Saturday, 29 August 2009

An e-mail from a Celtic fan



Had a great time in London and a great pleasure to visit Arsenal one of the great teams in europe , You have to believe we have some real clowns in our support and do not tar us all with the same brush.

Before the first leg it was all about keeping the score down for us I am afraid , But it was a great experience to be in the new stadium and to mix with the Arsenal fans who treated us with great dignity.

I hope UEFA do not find Eduardo guilty as the Celtic centre forward would have done the same thing in the same situation , I wish Arsenal all the best for the season and hope it is your year in the EPL and in Europe.

My Club Celtic are playing in a very poor SPL and this was reflected in the scoreline and as for the fans who wanted Eduardo's leg broken they are just low life who just mar the good name of Celtic FC.

Good Luck

That was an e-mail from a Celtic fan.

I know that all Celtic fans are not like that. In fact, it's not just Celtic, every club has fans like it. Even Arsenal.

A friend of mine went to the game and he said that Celtic fans were awesome, in the stadium and out. That's the opinion I have of Celtic fans too. I've always liked Celtic.

Maybe I was being over-sensitive? I just think that all the attention on Eduardo is unfair. OK, he did go down very easily and I completely understand Celtic's frustrations but I do feel he is being unfairly treated here. Especially when Rooney, Gerrard and Owen do it all the time!

I'm glad he enjoyed his visit. I would love to have gone to Celtic Park because I know that its one of the best atmospheres in the world.

I wouldn't tar all Celtic fans with the same brush. I know for a fact that Celtic are a decent club with decent fans.

This e-mail proves that as does most of the experiences I've had with Celtic fans in the past.

I say thanks for wishing us well. That shows true class. I too hope Celtic do well and hopefully we'll meet again in the near future and the circumstances will be different.

Keep it Goonerish..........


a Tottenham fan said...

I just want to say i love arsenal and i wish u well.

ROFL made up believe letter.

how low can u bloggers go?

Wrighty7 said...

I can assure you its not made up my Spuddy friend.

Anonymous said...

What a load of bollocks, a made up letter if ever i've seen one. I WAS there on weds night and yes the Celtic supporters are the best in the world but it doesn't take away from the fact that Eduardo is a cheating little c*nt and the Emirates is a graveyard.

AusGunner said...

Yeah wouldn't be at all surprised if it was sent by an arsenal fan just pretending to be a celtic fan.

Anonymous said...

If that letter was from a Tic fan i'd slap him myself.

Anonymous said...

Celtic were shite in both legs, they're never near to score. And THAT'S TRUE. They are talking about Eduardo to cover their pathetic display.

Anonymous said...

Does look suspect.

Anonymous said...

Yeah mate, I totally agree the Emirates is a indeed a graveyard, were the opposition get buried.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Wrighty is a passionate arsenal fan,has one of the most celebrated blogs, and is never fazed by anything or anyone.

Well done for publishing this e mail.

Anonymous said...

I was at celtic park for the first leg and tell you what, we sang for the celtic fans - it was so quiet!!!

Anonymous said...

Why does this Spud fan show up here??

Or better, why do I get the impression there is a personal vendetta against Wrighty??

Can you please take your mother fucking irritating childish bull shit somewhere else. I come here often and I always read with interest what Wrighty has to say.

You don’t have to be here if you don’t. With free will comes responsibilities if all want to enjoy their own pleasures in life. Leave us alone will you.

Anyway if you want to sharpen your opinion about real diving. Look at this video.

To the Celtic fan. Thank you for being honest and taking the time to express it. Wish you well this season. (Celtic’s Europe adventure still isn’t over yet.)
The atmosphere at the first game of our tie was as always awesome and impressive. I couldn’t wish a better start of the season for the love of football.


Anonymous said...

spuds dont have any of their own club blogs so they annoy others classier teams and write crsp

Nuff said
3-1 today come on you gunners )A.A. 2 / RVP 1)

Anonymous said...

The sad thing here is there are people with different opinions that are based on their own inept hatred of anything thats not their own team. They actually cant comprehend that someone would take the time to write such a letter. Can you imagine what it's like to be the spouse of such sad pathetic mentally disfunctional people.
All clubs have losers like this as fans who are the most trigger happy on blogs and the loudest as the are the angriest. They are the minority who can only interact with people through antagonism and insults.
Celtic would have lost that game regardless of Eduardo's dive (And it was a dive). One shot on target over two lets should be the reality check for that anger. So please grow up and move on and this Celtic fan should be applauded for having the class to write such a letter. As an Arsenal fan I have great time for Celtic and think if they want to be angry at something, then I think it's an awfull injustice that the format was changed and crap clubs from Romania or elsewhere is taking the place of their great club and fans.
As for the idiots get a life - and that spurs fan get a girlfriend man!

