Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Could Another Manager Do A Better Job In Wenger's Shoes?

There are many disgruntled Gooners out there at the moment and some, more than ever before, are beginning to question whether Arsene Wenger's time at the club is coming to an end.

When a team struggles the first person you look at is the manager. Unless Kelly Brook or Jules Wheeler are part of the Arsenal staff of course. Then you just look at them two beauties.

And it's true that things haven't been great for us Gooners in recent years so I understand the frustration building. 

Despite this I always try to look at the bright side of things. You could say I am 10% optimistic and 90% deluded but that is just me.

That said of course I am worried about Arsenal and where we seem to be at the moment but, when J-Lo's bottom isn't in the way, I see the bigger picture and think there is always someone worse off than yourself.

I understand people questioning Wenger too. I think nobody is above criticism, constructive criticism at that, and there are questions of Arsene that need to be answered.

However it is easy to say 'sack the manager' and get someone new in isn't it? Who do you replace Wenger with if that's the case and would he do a better job?

In my opinion if a man could be guaranteed to do better than Arsene then bring him in. I'm pretty tasty at Football Manager 2009 so I am a possible candidate.    

But seriously nobody is guaranteed to do such a thing and while I agree a lot of the time a change can freshen things up in the short-term you have to look at the long-term picture.

Could you honestly see this current Arsenal board giving a new manager lots and lots of cash to spend if they don't give it to Arsene Wenger? 

I don't.

So we would be in the same situation only with a new manager at the helm who has Arsene Wenger's squad.

And would the new gaffer be happy with the constraints that Wenger has had to deal with in the last few years? I doubt it.   

Arsene has just got on with it, without moaning. And I think he should be respected for that.

Bandying names about to replace Wenger is easy to do but when I see the likes of Harry Redknapp mentioned my eyes bleed.

Seriously? If Manchester United, Barcelona, Real Madrid or Wigan had managerial vacancies and Wenger or Redknapp was in front of them who would they choose? 

I mean, he was sacked by S*urs!!!

It would not be triffic if Harry was at the Emirates unless he was selling hot-dogs in a burger stall.

In my opinion Arsene Wenger is not irreplaceable at Arsenal. Nobody is. But there is more to this.

I think the board are happy with top 4 finishes and the money it brings in. Wenger delivers that so they are never going to sack him. 

We have a stadium to pay off and the gaffer gets by on what he is given to help the club. Would Redknapp, Guardiola or Mourinho do the same?

They would be out the door quicker than John Terry knocking on his team-mates doors for a quick fumble when they are at training now he is injured.

Of course I get frustrated by Wenger too. Please don't think I'm a Wengerite. But I genuinely don't think replacing him, at this moment in time, is the right thing to do. 

Nothing would change. It would be the same board only we would probably have managers coming and going the door because they wouldn't take it.

Wenger is paid handsomely of course, but you can't doubt that he loves Arsenal and has the clubs best interests at heart. 

And not a lot of people could do a better job in his shoes.

I am speculating here but a bit of honesty, from the board, would go a long way to help a lot of Arsenal fans realise that maybe Wenger isn't so bad after all.

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Anonymous said...

Personally I think Jurgen Klopp is the guy to replace Wenger. His players play with such intensity and passion for him, plus he will attract all that fantastic German talent. It's a no brainer for me

Anonymous said...

