Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Twelve Hours Later.......

About twelve hours ago I wrote that after tonight's results come in things could be very, very different indeed.

Well, they are.

Can people now start to believe again?

Who said Chelsea and Manchester United wouldn't drop any points? Many did.

Well, I said they would and its happened the same day.

Come on. Lets believe. Tonight was a massive test and everything has gone our way.

Arsenal winning, Chelsea losing, United dropping points and the Spuds having the double done over them by the mighty Wolves.

It could be the perfect night to be a Gooner.

Keep it Goonerish............


athbi said...

you spoke my mind .. keep it real Arsenal .. it's all down hill now .. 12 games left, potential of 36 points .. keep at it!

Anonymous said...

we won, fantastic, but lets not delude ourselves and think we are going to win the league

Anonymous said...

What do y'all make of Chamakh signing a pre-contract.

sebjob said...

yes, I remember writing here I think it was after the manu match. Everyone was all doom and gloom already then, but you kept your cool and used rationale. We can do this! We got the far best match schedule ahead, and this team has already surpassed the pundits expectations before the season...lets see them go even further

Anonymous said...

Maximum points in our final 12 games and its ours!

PS Champs Lge is a shoe-in, spank Porto, spank Inter Milan in the Semi, spank Barca in the final. EASY!

Anonymous said...

i haven't seen Chamakh play but from what i read he needs 10 chances to score a goal. so he should fit right in

apparently he hasn't signed a deal.

CescIsGenius said...

couldn't have said it better myself. i believe its usually the team that has the best record against the bottom 10 who wins the league, not amongst the top 4!!

Danny said...

We need to make a song for diaby he was fantastic tonight!!! I was thinking 'he's big he's black and he looks a bit like Pat, Abou Diaby, Abou Diaby'!!

Anonymous said...

I love your positiviy Wrighty. After our last game v Chelsky I predict a ManU loss, Chelsea draw and Arsenal win. However, things become even better now. Keep the faith alive, they have advantageous points but we have a favourable fixtures' list. Thumps up for Diaby who finally is showing his talents.

james said...

we all know this is a huge result and the top 2 dropping points as i like wrighty have been saying they will drop more points chelsea an man u have to play all of the top 8 in thier final 13 games we hav 2 to play lets do two things 1.)take each game as it comes 2.)forget about man u an chelsea

GaryMurray said...

Great win and as far as Chamahk I still think Zamora would have fit into this side perfectly. Strong great hold up player laying balls off to a strong midfield. What do you think?

Grimbo said...

Like Greavsie used to say "it's a funny old game innit?"

Chelski loose to Everton, ManUre draw with Aston Villa and suddenly it's 6 and 4 points behind again...

slimshady said...



Real Social Dad said...

get in
wrighty knows

Real Social Dad said...

oh and lets all laugh at spurs
and harry

"'we should be above Arsenal'

what a c**!!!!...

Form is temporary, your twitch and dellusion are permanent you lillywhite cockbutler! Now f**k off to jail and give us all a break!

Anonymous said...


emeka said...

IN OUR BIGGEST GAMES OF THE SEASON- 12 points for grabs- we took 4. NOT GOOD- but now we have a big chance- we have 12 finals to play for-

OK Wenger did not buy as promised- there's nothing we can do about that now.

12 FINALS to play for - we need to face each of the as a matter of life and death, we need to see that fighting spirit like we showed against BOLTON AND EVERTON.

Surf said...

This blog is the standout blog for me now amoungst the sea of media-regurgitating blogsters. We're either the best team in the world- or never going to win another trophy again with Wenger and wont finish top-4. Two days ago, I actually read a blog arguing that this was the worst Arsenal team for 50 years! This blog gets the pitch spot on for me.

The truth is- we're probably not good enough this year- but we're close. Furstratingly close for sure; but you just have to look at the debris accumulated at Liverpool, Tottenham, (currently), Newcastle and Leeds (days gone by) that Championship Manager football management doesn't always bring success.

We've not had any luck in our fixtures between Chelsea and Utd this season that for sure. Hopefully we're due some in the run in.

