Thursday, 9 April 2009

F**K Barcelona!

I keep hearing Barcelona this and Barcelona that. Well I've got an opinion on Barcelona too. Fuck 'em!

Yes they play marvellous football. At times they've seemed like Arsenal on steroids. But they ain't invincible. Only we can ever claim that title.

The bastards keep trying to tap-up our players so I've no respect for them. They blatantly flaunt themselves like whores in little Texas.

I can't believe FIFA or UEFA (who is in charge?) have never reprimanded either Barcelona or Real Madrid for being so open about who they want to sign. I would bet my house, car, train and my Mighty Boosh DvD set that if an English club were do to the same thing they would get fucked over. Blatter and Platini would make sure of that!

Begrudgingly I have two things I like about them though. Thierry Henry, for obvious reasons, and Messi, who I think will become the greatest player of all time.

Anyway, people say you want to avoid Barcelona like the plague. I don't. Bring 'em on! You have to beat the best to win the damn thing so let's 'ave it!

I predicted an Arsenal V Liverpool Champions League final, it looks like that has gone tits up! So if it ends up being Arsenal V Barcelona then I cannot wait.

Revenge for 2006 could be on the cards. Thierry Henry missed two sitters for us in that game. He said he never had a real chance to say bye to us either. Perhaps he could miss two sitters (if we get there!) in 2009!

Keep it Goonerish.............


Anonymous said...

Less of the 'F' Word please Wrighty :)



Anonymous said...

Thank you. Cannot stand the current barca love in. FCK THEM!

Anonymous said...

yes wrighty nice one
we the only invincibles in europe i do hope we get them in the final we have unfinished business with them

Anonymous said...

I would want to avoid Barca like the plague. There's a "love in" for a reason. They are shit hot right now...

Anonymous said...

dont see why you want to avoid them if there one team that can stop a top team in there path its arsenal!

gazzap said...

if I could choos who to play in the final it would be Barca. there is no way I could handle losing to the chavs. Barca are the best attacking team in europe but you never know on a one off and we owe them BIG time.

Wrighty7 said...

Sorry Rico!

avenell said...

Alright Zorro me old mucker.

They might have tapped our players up but we have stiched them up with a few duffers, and made a nice few bob out of "em"..

Wrighty7 said...

Hello there Ave!

Anonymous said...

the thing about barcelona is if their crap defence is comfortable they will rip you to shreds, we would go at them and unsettle them at the back, that would rattle the whole team , we play keep ball on them and get them on the back foot ,like us they are not used to being attacked but i think defensively were better than them and were almost as quick going forward, it is 50/50

Anonymous said...

You say fuck Barcelona but only an idiot that know nothing about football can say something like that. Barcelona plays the best football in Europe by far and its so good to watch. However, playing best football doesn't win throphies so Barcelona has a lot of work to do in order to win CL.

avenell said...

Are the Spuds bringing out a new DVD?..
"How the reserves got revenge for the first team faliure"
North London Divide rules Wrighty..

Gooner Chris said...

Wrighty mate,

I emailed you the other day through my companies email - Exumed UK.

If you get a chance to reply, I'd appreciate it a lot.

Cheers boss.


RVP124 said...


I'm Sick Of Their Dirty Trick's To Lure Our Players!...
They Act Like We Stole Cesc!...

Hell He Would'nt Even Get The Same Chance He Got At Arsenal If He Stays!...

Fuck Laporta And Barca!

Obi said...


P.S - Top Blog Wrighty!

Aaron Ireland said...


Anonymous said...

no but seriously, we would get stuffed big time

Anonymous said...

not exactly, check this link:

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...
no but seriously, we would get stuffed big time

09 April 2009 23:19"

Definately? By the team tht lost recently to bottom of the league Espanyol? They've lost a couple recently and their lead over La Liga's been slashed. Wolfsberg scored 5 past Bayern at the weekend, would you be scared of them too??

Bring on Barca! Messi wouldn't even find his way out of Gael Clichy's pocket!! Maybe

Anonymous said...

It will be a Arsenal/Barca final and revenge will be sweeeeeeeeeeeeet!

And F*** Henry too! Gooners love Vieira, Fabregas, Bergkamp, Walcott and even Arshavin more than they ever loved him! It will be a pleasure to see him be a non-scoring loser in a final again!

Anonymous said...

