Sunday, 15 November 2009

Be honest, are you surprised about RVP's injury?

I really really feel for Robin van Persie. The geezer is in the form of his life, has been injury-free for a long time and then BAM! This happens.

A torn fucking ankle ligament.

I'm no doctor so I have no idea how long these type of injuries last. I've googled it and there are various time scales but I'd say it is safe to rule him out for a while.

Knowing van Persie's luck we will probably be eating Easter eggs before he is kicking a ball again.

Of course teams will always suffer losing players to long-term injuries but it seems to me that Arsenal suffer them more than most. Especially in recent years. Has some gypsy put a curse on us? Have we pissed off the footballing gods?

I suppose we have to just get on with it and not feel sorry for ourselves but it is hugely frustrating when you see how influential he has been recently and the type of form van Persie is in.

Lets be honest here, it is a big blow to Arsenal but we have to believe that whoever steps in as the main striker is more than capable of doing the job. I believe that whoever comes in, be it Eduardo, Vela or maybe even Arshavin, can thrive there.

Eduardo or Vela have proved in the past that they can finish for fun and at a club like ours, where chances are always created, either will really relish the chance to put the ball in the back of the net. Maybe even more so than RVP has recently?

So while van Persie's injury is a negative perhaps a positive may evolve from the situation. Eduardo was bought by Wenger as a striker. Now maybe his chance to play there and regularly score goals.

He has been used mainly from the left this season and while he does a good job there we could do with him in the box where he can get on the end of things.

Keep it Goonerish.............


Anonymous said...

Don't forget Jay Simpson scoring for fun on load at the moment, could get a recall

Anonymous said...

DutchGooner10 says

Eduardo to step up now. RvP is not our only key to trophies. Although he was defenitely growing some sharp skills in front of goal.

Hope Vela gets more time to proof his trade.

Anonymous said...

There goes our title chances for another!!! FFS! !(and anyone who says otherwise is just kidding themselves)
F**king Friendlies

Anonymous said...

we also have Ben Afobe, Roarie Deacon, Luke Freeman, Rhys Murphy, Jay Simpson & Giles Sunu in reserve team waiting to make a name for them selfs. We may get a surprise call up

Anonymous said...

not suprised, more like angry and disgusted. F*cking meaningless friendlies!! If it was a world cup crucial qualifier like france had i would have understand but for a friendly and playing your best players is infuriating!!!

Spike said...

anon 1938

Why are our title chances gone?

RvP could be out for a couple of weeks, or 2 months. NO ONE knows at the moment. The fact he does not need surgery is a good thing...

Plus we have Eduardo to come in.

I think we are well covered.

Its a pain in the arse for sure, but we can cope.

croazilian said...


seanie said...

ever notice the other big 3 teams always seem to pull players out of their national squads while we continusly release ours for mickey mouse friendlys and wonder why we get so many injuries during international week.

im thinkin the game where walcott got injured dont remember rio, gerrard or fat frank playin!

think about it! take this week which big players that had "friendlies" and actually play for top 4 teams played this weekend apart from ours! they wer all pulled out with "minor" injuries before the games...wenger needs to take a hard line with this otherwise we'll carry on bein stung like this...esp with players like rvp...last time he got injured with holland he was out for ages...same with walcott, vela, arshavin and rosicky national teams all take the piss with our players...saf wouldnt take the same treatment would he??

Anonymous said...

This blog is like reading Nick Hornby after he's undergone a lengthy but successful lobotomy procedure.

Wrighty7 said...

Love that last comment! Ha ha

Anonymous said...

RVP will be missed,make no mistake about this. It would be a miracle to expect anyone just to step in and still maintaining our current scoring spree. His contribution since Ade departed has been immense,and to dismiss it lightly is a mega folly.

Anonymous said...

RvP was getting stick at the start of the season for NOT scoring and loads were saying he is wasted in that position... Now he is irreplaceable??? Funny...

He will be missed, but we will carry on.

drogula said...

we have lamps drog cole bosingwa out real first team players and u moan about v rapist being out , apart from him the only player u have injured who is a regular is clichy , i sense u really are shitting it u mugs

Anonymous said...

Drop dead you Chelshite idiot!
You are as pathetic as some of your fans blogs!
To know you read ourblogs makes me sick...almost as much as seeing Maureen "the special (or shit) one"

Go to hell with you and your club Dogbreath!

Anonymous said...

