Monday, 12 November 2012

This Arsenal Team Can Explode Soon

I have no doubt I will get slaughtered by some for writing this piece but hey-ho I am there to be shot at. You couldn't miss this nose anyway!

When I look at this Arsenal squad I see so much quality. I really do. If you look deep down I'm sure most of you do too.

On paper, in my opinion, a first choice Arsenal 11 matches anything that Manchester City, Chelsea and Manchester United can muster up.

Now you may think 'Hold up, Wrighty has had a liquid lunch again" but seriously have a look at the squad on

That there is a decent squad who, for reasons unknown to me, are underachieving at the moment.

I can't put my finger on why we are struggling at the moment.

I kind of think its a confidence issue because when we are on-form we take the piss out of teams but off-form, well, they piss on us.

Maybe its a complacency thing? I would hope not because I think in the past we have definitely seen previous Arsenal sides think they have just got to turn up and they would win.

All I know is, at this very moment in time, we need something to inspire us. We need a big win. A confidence boosting victory to kick-start our campaign and get us back on track.

That's why I think this NLD coming up is perfect timing and could be the vodka and to...sorry the tonic to get us going again.

Of course that notion could go the complete opposite way. Defeat against that lot could see us crumble like a cookie soaked in milk and really deflate us. In a bad way.

But a victory? A win against them lot could really set us up for the decent season we showed glimpses of having a month or so ago.

Form goes out the window when its derby day. Anything can happen.

And I am optimistic that if, and its a big 'if' going by recent form, this Arsenal side 'click' then we could go on a run of games to change our season and claw our way into contention in that top four.

Last season beating S*urs 5-2 was the injection needed to boost our confidence and I really feel this Saturday could be the same.

I can understand people doubting that but there is a belief I have had since the summer and I won't change my view on it.

This is the most complete Arsenal squad Arsene Wenger has had at the club for a long time and a shit run of form doesn't make me feel any different.

Remember form is temporary, class is permanent and we have lots of class at Arsenal.

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Chrispy said...

Sorry Wrighty but you're properly deranged mate.
I agree the squad is quite good on paper but with a manager in decline on a Clough scale and his insistence on playing players out of position and in a rigid system, the only explosion I can see is the kind after a bad curry.
Enjoy that image;-)

Anonymous said...

And they say marijuana doesn't have any side effects !

Anonymous said...

The squad might look okay but consider this:

1. Podolski is a potent striker (as deadly as any in the EPL) but because Wenger sticks him to the left wing, he's basically wasted.
2. Cazorla and Arteta may be top quality but who are their replacements?
3. Our goalkeepers continue to make basic schoolboy errors.
4. Lack of natural wingers who can put the ball accurately into the box.

Anonymous said...

Wrighty, mate. I will like to have some of what you had.

Anonymous said...

don't listen to these fools wrighty..... you are 100% correct !!!

Tai Obasi, Lagos said...

They may curse you in all tongues, Wrighty but you're dead right. That squad is decent enough to be clawing the heels of top 3 presently. Look at Giroud. He's scored in all competions from about seven starts. Four goals in his last three starts! Even van Persie is not presently as prolific!

Walcott is rearing to explode! Wilshere is back. We were the best defense in the league with third choice keeper. I know that we'll roll when we click. God, let it be this Saturday!

Unknown said...

it IS a talented squad, but unbalanced and 'managed' by someone who after 7 years still doesn't know how to get a team to defend. They need new leadership to progress

Anonymous said...

As an Arsenal fan I can only believe and hope that the team wakes up from their slumber.
When we play it 'wright' and win against Spurs then we will terrorize the rest.
But should we lose at home to Spurs it would leave a very dull taste in our mouths.
Now looking at what we have got and what they have we can destroy them 120%.
Gunners for LYF

Anonymous said...

Not far from the truth, in terms of confidence,I personally think the coach doesn't know how or where to draw inspiration from. Guess we need a psychologist to work on the teams mental state

Anonymous said...