Michael said...

I am a Celtic fan and I will admit to have being pissed off with the Eduardo incident at the time. It's was bad enough for us trying to compete with such a gulf in class never mind having cheating going against us too. A little bit beneath Arsenal if I may say so.

In saying that now I don't really care, Arsenal went on to beat us fair and square and the penalty had no effect on the result.

In saying this I do think Eduardo should be punished. Not because I am bitter but because I really hate this aspect of the game. Not only do I think Eduardo should be punished but they should treat all players who behave similarly in the future exactly the same to get this kind of play acting out of our game.

The players are skillful enough and well paid enough not to fall to the ground so easily. British football used to be proud of it's rough and tumble style and scourn the continent for having wimps on the park and most people I speak to now would like to move back to the way it was.

Kidders said...

I'm a Celtic fan and I would have written in the same manner, If anything the comments above saying that it's made up are suspect themselves. I've always had a soft spot for Arsenal and Eduardo is one of my favourite strikers.

One thing I'd like to say is that if we were to come into the EPL we would be able to compete by bolstering the squad with the TV money that is available in England; so that combined with what we manage to scrape with in terms of merchandise etc we could eventually compete with the top 4.

Anonymous said...

I wish Arsenal had scored their
2nd and 3rd goals of wed past 1st and second in the tie, leaving the deflection from Gallas, the og then the penalty to being the 3rd,
4th and 5th goals.Basically what i'm saying is we knew you were an awesome side 'Barcelonaesque even'so for us to have a chance we needed to be lucky and you to be unlucky. The deflected goal changed everything in the 1st game and the og killed it off. Therefore when the dodgy pen happened in the 2nd game as the final nail in the coffin we collectively flipped due to frustration,injustice from lady luck or whatever. Eduardo has borne the brunt of this,whilst it annoyed me severely i see it all for what it is and understand why AW and the Arsenal support are defending your man to the hilt although i do believe AW could have been a tad more magnanimous about his players actions.Over the 2 games the Eduardo pen was the only really contentious issue between the sides so my previous affection and admiration for your team is only slightly diminished because at the end of the day it was one players actions in a split second. He was wrong to do what he did and i just feel that if he had danced through 3 or 4 tackles before sliding the ball in the net we,us included, would be eulogising the only football team in Europe just now capable of taking Barcas crown.

A Celtic fan writes said...

I'm a Celtic fan and I just want to say that Arsenal were simply fantastic. Celtic were honourerd to be allowed to play on the same pitch as the mighty Gunners and i'm sure our bhoys will have learned a valuable lesson in how to play football. Can I also add the thanks of all Celtic fans for allowing us over the border into your far superior country and to escape our own Scottish hellholes for just a few hours.I hope that Arsenal win the quadruple this season. They deserve it for the honest and sporting way they play the game.

Anonymous said...

Love the cynical part. Where is your opinion??

Anonymous said...


I do wish some of these Celtic fans would get of their high horse about the so-called cheating by our boy Ed. A reality check for Celtic: your players who rugby tackled every one of our players as often as they could are just as guilty of cheating as someone who goes down in the box after a slightest of contact. And there was contact. The referee could be seen explaining to your players at half time that Eds calf was touched. If you want to use words like cheat then your team cheated too every time they pulled our players to the ground. That is a fact. Cheating is cheating, it does not matter if you cheat with a dive or cheat with a shirt pull or in Celtic's case, a rugby tackle when our players breezed past them with ease.

Celtic are cheats, Arsenal are cheats, Manure are cheats, Chelsea are cheats and Liverpool have always been the biggest cheaters of them all. Everybody cheats. STOP WITH ALL YOUR HYPOCRISY.

One last thing: I stood on the North Bank and idolised Charlie Nicholas in the '80s. He has now become a God after his display today on Sky's Soccer Saturday. A true Arsenal legend.

Sven said...

I am an arsenal fan, I believe Eduardo should be punished for diving either with a retrospective yellow card to his name, or else anyone adjudged to have dived in game or retrospectively going by UEFA should get a straight red card and two match ban. Its got to be one of those two options otherwise this whole incident is one big joke.