the fault to the argument in your article is that you base keeping wenger on the false idea that he is being refused funds, when in fact it is he who is not spending what is available to him and it is he who has misspent much of the funds he has been given over the last few years, he is in total control of the playing staff, as in who we keep and who we sell, we have the 4th highest wage bill in the FAPl yet do not pay our top earners even half what the top guys at Utd, City or Chelsea get, so something is clearly wrong with it, but Wenger's loyalty to players mean he will not drop unwanted players like squillaci out of his 25 man squad, he is not ruthless enough to snub players like that and try and force them to find new clubs, Almunia sat for over a year cos his wages was just so damn high it did not make sense for him to leave. Wenger came up with this wage structure, he still has major say on what wages is offered and to which players, he picks all transfer targets, he decides on team selection, he decides on formation, he decides on tactics, he decides on what time subs come on, he decides on keeping out of form players in the team, he decides on risking out season on injury prone players like Diaby, Gibbs, and Rosicky, all three fine talented players, but we all know they are more likely to be out injured than in our match day squad on any kind of regular basis. Lets not forget that all 3 got contract extensions while out injured over the last few years. I think wenger is still a fine manager, but he has lost his way and like any man with the power he has at the club he refuses to lose face and admit he has got signings and wages wrong by dumping these players. Look at the case of Vito Mannone, he was for sale in the summer for £1M, as was Fabianski, no one was willing to pay that amount so we lowered it to £600K, yet no takers, and despite having a deal lined up to sign Cesar, we name Vito in the 25 man squad and drop our interest in Cesar, Wenger being too loyal to his players, remember the case of George Brisnal-Hall, given a free tranfer as he was out of contract, he failed to find a new club, so wenger decides to keep him for another year, where once again he is given a free transfer, if spuds done such a thing we would be laughing our heads off at them, Wenger wastes a lot of money, refuses to spend a lot more, and yet so many Gooners still believe no one else could do as good a job as him, why

Bode Gunnerz said...

You've got points there wrighty. But in my opinion, if the entire Gunners fan could snub @ least a match without going out to watch them play, paying for match ticket that continually pierces through one's heart is not good enough. It's high time the the stobborn board consider we the fans, we're tired of this prolonged trophiless season.

Anonymous said...

Martin O Neil
Jurgen Klopp
David Moyes
Jose Mourinho
Josep Guardiola
Guus Hiddink
Frank Rijkaard
Slaven Bilic
Felix Magath
Manuel Pellegrini
Otto Rehhagel
Antonio Conte
Joachim Low
Marcelo Biesla
Vicente Del Bosque

All would improve Arsenal without spending a penny.

Anonymous said...

Felix Magath, Manuel Pellegrini, Otto Rehhagel, Slaven Bilić? Seriously???
And for Mourinho? You're saying he can improve the squad without spending any money? LOL.
Look at what he has done at Madrid?

Anonymous said...

If you don't try,you won't know. Assuming another guy who has won trophies,domestic and Europa /cl,is appointed,I am sure the first thing he will do is look at the gk. Next the defence .Then the md followed by the attack.
Tactically he will play a different game which doesn't involve passing to the death. You can be sure there will be no dithering once they get to the box.
Whether he will be a success, is hard to say but give Wenger's track record these last seven years,surely he can't do worst.

WD33 Ltd said...
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Ole Gunner said...

I came to comment not on the yawnsome question of Wenger. He'll still be manager.

I'm here to quarrel with you naming Redknapp in the same sentence as Guardiola and Mourinho.

Anonymous said...

Totally confusing blog... the point, in my opinion is playing players out of position and watching them my mistake after mistake. Having better players on the bench i.e walcott and not playing them.Defending players when they need the hair dryer treatment (they are not babies)... NO PLAN B!!!

Anonymous said...

Understand your view point Wrighty, but there must come a time when the club / fans say enough is enough. I don't know when that'll be but do we want to continue the way we are or do we wnat better? The players in general are capable of playing much better, of competing with more desire and fight, even if they don't win the league they are capable of making more of a fist of it than they are presently, so who's motivating them? who is driving the team forward? Man Ure, Barca, Madrid might not choose the wheeler dealer, but they wouldn't put up with 7 yaers without a trophy either.

I don't want to change for the sake of it. I want better not different, and I think the team are capable of better but Wenger needs to get his head out of his arse and start doing what he's paid for - Winning!

Anonymous said...

Wenger has only himself to blame for th current problems. Tactically he has lost it.His methods have not worked and ye t he shows no sign of change.
The senior team needs an injection of quality players .He is linked with young players . If he follows through to buy these guys,it's no wonder the gunners are floundering.Another guy will first of all get the senior team to win not planning for the future.
Make the gunners competitive ie winning games and fighting for 4th as top priority.

Anonymous said...

