Thursday, 2 August 2012

Its All About The Money, Money, Money

I've kept quiet in the last couple of months. Not because I had my jaw broke or anything but simply because I have been too busy to write.

I am going to try and change that. Ideally I'll try and get on here at least twice a week or at the very least four  or five times a year. Which is more than I have done recently.

Like many Gooners out there in the universe I have been keeping an eye on the Robin van Persie situation.

When he first released his statement I was very surprised. In fact I looked more surprised than Sharon Osbourne after a Botox orgy.

I genuinely believed that RVP would sign a new deal at the club.

To be honest I was so sure that he'd sign a new contract at Arsenal I wagered several bets he would. As it stands I owe about £1323 to several people. Dangerous people. So I could be gone soon. For good.

At first I couldn't get my head round his statement. It was full of self-righteousness and reading through the lines it appears that he doesn't think his Arsenal team-mates are good enough to challenge for trophies.

Because apparently that is the reason he won't sign a new deal. Trophies.

Now don't get me wrong, we all want to win things. I've had my eye on the Footscray Social Club Snooker tournament for several years now, but surely RVP must realize he is part of the reason we haven't won silverware recently?

If he had spent more time on the pitch, and not getting horse placenta injected into his muff, then surely we would have had a better chance of winning a bit of silver?

This trophy winning thing doesn't convince me. It's all about the money plain and simple.

Imagine being in van Persie's position. Loved and worshiped at Arsenal by everyone, but not only that, being a Gooner too.

Surely the biggest challenge in the world would be getting Arsenal back to the top. I know that's what I'd want to do. Look at Steve Gerrard, he'll be known as a legend for ever at Liverpool.

That could have been Robin. Still could be in fact.

All Robin has done is make a rod bigger than Rod Stewart for his back. By saying, after talks, that Arsenal don't match his ambition he's made things difficult for himself.

Arsenal have signed Lukas Podolski, a man who has scored for Germany more times than John Terry scores with his team-mates birds. We've captured Olivier Giroud, and look to be on the verge of bringing in Santi Cazorla. A class act.

The standard of players we have brought to the club has been more unreal than Nicki Minaj's big booty. And if the signings of players with this type of quality doesn't show ambition than I don't know what does.

If RVP released a statement saying, "I'm 29, I'm injury-prone, and this is my last big pay-day" then I would respect him so much more. Instead he hid behind this 'AFC don't match his ambition' excuse.

Well, the problem is now with Arsenal bringing the quality of Podolski, Giroud, Cazorla and possibly Nuri Sahin to the club we have shown a LOT of ambition so unless RVP signs a new contract then it's clear money is his main priority and not trophies.

Of course if van Persie stays then it would be a good thing. He is a world-class player and I'm sure that if he does a Rooney-like U-turn then it wouldn't take long for Gooners to forgive him.

If he doesn't stay however it won't be the end of the world. Arsenal will survive like Gloria Gaynor. We always do.

Like many Gooners I've got used the idea there is a huge possibility the Dutchman won't be at the club for a lot longer. Like many Gooners I've got over it.

I just find it a shame that someone who apparently loves the club would leave for money but hide behind a different excuse.

There is still time for Robin to stay at the club. If it happens, it happens. Whatever the case I can't wait for next season.

Exciting times.

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Pablo said...

Wrighty7, Man, you say things with such humour and simplicity, I envy you. It's been said before, but you have said it plain and simple: it's about the money not ambition; if he stays then good, if not, we'll move on; and with the new signings, can't wait for the season to begin.

Top-GuNNer said...

Great article bang on as always, oh Wrighty I ain't half missed ya

Anonymous said...

There's an apostrophe in "It's" – get your headline right you fucking Tenerife loving pikey.

moonpig1981 said...

Great post Mr Wright could not agree more with you RVP has no place to hide if we get Sahrin aswell so will be very interesting to see how the RVP saga ends if he signs a new deal I feel we could challenge next due to the class signings we have made

Anonymous said...

Why don't you clear off you pathetic spud? We do not want you near our sites - ever!

BTW nice to see you again Wrighty.

It seems that this transfer season is going to turn up reasonably well for us....

Gunnergetya said...

I named my puppy after Van Persie as a tribute to his sterling effort last season. Im thinking about changing his name to Wally now.

Anonymous said...

yea Rvp nid to stay with us so that he can be considered as a arsenal legend nywy gud stuf man loving it.

Unknown said...

