Sunday, 26 July 2009

Squeeze everything out of Manchester City

It's a summer of transfer and rumour madness that I'm sure will get even more mental than Britney Spears over the course of the next few weeks.

Manchester City and Real Madrid are the main reason for bigger sums of money being spent than Beth Ditto's chocolate bill.

To be fair to both clubs, if you've got the money then why not spend it? Of course there is an element that it is unfair but if you are a Manchester City or Real Madrid supporter then there is no doubt that right now would be a very exciting time for you.

Manchester City are trying to gain ground on the top four so you can understand their reasons for spending more money than Frank Lampard does down the local chip shop on players.

They keep being linked with our very own Kolo Toure and if Wenger is interested in selling, then I'd bleed those suckers dry.

I've just seen Barcelona involved in the most stupid deal in my whole entire stinking existence. Splashing out £38m + Samuel Eto'o + Alex Hleb for Zlatan Ibrahimovic is ludacris. But it may work to Arsenal's advantage.

Maybe Arsenal could come to a similar arrangement with City. Without any disrespect Manchester City are trying to act and think like a big club. If they want Toure that much then Arsene should call their bluff.

Get Micah Richards included in the deal and receive maybe £8m or no deal. I wouldn't want to see Kolo go but if he does the blow would be softened with Richards' arrival.

I don't want any of this loyalty stuff. It should be on our terms. Toure shouldn't be allowed to leave because he wants a last big pay-day. Not that I believe Kolo is motivated by money anyway. Like his mate at Eastlands.

Keep it Goonerish..............


arsenal till i die said...

i think we should let him go richards would be better then him an hes english i like toure but i think hes finished and also there are some reports that we made a bid for huntlr but let toure go an get a dm and cd.

GAGA said...

A couple of things, we have always been a big club, maybe you mean we are trying to act like a massive club.

As for Richards and 8 million that is stupid, Kolo is worth maybe 12 so that values Micah at 4 which is not a reflection of his true value.

So I don't want to crush your dreams but you will nevertake advantage of us to that degree.

Anonymous said...

As a Manchester City fan of many years standing, I would be very happy if you took Richards. I don't even want Toure in return. Richards is a big time Charlie who cannot read a game. His only saving grace was his pace which has been sadly lacking over the last 18 months. All that glitters is not gold.

Wrighty7 said...

Its worth a try though GAGA!

If it doesn't work we keep Kolo anyway.

Anonymous said...

The same could be said about Kolo in that respect.

Marko said...

Agree Wrighty that Ibrahimovic deal is the most retarded deal I think I've ever seen. Barca are losing a 28 year old who scored 30+ goals last season and someone who regularly turns up in the big games (he scored in the two Champion League finals against us and Utd) and they're swapping him for a 27 year old who has been having his arse wiped for years in Italy and who everyone in a piss poor league rates but the truth is he's massively overrated, selfish and isn't capable off turning up in the big games. And 40 million! He's shite.

Oh and City cand have Toure for 15 million and Onouha or Richards or 20 million.

Wrighty7 said...

Totally agree with that Marko!

Anonymous said...

city arab cunts! Thats a bit harsh! Hmmm sounds like u a lil angry there teeth grinder :) i feel so sorry 4 ur keyboard wife an kids haha. See this big top 4 smile :))) i wud call u a gooner but i think the word gonner wud suit u better. Send my love 2 ur mum x

Anonymous said...

Richards has gone crap and is not the type of defender Arsenal need. I would like to see the back of Toure with a commanding centre back brought in to vie with Gallas and Vermaelen.

Wenger should sell Toure, Senderos, Eboue and Silvestre as soon as possible. They are all duds when it comes to the art of defending and it will save some money.

Anonymous said...


Funny how this so called overrated player has been voted the best player in Serie A 2 seasons in a row and has scored more goals in Italy than any other player.

People who actually watch Inter know how valuable Ibrahimovic has been since he joined the club and without him they wouldn´t have won the scudetto in any of the last 3 years.

Anonymous said...

sorry bout the gonner comment wrighty as i have a lot ov respect 4 arsenal but cant stand thicko's ranting lol i hope u help us guys knock manure an old bacon face (fergie) off his debt ridden thrown lol

Anonymous said...

Why do people constantly want Richards?

He's hardly been pulling up trees recently.

He's quite categorically said he doesn't like playing CB.

His character is more than just a little questionable (I'm sure he'd get much better mentoring for his "cinematic career" from Paul Jewell).

Kolo is a far better player in all respects.

I can only assume (as seen in an earlier comment), that it's because he's English.

Now that has to be the single dumbest reason for buying a player.


Goooooner said...

Totally agree with you Marko, I can't believe that Barcelona have parted with so much for such an average player. Eto'o is a far superior player, so to give him and £40m away seems like the stupidest move of the summer.

Finally I really, sincerely hope that the stories that Vieira is considering sp*rs are complete bullshit. Don't do it Paddy!