Anonymous said...

Eduardo is not the first player to cheat like that,loads of players are doing it,but it has to stop somewhere and if he has to be the Fall guy ,then so be it,Drogba,Ronaldo Gerrard,Lafferty,Petrov,beware,we are after you all,cheats out !

Anonymous said...

What did chalie nicholas do on soccer saturday?

@anon - 29 August 2009 14:04

Anonymous said...

TrueGooner said..... The thing is there was slight contact from the keeper slide. just because he tried to keep his arm an legs away from hitting Eddy, doesn't means he stopped the forward movement of his body. The forward movement of the keeper body hit Eddy's right leg which was not on the ground at the point of contact causing the player to hit the deck. Which is a penalty. Would Eddy had score if the keeper hadn't come out at him? The possibility exist for a player of his stature. Can you honestly watch the tape from all angle, back, front, left, right, and various degree,(90, 180, & 360) and conclude that it was a dive? absolutely not. From the front I though it was a dive, but when i saw the back view there was contact. Maybe there should be a hearing to explain how UEFA concluded it was a dive because if you are going to start reversing referee decisions by banning players two match you better have conclusive evidence, and don't do it in one game. Will they now ban players for 5 games for reckless challenge. Maybe that will help curtail the diving if people stop making stupid challenge. And my friend football will never be the way we know it. Before you call a player who does not have a reputation of diving, and just recovered from a horrific broken leg a cheat, think twice. One question though is this a knew rule that if a player dive they will be suspended for two matches? if not why is it applied here or if it's new when was it announced to the teams? if none of this happen shouldn't it be illegal for UEFA to bann Eddy?

Anonymous said...

TrueGooner Said......... Will we now see goals that were disallowed or wrongfully given by the refs reversed after the match? So as not to allow the football, linesman and limited vision of the refs to con the refs? If you are going to start shouldn't everything be laid on the table. We want the game to be fair right, so we need to do everything to make the game fair including making the out come of a controversial match inconclusive until after video review of the incident is review after the match. Some people are saying the game should be hard and players should be rough. I disagree. We have skillful players who play with brain/intelligence and silky body movements that makes the game so beautiful to watch that you will leave your wife in bed on a Saturday or Sunday morning just to watch the match. That's the beauty of football. Not some headless footballer kicking people of the park and running up and down and lobbing long ball across the park. Brazil is not loved for kicking people or lobbing ball across the park, but for the beauty they bring to the game, that makes it better than sex. The great players of the past and present are not remembered for kicking and roughing up people. These players should be protected from those un-footballing footballers.

IrishGooner said...

I'm a Arsenal/Celtic fan. This email looks legit to me. yiddos are just being bitter as always. It says alot when you get rival fans visiting our blogs to make comments.

David said...

You are a liar and an utter disgrace... the letter was not written by any Celtic fan, and shame on you for printing this nonsense. You won the game over two legs, be a graceful winner ffs, instead of trying defend a cheat.
Celtic are the only club to come out of this with any dignity.

Anonymous said...

All this moaning from Celtic fans is rich coming from Scotland's dirtiest club. Celtic are well known in Scotland for diving and cheating any way they can.
A taste of their own medicine is a good thing. Its amusing to all of Scotland, let me tell you lol
Well done to Arsenal, now you will play teams will be a genuine test.
Good luck!

Anonymous said...

get it right up you gooner scum, man united showed you what a true class was today, wenger throwing rattle out the pram at end was brilliant, lets see how happy he is with penalty today eh, fuckin rat

Happy Celt said...

Just watched the ManU game. A penalty against Arsenal, an Arsenal player booked for diving. Eduardo roundly booed by almost everyone in the ground for being a dirty cheat. Then the injustice (sic) of seeing the great Arsene sent to the stands (well sort of). That's what I call a perfect end to the week. You're gonna win f**k all. Thank you and goodnight.

Anonymous said...

How d'ye like them apples Wrighty?

What a beautiful afternoon of football made all the more sweeter by the sound of tortured wails of gooners in the boozer on my corner ...they really thought they'd scored a the end there.. A few hernias in North London tonight.

Just deserts. Yer gonnae win feck all this year again. At least yer consistent.

Summerspur said...

yet another one booked for diving!!! when will you muppets get it?

Anonymous said...

