!

Gooner for life Oneeb!

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Anonymous said...

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