Sunday, 28 February 2010

Crocodile Tears/Sick Stoke Fans/Rooney/Ramsey

I still feel absolutely sickened by events at the Britannia Stadium yesterday.

The image of Aaron Ramsey lying there in agony won't leave my mind. I feel for the boy so much. I don't mind admitting that I had tears in my eyes and was on the verge of crying.

I feel distraught for him. I really do. Nobody wants to see anything like that. The looks on Thomas Vermaelen and Cesc Fabregas' faces said it all.

Speaking of tears, don't fall for Ryan Shawcross' and his crocodile tears. By all accounts he is 'deeply upset' and 'there was no malice' in his tackle. His Stoke City team-mate Danny Pugh said that Shawcross is not that kind of player.

Well, I'm sure that Aaron Ramsey doesn't agree and I'm also think that ex-Gunner Emmanuel Adebayor may have something to say about it.

I don't care what anyone says, idiots like Ryan Shawcross go into these type of tackles with intent. Especially against Arsenal. It's happened too many times in recent seasons to not be coincidence.

Sides like Stoke City believe that to level the playing field against Arsenal they have to 'rough us up'. I understand that football is a physical game but when tackles fly in that borderline on assault then something has to be done.

How do you deal with it? Le Grove make a good point about introducing foreign refs. Ref's from overseas will not be influenced by the media and their 'it's OK to kick Arsenal' ways. If xenophobia runs through our media then you can't tell me that referee's don't feel the same. There needs to be more protection and perhaps even season-long bans for players who commit horror challenges like Shawcross did.

I often wonder how the English media would react if golden boy Wayne Rooney was the victim of such a tackle resulting in him having a career threatening broken-leg. I have no doubt that there would be outrage.

What we've seen is a little Welsh boy hurt by an English man and it's OK. I'm actually English and I can see that we live in the dark ages in regards to football. Until the day comes when we actually see the light and admit that tackles like this are disgraceful I can't see any progress made. England will never win the World Cup with this attitude and we will never deserve too.

This caveman attitude is the reason England will never win a World Cup in my lifetime and I'm not surprised. We'd rather see players kicked than encourage skill and some of the nethanderal Stoke City fans prove this.

I'm not blaming all the Stoke fans, some were admirable and actually clapped Ramsey as he was stretchered off the pitch but the others; I just hope that someone close to you doesn't suffer the same way.

It was sickening to hear some Stoke supporters mocking Aaron. Chants and hand gestures were aimed at this 19 year old who had just suffered a career threatening injury. There are many words for those type of people but I'd think two sum them up; Scummy Cunts.

Yes, those two words are horrible but I think they are correct.

I'll finish by saying that I wish Aaron Ramsey all the luck in the world. I hope that Arsenal win the title for him. Two years ago we were in the same boat when Eduardo suffered from another assault.

Maybe we didn't have the mental strength to win the league that season but yesterday we showed the kind of bollocks that Wenger says we have. To win after what happened to Ramsey showed courage.

Ramsey must show courage now and I'm sure he will because he is a ballsy little character. I'm confident that he will come back stronger and hungrier as a result of his horrible injury.

My fingers are crossed for you Aaron and I'm looking forward to seeing you bossing the Arsenal midfield for many years.

Keep it Goonerish................


Anonymous said...

He broke Jeffers ankle aswell.

Wrighty7 said...

But he is not that type of player.

Anonymous said...

You know chuff all about Ryan, so who the chuff do you think you are to accuse him of play acting.

Do one

Anonymous said...

Wrighty 7 its not this incident that infuriating its the way people play against us
They think the only way to beat arsenal is by "roughing them up", kicking them and so forth that's what I have a problem with
If you play this way then obviously you are going to mistime a few tackles and some of them will cause these kind of injuries

The biggest culprit in my mind are the referees and the English FA that lets these kind of things happen time and time again without any action
They have to take a stand and that where I think Wenger should be pointing his anger at
Shawcross is a an idiot

I would love to see how English media would react if today some shattered Rooney's fibia and tibia in a "50-50 challenge"

Wrighty I think if you can write a blog about this and really expose the FA and the referees then we will atleast be making some noise in the right direction

Anonymous said...

I didn't realise that he had broke Fran Jeffers ankle as well. I'm not sure he mean't to break Ramsey's leg, but this makes me think?? Also he had a run in with Adebayor (can't blame him for that).

They are a horrible niggly bunch of cunts though. Also 1st half Ramsey was brought down in the area for a pen... not given. Ref was a cunt too. I do wonder though whether we will get a few more decisions on the run in after this. Obviously I would much rather it hadn't happened and hope to see Arron back fit and well as soon as!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha! didn't realise people still said chuff... very good! Chuff Off anon 15:01

Anonymous said...


He meant to do it, you lot are all BNP scum, piss-off from here

Chuff, jog on

Gunner Rach said...

Was reduced to tears myself..Hope Ramsey has a speedy recovery and most importantly a successful recovery.. I think its becoming a habit for some scummy cunt motherfucker to break one of our player's leg every other season.. Wenger was absolutely right in criticizing Shawcross's challenge.. If he was an honest to god player he wouldn't have made such a challenge in the first place!! Crocodile tears!! my arse they were crocodile piss!!!!!! I think when Billy Gallas is back Campbell should be given a free reign in the midfield to take the opposition players out come what may!! then they'd understand when they have their own leg broken!! I'd rather have my leg broken right now if it would fix poor Ramsey's leg tomorrow and he is on the pitch for the next match!!
Was a bittersweet match, but Fabregas asking Pulis to shut his pie hole was kind of inspirational.. Wouldn't trade one Fabregas for a team full, subs and a reserves full of Christiano Ronaldos or Messis!!