Are you all idiots?
You want to talk about tapping up? That is hilarious coming from Gunners, especially when talking about Barcelona. Do the works Cesc and Merida have any meaning to you?
Please stop embarrassing yourselves, you'll be a laughing stock if you keep talking like that.
I am a Madrid fan, and even I have to admit that Barca have been the best team in the world for this entire season. As for tapping up, I honestly never heard of them tapping anyone up. Madrid though (my own club) is a different story though. I hate to admit it.

Anonymous said...

Typical of Arsenal fans--Villareal played you off the field for long periods of the game and should have won---be careful for what you ask for---you do not want Barcelona--they will murder arsenal playing a more attractive brand of football (oh my:)
Accept it--you;re just not good enough...yes pretty at times--BUTTTTTTTTT

Anonymous said...

You couldn't be more correct...I'm Man united fan and have over the years come to appreciate some of the free flowing and stylish nature of arsenal but this group lack the bite of Vierra in the middle of the park.

Fabby is fabulous at times but against tactically astute teams he goes missing and he was a liability for long periods of yesterdays match.

avenell said...

Yea your right Fabregas has been out for three and a half months and has played 2 games in 4 days.. he should be at his best..

Anonymous said...

Thank you mate

you said what i have inside my heart !!

goooooo Arsnal

good luk ARSNAL

avenell said...

2 games 3 assists.. he needs to shape up..

Mark modi said...

Yes agree with u wrighty. F**k Barca. Barca and Real Madrid have more dept than us. Yet they always try to buy player and offer them massive pay. That go to Manu and Milan too. I wish UEFA & FIFA made a rule that any club still in dept cannot buy players unless they are dept free. I still remember what platini said few weeks ago. Platini says 'Can you buy a Ferrari if you have no money? Of course not. But in football, you not just get a Ferrari but all the beautiful girls. Yet they are not penalised.'. This is his respond when many club owner ask for help due to the board keep on spending buying player which increase more their dept. Example of how it can affect big clubs is look at Valencia. They are now cash strapped. So Platini help us.

Mark Modi said...

As for Barca play beautiful football. Messi can dance all day long at the pitch because he play at Spanish league. The softest league in the world. There are hardly any tackle. Messi are not that good at world cup. At Europe, the reff are always favor them by awarded them a free kick when they fly through a tackle. Barca is not that good. They are good because people made them look good. I bet they cannot win if they play against a hard tackling team. When we are against Barca, I suggest Arsene change his approach of playing football. after a long season our player always at the receiving end of nasty tackle and bruising fouls, let this time we give it to Barca. Break Messi leg, Eto leg, Victor Valdes finger, retired Henry for good, kick Hleb in the A** (if he play) and kick Guardiola in the face with the ball. Give the heavy ball for us to kisk Guardiola in the face. Come on Gunners. Bring this game on. We wait for you at the Final. I hate Barca.

Anonymous said...

waky waky...
arsenal vs. barca... thats hilarious, barca would destroy the gunners for sure, barca is everything arsenal wants to be.
not many whined, when henry left, but now he is back on top, the whinnin' starts.
I love fan-cultures, but be realistic...

by the way Im a madridista, but barca plays ball like none other has done before, maybe except for los galacticos in their prime.

Anonymous said...

this is the best shit i've seen all day..if there is one team I can't stand it this world is it barcelona, for all the shit they continue to do to us...I hope we meet them, have our quality players and kick their arse..and oh yeah F*CK EMMM!!!!

MOOQS said...


Aidan said...

Agree with the content in your article and all that jazz, but I think putting your Boosh DVD on the line is goin a bit far, mate.

Anonymous said...

I am a big fan of Cesc and of Arsenal. I think the final will be Arsenal-Chelsea. If Chelsea can pass through Liverpool then they will beat Barca and then Arsenal in the final. It is destin.....

Anonymous said...

Im sick of Barcelona, in form arsenal make them look bad.

As others say they seem to milk free kicks off the refs and yeah they play in spain lol WOOOOO they beat bayern 4nil, well when had bayern had a good season in the champions league in the past 4 seasons??

I would love to see the result of Chelsea v Barcelona, it would not surprise me if chelsea went through.

Sporadicgooner said...

Great post. Barca may be on form at the moment, but the fact is, sitting on top of La Liga isn't the achievement it once was. Barcas performances depend on just how much Messi gets to contribute. That said, they are a force to be reckoned with, but we've performed well against the "big" teams so far this season. The complacency we're often guilty of against weaker opposition is unlikely should we end up playing Barca in the final. It'd be fun to see a motivated Fab playing against the team that keeps whining about how they want him "back".

