Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Please don't taint your image Kolo!

Like many I was disappointed when Kolo Toure left the Arsenal. I wasn't devastated though. It was always on the cards. Ever since the day he handed in a transfer request.

When wearing the shirt nobody could deny that Kolo gave it his all. That's the image I have of Kolo Toure. He would have bled for us.

I always thought that he was extremely loyal but I have to admit I was a little gutted by his transfer request in January. I thought it was a little weak.

Now we know the real reason he handed the request in. He had problems with certain players at Arsenal. Especially a certain person.

What Kolo has to gain by revealing this now I have no idea. I just wish he hadn't said anything at all.

There are people I don't like at work but I bite my lip and get on with it. That's life. I'm surprised that this is the reason for Kolo's departure.

If Toure had just got on with it, pulled his socks up and played like he did prior to 2008 then maybe he could have finished his career at Arsenal. Like he wanted too.

In truth, although Kolo is rightly regarded as a recent legend at Arsenal and rightly so, Arsenal have become a better side without him. Harsh it sounds but very true.

I'll always try to remember Toure with aplomb. He was part of the invincibles afterall and he grafted for Arsenal. We loved him and he loved us.

But I have a nagging doubt in my mind that he is slightly bitter. I hope I'm very wrong but he should take a leaf out of Thierry Henry's book.

Everytime I hear Henry speak about us it is in glowing terms. That's how it should be. That's how Kolo should speak about us too. We made him.

He should forget about moaning about Arsenal and keep the legacy he created at Arsenal intact. He shouldn't whinge about player power forcing him out because that only annoys people.

I know Kolo plays for a rival now but he should just talk about the good things he had at Arsenal because I want to remember him as a legend. Not as something else.

Keep it Goonerish.............


Anonymous said...

I think it shows that actually he is still a bit gutted, otherwise why mention it, it certainly doesn't give City any advantage.

Da Gooner said...

Make you right mate.

Anonymous said...

Gutted?? Why hand in a transfer request then?

Tiny said...

At the end of the day, Kolo had his head turned by money. There was contact between him and Man Shity, his eyes lit up with glee, and there you have it!

Fuck all the talk of loyalty. These days the only loyalty footballers know is hard cash.

Gooner Pete said...

Wrighty, where you been lately? Getting lazy pal? LOL

Get your arse in gear and start writing more like you used too!

Love the blog.

Anonymous said...

Adebarndoor's cuntishness is rubbing off on Kolo.

gazzap said...

this wasn't about Kolo desperate to come out and say something to the world. Eurosport did a piece on him and his brother last night. it was on at 7:30. It was not the sole aim of the piece to go into this. But when you are sitting there for that long and being asked questions about certain things then its inevitable that some truths come out. I dont hold what he said last night against him. should he continue saying stuff or being critical of Arsenal then I will get the hump.

Anonymous said...

Whr the fuck have u been Wrighty???

The Manager is kicking players in the ass if they dont perform from now...

And fuck the World Cup, fuck the journalists and fuck the players who hide on the pitch

Anonymous said...

You have arsenal in ur blood wrighty..

we need blogs like urs.. keep it going, thanks.

Anonymous said...

adebayor the mercenary must have forced him to say it out loud or a fuc*ing boot to his face in training..

Anonymous said...

aboves an arselicker. detest arselickers

Anonymous said...

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