Monday, 1 February 2010

Frustrating but let's judge in May not February.

I'm frustrated but not surprised that Arsene Wenger hasn't added anyone other than Sol Campbell to this Arsenal squad.

Maybe I am slightly deluded but I honestly had the belief that Wenger would bring someone else in. I guess that from now on in the future I'll have to take his comments on signing players with a pinch of salt.

In fact I'd rather it if Arsene Wenger didn't mention his plans on buying players at all. I fail to remember how many times in the past I've heard Wenger say something that raises my hopes only to feel let-down when it doesn't happen.

I guess I should learn from my mistakes and not expect anything that comes out of Wenger's mouth to be gospel but I suppose that is what near desperation can do to you. Funny things.

The true fact is that we haven't brought anyone other than Campbell in and nothing can be done to change that now.

So what do we do?

I've spoke of my frustration but I'm going to support my team through thick and thin like a good supporter is supposed too.

I'm also going to judge the team in May. Like Wenger has asked. I'll do this because I love Arsenal and respect Arsene but I also believe that he has created a rod for his own back by saying this. Bit like his transfer remarks.

I'll wait to May and I hope that we have had success. I backed Arsenal to win the league at the beginning of the season and I'll keep with that prediction. I have to keep showing that faith despite little doubts beginning to creep in.

These little doubts are only beginning to show because of the fact that we suffer so many injuries to players in key positions but then again doesn't this always happen? I actually feel like I'm going over these things round and round again!

This current Arsenal squad, fully-fit, would win this league. But when is this squad ever nearly even 3/4's fit? Wenger could have rectified this by signing someone but he hasn't and we have to try to trust his judgement.

That is the key word here; Judgement. There will be a lot of that in May if we go trophy-less again this campaign. There will a lot of very disgruntled Gooners and I hope that Wenger is prepared for that.

The season is far from over and it could still be a fantastic year for us. A football season doesn't end in February, it ends in May. So save your judgement until then but Arsene Wenger better be ready because it might be harsh.

Keep it Goonerish..............


Rach said...

my sentiments exactly plus a little disappointment and a little depression after yesterday..

Rach said...

nice to see your post after ages..

Anonymous said...

as long as we have that clown Alumina in goal we will fail to win jack-shit, good keepers will earn you 12 points a season, he has cost us, I was there yesterday and Arsenal played like a Sunday team, our only forward on the bench, lightweight Denilson in midfield, it was embarrassing yesterday I felt humiliated that Wenger got his tactics wrong again, six goals conceded in two games we have let in 28 goals, that is not a title winning side.Why couldn't we have got James in to replace the clown, any keeper is better than him.
I am dreading the Chelsea game, if Citeh win their two games in hand then they will be one point behind us. We can forget about winning the league and after Wenger threw away the chance to progress in the .A Cup, but it's the same every season. I will enjoy the CL, Porto will be hard and if we go through we face Chelsea or Inter, ground-hog day comes to mind.
Come the summer certain players have to go and certain players have to come in, Wenger has to admit his plan isn't working and he needs to find a balance that doesn't include Denilson,Alumina Forest Gump Walcott, Eduardo is shot to pieces, we can't keep on carrying deadwood, we use to be title contenders not anymore, we fade away as predicted come February.

B.B.K said...

Wrighty m8 give in,by the time chelsea have finished with us next week it's 11 points,the chance to gain point's begun at villa the beginning of the end started at stoke...It's over move on it's for the best m8

Anonymous said...

virtually a full fit team yesterday bar rvp and were stuffed by an understrength utd. if you believe we can win anything with team and manager you are insane. we are in a fight with the rest of the losers for forth. i hope we dont get it so we can see the end of this manager and his useless youth project that is bankrupt

Anonymous said...

Looks to me like another "Yes Man" post.

Are you Pat Rice's assistant?


Sam said...