100% agree Jurgen Klopp is a top manager. And the only person who can replace Wenger.

Anonymous said...

A little less sentimentality and a lot more objectivity would surely lead to one conclusion....time for a change.

The "Finish 4th is success” has long since worn very thin with an increasing amount of us Gooners.

The amount of money being wasted on ineffectual players lays the current "business model" (yuk) wide open to examination.

Combine the fees paid out for "4h Finish" players (even this is doomed to fail) and invest in the money proven article - we may just surprise ourselves, and get AFC back where they belong – fighting on all fronts for trophies, or at the very least putting on displays which let everyone involved with the club see we are going in the RIGHT direction.

However loyal, patience is now being severely tested. Empty seats, lack of (a positive) atmosphere and lowering season ticket renewal rates is NOT a good “Business” acumen !

Anyway, the bottom line is we care about our FOOTBALL club.

Arsenal Football Club should be in a position to compete year on year with a top quality squad, without any fear whatsoever of going bust…….FACT !!!!!

Why is it only Arsenal supporters are branded complete lunatics when they voice their concerns regarding a change of management ?

Arsene has done (past tense) fabulously well during his tenure, his place in our history is assured. However, we must now move on or be left behind - TIME FOR CHANGE.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, Anonymous, Anonymous. It's like you really enjoying listening to yourself talk. All those lofty dreams of yours, they have one little catch called cash, money, kudi, owo, ego - people refer to it in different ways. We would all love it if Arsenal can buy all the top players in the world, like those-we-already-know. We may even replace Wenger with three Fergusons, three Mourinohs and three Guardiolas. But The point is, can Arsenal afford to live those dreams in the face of prevailing realities? Let's not kid ourselves. Until we are able to completely offset our financial burden which came about as a result of all our newly acquired and highly need infrastructures, we would continue to play second fiddle to all those billionaires who have taken over the beautiful game. That is the reality on ground and only fools won't see that. And I will always add, anyone who's pissed off should piss out.

Anonymous said...

any manager with experience can do agood job for Arsenal, there is a vast list of manager that could do a great job in Arsenal, starting from Ancelotti(psg),guardiola,peligrini(malaga),Marcelo Bielsa(atletico Bilbao),Guus Hiddink,Scolari...and the list goes on, all those managers make their teams play attacking football and also the Arsenal/Barcelona/Holland way...any of those managers i would welcome with open arms!

Anonymous said...

For me Wenger has lost the art of management and is better suited to a Director of Football role. He knows players and abilities but man management and improving moral he seems incapable of doing. He will always go down as a mastermind in fans eyes but it is about time someone with fresh new ideas took over and the board finally reaslied that they are suffocating the club. We don't want Man City spending just proportionate spending

miike said...

im sorry but all your comments are in support of keeping someone whio has won nothing in his last 8 years. But you are right whebn you say that we have a owner and board that are happy with fourth, they even dilude themselves, as you admit to , that 4th is a trophy. Wenger should go, anyone with any football or buisness sense knows that. What i am annoyed at is the decietfull manner in which he has behaved. Wenger looks like an old frail man these days, the board just want o get rich at the expence of the fans. The time for supporting wenger must stop,time for supporting those from the usa should stop. Lets get into the 21st century ffs, i really feel for the paying customers, you have all been raped, given a drug full of promise, i could buy more tallented players than he could now, wenger and the board out, usminov and pep in with dennis at the helm. The days are gone boys, really

Anonymous said...

Some good points there. Without the work Wenger does improving rough diamonds (cheap ones) we wouldnt be CL every year.

I remember a couple of years ago Gooners were saying AVB should replace Wenger after one good year in Portugal ;)

Anonymous said...

Wenger wouldn't have won anything if it wasn't for the back 5 he inherited. He is overrated and an extremely poor tactician. Wenger masks his lack of tactical acumen by being stubborn and arrogant. Any manager with basic humility and common sense would make changes that would improve this Arsenal side immeasurably without having to even spend any money. The squad is easily good enough to make top four and do better than that, but the moronic decisions by Wenger are simply killing us. His time is over and I don't want him upstairs either where his illogical thinking and all round senility will further destroy the fabric of the club.

