Sunday, 9 August 2009

Is Champions League football really a prize?

I read Peter Hill-Woods interview and while I agree with the notion in the ocean that we both hope Arsene Wenger remains at Arsenal for a long time I couldn't agree with the fact that qualifying for the Champions League is a prize.

It makes me proud that Arsene Wenger has achieved getting us there every season. It is quite remarkable but despite it being a financial necessity for the club it isn't a trophy is it?

It made me wonder what my fellow Gooners thought. I'm going to ask a question;

Would you accept a 5th place finish and a trophy? OR would you accept Champions League football, without a trophy?

Personally I'm torn on that question itself but I'm actually confident that we will win the league this season anyway!

What about you?

Keep it Goonerish.....................


Anonymous said...

For me it depends which trophy - the only trophies that actually hold any real prestige are the League and Champions League, though the fa cup isn't TOTALLY meaningless, but the league cup obviously is.

If we were to finish 5th and win the champions league then i'd be fine with that, but not any other trophy.

People should want to win trophies because they want us to be as good as we can, win things because they're an achievement.

4th place and no trophy is a bigger achievement than 5th place and the fa cup, so i'd much rather that.

Being in the champions league is more important than say the fa cup too, because if you aren't they you're simply not competing with the best in Europe, you're demoted to the second tier of European football, and we belong in the top tier.

I agree though, we'll win the league this year anyways, and maybe Champs league too, so there'll be plenty of silverware AND champs league footy

Anonymous said...

I'm angry that PHW could be so off the mark. I fucking hate where he is taking Arsenal, the cunt. Trophies are what we want, nothing more or nothing less, and I am sick and tired of this acceptance of mediocrity.

Gooner said...

I wouldnt mind actually..We havent won for the past four years..I would gladly take a cup double and finish fifth..

I know we will most definitely win the EUFA cup the next season :)

Anonymous said...

I would only accept the Prem instead of Champs Lge football. The FA Cup & Carling Cup mean nothing to me now. They were huge when I was a kid (15yrs ago) but nothing now. Being regarded as one of the top 8 clubs - if not Top 5 - in Europe is what it's all about. We have to win the Champs Lge and we will.

Anonymous said...

I suppose winning a trophy that is worth anything (league title and UCL) would automatically put us into the Champions league wouldn't it? Think about it, if we finish 5th or lower, but are the champions of Europe doesn't the team finishing fourth forfeit its position for the defending champions?

Anonymous said...

Well the only 2 cups we could win and still miss out on CL are the FA cup and Carling. I would rather qualify for CL than win either of those 2.

Anonymous said...

Wrighty the club keep moving the goal posts CPL is not a prize its the minimum the club can offer its loyal fans whilst trying to hide the fact we aint won shit an were flat broke,any trophy would be good for this set of players start from the carling and work your way up! take it serious and if its Europa lge take it serious the Valencia game wasnt good at all an celtic will pose a great threat for this squad im worried, Wrighty would u still put your house on it ? i got a monkey down. nice 1 {Ade trugoon]

Anonymous said...

spuds have won the carling cup and pompey have won the FAC and both would gladly give them up for CL football

As pointed out already if we won the EPL or CL then we would be in the CL the next season anyway

Anonymous said...

the recognition a team gets is best measured when they compete with the best in the world. and with the quality aresenal has i can't see them without champions leage..being in the champions league every year since wengers reign shows the true quality of clubs..fa cup and carling cup have become trophies of desparation of make me feel good trophies..the primary ambition of a team should be to compete with the best in the 4th place champions leage anyday to 5th place and fa cup and carling cup..

i'm sure wenger would agree..

Danish Gooner said...

It just goes to show how pathetic our ambition level is,think the players coming will be satisfied with that kind of ambition......fuck no,and the fans shouldnt stand for either we are faster and faster becoming Tottenham.

Anonymous said...

hey danish you even got the nerve to call yourself a gooner- your faker than a 9 pound note

Anonymous said...

you think arshavin and fabregas would stick around without champions league football? no, they want to only the biggest stage. therefore, they want to win the champions league and or the premiership. NOT the FA thats now used by most teams to play their juniors in front of live TV cameras for the first time

Danish Gooner said...

I am more Arsenal then you will ever be just because i dont act like a lemming to all the board and the manger says and does.It wasnt me that promised we would be able to compete financially they just forgot to say it would take 25 yers.

Brett said...