Good Post, Think the knee-jerk reaction has been harsh, but expected. It was the same after the chelsea defeat, but we managed to turn things around, lets hope that desire is still there. I am more angry, frustrated and disillusioned with wenger than i have ever been though. My main gripe is the lies, I can't really remember or pin point when this started, but personally i'm a great believer in honesty, regardless of the backlash a dose of the truth is never a bad thing. As loyal fans and supporters we deserve to be treated better by our manager. He makes false statements designed to give us hope. I fail to agree with his reasons for not buying in Jan, granted its hard to find the right players, but i'm sure there were plenty of players far better than denilson or bentdner available, loic remy for one and stephan ireland i feel would excell in our team. I think denilson has been getting worse all season and i know i face a backlash for saying this, but bendtner has never been up to the job, he's got more confidence than ability and 12 goals in the championship while on loan at birmingham was hardly prolific, he's championship quality at best and the sooner he's moved on the better.I have a feeling this season is going to be another barren year, and as you said wrighty, wenger better be prepared for the consequences cos it's not gonna be pretty. Lets hope we can get some momentum and hunt down some silverware. I have a feeling the next trophy we lift will again be the pointless monstrosity that is the emirates cup.

Anonymous said...

Fingers crossed the Wenger era is coming to end.


Anonymous said...

I dont care that we win in May if we have to be humiliated year in year out by Manure.

What Champion if you are humiliated by the teams below you???

Anonymous said...

i want chelsea not only to beat us sunday but to stuff us. transfer deadline day and no keeper. he cant get away with this. hes cheating supporters paying the highest prices in the world to watch almunia fuk up every week and has done nothing about it.A sacking offence in the real world . fukin disgrace what arsenal fans put up with. no other manager in world football would get away with the almunia situation. A DISGRACE

Ethangunner said...

Hey wrighty ,

the time to judge is now ..
the time wenger wants you to judge him comes curiously enough close to when his contract expires ..

Theres a reason to judge him then !
because he will only have 1 year left to remind you all he never goes back on a contract . He will have 12.5 mil in the sky rocket by then and another 3 years of his BS endured by the fans !

The real changes WONT come until the board are removed IMO .

the useless penny pincher's and their mindset's need to be removed like a cancer from the heart of this club .only then will we target THE BEST players in the world and restore the new world order !

Pritpal said...

the frustrating thing is what he came and said about david villa before the match. everyone knows it ain't true so i don't know why he would have come out and said it!

Anonymous said...

what knee jerk cliche reaction . we have had the same shitty crappy clown in nets for the last 3 years

leon said...

I agree with the last poster Wrighty is just another Wenger apologist - " let's judge in May" will soon become "give him one season" and we will be asking the same questions of why he didn't buy quality in the summer - I am sick of Wenger and would love to see him piss of to Real Madrid although his cheap penny pinching ways would not be welcome there - gutted and disgusted Arsenal are spineless and gutless

Anonymous said...

There comes a time when things need freshening. It's time for new ideas at Arsenal.
If Wenger sees this side as good enough to challenge then quite clearly he is coming to an age where his eyesight is going. Wenger can leave a hero now not an idiot in another 5 years time.

leon said...

Knee jerk reaction - complaining about five years of Wenger fuck ups a knee jerk reaction Jesus Christ man you want this crap for the next five years ?

Anonymous said...

the time to judge is now wrighty. you know its over, i know its over, my dog knows its over and by the look on fabregases face he knows its over. a word of advice if your readin cesc. get out now, you are wasted here and deserve to be playing with better players instead of at 22 years old babysitting wengers project youth.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see a reasonable post for a change, that Sinbad on Arsenal Action is just a...well I let others decide. As for Wenger, well with the resources we have he is a miracle worker and we have been spoilt, when you see how much more other clubs have spent. Am I frustrated and disappointed with, yes if I am honest. Not that others will like to hear it, but the Champions League qualification is the clubs aim in the short term. After the refinance on the loans have been made and the next stage of the building work begins, then the club can invest more of the cash flow in the first team. I hate it, but gotta think long term. In five years time we will be so so strong financally and an even greater club and then I think Wenger will step down.

bennett2kuk said...