Wrighty7 said...

"You know chuff all about Ryan, so who the chuff do you think you are to accuse him of play acting.

Do one"

I know he is a dirty bastard who has seriously hurt at least 3 players.

Anonymous said...

Ryan Shawcross is a chuffing fuck!! Ban him for a few years!!

Anonymous said...

Come back Chuff.. you stupid northern cunt!

Sorry wrighty I couldn't help myself.


Anonymous said...

While the rest of world football have upped their technical ability,england still pride bullish players over technical ones.Not a supprise that england get found out in tounaments.
Shawcrap wouldnt last in the world-cup.


chris said...

the problem isn’t with ryan shawcross – its clear that he’s the fall guy, the focus for the newspapers… football and the media is the same as anything else, it’s a circular system and blaming ryan shawcross satisfies the angry arsenal fans and works as a scape goat for the FA who have vested interests in not being called up.

the problem is that this is allowed to continue. we shouldn’t blame shawcross, there will always be players called up for a particular ability, for a particular asset, and although shawcross is deemed a high-quality player, his ability to play ‘firm’ allows him increased leverage to muscle his way up the football hierarchy. the problem lies with the FA – aaron ramsey literally had his leg broken in half last night, this isn’t sport, and it is beyond assault – intentional or not.

The real questions lie with the FA, though I suspect that if the FA don’t wish to make any solutions nor wish to provide any answers, then they’ll strenuously ignore the situation and let the newspapers have their villain story. We need to question the FA – when things like this happens, it isn’t sport. This needs to be solved. Rules need to be changed.

Mark said...

I don't think we should be too hard on Shawcross. I am a 100% Arsenal fan and the Club is in my heart, but although the tackle was horrible and the red card was obviously correct, I don't think Shawcross intended to commit such a bad foul. I was completely shocked when it happened, but so was he. It is really, really stupid to go into a challenge like that, and it is extremely bad for a great talent such as Ramsey to break his leg because of it, but Shawcross did not intend to hurt him so bad. Taylor's tackle on Eduardo was much more intended as it seemed. That was nothing less than a crime. Let's hope Aaron recovers well and I wish him all the best.

Anonymous said...

quote Mark
It is really, really stupid to go into a challenge like that, and it is extremely bad for a great talent such as Ramsey to break his leg because of it,

so we should not be hard on Shawcross

oh mate, are you sure youre not stoke?

Anonymous said...

my opinion: english players should learn to play with conscience.
what i mean is that they should always have the attitude of "I should not hurt anybody" in a real 50-50 challenge.

in a 50-50 challenge you know you have the chance of making contact with opponents' legs, you dont use GREAT FORCE to make a tackle like what Showcroxx did. I cannot find any other leagues in Europe that INDEED allow such challenges happen and happen every match. This is scary.

Anonymous said...

the same twats who were calling for gallas to be banned for tackling mark davis of bolton, wanted eduardo banned for diving, the ones saying they dont like it up em etc

these same exact cunts are the ones that would have us believe shawcross saves puppies/kittens/babbies from blazing buildings in his spare time.

they stumble over themselves to defend an action that could potentially ruin a 19 yr old footballers career yet couldnt wait to tear bits into gallas for sitting in the centre circle after watching a team mate get maimed.

Fuck em up the ARSe

Gee - disclaimer - sorry for the colourful language but im seriously spitting fire right now!

Marko said...

My real anger is towards the media and the so called pundits who say the only way to be Arsenal is to kick them off the pitch. It's a bloody disgrace and no surprise that people like Fuller (before the FA cup tie) and Kevin Nolan (at Bolton) come out just before playing us and are quoted as saying they'll rough us up. These injuries that have occured are a result of that thug mentality that teams adopt when playing us. 3 players with broken legs/ankles in 4 seasons says it all. Coincidence? Accidents? Intentional? Who knows but I'm angry as fuck.

Here's something else too, can anybody name another club who's had these types of injuries happen over the last couple of years. Cause I can't think of one single club or player who've had legs broken over tackles from other players.

Mark said...


No off course I am not Stoke. I understand your anger. Shawcross did a very bad thing last night and he should be punished for it, but the lad is 22-years-old. He is still young and probably lacks the experience to know that is just not the way to go into a challenge. I am definetly not justifying his tackle, and Stoke's style of play has cost us more injuries in the past and I think Pulis needs to go and take a hard look at that. It's a shame to this beautiful game, and it is even more sad that Arsenal always seem to be on the losing side. This sort of 'It's ok to kick Arsenal' mentality this article refers to is really disturbing me. I am deeply upset by what happened yesterday, but it would have been far worse had Shawcross left the pitch looking happy or without showing his emotions. I think the fact that he understood what kind of horror he did to Aaron is the best possible punishment. I surely hope he wakes up the next few weeks a number of times a night, being scared of what he did. Off course that will never make up for what he did, but the main thing is that he knew he was wrong, very wrong. That is what I am trying to say. Hope you understand me now.

Joppa Road said...
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Andrew said...

We don't have to debate whether it was malicious or not. It was certainly reckless. Shawcross did not have the skill level to attempt that tackle safely. Aggression without skill is a dangerous thing. Even F1 drivers need to achieve a certain skill level before being allowed to race, otherwise they will endanger other drivers. Tony Pulis should also be blamed for encouraging aggressiveness in his players not commensurate with their skill level.

Joppa Road said...

Has completely put a downer on the weekend for me. I am so sick of it being acceptable to 'have a go at Arsenal' in the EPL and media. Makes me fucking sick. Then the media quickly rallying behind Shawcross and his crocidile tears. Fuck right off. Stoke City are backward playing thugs encouraged by an out and out cunt in Pullis.