No worries. Arshavin will fill the gaps. Theo will be back is well. Right foward? Its not as bad as we all think. Chelsea got drogb,lamp,terry our for our game. I recon 3-1 to the Arsenal. Arshavin, Fabrigas and a bullet from Vermalin. :P

chris said...

i hope eduardo gets a run in the centre forward position. he is imo our most natural goal scorer. with aa23 and rosicky to his left and right, and fab+nasri behind him we should be ok.

Anonymous said...

Wenger will surprise us with this lineup forward 3


Yes I expect Diaby to start in place of RvP , typical Wenger thinking "lets grab the opportunity to test Diaby as a technical center forward"

Anonymous said...

RvP's injury a blessing in disguise so we can try Diaby as striker. might surprise us

Anonymous said...

IMO, the injury to RVP is a serious blow to our title aspirations because has been very critical to our goal-scoring. The stats show that not only is he our second leading goal-scorer but most importantly second in assists. While it may seem we have sufficient forwards in reserve, i.e. Eduardo, Arshavin, Vela, Walcott, and Bendtner, apart from the majority having some recent injury problem the main point is they lack the quality which made us such a free-scoring team. As you point out Tony, apart from Eduardo, they are essentially wide players and don’t pose the same kind of dual threat as RVP. Throw Eboue in the mix and you are talking about a midfielder cum defender who is not a goal-scorer. With the ever present threat of injuries, the forwards look insufficient for a campaign in the PL, CL and FA cup. I deliberately omitted Rosicky and Nasri because I see them as midfielders who can go forward especially from wide areas. Arsene, I am sure, will adapt, but I anticipate that he will be more conservative; you mentioned resorting to a 4-4-2. The immediate casualty is goal-scoring: forget about breaking the 100 goal barrier for instance.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that RVP will recover soon. If not, like any team aspiring for greatness, we will just have to do without him.

Anonymous said...

Well folks at the end of the day… we can only trust God now that RVP is injured and we can only hope he inspires good Wenger.

For those about who shout BUY, I would like to ask: how are you going to keep all of them happy on the bench as only 3 players can play in our current system. We still have 2 full internationals ready (if they don’t get injured next week that is) and Walcott and Vela (also 2 full internationals when fit) coming back real soon now. Bendtner and RVP are also 2 full internationals so that makes that our 6 attackers are all full internationals.

For some bizarre reason we have now the situation where 4 of our 6 first team attackers are injured at the same time. Must say that this is a very extreme situation and how would other clubs deal if they got hit by 4 forwards out at the same time. In a very short time we should recover Walcott and Vela and with Eduardo and Arshavin also available we then have 4 international players.

Let’s try to look at the other top 4 clubs from last season. How would they cope with a situation like ours.

Madchester United: they have Rooney, Owen, Berbatov, and then we could add Valencia and Nani but they are more wingers then strikers. Oh yes I forgot Wellbeck. So let’s suppose the first 4 fall out at the same moment… they could put Nani and Wellbeck up front. I would suggest SAF to buy.

Let’s stay up north and go to Liverpool. They have Torres, Kuyt, Voronin, Ngog, and ….. can anyone please tell me cause when I look at their site a only see midfielders for the rest that could play in attack. So this would mean that Liverpool just had no real attackers at their disposal in case they got hit by the same amount of injuries like we do. I would suggest Benitez to buy even more.

Coming back to London we look at Chelsea. They have Drogba, Anelka, Kalou all full internationals and then there is still Sturridge. So if 4 attackers would get hurt at the same time… Chelsea would have… no replacement who are pure strikers. I would suggest Ancelotti to buy, buy and buy.

So one can see that the current situation is a situation that very rare appears but as always we are the one to suffer. But at the other end we are the best equipped compared with our other rivals.

In fact we have in our midfield players who can play up front and have done in the past mostly on the wings like Diaby, Nasri, Rosicky and even Cesc , can and have played there.

So those who say : buy, buy, buy are just shouters who do not have any eye for the very special circumstances we suffer for the moment. NO team has the depth to survive 4 injured attackers at the same time. In fact I never heard of a similar situation by any other football club. We shall see how Wenger puts his players on the field the next weeks and see how we cope with it on the field.

Missing Robin is a major blow because he was on fire and playing and scoring great but the players we still have are all full internationals and have proven in the past that they can play there and deliver. So let’s get behind our team and the players and give them the trust that Wenger has in them.

I must admit I was down when I heard the news but at the other end we now can see how strong Eduardo has come back and the way he scored for Croatia was a promising start.

Anonymous said...

We still have two possible lineups



The problem is we've got no physical presence up front . Next two months will be very interesting to see if we can play 3 diminutive front men . but other teams have key injuries as well (Chelsea:Drogba, Lampard,A.Cole, Bosingwa)

Anonymous said...

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