Cheers Wrighty

Motorhead said...

ur right wrighty, i say let us kick their asses in the final! COME ON GOONERS

Anonymous said...

f*ck barcelona, a team of cunt

Anonymous said...

you guys have to first get past villareal before you think about meeting a neutral fan i have to say barca does play attractive football which has been more consistent than arsenal and theres no denying can complain how much ever you want about the la liga but anyone who knows anything about football knows that barca are currently the best team in the world

Anonymous said...

You ALL are MAD. anyone does not enjoy the football played in Barca now really does not a thing about the game. Any how just from us as well......FCK Arsenal

Anonymous said...

"Yes they play marvellous football. At times they've seemed like Arsenal on steroids. But they ain't invincible. Only we can ever claim that title."

Absolute classic Wrighty7!

Ha ha

Anonymous said...


It seems anything goes on this blog!

So FUCK you all you arsenel "fans" you load of wasters Barca will make you eat you fucking words, and blow you away you FUCKING IDIOTS

For you information we have no debt and we do NOT have to sell our shirst to try and make a money, we own the best stadium in EUROPE not a sHIT hole of a place!

Now FUCK Off

Anonymous said...

What a loser! And what a loser club Arsenal.

You shouldn't be the ones talking about tap up players you hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

You FUCKING arsenal fans what the fuck are you going to do when you,liverpool chelsea man u have to field 6 british players your best player is spanish and he would have to warm our bench at least he could see 96,000 fans instead of some pocky little shit hole that only vibrates when a fucking train goes past.

The lot of you could not make arespectable england team between

Now FUCK OFF and craw back down your hole!

Anonymous said...

What a great invincible team. The one that choked in this stage at the champions league and choked the fa cup title away. Invincible in EPL and nothing else and that is nothing but a distant memory.

ARSENAL = Only club to lose Cup Winners' Cup Final, UEFA Cup Final and Champions League Final in order. That is quite a feat.

Anonymous said...

LOL @ whining about Fab.Hey putos, he is the one who drops these hints left and right, like when he and Hleb were at Camp Nou last year. We aren't whining since Iniesta has done quite well to Fab's FA Cup Medal.

Cesc might come back someday, accept it and blame your team for getting no trophies in almost the last half of the decade.

Chinga tu madre Arsenal. What was once a respected english club is now a club known for stealing young players and not being english at all. Why bother bringing UK flags to the stadium, just bring the UN flag instead.

Anonymous said...

"yes wrighty nice one
we the only invincibles in europe"

Well us AND AC Milan in the 91-92 season.

Anonymous said...

We'll always have Paris.
2-1, and if wasn't for the referee it would have been 3-0 (Giuly's goal and Touré dive).

Anonymous said...

It was Eboue who dived. And what the fuck are you wanker arsenal fans talking about. Henry was the best player in Aresnal history., 226 goals show some respect wankers. And stop being so jelous and accept that Barca is playing mad football right now.

Arsenal 4 life

Anonymous said...

"yes wrighty nice one
we the only invincibles in europe"

Well us AND AC Milan in the 91-92 season.

lol and Ajax Amsterdam 94-95 you knobs. Quickly now, what do Ajax and Milan have in common that Arsenal doesn't after going invincible? oh yes, a European cup! See how tarnished that unbeaten season looks now.

Anonymous said...

Exist some websites to show Arsenal games LIVE? Here we have two ESPN/ESPN Brasil channels,but this weekend they will show Liv/Bla and Che/Bol match.

Anonymous said...

Calm down douchebag. This blog seems like the ramblings of a 5th grader

Anonymous said...

Barca Mes Que Un Club!!!!! We are the best...

Coach McGuirk said...

Being from Dallas I thought the Texas comment was a bit much..

I'd like to meet Barca only because that means we'll be in the final. Anything can happen in a one off match like that, but currently if we played Barca 10 times they'd probably win 7....

Anonymous said...

I find it amazing that RVP124 would have a problem with other clubs pursuing arsenal players....I struggle to name one player that is a regular in arsenals' squad that came through the Arsenal academy system. Can you name 1...just one!!!!
It's an unfortunate part of football and all clubs do it.
If UEFA and FIFA get their way (6 -5 ratio) then what.
Walcott and ??????
For all of the poaching done by Man United over the years they have been very good about grooming their own players and they are one of the only, if not the only, EPL club to maintain a very high ratio of british to non british players:
Starting with Fergie-Scottish
Wes Brown--English
Gary Neville-English
I know that I'm omitting one or two.