I see a rangers fan just couldnt keep his nose out of the debate ,had to get his two pence worth of nastiness in. If memory serves me correctly, is it not rangers fans who are SCOTLANDS SHAME.
PS it was a dive but we’ll get over it. Arsenal for the EPL title. Celtic for the SPL title.

champagne charlie said...

from what i can remember champagne charlie was havin a pop at gordon smith or whatever his name is(sfa) sayin he was the biggest diver in his playing days , plus backing wenger and the witch hunt against us(his own words).. i heard that homosexual on the bbc repeatingly calling our Eduardo a CHEAT CHEAT he cheated, but a certain steve (should be in prison now) gerrard does not come out and say anything, i saw a 7min utube on his dives! why don't the fag lawro mention that! wenger should do a fergie and not talk to the bbc unless the fag gets booted off the bbc!! ps;; dont buy anything scottish no more! no more scotch whiskey iron bru etc etc, if in scotland fill up in BP stns

Anonymous said...

Well done Man United gave them hasbeen supporters and team what they desrved tonite arsenal are a shit football team and your piss manager is a french toastie without a clue..Celtic supporters say to you wrighty go and take a huge cucumber and ram it up your arse you money grabing big mouth dickhead..we have no time for you scum but am on here to say GFY and cheers for the blog you wankers!!

Anonymous said...

The title Scotland's shame lies with Celtic.
The club whose fans support IRA terrorism against the United Kingdom, the club whose fans support Ireland, not Scotland or the United Kingdom in sport and in politics, the club whose fans protest at their ground against Remembrance (poppy)Day, the club whose fans disrespect our Armed Forces and celebrate their deaths (Ive seen this many times)the club whose fans oppose everything the UK stands for, yet are happy to take benefit money from us.
This is the thanks Celtic fans give YOU reader and your ancestors who fought to give us all the freedom we enjoy today.
Scotland doesnt want them, they shame us.
Well done to Arsenal on stopping these people from singing their IRA songs and flying IRA flags in the Champions League. You did Scotland and the rest of the UK a massive favour.
Good luck in your group, keep playing as youre playing and you will go far.

tonyss said...

To all Celtic fans who delight in saying we will win fuck all, if you didn't play in a second rate league, so would you!!!

Anonymous said...

What a pile of bullshit! Obviously from a hun. Keep up the Nazi salutes, traditional songs and bus smashing. You'll do us proud in the Champions League.

Row51 said...

nice blog,
acess my blog,

Anonymous said...

Name the only football ground in Britain shut down during the Second World War for pro-German chants and Nazi salutes?
Thats right, Celtic Park. FACT.
Traitors then, and traitors now.
I rest my case.
Reader: above is an example of the history of Celtic FC they will forget to mention. I have LOTS more.

Kitalba said...

I am a Celtic Supporter, have been my whole life and have been watching them since the early sixties. Over all those years I have seen them play some terrific football against some classy teams.

I have seen them beat Leeds United in a European Cup semi-final and seen them lose a European Cup final in Milan too. We’ve played (at their prime) Barcelona, Benfica, Ajax, AC & Inter, Juventus, Real Madrid and Man Utd. too. All without doubt class acts. The difference between then and now, and them and Arsenal, is that they were all at their prime, I believe, with every respect, that Arsenal have a wee bit yet to go and yet I further believe that the Arsenal of today could easily stand shoulder to shoulder with all those greats of the past if they only had a wee bit more bite.

I posted on an Arsenal blog before the Celtic Park game that I hoped that the two games would throw up the best of football. Although the games were good (especially so from an Arsenal perspective) they did not for me reach those heights. Only a fool or a suspicious poster playing puerile reverse psychology games (in a word ‘hun’) would not give credit where credit is due and acknowledge that over the two games, the better team deservedly progressed. Good luck to Arsenal in the league – I hope you win it - ; good luck to Arsenal in the Champions League – I think you are for a season or two yet going to need some luck.

However, having wished you luck I would now, after the dust has settled to some degree, like to try and explain why Celtic Supporters in ‘General’ feel such bitter angst following that non-penalty.

First and not to labour a point or present an excuse, we do not enjoy the same level of resources as Arsenal. We have to make do with what we can afford and unfortunately for us we have to cut our cloth to suit. We are not paupers, far from it, but we cannot compete at the higher end of the gifted player market. Our product on the park reflects this. What we lack in finesse and skill we try hard to make up for in effort and passion. Sometimes it is enough, sometimes not.

