Thursday, 2 July 2009

Why can't people forgive William Gallas?

William Gallas is like marmite; You love him or you hate him.

I happen to love him. Lots. Like a brother. And will continue to do so at the best of my ability.

Most people hate him. Cool, that's their opinion. But I can't really understand why.

Sure, he made himself look a bit of a croissant when he started crying on the pitch at St Andrews but why is the grudge still held?

I reckon it's because of his Chelsea roots. Some still see him as that Chelsea bastard. I've heard with my own ears.

Yes he is outspoken and clearly has a high opinion of himself but after the things he has achieved in his career hasn't he got every right to be?

Remember back to the time he was stripped of his captaincy for 'that interview', can you honestly say that you didn't think the same things as he did?

As I read that interview I found myself nodding more than that damn Churchhill dog in agreement. The bloke made sense and it clearly hit home in the squad.

I don't think it was coincidence that performances began to pick up soon after.......

I still hear Gooners say get rid of him. I don't agree. How do you replace the best defender at the club?

How do you replace the most experienced player at the club?

The man has won plenty of silverware. He is a proven winner. We need more players like Gallas in the squad. A man with a winners mentality.

The only thing most of this Arsenal squad have won is a pound on a lottery scratch-card.

Gallas became the most hated man in the world after the incident at St Andrews. Judging by the reaction from the media and some Gooners you would have thought he had pulled down his pants and had a shit on the pitch.

He had just seen a fellow team-mates leg snapped worse than snap, crackle and pop, seen his side's title chances slip away and his only crime was it became too much for him.

Hand on heart can you tell me how you would have reacted? So what if he is a footballer, he is still human and has emotions.

Had Fabregas done the same would you react the same? Had John Terry done the same would the media have hounded him out like they did Gallas.

I thought it was a witch hunt!

If Arsenal cash in on William Gallas because he has one year on his contract and is coming up to 32 years of age then something is wrong. If anything we should be looking to increase his stay because believe me, we are a better side with Gallas than without him.

Forget his Chelsea roots, forget his outbursts, forget the media perception of him. Gallas is world-class and the best defender at the club.

Keep it Goonerish................


Anonymous said...

Some people need a scape goat, Personally speaking i say give everybody a clean slate come pre-season.Forget all the small things and concentrate on the bigger picture which is this great club being great and winning trophies.

We are after all rooting for the same cause are we not?!


Danish Gooner said...

He is a ponce and crap defender and constantly whining about this and that.

Anonymous said...

Sorry DG but if you think he is a crap defender that's you're opinion............ he isn't though.Maybe if a few more people were whining we would have more wins and less draws.


Anonymous said...

Great post today (they've been few and far between over the summer... :D).

Have to say, given that Big Mouth Billy is the stand out best defender we've got, I cant understand the resentment towards him.

That interview may have been mistimed and ill-concieved but overall, his sentiment about Arsenal not being winners was spot on.

As for his Chelsea past, I forgave him the day he scored THE WINNING GOAL against them at the Emirates a while back, giving us our first victory over the cunts in what seemed like forever. After that day, I chose to forget about his past.

Apart from that, the number of big goals he's scored means he should be loved among the Arsenal faithful.

Birmingham? If that had been John Terry or Steven Gerrard it would have been a sign of how "Passionate" they are and they would have been praised to high heaven for caring so much.

Gallas is the only player in our team with a league winner's medal. People need to remember that before they hound him out.

vj's said...

He is a ponce and crap defender and constantly whining about this and that.

Might be, but he's the best defender we have..u must be able to see that.
And he whines because he has a winners attitude, and for the first time in his successfull career he seems to have been stuck with a whole team that is not even close to his attitude...may be thats why he whines...

Likimofin said...

And what's up with having a paragraph containing just one sentence?

Anonymous said...

I'd rather the whole squad were in tears. It would show that they give a stuff.

Bozin said...

I also think that Gallas is our best defender. The guy has quality. Maybe he was even better than JT when he was with the Chavs, he was defending and scoring. He has done for our team as well. Probably he was not wanted by Chelski and cunt cashley wanted out, so we got a great defender.

I also think his comments were spot on and as Wrighty said, maybe that triggered our "good run".