There is just no ambition at the club now. Wenger is so stubborn to admit when he's wrong it's unbelieveable. He sees the current squad through rose tinted glasses I'm afraid. I've even started not actually watchig matches I know we won't win. If Arsenal can't be bothered to field a side then i can't be bothered to watch them. Another year wasted, Porto will probably dump us out the Champs league and Chelsea Liverpool Sunderland and Stoke will probably all turn us over. Never mind, i've stopped really caring about the club as it's not worth getting worked up over when a) there's fuck all I can do about it and b) there are things in the real world to care about more. Like the impending due date of my 1st baby. Wenger should be let go at the end of the season. Perhaps next year we'll win something!

sebjob said...

well said, a balanced reflective view and not hotheaded like a lot of other bloggers. Lets judge in May, I still believe certainly this squad is better than Manu's and not far behind Chelsea but much younger. Without injuries, and thinking Eduardo, Clichy, Nasri, Rosicky, Denilson etc. are not back in tip top it is hard to know the level. I have not been impressed by Manu this year to be honest, and I just thought Arsenal played without guts. Certainly not at the expected level, same as against Chelsea matches we won last year with same team

Anonymous said...

guys, arsenal have had a huge amount of injuries EVERY season since 2005, in any other club there would be someones head on the block, not Arsenal! arsenal have 1 yes 1 fitness coach for all the players(up to 80) at the training ground. manchester united have 4, chelsea 4, even teams like blackburn,wolves etc.. have at least 3. any bloddy wonder they team has lots of injuries.this information is available on any of the teams, mentioned above's websites. as per usual arsenal do it on the cheap, and wenger said last week we are looking at everything in relation to the Injury list, no he fucking is not.

Jonathan said...

Wenger speaks of "balance" in the team but it is clearly missing in the current squad. Everyone knows we are generally lightweight and vertically challenged when compared to other PL teams but it was never so obvious just how SLOW we are also. We used to take teams apart with the speed of our counter-attacks. Now other teams do that to us. (Denilson's lack of pace has really been exposed recently.)

Wenger talks about how we have scored more goals than anyone but surely he has to know that RVP was responsible for much of that.

For someone so intelligent - and I believe he is - It bemuses me how Wenger found himself in this position. Maybe the loyalty he has to his players is loyalty to a fault...

Anonymous said...

look at the bigger picture!! all they negative comments are just laughable

just look at liverpool as the fact if they dont make 4th place for CL money they are in real trouble and the club will go into melt down

but yeah sure lets spend £20-30 million on someone and they could quite easily be a flop and whos says they are going to guarntee to solve all our problems, they aint

to all you so called fans that cant see this get back to playing football manager games, this is the real world

Anonymous said...

anyone who says "wenger out" is not a real fan, most of you seem to be more worried about getting rip on my man u fans then the realities of what happened yesterday, We have a very good team that can beat anybody on our day, yesterday was just not that day,

Anonymous said...

Can somebody post when Wenger said judge me in may?

I know he said it last season.. but i cannot recall him saying it this season.

Anonymous said...

Can somebody post when Wenger said judge me in may?

I know he said it last season.. but i cannot recall him saying it this season.

Anonymous said...


Royal Arsenal said...

thank god for this article, the title says it all. and to all you wankers that want wenger gone, yall can go to hell

Anonymous said...

He asked to me judged in may last year and then threw his toys out of the pram and threatened to go to Madrid.

Juan Carlos said...

Why is it that arsenal, who are such a young, energetic, fit team have soo many injuries. it seem's like all our players are injury prone. why? there all young and should be as fit as a butchers dog.

on the other hand, all those ageing starts in chelsea's team seem to never be injured. why is that Mr. Wenger? i thought you told us how younger players are stronger, fitter,, and healthier than those old geezers that chelsea have? or is it that they just bring in higher re-sale fee's for the club? so which is it?