Over the years we have deployed less affluent squads against some of the big name teams in Europe only to have our efforts and hopes destroyed by some terrible and dubious decisions which have led many to lean towards the theory that EUFA and appointed referees have a biased prejudice to favour clubs from the larger TV audience countries. Some of these decisions have been devastating to our ambitions. These are some of these decisions:

Juventus away
Anderlecht home
Lyon away
Manchester United away
Manchester United home
A.C Milan home
Arsenal Away
The penalty against Arsenal was just one of many (not all of which have been listed) which Celtic Supporters perceive as an injustice. Regardless that we ‘were’ put out by the ‘better’ team, a lot of us feel that on several occasions through incompetence or design by the officials we are denied the opportunity to compete.
Had we not had that penalty given against us and gone on to win the game (just for example) the money we would have earned would have been less than half that which will be afforded Arsenal. Nevertheless that fourteen million pounds or so would have allowed us to possibly buy two or three quality players (by our standards) and pay their wages for up to three years.
There was a lot more to that penalty from a Celtic Supporters point of view than just another injustice.
Again, sincerely, I wish Arsenal all the best in the season ahead and I THINK (though I can speak for them all) that every fair minded Celtic Supporter would do likewise.
(cue all the huns coming on now and pretending to be tims and doing a Celtic credential assassination on my post)
Good luck to you and I hope the future gives us the opportunity to produce those two games of ‘terrific’ football we unfortunately never got and Celtic to show all you Gooners how good a team and support we really can be.

Hail! Hail!

Kitalba said...

That should of course read "that I 'cannot' speak for all Celtic Supporters.

Anonymous said...

Man Utd fans understand this your not in Arsenals league when it comes to football. All you do is kick us off the park and pay the referees to limit our goals and enhance yrsvin form of dodgy penalties. It's been going along for years and years, you win trophys by cheating. It's proven fact. Your ally scummy c@*ts who hav probably never been to a game in your life.

Anonymous said...

That e-mail is the biggest made up piece of garbage i've seen in my life. The sheer fact you expect people to buy it is humiliating to yourself you complete clown. Glory Man United. Karma came round to chew on your arse. Wenger & Eduardo = SCUM

william frederick said...

You really do have to laugh at Celtic fans and all the best fans in the world shit. Bottle flung at Arshavin, IRA songs galore, stabbings, fighting and much more. Have a look at this blog and tell me these people and this club are normal.

These people supporting terrorism are not an isolated group, they are a vast majority. A truly reprehensible support and anti British bigots to boot.

Celtic always have to blame someone, it's never their fault. It's the refs, it's a conspiracy, it's Masons coniving to beat them, that lot are mentalists in the extreme.

Celtic fans are despised in Scotland by every other support - FACT

As for Eduardo, Google a picture of Scott McDonald and Rangers player Stephen Whittaker and see what a real dive looks like.

Utter hypocrites this lot to complain about divers. McDonald, Petrov, Nakamura, Sutton etc etc - all divers.

Anonymous said...

Having read some of the posts from 'celtic fans' i have just shook my head and chuckled.
To let the Arsenal fans know for the record,i loved my time watching both legs as did all the bhoys in my company though i was disappointed.

But let me say this...
So of those 'celtic fans' posting the real nasty stuff you will find are actually rangers fans.
The shame of scotland if you dont know are being battered from all angles and rightly so.
Thier intolerance for other peoples religion or national background has been highlight and condemed.
for years and years they have avoided the condemnation but the UEFA cup final in manchester showed them up for what they truely are....SCUM.
Now there has been a campaign by some of thier support to blacken our fans names by infiltrating sites such as these and impersonating one of us. saw us up close,how and away...
are we a bad lot?
did we riot? attack the police? wreck you city? abuse passers by? throw bricks at buses? sing racist songs?
nah...we leave that all to them.

hail hail and good luck for your season ahead.

Anonymous said...

oh deary me...

more of those sort posting ..

'aaaah but look at them!! they do this...they do that!! were not just the only ones!!'

but sadly you are!

to look at 'real' celtic fans look here :

just like this site..decent fans
smashing blog,honest good people.

now take a look at our orc sites
i wont name them but you will see for yourself.
anyone of them they are all the same! full of hatred.

Anonymous said...

All Celtic fans, listen up!