He is a winner and good defender, we should keep him.

Up the Gunners!

scottpuffin said...

If we lose Gallas, then we'll be in trouble. He was our best player by a country mile after he lost the captaincy.
I like his attitude. As you said Wrighty, he has the boots to fill and back up his own claims. He is a top quality defender, and has been one of the best in the Premiership for the last 6 seasons or so.

Wrighty7 said...

Put Gallas alongside a dominant centre-half and you will see the the reason I rate him so much.

Anonymous said...

anyone who thinks Gallas is a bad defend doesnt deserve to have the right to support arsenal becoz if u are a true fan u'd support Gallas and i am Fabregas's BIGGEST fan in this world i have a shirt a poster a anything u can name of Fabregas's BUT to me Gallas will ALWAYS be Arsenal cpt becoz he deserves it and he acturaly shows how much he cares about this club and I totally agree with wenger if we had more ppl like Gallas in the side we might acturally win something!

Gallas 4 life!

Stu said...

I agree that Gallas is our best defender bt that isnt really saying much seeing as we have a pretty poor selection of individual central defenders. Toure is past his best, JD is still to young and everyone seems to hate Senderos and i dont even need to comment on Silvestre.

Now that Vermaelen is here lets hope he and Gallas can strike up a good understanding and win us something.

Although having said that i would rather sell him now and get some money to reinvest than to have him go on a free next summer and leave us with no mney and minus a defender.

lateefomosanya said...

For me,i'll partially agree with the post,its no doubt that Gallas is our best defender,wheather people like it or not.But if Gallas is not willing to extend his contract at this point,then its better Wenger sell him now and bring a better defender,because the team will be at lost if he goes free at the end of next season.But i will prefer he extend his stay at the emirate

GoonerPassey said...

Very true.
Gallas should not be sold.
Personally, I prefer seeing him in defence rather than Toure.
And Verminator with Gallas would be excellent.
Just sell Senderos. :|
And get Tasci if possible.
And a holding midfielder too.
But I would MUCH rather see Ade play next season than Chamakh.
Can't we get a better replacement?
If not, then rather not sell Ade.
A fully commited and injury-free Ade is top class.

JonJon said...

hey up wrighty mate

aint spoke in a while....

gallas is a quality defender

did anyone notice the way manure and chelsea ripped us apart when he wasnt in the squad???

hes class and if we lose him we are in deep shit defensively...

Anonymous said...


Good post. You have made some important points which the muppets who want him out should reflect on before babbling on their crap on the net. Ok, they guy is a bit of drama queen but I put that down to him being French. Henry was the same. I couldn't give a crap about him playing for Chelsea before, so what? He is an Arsenal player now and he will be next season no matter what the pricks on the net think or say.

Anonymous said...

Supporters talk a lot of b******* and are often too passionate to be objective. Gallas is clearly a quality defender. Sure he has his deficiencies with attacking balls in the air but he is quality. The press have clearly got it in for him however in my opinion, the press are negative about anything Arsenal recently. As for selling him and getting another defender, do you not think Wenger would have done this if its that easy? We need his experience and passion if we are to move forward next season. This is worth more than thee extra few million we would get in trying to flog him now!

King_Kolo said...

So Gallas comes out and say he's staying at Arsenal and is looking forward to the season with Arsenal. Why are fans not praising this. He is looking forward to the season, Clichy said the same thing and people was praising him.

I love Gallas attitude, I disagree that the whole team need to be like that but you need players in the squad like that. You can't break Gallas. People have been bashing Gallas sence he got the armband and then he lost it and actually played better. ENGLISH MEDIA CAN'T BREAK GALLAS!!! I love his attitude.

Anonymous said...

Gallas is class!
way better than Toure.
but we should keep both!
and buy Parker from West Ham.
a replacement for Adebayor, i would love Hunelaar!

Dr. Johnson said...

Remember John Terry crying after the Champions League final?