Anonymous said...

people calling for wenger to be sacked is ridiculous and disrespectful to a man who has brought us great pleasure, joy and football to our very own eyes, no manager could do what arsene has done no manager, lets get 1 thing straight here, behind everything including everything that goes on at the club at boardroom on the pitch etc, has had to do with the building of our new stadium, its set us back a few years trophy wise, wenger has opted to go for a youth policy bring them in at a young age for a minimal fee(3- 4m) most under 10m and very little over 10m, and unite them, get them playing with a team chemistry so that everyone knows where they are on the pitch, they have an understanding and unite them so they can also fight for each other physically and mentally. im just as upset as any gooner should be after last nite i had my head in my hands and sometimes head on my floor, it was painful to watch. i do believe we will win something this year as i do believe these players we have are capable of greatness, wenger has an uncanny doubt about it to the point where he doesnt want nothing to get in the way of this team or stop them as in new signings, i think wenger was wrong when he came out with we willl try to sign players as if i remember correctly he said he might be signing 2 players, i'd prefer if he didnt say anything as to not get our hopes up and for the fans not to be disappointed come deadline day he should just keep his cards to himself if hes going to sign then he will do it and well know when it gets announced on our site, wenger is the right manager for us, i know he will lead us to glory and victory once again. chelsea away is a must win now, no doubt about it, by the time next sunday comes we could be 8 behind but as has the prem has gone this season there have been some shock results and if i remember correctly chelsea struggled to beat hull at chavland so it aint a forgone. lets say we go into that game 8 behind, we win that game, thats 5 having played same number of games, and if we beat hooftheballpool thats 7 out of 12 against the four weve faced, and everyone was talking about how 8 out of 12 would be amazing so one point less aint 2 bad isit, that keeps us in touching distance of them as they still have to play city, mancs, pool, villa and everton i think so those are games where they can drop points and will our toughest games after pool are city home and the scum away all the other games are very winnable so i plead with you my fellow gooners give it a week, lets go to chelski on sunday lets get behind our boys let us go put in a performance and let them know whos the top dogs in london, i know come next monday well be here toasting our win and fully energised and hyped for a big 3 months. OOH 2 OOH 2 B OOH 2 B A GOONER

DAF said...

All the people slagging Wenger off are insane. Tell you what, go read Myles Palmer's stuff instead. This club remains one of THE most promising in Europe.

We will probably strengthen where we need to (keeper!) in the summer. The good players aren't available now. Capisce?

All you Anonymous posters - doesn't take much to state yer name btw.

I've been a fan since 1970, saw SuperMac's first game etc, etc, so not a plastic like some here no doubt. I know what I'm talking about I like to think.

My best mate (an insufferable Manure fan) was gobsmacked at the result because HE knows Manure have not been playing well. All the Press Room boys at The Emirates predicted an Arsenal win.

WHY?????? Because yesterday's result was SOOOOO unexpected!!!!

Don't pretend you all saw it coming, that's bullshit! Yes, it feels familiar today because the same thing happened vs. Chelsea. But we sorted it out after that didn't we?

BUT...the season ends in May. Remember, Manure lost twice to us and still won it. We may be the third best team in the EPL AT THE MOMENT - but be a little patient FFS. We HAVE been spoilt.



Anonymous said...

wenger said the same last season judge in may then what? wenger says he will buy does nothing but sell two of our better players season starts and we win nothing how long can this last 5 more years? Just cause wenger win so much in his 1st 5 years in charge does not mean he can now ruin everything.

Anonymous said...

By keeping faith with Alumina in Goal when clearly the man is out of his depth and will openly admit it, i am beginning to question AW.

This is the first time i have questioned the great man.

Anonymous said...

the point is...

wenger has NOT said "judge me in may"

this season, awfully lazy article, wrighty.

Anonymous said...