What I will say though is that it was an awesome performance by Arsenal. I actually felt we not only outplayed them, we out fought them too. Was proud to be a gunner yesterday. Campbell has risen to legend status IMO. Fabregas was a god, Bendtner got a crucial goal.

I have to say I find the refereeing standards this season(not just for Arsenal) very poor. Alot of these refs look over the hill. Just watching the league cup final and the ref bottles sending a Man U player off when it is crystal clear he should go. What the fuck is going on?

Anonymous said...

As an Arsenal fan, let me firstly state that I was as sickened and horrified as any of my fellow gooners about Aaron Ramsey & I too wish him a speedy & full recovery, both physically & mentally.

Now, I've watched a slow-motion replay of the tackle & you can clearly see Ramsay's leg break before Shawcross even touched him. At no point during the collision does Shawcross make any kind of movement, body shape or otherwise to make me feel that this was in any way a "horror tackle", or a tackle designed to injure Ramsay. I am aware that Shawcross's tackles have injured other players in the past but I've also seen the likes of Gallas, Song and even Fabregas put in some pretty crunching tackles of their own. They've bever crippled anyone however & I think that's largely down to good timing and technique which only the better players at the top end of the PL possess, hence why they are playing for those clubs.

The point is that both lads went in equally committed to a 50/50 ball (which Shawcross actually reached first anyway) and this is unfortunately the worst-case scenario that can, and did, happen. Shawcross needed to come off the pitch and I'm sure he'll gladly take the 3 match ban if only to get his head back together because clearly he was upset about what happened. The Stoke player who sat with Ramsay until the medics arrived is a credit to his club & I think it's important to remember that amid all the shouting and arguing, a player was down badly hurt and it was a Stoke player who showed the example.

3 leg breaks to an Arsenal player in 5 years however is 3 leg breaks too many in my book and I think it's time the FA looked into this properly, instead of just handing out bans etc. Teams openly admit that the only way they can break up Arsenal's play is to be more physical with them than they might need to be if they were facing a less-techical side and it makes me wonder what the FA consider to be reasonable contact & physicality.

I fully trust Arsenal to go on from here & actually with the PL his season, so that come the summer Ramsay, Eduardo & Diaby can take their rightful places on the top of the open-topped bus and present the PL cup to the fans which they've earned with their blood, pain and tears.

Anonymous said...

I think these pictures are quite conclusive of how bad the tackle actually is :

Anonymous said...

Problem is media and FA.

Media pays a lot of money to FA, so FA cant act.

What it means is that all the top foreign players will gradually move out, especially with better tax laws in Spain now.

England had the best players of the World in its league and did not do well in the WC. It will not change.

The media writes what people want to read, so it might be a larger problem....I wonder why I support an English team ..... You guys are lucky Wenger did not get pissed off

Supporting Barca is better

Anonymous said...


He has broke jeffers ankle to,

James said...

Shawcross is an untalented cheating c*nt. Chris and Mark, go fcuk yourselves you fcking northern monkeys. How about I go into your mum with a shawcross-like tackle. Dirty b1tch would probably like it like that from behind. Fcuk stoke and fcuk pulis. I fcking hate Stoke...

James said...

oh fcuk-a-duck..i just read anonymous's comements about ramsey's break before shawcnut touched him. Anonymous you fcking moron you are a prize cock!

Anonymous said...

I was furious last night.Calmed down this morning. Reflected. We used to sing 'Storey, Storey break his leg' in the early 70's We've had bruisers playing for us in the past. And I wonder how many Arsenal blogs have called on Arsene to sign Shawcross in the past? At that speed I'm not sure it was intentional - but it was stupid - no chance of getting the ball. Horrendous we've lost Aaron - such a dream of a player.

herdee string said...

i once licked a scummy cunt. it wasn't nice...

Anonymous said...

So what if Shawcross was crying I don't give a damn. Are you idiots who are defending him because of the tears he shed actually saying that just because he cried he shouldn't be condemned for what he did? The man has history and the fact that he is getting so much support from the media means that he will more than likely do it again. All we're hearing is he's not that kind of player, it wasn't malicious and it wasn't intentional. Do you think Ramsey cares about any of that right now? No, the poor lad will probably have nothing but hatred for him and understandably so. All us gooners can do now is wish Aaron the best of luck throughout is recovery and hopefully he will come back stronger than ever. Get well soon Aaron.

James said...

once again fcuk shawcross and his crocodile tears. Oh boohoo you broke someone's leg, a player who is 100 times more talented than you, you fcking northern clown. Until we (England) can play more technical football we'll never win the world cup. That is all. Did I mention shawcross is a cheating cnut?

61andneveragain said...

same goes for the tiny totters,
they start the season good then opposition realise the only way to stop them is to take out their two dangerman lennon/modric..
then the sour dour faced wide boy has to revert to long ball game!
just goes to show that the sky/media brainwash about this league bein best in world is total ballacks!!
dirty neanderfall footie ,ok , skill an try an play that way, then media will try and destroy you(ie wenger)unless your name is Man skyUtd..
ps... i just been pi*s tested after my praise of tiny totters attempt to play proper football after that comment must be thought of saying under the influence of drugs!

cezan1afc said...

wayi see it is regardless of whther he meant to break his leg or not he went in with such forch that even if you get the ball u r gonna cause some pain imagine if you dont get the ball! ramsey was unfortunate to be too quick but i think shawcross needs a 10 game ban that rule has been brought in in some country i think its netherlands if you seriously injure sum1 10 game ban! alex witsel for az alkmaar i think :D but either way it needs to stop i agree bring in some spanish refs i can bet we wont have the same injury problems :D

Pritpal said...