Name your british players that barring injury are in your squad and first teams---Walcott!!!!!!!!!

You should thank Fergie for his commitment to English and British players.

Anonymous said...

Correct---the French league have become the Farm system for Arsenal:
Your entire back four
save Fabby(spain-barca) and arshavin (from russia with love) it's a french love fest through the middle as well..nasri-van persie--adebayor---the two brazilians --hmmmmm no sign of a englishman as yet...ooops Walcott, who is at best a substitute.

Anonymous said...

Arse-anal. Nuff said.

Anonymous said...

Who's this wanker above?? For a start, who gives a shit about 'British' players? Giggs and Evans are no more use to our national team than Adebayor and Toure so they are completely irrlelvant. Seconldy, the only English players United ever actually produce are shite like Wes Brown, the rest they buy with their massive pots of cash.

And also, will all these American Barca "fans" please fuck off. You're boring, you're stupid and you've probably never even been to Spain let alone the Nou Camp. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Concentrate on getting that 4th spot first.

FCBarca said...

Typical haterism going on...Either you love football or you hate it...You hate Barca, you hate Joga Bonito - plain & simple.

As for tapping up Arsenal players?...Heh heh, pot meet kettle - you're black...Short term memories apparently have kept Gooners from accepting the reality that pilfering from La Masia the likes of Cesc and Merida before Spain allows professional contracts is by no means a virtuous strategy...Catalans come home, deal with it...In the meantime, might be high time for Arsenal to develop their OWN youth with say, uhh Brits???

Cesc will be coming home but won't be until 2010, IMHO...Merida may never find a place with Barca so enjoy

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOD, listen to yourself man. The jealousness just drips off it...
Arsenal is like Barça's little brother at the moment!

Anonymous said...

the wanker, being said author of this addition is a realist..something that seems to go missing with persons similar to you, who appear to suffer from myopia and I might add just a tad bit of ignorance...if you review my message with a degree of clarity I did acknowledge man uniteds' penchant for poaching.
That said, for some inexplicable reason your inability to see the big picture will not allow you to accept that the English National team suffers from a dearth of real numbers of quality ENGLISH players to select from, largely due to Managers like your beloved Wengers' obsession with everything foreign. And yes, wankers like you will quickly gravitate to "F England and my club is all that is important" until the World Cup or Euro Nations Cup rolls around and then you will moan about Englands' early exit...Arsenal-Chelsea-Liverpool have all but shut the door on British Mangers as well, sooooo please stop the BS and accept that clubs like Arsenal have been directly responsible for stunting the growth of local talent both at the player and manager levels.
Also--just to really piss you off--most of you arsenal fans are nothing more then fair weather wasn't but a few weeks ago that you wankers where booing your team off the field --trying to determine who should go and who should be bought in and then you experience a spate of success and all is well--- NICE!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh, the old "too many foreigners is ruining the England team argument". And you call me myopic! Please enlighten me as to how exactly Fabregas and Adebayor being sent home would mean another Wayne Rooney suddenly pops out of the woodwork? If there was a player coming through the Arsenal academy as good as Rooney he'd be in the team. There isn't though. There are plenty of players in the League who have come through our youth system but have been sold because they're substandard, or cunts. Why would the England team be better of if players like Sidwell and cas*ley were playing for Arsenal still? All it would achieve would be to reduce the quality of our club.

The quality of foreigner means that only the very best English players have a chance of making it (Theo, Jack Wilshere), and those that do will actually become BETTER players for having a higher quality of olayer around them.

So please, take your accusations of myopia and have a little look in the mirror. You can applaud British managers like Sam Allardyce and his British players all you want, but encouraging medicority will not win England a World Cup.

P.S. You resorting to some sort of petty dig at Arsenal fans doesn't actually piss me off. Yes some of our fans booed their own players, some of our fans are tossers. I didn't, and I have never once even sympathised with the idea that Wenger should go.

Anonymous said...