WC said...

Jurgen Klopp and Huub Stevens seem to be doing pretty damn good at Dortmund and Schalke respectively with alot less money.

supergunner14 said...

Its not about having money.its about driving the team on changing tactically,having a plan B.wenger does none of that even the subs he uses raises eyebrows.I hate AKB's that say no 1 can replace wenger...behave there's a lot of managers out there that are above wenger that would jump at the chance.look at WBA for example playing very good at the moment under steve clark with you could say worse players.its not all his fault tho I blame the board just as much!

Danish Gooner said...

Mourinho didnt spend a dime when he took Porto to a European treble,and the year before a double.Mourinho wants to manage in England,city yes most likely but why not Arsenal,he would be a serious candidate for delivering that elusive European cup Wenger is never gonna deliver and he woudnt amble on about fatigue and poor fields etc.

Soccerisma said...

On paper, Arsenal squad is good enough , perhaps even better than United but the problem is something you all are aware of.

When you sell your best player every year, this will happen, youd have to start from scratch again, Took City 4 years to win it, United are better because theyve always had that mix for few years, not many new comers , no big departures every year.

On the other hand, Wenger opts to replace them with inferior players, one of the main reason of United's success over gunners is that they buy through and throguh strikers, through and through wingers that settle but Arsene Wenger looks for players that provide best ROI in terms of Cash and sadly not Trophies.

Jayanta said...

Its not the money, what stops us getting favourable results from 16 other teams who has much less financial power than Arsenal. No game is safe for Arsenal. Its the lack of speed and strength of most of our squad selected by AW that is the problem. The players cannot hold ball thats why constant slow side passing move which allows opposition to close the box.

Anonymous said...

And the question remanes, why the board is irreplaceable?

Anonymous said...

Asene wenger is not under any pressure of sack frm d board 4 dat reason he will never do well. Trust me cos his job is not threaten.

Anonymous said...

Name who should be his replacement?!?

Anonymous said...

As soon as you said mourinho and not spending a penny you stopped making sense!!! Lol!!!! And some of the others have cushy national coaching jobs and will never leave them!!! Lol... Your drunk!

Anonymous said...

Come off it Wrighty. You are an out-and-out Wengerite. At least be truthful about it. The wage structure, the team selections, the tactics and buying and selling are all in the hands of one man - Wenger.I notice that Wenger is not opposed to very high salaries when it comes to the manager. Wenger is paid more than Alex Ferguson!
It was a big story when Bogarde took the money from Chelsea because they had given him a daft contract, yet we have stacks of players doing the same thing. Almunia gave an interview saying that he should have left much earlier but he knew that nobody would pay him anywhere near the £60000 a week that Wenger gave him. Now Squillaci is doing the same thing. And goodness knows how much it is costing Arsenal to keep Denilson in a different country.
When the then unknown Wenger arrived in 1996 he signed players produced by the French League which was then producing terrific players. They no longer produce those players and yet Wenger is still buying from that source. Mind you, when he went outside France he came up with Santos!
I don't want Wenger spending any of the clubs money because, if a wondrous miracle occurs and Wenger goes, I want the new fellow to have that money available.
Wrighty, you have always seemed like a decent sort, but, for goodness sake, how can you and others on the AKB side of things still not see that Wenger's time has gone.
The other lie to nail is that Wenger is too nice. Utter rubbish. The reason that he stays with players who are patently not good enough is that his gigantic ego does not allow him to ever admit to being wrong. Get ready for years of Gervinho ahead.
I detest Ferguson, but when he messes up (Taibi, Djemba-Djemba, Kleberson) he gets rid as soon as possible.
There isn't one big club anywhere on earth who would have indulged Wenger this long and it is well-intentioned people like you who have allowed the money-grabbing old Board and the Wenger Gang Of Four (Wenger, Kroenke, Gazides and the dreadful Hill-Wood) to get away with it for so long.
Think the unthinkable Wrighty. After all who had heard of Wenger in 1996? - Ramgun

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