My biggest hope is that whatever happens this season- Wenger can find a new goalie and a new striker (assuming VP will only ever play 20 a season). Games against the tope teams are won by slender margins- top top-class players could make the difference.

Anonymous said...

Blood & Guts tonight.

12 more of those please and we'll bag it!

0.9 Caliber said...

The last week hasnt been kind to any Gooner.. what with twitchy 'Arry "threatening" to topple Arsenal's top 4 ambitions.. lol.. God made the Spuds for a reason.. the reason being our amusement! 'Arry 'Arry when'll he learn? Disillusioned moron! Anyways, great mid week overall.. 36 points to be taken and if we maintain today's midfield shape I see no reason to take all 36 but we haven't been fortunate on the injury front (unfortunate is an understatement).. On the transfers front we have recieved mixed news.. Barca have categorically denied the "verbal agreement" between cesc and them and no one is absolutely sure if Chamakh has actually signed a deal with us.. Now this transfer business is quite a marketing tool for li'l known players so that they drag out a Saga and attract more suitors.. But I feel we'll definitely seal the deal.. he should be ours this summer.. 6 points off the top now with easier games around.. we came back from a 11 point deficit.. I dont see why we cant do that again.. Keeping the faith!!

Anonymous said...


arsenal lose and within half an hour newsnow is crawling with cockroaches ready to vomit their crap views all over the net.

arsenal win and i only see yours and one other blog. well done.

some simple math for the plastic lightweights

the title is over 38 games

it is NOT 4 games against manure and mickey mouse.

surpport your team win or lose or find another pastime because plastic fans are no use to anybody.

Anonymous said...

The tension tonight in the last couple of mins was unbearable but we were resolute and kept the clean sheet.

Tremendous save from Manuel tonight and a much better all round performance than I've seen from him in a good while.

Gallas was a monster at the back and Diaby was simply superb there tonight.

I came away beaming. Cracking night! :)

Anonymous said...

You said it wrighty. The perfect night to be a gooner, unless you're a gooner in college who has midterm tomo ;) . Anyway, arsenal fought the win out today and although liverpool broke many times on the counter, they just didnt have the quality of manutd and chelsea especially after our boys were taught a lesson by drogba, rooney etc. I thought we controlled liverpool for the entire game but we did become nervous after scoring. There are still 36 points to play for. I think i we end up getting 32 of them, we might just be lucky enough to pick up the title. Apart from that, I loved the fight shown today. Diaby's goal was MASSIVE!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Wrighty,

I love you man. I think the moaners including myself are right to get the hump about losing the 2 big games but to say the League is done is ridiculous.

I thought the Chavs were poor against us apart from Dog Shit and just knew they would drop more points, in fact i will go on to say they will struggle in a fair few more games away from home till the end of season, they look tired and sluggish imo.

The Mancscum are just Jammy cunts who should never be where they are this season with that squad, our hope here is if Golden fat bollocks gets injured otherwise unfortunately they will pip us at the post.

We have Players coming back from injury who should be fresh from Playing twice a week and the weather will get better as I believe we are a fair weather team (shit when the yellow ball is used).

My hopes are on us being injury free from now till the seasons end and we could upset everyone.

Still think our fake keeper is wank but there is little that can be done about this now.

This may sound crazy but Citeh could also get amongst the top 3 and I believe this will only be a good thing as it will deflect attention away from us.

Up The Arsenal.

El Tel

Anonymous said...

Cmon Gooners, believe in your team, we can do this

Anonymous said...

Has anyone everseen a Liverpool game where Gerrard's name was mentioned less?
fk him the diving little bollox served his bitch ass good and proper that Cesc was trying to keep the sun out of his eyes causing a ball to hand incident.;-)

last night may turn out to be a cathartic watershed in this teams path to glory yet.

9.95 for Gerrard's dive

Anonymous said...


Vern said...

anyone who dusnt believe should look at the 3 teams run in! unbelievable! not only have we played big 3 but villa and everton also. the only team we lost in the firs half of the season was cept mufc and chelsea was citeh and sunderland ( BOTH AWAY!), now we have em at home. tough games are stoke away, spurs away. mufc go to everton next, chelsea to wolves. we have sunderland at home. cmon the gunners!