Eduardo's goal is just one of the many goals both sides scored. OK, let's say we discounted that penalty. Overall, Arsenal still scored more goals over 2 games. Of course, that was controversial but look at the overall results, stop complaining... and try practice and play more football, instead of kicking your opponents. No hard feelings, mate!

Anonymous said...

1st things 1st, Arsenal are a better team than Celtic and it showed over the 2 legs. However, in order for us to be able to compete with you, we would have needed the luck on our side which it wasnt (hence the Gallas goal and the og) and a fair playing field which quite obviously it wasnt either (with the blatant dive).
On the main talking point, I think you'll notice Tony Mowbray has quite clearly wanted to move on from the subject - its gone, over, and no matter what punishment Eduardo gets its not going to make a blind bit of difference to our cause. Its the press and rent-a-quote people in high power such as Gordon Smith (ex-Rangers player) from the SFA. He certainly doesnt speak on behalf of ANY Celtic fan!
Someone on here mentioned Celtic players "rugby tackles", I found this strange when the worst tackle over the 2 legs was from 1 of your own players, Denilson. Funny enough he got booked (quite rightly) for diving against Man Utd yesterday.
There is no denying Arsenal are a great team on their day and Eduardo is a great player but the diving and the comments from Wenger afterwards show that your teams lacks class in certain departments.

Anonymous said...

Above is a typical response from a fan of Celtic FC. Implying at his club being holier-than-thou, he points the finger in response.
Im sure we all accept that most football clubs have a regretable element within their ranks, that cannot be denied, but to be so active in their pursuit of 'glorifying' their name and promoting their vile political views, Celtic fans do go to extraordinary lengths.
As a rule of thumb you can pretty much say that the Celtic support will oppose anything British or pro-British. I would imagime thats the vast majority of people reading this blog.
So, there you have it. Celtic FC. Masters of the cover-up and a propoganda machine Hitler would have been proud of.
This is what the rest of Scotland has to live with. Sad but true.
To my friends in England, would you please take them in? No, I didnt think you would.
Here are a few things that the Celtic fans will run from, but cannot hide.

Once again, thank you to Arsenal for stopping these people shame Scotland in the Champions League.

Anonymous said...

This is the link. Google this, open the link, go to bottom of page then click 'Home' said...

All I know arsenal supporters are arseholes, worse than man utd fans. At least their groups weren't posting bjk on their website.

Anonymous said...

I, like most Celtic fans, am very disappointed with the diving incident. Arsenal are one of the best teams in the world, playing at home and 2-0 up from the first leg. It was always going to be a very tough game, but for a world class player to want to con the ref, when his team are in such a possitive position, that tells me everything I need to know about the man and I despise him for it. I just hope he soon realises the mistake he has made and comes clean, then we can put this topic to bed...

william frederick said...

We have an expression for Sellik fans in Glasgow "Ambulance chasers" The need to get involved in tragedy, the mock grief and special relationships with other clubs, the need to be loved and worshipped.

Truth be told, Scottish people despise everything anbout these rancid bigots and racists. They support terrorism, they support British soldiers being killed in Afghanistan, they supported the fascist Argintian Junta against our troops.

I can show you pics of these reptiles mocking the two dead soldiers killed waiting for Pizzas to arrive. Take a look at this.

william frederick said...

Oh the irony and rank hypocrisy. Aiden McGeady of Celtic has just been sent off for a blatant dive against Hibs. Watch the Scottish media defend their favourite player and club.

It'll be all Hibs fault you kinow!

william frederick said...

Defending Aiden the traitor has started already in our impartial media. Celtic fans are hypocrites, liars and mentalists.

Arsenal fans - get complaining.

Anonymous said...

Arsenal fans - I think you might be intersted in this.
google this - v=HUGldPFRCW0

Anonymous said...

Not being funny but this is an Arsenal website commenting on a Celtic fans email.....Why is there Rangers fans on here????

David said...

My God... the rankers fans that must trawl every web-site, just to try and bad mouth Celtic, if they get a chance. "Look at this, watch what they did here"... Rankers fans!!! you will never cover your own shame. THE MANCHESTER RIOTS.

David said...

PS: Why would Arsenal fans complain about somebody diving in an SPL game???

william frederick said...


You really aren't paying attention are you? Your rancid little club reported an Arsenal player for diving last week. Your support have been complaining to the impartial Scottish media all week, your ex players have used the entire Amazon rain forest in print to bad mouth Eduardo.