GET WELL SOON RAMBO! good post wrighty, ramsey was actually giving a gerrard performance for us yesterday (minus the diving), winning everything in the air and i'm absolutely mad at what shawcross did! lets just hope rambo gets back on the field for us as soon as possible and does what he does best.

Anonymous said...

one stoke fan in particular with his cheap beanie in sky blue close to the ambulance was doing a wanker sign at ramsey.low life thug! chants of 'you're fucked and you know you are' and one leg, he's only got one leg'. And yes whelan was a different class and the stoke fans who clapped ramsey off, fair play.

I'll leave you with a gist of some of the rubbish other fans are writing in football forums, blaming everything arsenal

- it was never a red card because it wasnt 2 footed & no studs showing (because only those 2 types deserve a red)
- shawcross should take legal action against wenger. (why i ask? no one has a clue)
- ramsey already broke his leg while running before shawcross touched him (haha!)
- gallas also did break mark davies legs from bolton.(little did they know that mark davies was back playing 1 to 2 weeks later)
- wenger, fabregas and campbell should be reported to the fa for showing OTT emotions after ramsey broke his leg (because every other team should just smile and show no emotions)
-Fabregas challenge was the worst of the night not shawcross'

we show our anger on arsenal blogs after 3 players in 4 years with broken legs and we are called moaning bitches.

peter said...

How bad for football are Stoke-lumping it forwards,playing for throw-ins that take forever and maiming players who are more skilful.When English football slips further down the toilet and we wonder why we can't beat teams like spain or brazil then just look at Tony Pulis.While managers like him exist football will never advance in this country.

Ozziegooner said...

Guys, everyone is fucking pissed and we have a right to be. There are some genine cunts on here who clearly think it's funny to mock the injury and potentional playing career of an Arsenal player. And to them I say fuck you cunts. You dont deserve to breath. However, there are some genuine gooners on here who are getting a rough ride for voicing their opinions.
Now is the time when we need to unite and get behind the team and not slate each other unless your not a genuine Arsenal supporter.

I've read that some of the readers from other forums have email the supporters trust in the hope of making this more public.

As fans we need to do something because this shit cant go on anymore. Those cunts at the FA will do anything to ensure that Arsenal do not win the league.


Anonymous said...

I said the same thing in another forum, 'imagine if it was Rooney's legs'...would Shawcross still be branded a good lad?? Xenophobs media and FA!! I am actually going on a 3 week fasting for someone to break Rooney's leg like that before the end of the season!! lol.. i know, just some humor to lighten up our broken hearts. but i sure do wish and English defender does that...betting on John Terry.

Anonymous said...

What really angered me was the MOTD pundits last night... (I remember them saying the same thing after Eduardo's leg break.)
Alan Hanson said "not intentional - the problem is Ramsey is too quick"

Can you believe this???? Backhandedly blaming Ramsey

Utter twats - the same twats that say Arsenal don't like physical teams

איילת said...

rambo was suposed to be cescs replacment when cesc finially goes to barca but now what the fuck do we do what a shame cant believe it. he was on the rise iwish him all the health in the worl and i hope we win the leage

Anonymous said...

I think some of you idiots ought to be ashamed of yourself. Wenger and the rest of you seem intent on a Shawcross witch hunt!
It was a 50/50 challenge and Shawcross got there a bit late. The referee said after the match that it wasn't a bad challenge but he had to send him off because of the seriousness of the injury. I doubt very much that he would have been able to carry on anyway.
I was at the match (more than most of you pricks) and none of the Stoke fans made any chants as far as i'm concerned, they all however gave a standing ovation when Ramsey was stretchered off.
None of you, I notice mention the Arsenal idiots running down the stand and having to be restrained by stewards from getting at Shawcross. A few of you have mentioned Glen whelan kneeling by Ramsey trying to get him some attention whilst Campbell (in partcular) and Fabrigas were more concerned with making sure Shawcross was sent off. Everyone at Stoke City are horified by the incident and all send there best wishes to Ramsey.
Everyone likes to see nice football being played but i'm afraid there is (and rightly so) some physicality as well. You'll remember that from when you last won anything.
Noone talks about roughing up man Utd or Chelsea do they? Ask yourselves why.
And by the way if you really want to see a challenge by someone trying to injure someone with intent take a look at Ian Wright's on Schmeical.
Before Stoke were in the Premiership I always saw Arsenal as my favourite Premiership side, ever since Dixon and Bould went there (remember them?) however I am rapidly going off them due to the constant whinging by Wenger and the rest of you.
One last thing, the guy who you seem to say has no talent whatsover has just been called up for the England squad (not Spain I know but Fabrigas doesn't get a start for them either!)
Get a grip!

Anonymous said...

Arsenal 3 - Legbreakers 1

Sweet fuckin Karma!

Anonymous said...

I think the incident was an accident and I don't really see much difference in the way Stoke plays against us and other teams minus parking the bus more against us and the bigger teams.

Shawcross is young and made a rash tackle and caused serious damage.
It was traumatising.

However what is getting to me is the fact that everyone is backing him saying "it was an accident and he never meant to do it" despite the fact around a month ago Gallas was under heavy pressure for a similar challenge that resulted in something nowhere near as damaging.

Ramsey was unlucky. It was a freak accident and maybe Shawcross will start timing his tackles better (doubt it)... but it's the double standard of media scrutiny that yet again infuriates me.