Wright7, I am pissed at you. You take too long to write these colums wish I enjoy very much. Let me give you a thought. Could this RVP thing be a plan between Wenger and the player to force the board and the owner to cough up the money? We know that it's not Wenger that did not want to spend, it's the board and they keep on hiding behind wenger. Wenger will spend wisely and buy quality for pennies, but will not spend 35 million like Liverpool did.

Invicta Moto said...

On the button.

Remember after the double in 97/98 and the debacle against the Turks in the UEFA Cup? Petit and Overmars fecked off... They also said that the club didn't have ambition....

Casually forgetting they played like c***s in the Final?

Not about the money obviously!

Anonymous said...

.van persie can go. Really, he's overstayed his welcome with the lousy statement of his. There's no room for him again in wengers books! Wenger is a principled tactician, and I would be surprised depressingly to see van persie in an arsenal jersey net season. For fuck sake, adebayor didn't even do as much before he got rid of the pest. Neither did hleb, petit, reyes etc. .that's why when you see players get loyal with arsene, fergie and the likes, they end up in the stars, as legends of the game.

Anonymous said...

Of course its about money! Would van Persie or Nasri for that reason, join Man city if they were challenging for trophies like they are now - but could only pay them £50,000 a week? Of course not! Its got nothing to do with trophies! Its all about the cash and RVP is a whore like Nasri and Adebayoffside.

Fuck him. Sell him now, build the team around Jack, The Ox and Cazorla, and watch Giroud and Podolski bang them in from quality service. Keep Theo 'cos he will come good. Just need another top defender. Sakho would be perfect.

nobby said...

No wonder the horse placenta didn't work if it was injected into his muff. hahaha. Nice one Wrighty.

All that crap about leaving because he doesn't agree with Arsenal's plans to move forward is hogwash as we all know.

However, if he came out and said he'd had a good season and a half after years of constant injuries and he wanted a final massive contract, then nobody would go anywhere near him.
So, his lies are necessary if you look at it from his (traitorous) point of view.

Anonymous said...

wrighty, are you related to cazorla? you look just like him!

Wrighty7 said...

Thanks for the comments.

Especially the one calling me a fucking Tenerife loving pikey.

Get it right, I go Lanzarote.

Anonymous said...

Short and prescise, wrighty really is a class writer, rvp get the f**k outta our beloved club

Anonymous said...

Wrighty!! Man I almost chocked on me porridge while reading this at the same time, trying to laugh when your swallowing food is not clever, I survived as will Arsenal without RVP. I think wenger and team have a big say in the league this year with intent to rattle the cage.

Aussie Jack said...

From a footballing prospective there is little doubt him staying at the club would be an asset, however, there is more to it, much more to it than licking a ball around as our dear departed Nasri is finding out.

Roachy said...

Wrighty, I dont know what conversations have transpired behind closed doors between RVP and Wenger, but RVP is all about the money as you say, and I was Wenger, I would not sell RVP to anyone and make him serve out his contract at his current wages and risk losing him on the Bosman.

I dont have a problem with players who are honest and upfront with club and supporters. For example if RVP said "This is my last chance to snare a lucrative financial contract before I retire so I want the maximum I can get for me and my family" I can accept that.

But to say its not about the money and only about silverware, and then your club invests in quality players and he still wants to go? Sorry that doesn't cut it for me!!

If RVP's strategy was to get the club to invest in quality players, which Arsenal has done, then RVP must sign a contract ASAP to show his intentions are only about silverware.

The supporters will continue to love him.

Anonymous said...

Clap clap clap to all the arsenal fans who boo'ed rvp against cologne, let's just give him no unsentimental whatsoever to stay, even if he was being honest about the ambition and changed his mind after week g the signings come in, why the fuck would he bother now!! He will remember what happened to adebayor, the moment the fans turned that was it!!! A player who scored 30 goals was treated like shit because some arsenal fans were upset that he looked for more money. Ye all need to cop the fuck on! Stop getting on players backs and support the team, silence says a lot more than booing!!

Neil B said...

Dal your probably in lanzorotte now topping up the tan.

well now its all been agreed we can move on. As much as I wanted him to stay I think £24m is great business for a 29yr old who isinjury prone, providing we re invest the money. With talk that song could be off to barcelona we will again be a couple of players short but if we can get the likes of fernando llorente and yann m'villa to go wit podolski, giroud and corzorla I think we will be stronger than last year.

However we shouldn't forget that if it wasn't for RVP we wouldnt be in the champions league this year and probably wouldnt have attracted the players we got. I say good luck to him.

Neil B

Anonymous said...

hey wrighty all gone a bit quiet here this season u still bloggin?