H'mmmm, I'm not advocating for a regime change, but something is definitely wrong at our club. Arsene seems to have lost his way. We have a talented team but they all tend to have similar attributes and size and power are not included in those. We were totally overpowered, and outplayed yesterday, not for the first time this season I might add. We could be 11 points off the pace by the middle of Feb, and probably fighting for 4th spot with the likes of M shitty, and Pool. I still feel that we could have bought in a couple of quality additions during the dreaded transfer window period, and yet nothing. I'm worried.

Joppa Road said...

still as delluded as ever I see Wrighy.


Because people don't agree with Wenger's stubborness i.e. Almunia, Denilson, reluctance to sign anyone it does mean they are doom merchants or wrong.

Wenger said the same thing last year about judging him in May. His resting players in the FA Cup is an absolute disgrace and yet again it has come back to bite us.

Oh, and here is the comment I made yesterday.

fcking hell Wrighty7, even someone as blinkered as you must begin to question Wenger now?

Truely awful yesterday. You should read my latest couple of posts. Says it straight.

Remember arguing about Denilson and Almunia with you last season when you said Almunia had joined the ranks of the best GKs in the world lolol and your constant defence of the useless fckwit Denilson.

Tell it how it is ffs.

Joppa Road

Anonymous said...

Your patience is greatly appreciated wrighty.
Regarding that awful embarrassing lost yesterday, i still feel if we have rvp fit we could have won marginally or at least drawn.He is really important player to our 4-3-3.

With him we played united off the park at old trafford and that match we were without cesc and united had vidic playing! how we managed to lose that match there i still dont know. United played no part at all for their goals at OT. we or should i say almunia the clown gave them the goal on a silver plate! With him on goal he will continue to cost us points.
This is of course where wenger's fault lie, with rvp out, he refuses to buy a cover for him.

Anonymous said...

musher said... Denilson lacks urgency, desire and hunger to play as a footballer, not only for Arsenal. Worse, he has no skill, brainless and couldn’t read the game as most defensive midfieder do. As a holding midfielder he also lack the abiilty to hold on to the ball and often lose possession and lead to opponent’s counter attack. Denilson is a BIG liability for us, he would not improve anymore, he is the worst in Wenger’s ERA. He is a disgrace as a footballer.

Anonymous said...

RvP gets injured Nov09 on international duty, this combined with our usual woefull injury record causes Wenger (one of the games supposed best 'thinkers') to state a new striker is priority - excellant, the man appears to be in tune with his clubs own fans (as well as other clubs fans (ask your mates) and the press).

Search begins.

Clubs say non!

Arsenal stop striker search.

So, Wenger feeds us with our free scoring stats and how Niko B will shortly contribute to these. I know the guy had a good record at youth level, but, please don't ask us to accept him as the man to pick up the RvP mantle! And this highest scoring team stat, is my math correct when I calculate it to be:

Played 18 scored 55 - pre RvP injury
Played 19 scored 22 - post RvP injury
(all comps.)

If correct, then pretty defining evidence as to what a world class striker can provide you. Which we clearly did not require this transfer window!

Anyhow, bring on the Chelski pensioners! Would love Arsenal to prove me wrong.

LG said...

So we judge Wenger now according to some of you and then throw him out. Doesn't it occur to you that if we did that the next manager would be left with exactly the same players for the rest of the season? We have no alternative but to wait to see what May brings and in the meantime why not support the team. You never know it may actually help. Just an idea.

desigooner said...

I was at the game and had a chat afterwards with a 'manure friend' who also was at emirates. He and many other manure supporters had come prepared for a draw and not a thumping win. I agree with Wrighty that we need to move on, keep supporting our lads, come what may. Yes, it is time we won some silverware but we also need to be financially prudent to enable us to survive long term. Arsene is right when he says that a few PL clubs will be go tits up because they did not have the courage to stop splashing out on all these prima donnas; just because some very vocal fans want bragging rights. Our day and season will come; one day pretty football shall win! As you can see I am a positive (perhaps a bit naive) thinker!
Proud to be a gooner!