Gooner_b11 said...

right! ENOUGH! me myself i've defended for more than 24hours with friends and over the net, (even almost in got into a punch up) why the fa need to protect us and similar footballing side (altho there are no similar footballing side to us in this country) what people have to realise is this isn't about INTENT or MALICE! this is about RECKLESSNESS, there needs to be a protocol in place retrospective for recklessness, if i run somebody over with my car and kill them, weather i intended to kill/hurt him isn't the point, i can still go to jail for recklessness, and what we're talking about here is potentially ending another players career or certainly putting it on hold, there needs to be something in place, a 10-15 match ban retrospective according to the outcome WHICH WAS A BROKEN LEG FROM A SHIN HEIGHT TACLKE OF THE TIBIAR AND FIBULAR, PERIOD! belgium they gave wittsel of standard liege a 15game ban....WE NEED THAT AS A DETTERENT! the consensus in the premier league from most teams north of birmingham is that arsenal don't like it up em....they don't like the ruff stuff, but 3 of these in 5years is no coincidence, a british player, because of the way he raised as a footballer believes when you tell him to show commitment means to run longer and tackle harder when that isn't the case, if the FA do not protect the premierships top players they'll stop coming over to these shores....and all that will remain are the dan smiths, the taylors and the shawcross's of this world, not malicious players but simple british non technical players.

Gooner_b11 said...

i mean come on! it was the fact that his 1st touch was so bad his 2nd was a tackle....a leg breaker for that matter!

Anonymous said...

firstly i dont think shawcross meant to hurt ramsey. yes i am a gooner (over 20 years) and secondly even though i believe it was an accident i think shawcross is a fucking cunt cos aaron ramsey is only 19 and fucking awesome. Lets just accept that accidents happen and we are all gutted it has happened to us. finally no one will ever convince me the other 2 were accidents 1st abou diaby vs sunderland us winning 3 or 4 nil in the 90th min and out of nowhere a wreckless tackle and 2nd eduardo where taylor came in studs down at the shin for a ball he would have never won. anyone who hates me or doubts im a gooner for my comment can fuck right off and if you agree with me you know how shit shawcross accidently made my weekend (football wise)

Jimi Abdullah said...

Arsenal players are very fragile. They can get injured easily. I think Wenger should change the player's diet.. to be physically strong. Arsenal shouldn't be played in EPL though, play elsewhere instead =P

gooner_b11 said...

i want to look at from the other point of view, i do belive the fa should protect us more and put detterents there like 15match bans and fines for recklessness.....but it's also arsen wengers job to protect us aswell, when had players who could look after themselves, in the late 90's and early noughties and we getting players sent off and travelling to lancaster gate every week at least we were only losing players for 3matches only, not more than year on a leg break plus 2years re-abilitation.....we're top of the fair play league, but we aint winning any friends, and we're getting no credit at the same time we're losing our top players to these tackles on a 2year average now, because of the brand of football we play and the sort of players we have....did nobody see how ricardo fuller wanted none of sol campbell when he got mad, because campbell was from the old school, this same stoke team tried it on patrick vieira recently coz he might of thought he was past it and what happened, the player got a kick in the nuts ASK ME WHO'LL PLAY AROUND WITH HIM AGAIN

gooner_b11 said...

unfortunately this country is ignorant and stuck in it's ways! it'll never change and it's the reason why we'll never really win world cups and euro's since the tackle it's the same talk about "intent" or "malice" but not once have the words "recklessness" "lack of technique" or "tackling without control" come into it. but wenger can't single handidly change the old school views of a nation who get upbeat when they see a bone crunching tackle, he can't re-invent the sport in this's stuck in it's way, unfortuantely since he has changed this team and the way it plays since fabregas walked into the door hear at arsenal, teams of a less technical ability who simply can't keep up with this way of football, have no other choice but to destroy this way of football...."put em off" "get stuck in" "let him know you're there" this is all planned to put players off their game, now when the team was filled with players such as big david seaman, keown, campbaell, adams, vieira, parlour, edu, pires and ljungberg being the samllest THIS COULDN'T HAVE HAPPENED AND IT DIDN'T

Gooner_b11 said...

it's time for arsene to re-mould this team back, actions speak louder than words and right now the actions of the country peter hill once said "we don't want your sort here" if we keep on playing this brand of football, one of the lesser teams players are going to end arsenal players career, i just pray to god that this isn't Aaron Ramsey

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but can anyone find sense in what jimi abdullah wrote,

you trying to be funny or something, with that smug face of yours . lets see these un-fragile players of other teams not break a leg from that tackle.

NickTheGooner said...

axel witsel was banned for fucking ages in his league for making a similar challenge and breaking someones leg, look it up. why is england so different? its disgusting

Anonymous said...

jimi abdulla is a loser and a cunt who knows fuck all just ignore the pathetic little bitch. arsenal to come together thru difficult times and win the prem. (anyone)?

Anonymous said...

At least Wales are not in the world cup and its early in Rambo's career. I'm just glad I'm not his mum .It was tough enough watching just as a fan.

Anonymous said...

So Shawcross "isn't that type of player"

Why have two of his tackles in the last 3 years resulted in broken legs for 2 of his victims?

Whether he is malicious or not is irrelevant... he is most certainly reckless and he should face a lengthy ban - whether he shows remorse or not is of absolutely no comfort to Ramsey.

3 Arsenal players have suffered broken legs in the last 3 years...
I'm with Wenger - I don't believe in coincidences

Joppa Road said...

Wrighty I'm fcking fuming here. I can't handle it. Does my fkin head in. All people outside Arsenal are saying it was an accident and 50/50. Am I that blinkered towards Arsenal?

Anonymous said...

I cannot beleive whot i`ve seen on this forum, F.F.S, shall we put ARSEnal in a f*kin league with just them in it, get a life you soft cunts, if it had been ryan with his leg dangling you`d singing how "people say we`re not tough enough" wankers everyone of you, put your pitchforks down, it was an accident, sad cunts!!!!

Spike said...

Anon 22.49;

Look, I know you have to go and get back to your village beofre they realise their idiot is missing, but seriously, get a fucking grip!