Anonymous said...

8 million plus Richards for Toure would be a good deal
I think Wenger could convert Richards in to holding midfielder or can even play right back as cover for Sagna he is a Arsenal fan and would love to be at Arsenal also News from Spain is that Arsenal have bid 15 million for Huntular just need to get shot of Eboue and Silvestre next

Anonymous said...

You fans are doing my nead in! You say that Kolo is not good enough, so he can go and you also say that Galas is not good enough either. The question is, who is good enough for us and when are we going to sign him?

Wrighty7 said...

In my opinion William Gallas is by far the best defender we have at the club.

I love Toure but he has been on the wane since the last African Nations tournament.

Hardly surprising considering he suffered from Malaria.

His game is based on pace and recovery.

Anonymous said...

Kolo is the heart and soul of our defence... he had a few bad months last year due to having contracted malaria during last summer. Some of you need to give the guy a break he gives everything for the club, has been great for us for many years and was back to his best at the end of last season. Richards has been crap the last couple of years, is thick and has a bad attitude, Wenger wouldn't touch him with a barge pole

Anonymous said...

nothing to do with malaria. toure's more afraid of crosses than dracula.

Anonymous said...

Wrighty just another jealous arsenal fan scared of the blues taking your champions league place. SAD WRIGHTY

Anonymous said...

As long as Toure goes I don't really care what money we get.

Anonymous said...

Yes, you just try and take the piss and we'll walk away, leaving you with a defender you don't want and no cash to make reinforcements. And no cash the following year when you are trotting off to the Europa league.

Simple really. (Bit like you)

nis said...

I agree every striker needs service, but adebayor needs someone with the quality of cesc to score goals. Not that big a loss eh? See that miss of his? Bet man city are regretting his price now.

I read this at Just thought it'd be interesting.

Details of goals scored by Adebayor last season:

With Cesc Fabregas:
Blackburn – 3 (header + penalty)
FC Porto – 2 (header + penalty)
Fenerbahce – 1 (one on one, through ball provided by Fabregas)
West Ham – 1
Tottenham – 1 (tap in)
Wigan (one on one, assisted by Fabregas)
Middlesbrough (header from a Fabregas corner)
Manchester City – 2 (one on ones, both assisted by Fabregas)
Villareal (bicycle kick, still the pass was Fabregas’)

Without Cesc Fabregas:
FC Twente – 1 (one on one)
Hull City – 1 (header)

Anonymous said... can't wait for rosicky to come back, take some responsibility and lead our kids

Anonymous said...

fateye the 2nd kippax warrior ! U cant have richards! No no no! Ill stamp my feet if that happens :( on a serious note u got a good squad there an i think every1s underestimating u guys. U were strong in the last half of the season an only injuries let u down in the 1st half. Keep ur trust in wenger an he will shine. Ps beat man u as bacon face is really bringing manchester down :( i personally think u will finish above them this season but hey im jus from a lil club wiv lil fans lol CTID

Anonymous said...

Richards is not that good. Definitely not better than Toure.

Buying him 'just because he's English' is the stupidest thing I've ever heard. Lets get James Beattie and Luke Young while we're at it....

Anonymous said...

Im english sign me up!

wllmhll said...

its worth a try i reckon.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see City loose their first four games

Lauritz said...

"£38m + Samuel Eto'o + Alex Hleb for Zlatan Ibrahimovic"

and let those mugs have Henry for £16,5m? Should we even consider selling Toure to City, we should'nt accept anything less the £20m... they are willing to pay £40m for Terry, and he ain't worth 3 times Toure!

Mike said...

How about this Vucinic fella? He looks quality and appears to be rather underated/unheard of in some quaters. Perfect Wenger signing.

If Toure does go to City, think it would be a good idea to get one of Richards or Onouha as part of the deal. as we need Sagna back up.

Anonymous said...

thats gonna be some wait but at least uv got eboue lmfao

Anonymous said...

Ibra is way way better than eto'o. If mourinho says a coach would have to be stupid to reject this deal but if I were a coach I'd rather have a player of Ibra's quality than Eto'o. After Ibra left ajax are nobody. No UCL nothing. Wait and watch, Ibra will help barca rule!

Anonymous said...

to the cesc comment, are you saying that robinho doesnt have similar talents to him, (i would personally say on par) also, as proven last year Ireland was fantastic in all areas, but i suppose time shall tell, Arsenal always have been my 2nd team and i hope its not them we replace in the top 4, any of the other 3 will do me just fine.

would prefer Lescott over Toure, and dont want Terry at all. i think Onouha, Kompany and Dunne will be fine next year with the strength of one more.

good luck next season.

vajara said...

No deal to sell KOlo , please. But in the football business, everything may happen , Le boss should try to bring Mika and Island in the deal that enough for the gooner. in the deeply heart , I do not see Kolo in another team.