John hampton said...

Wrighty you're wrong.

So many reasons arsenal have won nothing and it is all because of decisions arsene makes.

We have no British players, British players have heart, British players are the cornerstone of any succesful English team over the years, we need British hearts.

Arsene has been lying to the fans for years, were actually not fans anymore we are paying customers.

kroghy said...

to anonymous
u idiot, arsenal have about 3 or 4 physios, as i have just benn on the website like u insisted. weve just been unlucky, like most of the big teams, we will be back, trust arsene, i know hes milking it but, we are a huge club now all because of him, in 15 to 20 years we will look back at him as a mesiah

Joppa Road said...

LG don't be such a patronising twat. For 5 years now we have been supporting the team but there does come a time when Arsene has to face up to the fact he is getting things wrong through what can only be stubborness. Do you honestly think Fab is going to hang around?

We do support the team, and I personally do not want Wenger sacked. We have a right to expect more.

Anonymous said...

what i don't understand is how Wenger didn't adapt his tactics after the chelsea demolition to the united game. We had three midfielders upfront in both games and had both fullbacks charging up and crossing to nobody and failing to track back and got ruined on the break- surely he would realise by now a strike three of AA Nasri and Rosicky isn't goin to outmuscle anyone or hold the ball up or cause a threat, and not be predictable they are all similar players there was no outball. Our defenders spent most of our time in the opposition box than their own. So what happens? he does exactly the same against man u! How could anyone even claim we can win a title when in reality this team is naiive to what it takes to win. I mean if we lost by a close margin and put in a heck of a fight then, we can move on- but we have comprehensively been destroyed by Manu and chelsea at will even.
The fact Wenger didnt sign a striker is nothing short of a disgrace and an embarassment of unforgivable proportions after losing RVP. Our only recognised striker has had groin problems all year and even when fully fit talks a better game than he delivers in Nick B. Eduardo is a shell of his former self, Walcott has regressed so much its scary that its likely he will never reach his potential-he's all pace and nothing else. And RVP isn't available until April and even then he'll need a month to get fully fit bar setbacks. Plus we have the money from the Ade and Toure deals- so naturally with this team gasping for breath and clearly struggling and with money to spend-what does he do? NOthing...nada. Champions league? Yer having a laugh...that leaves us with the premiership- and lets be honest this team judging by the lack of defending as a unit against man u, we don't have the mental capacity to grind out results in big games.
Wenger could have brought in DavidJames or anyone- and he's be an upgrade over Almunia. Tell me which team Manuel would get into in the prem? Good luck...because i struggled. ALmunia might as well be throwing the ball in his own net each game- because thats the kind of contribution he's given us. And what Wenger sees in Denilson defies belief and any logic.
I was giddy a few weeks ago, and Wenger had us punch above our weight this season, until his stubborn-ness reared its ugly head despite ample evidence this team is lacking in key areas.

Joppa Road said...

Amen to the last comment. Thing is I was saying the same thing a year or two ago. If Wenger wasn't so stubborn we could have won at least a couple of titles.

Anonymous said...

We had some bad performances on sunday. No1 will argue with that. Clichy was poor. Almunia was poor. Song was out of position to many times. Denilson was poor. Nasri was poor. It takes a team of players to win a game! And with nearly half of ours lackluster i couldnt help but feel sorry for AW. A lack of commitment from his players in his interview he looked like hed been completly let down. I will agree almunia is a gd shot stopper but has cost us too many points this season. Too many un-forced errors! For me it was two bad individual mistakes that cost us. Clichy and almunia combined for the first and almunias positioning for Parks goal was awful! He didnt cut the angle down at all. Both could have been avoided! As i share the frustrations with you all about lack of signings. We would be a mid table club without wenger i can guarantee you that!!! The only reason we have managed to stay in the top 4 since moving from highbury is wenger and his scouts ability to spot a talent for cheap and the system he has created for these players to play in!! Hes done a fantastic job in keeping us where we are. If we got rid of him our beloved club would be in freefall.