Arsenal have had to deal with this kinda shit too many times man. Its getting ridiculous.... I aint blaming Shawcross, i am blaming the whole effin media mantra about how AFC players are soft cunts and an easy touch that dont like the ruff stuff... Pulis is more of a cunt than Shawcross as are fat sam alladyce, McCleish and the semi literaTE PUNDITS THAT ADVOCATE THIS NEAnderthal old school violence...

Juan carlos alcocer said...

"This caveman attitude is the reason England will never win a World Cup in my lifetime and I'm not surprised. We'd rather see players kicked than encourage skill "


61andneveragain said...

just imagine the premier league when taggart finally retires and wenger says he's also had enough of this neanderthall league of genetically built robotic teams built not too lose.. will it still be sold as the greatest league in the world by the serial dogger cuntymore or andy gray, the real reason wenger is hated by the media for trying to change there beautiful game of hacking players to death!the death of football has started, look at the fa cup.. wen fergie an wenger leave?lol..back to the good old days! long ball football 4 all!!

Anonymous said...

lol 22:49.. soft ? if you get your legs shattered how can you be soft? enlighten us please. And already speculating when shawcross have his legs dangled? you missed the point, he's the one who breaks other players legs (not intentionally of course) not the other way round. lets see your so called northern thugs.. i mean hard men reacts when an arsenal player do that to your lot,you'll be moaning too! And your 6ft 3 giants, just one little push or tackle was already rolling around on the floor. hard men, yeah right!

the sad cunt is you who is trolling on an arsenal blog. dont you guys have your own! move along

Anonymous said...

Totally right.

If it was an important Englishman getting done over by a forign player then that player would be outcasted by the media.

Lets hope he makes a full recovery and becomes a better player.

Second we now have to win every premiership match left. If that is done then we will win!!!

gooner_b11 said...

Juan carlos alcocer

unfortuantely england! gave football to the world in it's form and the rest of the world gave england and gift back, over the years especially the latin countries....they re-invented the sport and gave us the beautifull game, england didn't except it! and it never has...we do our thing the rest of the world does theirs! it's why fifa and uefa don't like us in general they are the gate keepers of world football the english fa are the gate keepers of english football, both have had to sacrifice alot such as letting as many foreigners in as it has, but both won't give up their principles.....english football, doesn't want a winter break, doesn't want to put the safe guard in to protect the skilfull players (so the country is brainwashed into thinking leg breaks like this was a mistake) fifa and uefa, wont budge on tv replays and believe's england are trouble makers and so on etc etc....both are ignorant to the other! so now arsene arrived in this country 96 taught arsenal how to play a better brand of football, but it wasn't perfet and no where near where barca or brazil were at at the time, he taught disciplined warriors how to express thenselves and go forward, it worked we won the league FERGIE HATED IT! BUT AT THE SAME TIME ADMIRED IT, fergie and wenger have been copying each other for 2004 finally arsenal reached the promised land a mix and blend of english and european conversation that both the rest of the world and england could talk about. that was the unbeatables, athletes, strength, pace, techinical abilities, directness, power play,and with that it still had what england liked, it could fight, but after 2004 wenger betrayed english football when he changed the style again selling patrick vieira and eventually what has evolved into the fabregas possesion brand of football you see today, it is again europe trying to give england something it doesn't want, as peter hill said once..."we don't want your sort" and no matter weather it's with foreign players or british players, england and it's style of football doesn't want it! because of this england or britain as whole will never win world cups and euro's consistently, but wenger has to go back to what he had in 2004 and forget worrying about re-inventing the game of football in this country, it will never happen that is why arsenal players have had 3leg breaking tackles in the last 5years and nothing's been done each time....WENGER HAS TO KNOW PROTECT HIS OWN BEFORE HE LOSES ONE OF HIS OWN, ENGLAND WONT CONFORM TO EUROPES WAY OF THINKING AND EUROPE WONT EITHER, YOU JUST HAVE TO FIND A BLEND...i hope you people read this well i'm off to bed

Anonymous said...

Firstly - who says 'Chuff all'? Oh yeah, a flat-cap wearing, whippet owning, northern CUNT!

Secondly - Fuck Shawcross! That dirty cuny nearly broke Adebayor's ankle two years ago just months after smashing Francis Jeffers ankle.

Thirdly - Any cunt that needs his MUM to drive him home shows what a COWARD he is to make a challenge like that when he knew he was second best for the ball and still decided to follow through in full force.

To all Stoke Scum reading this - We'll be waiting for you at the emirates next season and we'll see if you chant that cunts name!

Lady Arsenal said...

Emotional post, wrighty.

What about Tony Pulis? you can see him clearly calling Cesc a foreign cunt and a prick after cesc motions to him to keep quiet near the end. Engendered in one gesture the culture of football at so many clubs. Shawcross is a kid who's only doing what he's been told.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy abdulah 20:24

go fuck yourself you abortion cunt.


Anonymous said...

first red card in 118 matches

he studs were clearly not up

Ramsey was just to quick for him

a terrible accident

case closed


Anonymous said...

What would reckless driving lead me into. Accidents and death of innocent, so i am punished for it. But in England. Reckless "drivers" - Shawcross, Taylor etc are praised and innocent victims are blamed. Maybe it right for English to be reckless and others get hurt

Anonymous said...

I have seen worse tackles with no one getting hurt. Shawcross did not mean to hurt Ramsey. Anyone who thinks otherwise needs to get their head checked. Footballers do not go into tackles intending to break legs.

Try playing a match at that level with the amount heart that these boys do week after week and tell me mistakes dont happen. o no, wait, you cant, because none of you are that good.

Ramsey will recover, he has too much talent for this to be the end.