And now one of your own Irish players has been caught doing the exact same thing and the silence is deafening.

A club steeped in paranoia, hate, bigotry and racism are Celtic, so hypocrisy is way down the list of sins I suppose.

Murdo Macleod said yesterday...

"It's not as bas as Eduardo's dive, he did it in the box, but Aiden McGeady was brushed at the half way line"

sweep, sweep, sweep.

Liars to a man are this Bheastly club.

Anonymous said...

Mowbray has only been there a few weeks but obviously hes studied the Jock Stein book 'How to sweep-sweep the Celtic way'. Stein, the man who didnt report paedophilia at Celtic to the Police for years.In fact he never did. It came out after he died. This is the man that Celtic fans want posthumously knighted, can you believe.
Celtic: the shame of Scottish football.

william frederick said...

Mentalists Kebalba wins the competition for the most paranoid Bheast of the year.

The penalty against Arsenal was just one of many (not all of which have been listed) which Celtic Supporters perceive as an injustice.

I ask you Arsenal fans, does this seem like the work of mentalists or sane supporters? These inbreds are convinced the world is against them.

Although I do agree when the Bheasts say they are hated in Scotland. In fact there's no question about that, they are utterly despised by everyone north of the border.

When Septic FC are beaten, it's never by the better team, it's always someone else's fault - isn't it Bhaests?

Lee said...

Where are the chucky egg comments? When you are trying to look sensible, balanced and normal typing this doesn't look good in print does it?

Come down to London and sing IRA songs? In London? Are you lot think you're normal? I'm glad you p*ssed off sharpish. Don't come back terrorist lovers. Crap team with a warped support.

David said...


Anonymous said...

I'll tell you one thing David. Rangers Football Club will NEVER stoop to the depths that the shameful organisation that is Celtis FC did. NEVER.

I refer of course to the 25-year cover-up of child abuse. Celtic are, and always will be, Football's Shame.

Anonymous said...

The shame you tried to hide David. Hang your head son.

From the award winning Daily Record investigation led by Chief Crime Reporter and Celtic supporter Anna Smith. Her team were given a Reporter of the Year Award for uncovering the scandal. Ms. Smith is a former pupil of St. Aloysuis Primary School in Chapelhall and St. Margarets Secondary in Airdrie.
Smith and her team were also commended for their work by Judges Chairman Lord McCluskey. He said: "It demonstrated excellent, in-depth investigative journalism, which exposed the Celtic Boys' Club sex abuse scandal and those involved who abused their position." Lord McCluskey is Celtic supporter and former pupil of Holy Cross Secondary.

Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland); 13th November 1998 (Editorial)

FOR MORE than 30 years the shadow of sexual abuse has hung over Celtic Football Club. From the boardroom to the dressing room, it was murmured that Celtic Boys' Club boss Jim Torbett was molesting young stars.

To a man, the Celtic board did nothing to expose the pervert and the dreadful scandal.

If ever a story had been hushed up it was this one. The shameful silence only helped the man who preyed on the teenage hopefuls, knowing they would be too afraid to reveal the truth.

Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland); 13th November 1998 (Report)

Hugh was made chairman of Celtic Boys' Club after Celtic FC manager Jock Stein kicked out Torbett amid complaints of abuse. He said: "Jock said to me to keep its name clean."

As more parents complained to Hugh about sex abuse, he informed Celtic vice- chairman Kevin Kelly, on advice from Jock Stein. He said Kelly, who had just been given a plum job at Torbett's Trophy Centre, promised to investigate and the claims were reported to the Boys' Club committee.
But minutes from that meeting have vanished. Hugh claims he finally quit after a row with Kelly over the abuse claims.

Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland); 7th November 1998

JOCK Stein and the Celtic board covered up allegations made against Boys' Club founder Jim Torbett, it was claimed yesterday.

But when the claims subsequently surfaced, Celtic manager Stein and the directors were anxious to keep the image of the club clean and nothing more was done about them.

According to Mr Stein, he literally put his foot up his backside and kicked him out. It was all covered up by Celtic as to why.

He told how he took the allegations against Torbett to the Celtic board and Stein and even told the then vice-chairman, Kevin Kelly, about them at a meeting in his car.

Although there were people who spoke to me I couldn't go to the police without actual proof of the allegations. When I joined as chairman, I was told by Jock Stein to keep the name of Celtic Football Club clean at all times.

Lee said...

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