I want us to play good football.
I want us to win the rival matches and not slip up on the bottom 5 games.
I don't care if we win trophies or not.
It's nice to win. If we do win I will be overjoyed and celebrate like there's no tomorrow.

If we don't I'll be downhearted but I'll keep supporting Arsene.
If we start failing to finish in the top 10... then I might lose the faith, but I'll keep supporting.

I remember when we went on our drought back in the early 90's.
I remember how I felt when we ended up winning the double.

When you spend ages without something to suddenly get it back, it's a wonderful feeling.
In football and in life... I'm getting philosophical now.

Anonymous said...

Danish Faker,

Yawn.........have a day off!!

Anonymous said...

if we finished fifth and won the league id be very happy....muppet

Anonymous said...

Arsenal fans has gradually been driven to the 'new value' of the club, namely playing in the highest level football in the world and full stop.
If this is really the value of the club, I, as an arsenal fan, cannot say anything more but to accept, keep my mouth shut and watch unconstructive passing game by midfield King Denilson.

Anonymous said...

I see Danish Gooner is back winding people up again. He's a Spud -- don't get sucked into his childish games

lp said...

Wrighty, the only way we get good player is because we played in CL. There's more challenge in that competition. Of course we want trophy so we can show it to our so jealousy neighbour Spud that we acheive something big and of course the winning prize too that can help building the club and the sponsorship.
i don't really care much about the domestic cup, like FA cup or carling Cup because that's just to keep the player fit.

Anonymous said...

the only trophies worth winning are the Premier League and The Champions League

and you're basically asking would the FA cup and 5th be acceptable, yeah?

For arsenal it would be a massive step back and a realisation, for whatever reasons that you cant compete with the big boys any more

if fans can live that then it's fair enough but 20 million still needs to be paid to bank every season to pay the loan off.

IMO arsenal need to qualify for the CL mor than winning one of the mickey mouse cups


stuartlondon said...

Brett, agree absolutely. There is no conflict between the ambition to play good football and the desire for cup winning success. Play well enough and success will come.

I think the League is wide open this season. Whoever wins will need to deliver an exceptional performance. I would like to see us play with Vermaelen fully fit and in place.

I know one thing for sure, no true Gooner would accuse his or her team of accepting mediocrity. It shows a complete failure to understand the personal qualities and level of motivation required to play or manage at the top level of the EPL.

Anonymous said...

If we were to finish 5th and win the champions league that would be very acceptable, but not any other trophy.

Anonymous said...

fuck all this shit! its all about finishing top. An fa cup means jack,a champoins league cup means jack if you dont win your league in the same season (liverpool) just means you get an easy/lucky ride to winning it. Its all about the premiership then look at cups as a bonus.

Everyone bangs on about how much money the champs league can generate but not nearly as much as winning the league and the tv rights the following year coupled with the shirt sales. How many chelsea shirts you see these days as an example.

Anonymous said...

What a wznker

FORTHELOVE(Site owner) said...

Wrighty i would only take 5th.
If we won the champions league.
But for sure id rather be in the champions league,fighting for the big one then winning the fa cup.

I love the fa cup,But come on we have done that.
Whats the one thing that has bypassed this great club!
The champions league.

Just think what it would feel like if we did win it.
I hope i live long enough to see that day.

Anonymous said...

From the view of the board members and wenger, playing CL football without any trophy will be too good for them because they pocket money one the one hand and can have higher price tags on their players to be sold.

From the view of fans, winning trophies is the prime target. Little fans will satisfy with their team being ko in semi final and etc.

wdkf said...

arsenal really needs to win something this season - cups.

Anonymous said...

Hey Danish...........You COCK ring!!!!

Anonymous said...

good questions - i remember when we were looking likely to finish 5th before a lasagne got invovled. that 2nd half of the season I would have forfeited every cup for us to guarntee that 4th spot and beating those down the road on the last day was like a trophy to me. for me we have to be in the biggest club tournie so i would choose 4th and no trophy. the carling cup is worthless (although i hope our kids get a great run and fancy them this year). the fa cup is not a big trophy nowadays (see pompey winning it as a example) so for me it is all about the league and secondary the champs league. i would hate to be in the ewropa league as it is now as it goes on for 8/9 months and you have to play god knows how many games to win it and 99% of which are against crap teams.

vajara said...

I'm not accepted both . I need the only champ trophy and the price of the england.