Gooner08 said...

poor post and misses the point

Gooner08 said...

first of all you ask why people hate him. Then you talk about replacing him and how good he is as a defender. Two very different things and stupidly put together by you and most of the replies.
People hate him because he acted like a twat, because he was the captain, and our most experienced player who should have the been first one to show leadership. Instead he booted the advertising hoardings, sat at the other end of the pitch and cried like a baby in front of his teammates half his age - who were still trying to defend by the way. All DURING the game. I have never seen anything like it. Then he publically slags of the team but its done in completely the wrong way, unprofessional and totally counter productive to all his younger team mates who were watching their season evaporate, completely lacking in confidence and desperately looking to their captain.
THATS why peoplecant forgive him and why they hate him.
If you idiots are confusing that with whether he is a good defender or how we could replace him, then start up another conversation dimwits.

Anonymous said...

Gallas Is our best defender and Toure should be the one to go imo. Of course guys are right about the Arsenal knocking media.

I don't have a problem with us having an opinion about OUR players but hate it when Mancscum/Spud/Shammers supporting hacks constantly have a dig.

For me we need a replacement CB for the departures of Big Phil and Toure. A winger to give Theo a kick in the pants and Hunterlaar for Ade. Oh and most important of all a quality keeper as he is the real weak link.

mohammed said...

this is the only comment ive written on an arsenal blog all summer, & thats because its the only issue worth reading & commenting on,

so good point wrighty, i whole heartedly agree..gallas's form after the outburst was utterly brilliant...& just look at how our defence fell apart without him (tho clichy was missing also)

we need him badly next season,
up the arsenal

Anonymous said...

hes our best but lacked pace against villa. he'll do a flamini and play excellent b4 returning to france b4 retirement. in wenger we trust

Anonymous said...

Someone had to say what he said, look at the result of what he said... our form was Championship winning form, although a little too late. I forgave him for what he did at Birmingham becasue I did the same, sat down, head in hands, close to tears because I knew that was a major hit for any team to take, let alone the youngest squad in the Premiership.
He is the man our defence needs to be built around next season, Silestre can go, but we MUST keep Billy, at all costs.

Nice one again Wrighty
Gunner #1

Mitch said...

"How do you replace the most experienced player at the club?"

Who... Sylvestre?
:D haha jokes, completely agree, i think we need to keep gallas, and for that matter toure too, what's the point in buyin a defender or two, just to lose one or two... that leaves us with the same amount of depth, and that's where we struggle.

Anonymous said...

He is only a good defender because he defends as an individual, not as a team player.

Senderos and Toure made a good partnership because they played for each other. One to head the ball away to a teammate, one to clear up around him.

At Chelsea he won 2 league titles as part of the squad, NOT first choice. With France he won the Confederations cup as part of the squad aswell. 3 medals for being around winning squads, that's all.

I personally dislike him most because AW made him captain ahead of Gilberto - an honest, decent, upstanding World-cup winning example to all - humbled and embarrassed, for the sake of pacifying this whiny overgrown child.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it is fans bearing a grudge so much as wanting to see some comittment from him. A day after he supposedly says he is staying, reports come out that he will leave for nothing unless he is released this season.
I agree he has been treated rather hasrshly by the media, but no more so than previous arsenal captains.
If he is willing to stay, accept whenever and whatever role wenger plays him, then he will have a good season and so will the club.
I think what is at the back of people's mind is his threat to score an own goal if he doesn't get his way. Though that might be all from Mourinho's imagination.


Anonymous said...

Gallas+Verminator ok great! BUT don´t you think they are too short. That could be a real problem !

Anonymous said...

So looks like the headline is not too accurate...people seem to have forgiven Gallas..I personally think that we could do a lot worse than keep him..

Anonymous said...

i'm going way back in the comments here but someone said our goalie is the real weak link!? u r insane if u think that our goalie is the reason arsenal didnt do worse when gallas wasnt around! btw when Gallas was having a cry on the other side of the field it was becoz he's use to having winners in his team not these young ppl who dnt know how to defend and if gallas and this new ajaz defender r too short then make then BUFF so they can just fight off the challenge there problem solved

Anonymous said...

Wrighty,i completely agree with your comments. To me what Gallas did at Birmingham was a reaction I could understand. I want Gallas to stay, he is a great defender and pops up with some key goals.
Stay Willy stay!


Anonymous said...

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