Thursday, 25 October 2012

Olivier Giroud Needs The Chance To Deliver

I'm starting to feel for Olivier Giroud.

It must be heartbreaking for him to be sitting on the bench watching a forehead, who is naturally a winger, play upfront in his place.

Of course Giroud needs time to adapt to the Premier League. But we are almost in November and he has started less times than my old Ford Fiesta used to on a cold winters day.

He gets little bits of game time here and there and it must be killing him.

I've heard people say that his performances aren't up to scratch. Well, with this lack of action, how is Giroud meant to get a run of form going?

I think that he needs a vote of confidence and needs to be given a run of games to start. Each week. Every game.

Not only is it unfair on all the gay men, and all the ladies, out there not seeing the sexiest Frenchman alive running around in a pair of shorts, but I genuinely think that its not fair he isn't getting a real chance.

Giroud is a natural striker and I have every faith that he will deliver for us. Given that chance.

At the moment he must think Arsene Wenger has little faith in him. Well that's how I would feel if I wasn't hardly given any time on the pitch and a winger was being picked in front of me.

Surely now is the time to unleash Giroud? Let him have a run of games and let him gain some belief back.

People keep saying "he's no Robin van Persie". Robin van Persie isn't Robin van Persie. He's a robot, or an alien, who replaced the Dutchman last summer. How else can you explain the lack of injuries?

And while he isn't van Persie, Giroud is an entirely different threat altogether. More physical. And more good looking.  

I want the man to do well. And he will. He just just needs the chance to prove it.

Wenger paid decent money for him and now its time for that investment to shine.

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Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

couldnt agree more !! .. dont know why he didnt play yesterday .. we wanted his strenght in the air and a player who can put balls on .. should have started easily !

Davi said...

What annoyed me was that he was ready to hit form against Norwich and continue what he did against West Ham. The major problem for him was that he was let down by the wingers, who didn't play intelligently with or without the ball. What was he supposed to do? There are only so many places a CF can go without leaving a gaping hole in the most important offensive position, and when the wingers don't do anything to make space, it's pretty easy for defenders to mark him. To make matters worse, the players who really messed up on Saturday kept their places, while he was dropped to the bench. He did everything he could against Norwich, you could make a case for all of them being dropped, but of the 3 Giroud should have been the last one out and Gervinho should definitely have been relegated in his stead.
I do understand why Wenger likes Gervinho up front (on average he's been FAR better in that position than he has on the wing), and he's put in some excellent performances this season already, but ffs when he plays badly like that, drop him!

Also I have to say I'm not greatly impressed with Vermaelen. Koscielny was easily our best defender last season, and Mert has been very good so far this year. The trouble wiht making Tommy the captain is that it makes him undroppable, and he's the worst of the 3 defenders imo. No doubt TV has his part to play, but he's not consistent enough to start every game imo and I think the captaincy should have gone to Arteta. I don't think he's had a bad game since he joined.

Fentiger said...

With Wenger's formation, playing centre forward is very lonely and isolated. Then the service to him is poor. Our crossing is too often rubbish. We often got away with it because RVP was so skilful. Giroud is less skilful and not fast either. He will go on finding it very hard.

Anonymous said...

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