Dean said...

We had some bad performances on sunday. No1 will argue with that. Clichy was poor. Almunia was poor. Song was out of position to many times. Denilson was poor. Nasri was poor. It takes a team of players to win a game! And with nearly half of ours lackluster i couldnt help but feel sorry for AW. A lack of commitment from his players in his interview he looked like hed been completly let down. I will agree almunia is a gd shot stopper but has cost us too many points this season. Too many un-forced errors! For me it was two bad individual mistakes that cost us. Clichy and almunia combined for the first and almunias positioning for Parks goal was awful! He didnt cut the angle down at all. Both could have been avoided! As i share the frustrations with you all about lack of signings. We would be a mid table club without wenger i can guarantee you that!!! The only reason we have managed to stay in the top 4 since moving from highbury is wenger and his scouts ability to spot a talent for cheap and the system he has created for these players to play in!! Hes done a fantastic job in keeping us where we are. If we got rid of him our beloved club would be in freefall.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see someone giving a level judgement of the situation we are in. They don't hand out anything in February. Just ask Liverpool.

Sam said...

We are deluded if we believe we can win some silverware this season after making NO signings in the window when it was so obvious we needed atleast 2 signings.

So much for throwing the cups Arsene.

And for people who say without Arsene we would be mid table, how about ticket pricing match the ones of mid table teams ??????

LG said...


Thanks for your well considered and articulate response, it adds much to the debate...

I'm merely pointing out that the only option we have right now is to support the team as nothing else will have a positive effect on what the team is doing including sacking the manager. If you can think of something else that may help, why not say it. Should we come up short again then you have the summer to say 'told you so' and crusade for Wenger's sacking. What seems the most positive thing for the team to you?

Anonymous said...

A question for you Wrighty:When was the last time a club won the Premier League or the European Champions League with a bad goalkeeper? - Ramgun

Anonymous said...

Come on you guys, the game against Manure was rather atypical. Everything they did, worked for them nothing for us.Of course I have to admit that Almunia, Denilson have always been a liability.Get rid of them right now !

Joppa Road said...

Can I draw your attention to a Wrighty7 article from a while back. Read this. Yes he has lost it.


Joppa Road said...

ps. Read my comment to the article. As usual I was telling it exactly how it is.

Anonymous said...

Funny how you always pop up when things aren't going right isn't it JR?

Joppa Road said...

Things have been very well this season Anon, I just stand by my comments on Wenger and his squad. Consistent.

Anonymous said...

hey just popped in to say how much i hate being a gooner

i hate losing to MANURE

i hate losing to CHELSKI

i love the arsenal and this squad, i have no doubts in my mind they will be the best squad in the world at some point

but i fucking hate being a gooner, even at my worst, i never resort to big club tactics.

yeah, i think we should oust a manager who has kept us in the top four for so many years, made us look like a top senior club on many occasions with teenagers

if we bring in another manager, he'll have his own tactics, and all you fuckers who can't support the side will hate them. he won't be able to play with the side, and all the footballing knowledge wenger has tought them will be wasted.

but the biggest point is( aside from denilson and almunia who i incidentally am not impressed with) why can't you idiot "gooners" imagine this side turned senior. it will be a sight to behold and we will become a dynasty, not a club with rich history. a mother fucking dynasty, there is no doubt in my mind it will happen

there needs to be a middle-ground we can't throw in the towel mid-season. you've got no idea the firing ammunition you idiots give the manu and chelsea supporters.

it makes us look split apart, weak, and above all like idiots.

how often do you hear manu fans and chelsea fans bitch about their club? not nearly as much as us,

its lucky for me i'll never be able to turn my back on such an incredible club. if i was as weak-willed and desperate to turn into a mercenary club as you lot are, i would just fuck off and go support city

50% of you lot make me fucking hate being a gooner