Now we have elevated the discussion to something of some interest.
Why in the hell do you think that it is always Germany-Italy-Brazil-Argentina that win the World Cup and please don't use the population theory as that doesn't apply in the case of Holland (even smaller then England-yet they are always threatening).
Why--because their players always have a major stage on which to grow.
Brazil export players by the truck loads and their leagues just keep generating more
Argentina export players by the bus loads and their leagues keep producing more
The Italian top teams always have at least 5 Italian starters and they keep producing more
German export players by the bike load and their leagues just keep generating more
The Dutch export players by the car loads and their leagues keep producing more
The English leagues import players by the plane loads and their leagues produce little.
Oh I'm sorry--they produce players for lower division teams.
Get it!!!

Anonymous said...

English football is woefully inferior to that played in the other countries you mention because we have this caveman attitude that power, strength and physicality is the best way to go about playing. Technically our players are badly lacking except those born with an exceptional natural talent like Rooney and Gazza. This is also partly down to the structure of our game at youth level.

In Brazil many kids are simply left to learn the game on the streets (I know the 'street child kicking a grapefruit' scenario is a stereotype and players such as Kaka prove that it's a generalisation not a rule, but it is frequently accurate). At 10, 11, 12 they're just kicking something about, learning what be done by just playing with a ball. This is where their technical ability flourishes, and only later is harnessed by structured matches. Equivalent aged children in our country are forced into Sunday league clubs where parents scream at them to "get stuck in" and they pick up all the wrong aspects of the game.

Even in more 'developed' countries than Brazil where players are put into organised academies from a young age, they encourage the technical side of learning far more than we do. More than that, they have specific coaches who make a career out of training certain age groups, not coaches who see the under 11s as a stepping stone.

Another point that could be worth considering is that we have 4 professional leagues, no other makor football country in the world has more than 2. We have nearly 100,000 registered clubs in the country, over double that of Germany, the next highest. We have so many spaces to fill that competition is reduced and inferior players are not only allowed into the system but actually needed. The whole set up of English football is a breeding ground for mediocrity, and having less foreign players at the very top end of our spectrum is not going to change that.

Wrighty7 said...

Anon 21:12,

That comment makes a lot of sense in so many ways mate.

Very good comment.

Anonymous said...

All countries lament the loss of street football with maybe one exception, Brazil.
And yes--the development system in England has to be corrected--again, this is well documented!
But you are wrong with the thought that having more english players involved in the top teams will not help.
In the first instance the quality of the club will suffer but eventually it will bounce back and No not to the same level of the current Arsenal,Chelsea or Livepool(but Arsenal have not won anything outside of England under Wenger and with all of his foreign imports) But it will return and English teams will continue to fight for top honours in europe (man united did it and pool did it several times) BUT the rot has to be stopped somewhere and by continuing the over reliance of foreign based players all that is accomplished is more of the same. There must be a blend of english players with foreign imports. The Italians do it with great success.
AC Milan won the Champions League recently with:
6 Italian players in the starting 11
Porto won the Champions League with over 7 Portuguese players in the starting 11 in 2004 and they have as many in the current team and are knocking on the door of the semi's in the same competition.
Stop with the excuses--Wenger has effectively convinced arsenal fans that the only way forward is with the best player even if it's at the expense of english players. But unless my memory is not serving me well--Wenger and Arsenal haven't lifted the EPL Cup in over -6 years and have never won the Champions League

Poaching or not you must agree that Fergie has provided English players with an opportunity to hone their skills at the very top level.
Neville-scholes-carrick-ferdinand-rooney-Wes Bown (and before you slam brown--if not for injures he would be a first choice for united and england)-Hargreaves.
Wenger has total disregard for anything English
Benitez loves Gerrard and no one else English
Chelsea--Lampard/Terry and Cole

When England won the world cup over 40 years ago all of their players where playing in top English teams:

Man United also won the European Cup in 65 (maybe 67) and they had mostly English players.

Anonymous said...

Man United--1999 European Champions winning team:
English players
1.Gary Neville
2.Nicky Butt
3.David Beckham
4..Andy Cole
Subs used:
7.Scholes(would have played but was suspended)

Bayern Munich had 9 German Starters

2008 Champions Legaue Champions:
English Starters
2.Wes Brown
Out through injury
7.Gary Neville

Anonymous said...

fuck barca , fuck messy the pussy nd fuck any one aganist arsenal , fuck fifa fucl platiny nd any one hates arsenal , fuck man arsenal is the best team in the world !!!!
ooohhhhhh i love gunners
cheers man

Anonymous said...

And on that note, I will exit this site in search of something more worthy. I'll now visit the winners circle:
Man United

au revoir :)

Anonymous said...

Cheers Wrighty, glad you appreciated it!