SUGA3 said...


the half full glass no longer slides towards the edge of the table ;)

now let's make it exciting: IF we manage to win all the remaining games, we can come really, really close...

Pritpal said...

see what happens when we play a striker. thought bendtner was brilliant last night apart from his finishing which will come. but is it too little too late, only time will tell. come on you gunners!

Anonymous said...

Maybe some will call me paranoid. That could well be the case, but this year’s fixture list is a bit strange to say the least.

To play your major rivals for the first four places in four consecutive matches is something we never have witnessed before. In fact I doubt that it has ever happened before in the PL that a team gets so many tough games in so little time.

But one could say: Okay those things can happen and maybe the PL didn’t pay any attention to it when they made the fixture list. That could well be the case but then there is another strange thing that I would like to bring to your attention.

Two seasons ago, remember Hleb and Flamini still playing with us, we had a great run until this time of the year. We then got vital players injured for long spells like Van Persie, Rosicky and the terrible injury with Eduardo. Those were not only physical blows but also mentally we cracked and the way we lost Eduardo could have cost us the title that year.

It was hard for those young players to witness such horror scenes and it could have slipped in to players mind and that you get a little bit more cautious when you step on the field. But it was in this period of the year we lost it and got hit hard.

Last year we didn’t have a good start and had some disappointing defeats early on. We then lost Cesc in December but the boys did their best to cover him and we went on an 19 games run without defeat.

But in that run we had, and again in this time of the year and the season, a rather difficult spell. We found it hard to score goals, and we played too many games that ended 0-0. I particularly remember the last weekend in January when we drew 0-0 with West Ham when I was sitting in the Emirates in the freezing cold.

So it was clear for all to see that for the last two seasons from halfway through January until the end of February it was the most difficult time of the season for The Arsenal.

So lets just presume that is was a coincidence that the fixture list gave us the last four games in a row. (You see I’m not that paranoid after all).

But what is the chance of those 4 games just falling in the period that every football follower knows is our most difficult time of the season and this for years now?

I really wonder how the thinking was in the committee that makes the fixture list. Was it : “They always struggle in that period, lets give them games against their rivals and they will fall again?” Or was it : “They will be out of the top 4 according to all the pundits, so lets give a helping hand and give them a difficult list of fixtures in the time of the season when they struggle the most in recent years.”

I’m not a great mathematician but I really wonder what the odds are to come up with a sequence of fixtures that we had right now in this time of the year.

And yes it proved to be difficult. We got 4 points out of possible 12 in the last 4 games and like Wenger said: “You can not believe how difficult it was for us mentally to get over the two defeats”. I think everyone who knows football knows how difficult it is and how important confidence is for a team. For a young team like ours it is even more difficult to overcome defeats like that. Our game is build upon players who play with confidence in their skills and self belief. And losing games in a row is not good for the confidence.

Mario Zagallo said...


Remember what I told you about Diaby 3 months ago, when some headless cockroaches in your blog were considering him Arsenal enemy nÂș1, exactly the same way as you describe the Gallas post; some comments and judgement just because he is black and french?

Well, where are those tossers now? Have you heard from them?

And regarding this nonsense about buying players; yes, we need a couple of players, for sure a GK, as "we may not win a game because of Almunia, but we will lose because of him".
But buying players in January is not a supermarket thing as most clubs deal with it:if my favourite can of beans is not there, I will buy a can of chick peas, instead.

Arsene knows what he wants and Arsenal needs, but for Arsenal to buy the players he needs, the seller club should be willing to let them go midway through the season, and not everybody is keen to do that, and understanding so.
So, some Gunners supporters should stop this arrogance/nonsense about buying players, as if players are in wait in a shelf, for Arsenal to pick them.
A bit of commom sense and vegetable soup does not harm anyone!!

Big hug, take care and be happy.

Mario Zagallo

marcmm03 said...

12 games to go with 6 points behind the leader. just hope the spirit of 97/98 still intach. Remember how Arsenal overhaul ManU that season. this season we will overhaul both Chelski and ManU. don't worry gooners. Just keep the faith.