Like in x-files: "I want to belive"

Frederic Slimane said...

well said wrighty,in my humble opinion im loving the fact that based on form we are going to this game as underdogs which is a good thing!!

Neil B said...

Sorry Dal but totally disagree, I think whoever finishes 4th this year is the best of a bad bunch. The top 3 are miles apart with the rest just mediocre. As for our shambles of a team weak mentality breads from a weak manager, look at uniteds team over the last few years, the players look average on paper, carrick, anderson, park ect but fergie still gets the best from them and demands nothing less. Hillwood, Kronke and Gazides needs to go but wenger aint squeeky clean in all this, his choice of player in recent years has been disgraceful.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

We did not lose a game while Diaby was in. When he limped off we were dominating Chelsea. We only conceded one goal before his injury. I believe that is what is missing at the moment. The balance between attack and defence that Diaby provided. Wilshere has not been able to protect the back four as well as Diaby did; and Arteta is certainly not the best Defensive midfielder, but with Diaby assisting him the defense was better protected. I believe when Mourinho spoke of Arsenal as potential champions that is what he had seen. I am sorry to disappoint you, without Diaby or another imposing box to box midfielder who will help Arteta protect the defense the explosion will not come. The all action Frimpong might have the energy when fully fit; but he is no where near what the team requires at the moment.

Jp Shannon said...

No protection for the defence from midfield, not ONE player who can drag the team over the line when the chips are down, on top of that we have some great players playing out of position and some mediocre players (Ramsey) filling in on the wing!!
Until Wenger wakes up or leaves we have absolutely no chance of winding the premiere league or any other major trophy.

Anonymous said...

you may be rite SON but the problem is PRETTY far from our recent form,very best players dont wanna come and very best dont wanna stay,its like a poultry,bet u,this team will perform well but at the end of the season,what happenssssss? CASH CASH CASH. MONEY MAKING PROFF.

Jp Shannon said...

No protection for the defence from midfield, not ONE player who can drag the team over the line when the chips are down, on top of that we have some great players playing out of position and some mediocre players (Ramsey) filling in on the wing!!
Until Wenger wakes up or leaves we have absolutely no chance of winding the premiere league or any other major trophy.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to say it but we're a shadow of what we once were. The reality is that Wenger has bought a bunch of players that are either injury prone (Diaby, Rosicky, Gibbs etc) or do not have the mental strength that makes championship winning teams. They definitely have the ability .
We also have a manager who as many people rightly say play players out of position (Ramsey being the most obvious) and does not place any value on a clean sheet which guarantees a point.
We've been sold the dream of challenging on 4 fronts but we're nowhere near good enough for the Premier League or CL hence our anger when the reality is we'll struggle for 4th. I'll always keep the faith but Wenger needs to let Bould sort out the defence and play the attackers in the right positions.

Anonymous said...

If the gunners lose against Spurs,it will really be a crisis.After the last two matches,it's obvious to all except Wenger, the defence is of very low quality.Heaven help the gunners if Santos gets into the team.He will be slaughterd by Lennon.

Anonymous said...

my opinion? wenger have lost it,why he persevere with walcott,and ramsey my mind boggles,we have some very young and talented players ,and they are not getting any chance of showing their worth,and as some of you have said players are being played out position,he either start playing players who are ready to drop death on the playing area or just leave,i personaly have lost my respect for you,mr.w.time have come for the blue eyed players to be dropped or sold

Anonymous said...

I am a wenger fan and I'd like to know which manager do you think could replace him?!?
Remember, whoever you mention will have to work on a budget unlike mourinho and mancini! They remind me of kids at a toy story! (gimme this, I want that...) 2nd! At what point do you hold the players accountable for underachieving?! Something is wrong with tv5 (maybe the armband) mertsacker is back to his old ways etc etc... The team on paper should be in the top 4 right now! City has spent a billion dollars and Chelsea has made it's 1st profit in 9yrs (1.4M lol...) I envy the players they have bought but if you think arsenal should do the same you should support those teams!!! The day wenger leaves if he's not replaced properly we become just like the spurs and QPR, then I wanna see what you people say! I'm worried too but try to have a little faith!!!