I'm assuming that the last post was from whoever I've been having this converstaion with and it means he won't be coming back, but in case you do I'll just make a quick response. I'm afraid I'll kind of be going back over old ground here but the fact is Arsenal cannot afford to buy English players like United can. For example:
Ferdinand- £30 million
Toure- £250,000

Carrick- £18 million
Fabregas- £1 million

Rooney- undisclosed, but nearing £30 million again
van Persie- £2.5 million

In February it was estimated using all available figures what each Premier League club's squad cost, United's was £180 million, ours was £65 million. We just couldn't afford to fill our squad with English players while we have huge stadium debt to cope with. And I'm sure every Arsenal fan would love to see a local boy come through the ranks and take us to great things but the sad fact is the players simply aren't there. It would have been great if Steven Gerrard had grown up in Islington but unfortunately he didn't and that's not the club's fault, they can only work with what they've got.

And you can't simply say that the quality would "bounce back" after a while if you got rid of all the foreign players. It's something you can never know and frankly, I'd say is very unlikely. It's an unpalatable truth for many people but (for many reasons, some of which I covered briefly in my last post) England just doesn't seem to produce players of the same quality as elsewhere. For decades since 1966 our club sides were full of British players and our national team was no closer to winning anything than it is now.

Incidentally, at the recent u17 World Cup I think I'm right in saying that Arsenal provided the England team with more players than any other club.

And finally, just a minor side point, but we last won the league in 2004, which wasn't more than 6 years ago!

Mark Modi said...

It is not Arsenal want to be like Barca, but it is Barca that want to be like Arsenal. That is why they kept on tapping our player. we have more player to Barca than any other club. That really mean they Barca want to Arsenal. They cannot make in by hard training. So the easiest way, they just get our player and hope it they will make Barca as arsenal. They even try to tap our Le Boss. So what this mean? It is Barca that want to be Arsenal not Arsenal want to be Barca.

Anonymous said...

Arsenal are not stealing young players, they pay the price given by the selling club and offers contract to the player, Arsenal are buying raw talent and polish them, i think Barca is a buying club just like AC Milan, but they do produce talented player like Messi(Barca) and Pato(Milan).

I don't really know who will win if Arsenal VS Barcelona, because Arsenal are not the same team that beaten by Barca in 2006 CL final.

New faces and more youngster. I think Selling Henry was a good idea because Arsenal won't mature with him(as many people rely on Henry). Many talented players are produced and Wenger see this trough that's why theres alot of quality player in the bench and reserves~

Vela, Wilshere, Ramsey, Fabianski, Djourou, Bendtner, Merida, Jay, Gibbs and etc, theres too many to list here.

Anonymous said...

I hope you all know that Fabregas was born a blaugrana and loves fcb and also... Henry said that arsenal isn't a big club. Stop bitching because you couldn't defeat villareal in the first, and you want to beat barça? ahahahaha

Anonymous said...

Wow, somehow it's nice to see so much hatred towards Barça. And what about this paranoia about Barça tapping up your players? I've read this statement several times from Arsenal supporters and I've always found it amusing. So a club who is interested in a player, then talks with the club that owns the rights of the player and then reaches an agreement with the said club is punishable. Go talk with Platini. XD

We could also moan because you got Fabregas some years ago when he was only 16 and was already one of our best prospects, and you got him almost for free. But c'est la vie, he's yours because we couldn't legally do anything about it.

What's the problem in wanting players? So Zenit should be angry because you got Arshavin? No, it goes like this: Arshavin wants to leave and the best club available for him is Arsenal, and Zenit finally sells him because they know they can't do anything about it. The same goes for Henry or Hleb. There's no problem.

Barça's always signed players, ususally from weaker clubs because those players want to reach higher levels. I know the problem you have, Wrighty: envy. Barça is a bigger club, so most footballers prefer going to Barça and not otherwise. I know, it hurts, as it did losing the CL final three years ago.

Anyway, I think Arsenal usually plays the best football in Europe along with Barça, but usually with more unexperienced players. It's the way the club wants it, maybe because they prefer selling players when they reach the top level so they can get benefit and rebuild the team again and again. Vieira and Henry come to mind, for example.


- Vacilinha -

Anonymous said...

Take your invincibles and shove it. Wish we did get Arsenal in the final, we would have schooled them like we schooled United as well.

You can have Cesc for now, we only need him when Xavi retires and thanks for Henry too. Guess not all Arsenal players go to Barcelona to flop now.