I am not a Stoke or Gunners Fan but as a human being my heart goes go out to both these boys.

One other thing: it is really sad to see what a limited vocabulary some of you people have, if fowl language is the best way you can express yourself.

Anonymous said...

Player, please leave Denilson alone, especially at this point we are all morning the injustice, hatred and brutality of English over Skills and Non English. He will come good soon, back injuries are not the easiest of injury to deal with at high tempo like the EPL.
On Ryan Shawcross; is it too hard on him to believe that he was actually not crying (Crocodile tears) for Rambo, rather that he was sent off and knew he was going to miss Three games? Selah!

Anonymous said...

Nice guy, i think not

Anonymous said...

more whingeing , we all saw gallas try to do davies at the bolton game a few weeks back.

No comments on that?

Anonymous said...

how could you compare the gallas tackle to the shawcross tackle the gallas one you see all the time you idiot watch liverpool everton and you cant miss about 7 bad tackles but them players have some sense and i didnt see no bones popping out of poeples leg give yourself a slap in the face and wake up

its bad for english football and we lose alot of technical abillity because of this sort of stupidity

Anonymous said...

gallas trying to "elbows "davies ha!ha!the most booked player in the english premier-are you f***ng avin a larf you northern monkey!

Anonymous said...

After 3 serious injuries we have had enough. So all you non-Arsenal fans coming on here to defend Shawcross and slag off Wenger, go do one - we are not interested in your opinions anymore. What we see is certain teams using 'strong arm tactics' against us as a leveller. Thats ok, they have a job to do as a club and shouldn't be anyone's cannon fodder. But its when it crosses the line we have problems. The media and especially SKY TV justify and encourage this kind of thuggery and when we complain we are 'whingers'. Wenger was right in what he said and to call him blinkered is ignorant. Pullis is the blinkered one. He sent his troops us to upset us and it was inevitable that someone would eventually get badly hurt. And to say Shawcross 'isn't that kind of player' - Well maybe he has a twin as another Stoke playing Shawcross shattered Francis Jeffers ankle in 2007 and went in on Adebayor off-the-ball and off-the-pitch putting him out for 3 weeks last season. As I said - go do one!

Anonymous said...

I actually agree with Wenger that the fact that these injuries have happened to Arsenal are not co-incidence, but not for the same reasons. I think it is because Arsenal players are the epitome of the modern footballer: slender, technical, quick, athletes. This means that they are more likely to get to the ball just before their opponent in 50/50 challenges. If the opponent comes in with a thoughtless challenge, injury in these situations is a lot more likely. The more football progresses, the more players are going to be of the stature of Arsenal’s current players, and therefore the more these challenges will cause such damage. This is why I believe it needs to stop. Players need to be taught how to tackle properly and cleanly; a point Paul Hart made on Goals on Sunday this morning that I completely agree with.

A final point I would like to make is one someone may have made before, but I’m not sure. At the game yesterday, a lot of the Arsenal fans off to my right were getting very angry with the Stoke fans whilst Ramsey was receiving treatment, and I wasn’t completely sure why; but I heard from fellow Arsenal fans after the game that some Stoke fans were singing “He’s only got one leg”.

I cannot and will never get my head around this. I know football fans can be idiotic in the heat of the moment sometimes, but as a human being I can’t see what could go through someone’s mind to behave in this manner when a fellow human is just yards away from you in such agony. It makes me lose faith in the human race when I think that such people could exist

Anonymous said...

Arsenal had 3 very good penalty shouts that match and were given the one that was least a penalty. If Ramsay had been given the 100% penalty earlier in the game, events would have unfolded differently, and maybe he wouldn't have got crippled.

- The game had a perfect example of how well the FA and the refs are policing football. Shawcross ends someone's career (This isn't an overstatement. Eduardo came back eventually but he will never be the player he was) and will get a 3 game ban. Alex Song had his arm pulled by Delap in a shoulder to shoulder challenge and will get a 2 game ban with no opportunity to appeal an obviously wrong decision. Sounds fair to me.

- Cesc Fabregas is a f**king hero. If JT wants to see how a real captain should behave, just have a look at Cesc.

- Last time this happened Arsenal went to pieces. This time it looks like it will galvanise the team. I never really had any realistic hope of us winning the league this year, but now I'm beginning to think it just might be possible. Assuming we have 11 players to put on the pitch.

Anonymous said...

Amidst all the recriminations over Shawcross' uncontrolled lunge, there are
a few points to make about the game at Stoke.

1. Cesc Fabregas showed real leadership on the pitch. Arsenal haven't had much of that since Vieira left, and the contrast with Gallas two years ago was immense. His second half performance was magnificent, and for the umpteenth time this season he was the player who made the difference. If we lose him in the summer, at least we'll be able to look back with pleasure on watching the development of the player who I think is the finest of his type ever to play in our league.

2. Peter Walton is very lucky that the result went the way it did, after a very weak display of refereeing. The penalty he gave was far less clear cut than the two that he failed to give. There is no doubt whatsoever that he would have given free kicks elsewhere on the pitch for the blatant fouls on Ramsey and Bendtner. Failing to give penalties was just feeble. If I hear another manager moaning about penalty decisions favouring the big clubs, I may commit murder. And now Arsenal will lose Song for two games because Walton gave him a yellow card for something that wasn't even a foul. At least he got the red card right. Yes, the challenge was more reckless than malicious - he was off balance and moving at speed - but there was really no other way of dealing with the situation than to get Shawcross off the pitch. For those in the mailbox who take issue with Wenger's reaction, I'd have more sympathy with your point of view if Stoke players hadn't publicly stated their intention to rough Arsenal up. You can't have it both ways.