Anonymous said...

Well said. Wenger still knows and it is a far better bet to follow him than the twisted media band wagon. So we have had a few dodgy games and looked weak on the left where certain people have not tracked back, not a crisis for me, it can easily be corrected.

Bres said...

Wrighty I'm with you mate I said at the start of the season I liked this squad and I'm sticking with it too. The new boys have all been thrown in the deep end and are finding their feet. Its cost us and we've been riding our luck with mannone. When we get Gibbs and Szczesny back they'll make a big difference, especially now the boy Jack is back and while we try not to hype him up lets face it he's a sensational player. Get little Mozart and big diabs fit again and we'll be struggling to pick our team. It's been a mystifying run of form but Van Persie screwed us and it was always going to be tough. I think we have a cracking squad but an additional striker of quality and better cover for Gibbs wouldn't go amiss.

Anonymous said...

Totally deluded as usual, like you are every season. Everytime I visit your blog you're talking the same crap, about how you're convinced Arsenal will do this and that, only for them to do fuck all. You're like a small child.

And by the way, your analysis is always crap. No explanations for anything, just empty words - if you're going to blog at least say something insightful instead of the same crap all the time. Supporters like you are dragging this great club into the gutter.

Anonymous said...

unless arsenal speed up their counter attack and podolski learns to dribble past at least 1 player no chance of any silverware.their tactics have become predictable.during henry's time they had different tactics for different situations

Anonymous said...

u all af dreamerz,we are heading to our doom..last season wz a miracle,dis seaon it wont happen...d board n wenger are both on dis together,d av killd d team i loved afta folowin my great compatriot kanu n start fanin d club,afta d invicibles n gud old playerz wenger inheritd n few he bought left,he hz neva build anoda team capable of bin only a threat to teams nt to say chalengin of trophy,..hw can a manager who sees top 4 nd reachin chqmpionz lleague quarter final as a trophy b said to b normal n ambitious?or wil win any trophy, wenger is our problem,his mentality n ambition lies on top he dosnt tink lyk grt managers do..winning trophy. WE AV LOST IT...we nid a change,board n wenger...or he vindicate himself by openly askin board mony 4 atleast two quality players nt average,lik all he bought last summer n sold our qualities n goals to untd n barca.beliv or nt,is a fact,london fans ar morronz,d av bin kipin faith 4 7yrz nw,dis is d 8th yr,stil most of dem ar stil blind,nd wil stil keep faith next seasn,whil odaz win trophy,u cnt effect a change,wen is all in ur hands,board n wenger ar lucky arsenal is nt in wil b a sad story 4 dem..i've lost my faith frnds..

Ro. said...

I believe your article is too optimistic. You're hoping for too much Wright. Our defense has been way too leaky. Its not just a recent thing. Its a good few years now, and they havent fixed it. That would be systemic of bad management not to have fixed it by now.

We limped over 3rd place last year, something I was quite satisfied with given the awful start to the season and the sensational form of Robin Van Bastard.

This season Wenger has been very 2 dimensional. He doesnt seem to adapt any of his tactics for different teams. He just keeps to the same rigid structure that teams learn to hold down.

I'm starting to believe that Wenger should leave. The defense dont gel, his tactics have not been getting the best out of the team and he hasnt inspired our star players to remain fighting for us. He is a good manager, but he has become stale. He is one of the best paid men in football, Im sure we can hire someone just as talented. Anyone of those would be overjoyed to take the reigns at Arsenal.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Do you have a name of the manager you'd like to replace wenger oh wise one?!?