3. Arsenal have coped incredibly well with a large number of injuries this season - their squad is evidently far stronger than most people seem to think, and arguably deeper than Chelsea's and United's. Even where Arsenal are weak - in goal - Fabianski may be less of a joke as a stand-in than Hilario. Or rather as a "stand-up" as the commentator so amusingly put it on Wednesday. And it's good to have Bendtner back - his height is very useful at both ends of the pitch.

Anonymous said...

So Premier League officials: how many more horrific injuries to Arsenal players before you decide that the "get in their faces" approach is just a license to disable talented players and ruin promising careers? Eduardo was of course a foreigner thus inherently less worthy of our concern. But Aaron Ramsey is arguably the most promising Welsh player of his generation. A young talent from our own backyard who, thanks to the poisonous propaganda of the media, has fallen victim to the lax refereeing that Arsenal suffer week after week.

If only refs like Peter Walton showed a card after the first one or two "physical" tackles rather than let them go, as it is just those foreign pussies not liking it up them, perhaps technique and skill might have a chance and Dudu and Aaron might not have to relearn the game after a year out. English officialdom and every manager who has ever told their team to let Arsenal or any team "know they are there" should hang their heads in shame.

Anonymous said...

I'm hearing a lot about how Shawcross is "not that kind of player" and that it wasn't that bad of a challenge and that because Shawcross was crying it was not a bad tackle. I am absolutely livid. Of course he is "that kind of player," he just snapped an opponent's leg in two.

But more than that, I firmly believe that the injury to Ramsey is a direct result of managers and the media going on and on about physicality and crunching tackles being the key to beating Arsenal. This has become conventional wisdom. Whenever anyone complains about Arsenal players being targeted they are written off as being soft. They say Arsenal do not like it when the game is taken to them, and this idea is often taken to an extreme. It is not a coincidence that this sort of horrific leg break has happened twice in two years.

Anonymous said...

We saw the effect that Eduardo’s injury had on the squad approximately two years ago. Not only did we go on to draw the game, dropping vital points, but Gallas’ sulk seemed to substantiate claims that he wasn’t fit to captain the club and our confidence took a major knock. What followed was a complete collapse in our title challenge. The Stoke game was different though. In that game something seemed to happen to the squad, it was as if they left the pitch with a different mentality to when they walked out for the second half. Just as Eduardo’s injury ended our season, Ramsey’s injury could have inspired our players.

Too often this season we have played as if it didn’t matter, as if there was always the next game, the next season. I think a few realised that it can all be taken away so quickly. The reaction we gave after that incident was something special. Not only did we go on to win the game convincingly, but we showed the type of togetherness that has not been apparent for years. Wenger has talked about spirit in most of his post match interviews this season, but I have seen little evidence of it until this game. Gallas has tried to manufacture group hugs before games in the past, but the huddle at the end of the Stoke game was real. The leadership shown by Sol Campbell in particular, but also by the captain Cesc Fabregas, was something that hasn’t been seen since Vieira’s departure. If we do go on to win the league, then this incident could be the catalyst – and it would be fitting if we won the title in Rambo’s honour.
Also there is the effect that the incident will have had on Ryan Shawcross, the guilt of doing such a thing to a fellow professional. Shawcross has to deal with that, he left the pitch in tears. Initially many people were defending him, but now, particularly amongst Arsenal supporters, there is anger. As when Martin Taylor injured Eduardo, people want action, they want longer bans, they want changes to rules, they want Shawcross to be made a scapegoat. I would suggest that there is a difference between what Taylor did and what Shawcross did.

Ryan Shawcross is a quality player, Taylor is not, that is the main difference between the two incidents. Shawcross regularly goes in ‘hard’, but 9 times out of 10 wins the ball. That is a skill, especially in this day and age when usually any sliding tackle is given as a free kick and even a yellow card. On the other one out of ten occasions someone can get hurt. Taylor on the other hand just thinks because other players are better than him that he can kick them (which is what I used to do when I was a kid). He regularly goes in with no intention of getting the ball. Also, the reaction was different from Stoke to that of Birmingham. Birmingham responded in a way that suggested we somehow ‘deserved it’. Stoke and Shawcross were full of remorse, Birmingham and Taylor were not.

Anonymous said...

I have to say although they were all terrific on Saturday, Sol was incredible. Not only did he slot in and put in a great shift, the way he carried everyone and got the team together to grind out that result was great!! Four things really stood out for me:

1) When Stoke scored I noticed he was the only player to put his hand up and call for offside. I know it wasn't but every team in the league does this with throw in's etc to sway the game.

2) When Rambo got injured his reaction was great. He let the ref and the other players know how furious he was and you could see this having an effect on Fabs and co. I actually thought for one second that he was gonna floor DeLap such was his emotion!

3) His celebrations when we scored were fabulous. He rallied everyone and let them know how important every point is, something that I think has been missing. Sometimes when we score we don't show enough emotion and release, something the invincibles did with every goal, and it showed our young ones just how important it is to get every point you can in this league!!

4) At the end after watching it again, he was the man to start calling playes over to huddle in the middle and get that feeling of togetherness back!!

I think now we will do it, and I have to say that without Sol playing on Saturday that result could have been very different! I am glad he's back with us, what a performance!!!

Anonymous said...

I rape a girl and then I'm sorry. I'm not that kind of a bloke. Who the fuck are these people kidding... Sir Red nose called Shawcross to cheer him up, yes he's the innocent part not Ramsey. Some people just make me vommit...
Of course he wouldn't call Ramsey because he rejected United and chose us....

Anonymous said...

Let the FA know your feeling on this, and other, assults on Arsenal players.....

Anonymous said...

Is this the same Arsenal that has had over 70 players sent off whilst Wenger has been manager? Laughable.

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