Friday, 14 May 2010

R.I.P Arsenal Football Club

How many times have I heard that Arsenal Football Club is dead and buried?

It makes me fucking laugh!

According to everyone and their dog Arsenal are knackered. Goners not Gooners. Cesc Fabregas is on his toes, Arsene Wenger has had enough and we are a spent force.

I've heard that the likes of Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester City will replace Arsenal and Liverpool in the top four. Whatever.

In short Arsenal are fucked and there is nothing that we Gooners can do about it.

I'll be honest, I've never heard such bollocks in my whole entire stinking existence!

Please don't listen to those toss-pots out there who are desperate to tear our club apart and please don't believe everything you read.

Arsenal Football Club is far from dead, it is far from buried.

Over the last few summers and post-seasons Arsenal have been written off more than the cars I've owned. Its the same this summer.

I love it. I love being written off because it makes my love for Arsenal grow even stronger, more determined to prove those doubters wrong.

There isn't going to be a power-shift in North London. Those Spuds may have looked like getting closer to us but they haven't. The gap is still as wide as the one in Madonna's teeth.

It's only five points they say. Well that was down to Arsenal collapsing like a deck of cards at the end of the season not the Spuds gaining ground on us.

When they've qualified season after season for the Champions League and challenged for the title then they might have an argument.

Until then they can jog the fuck right on. Mugs.

All the knobs out there who continue to write us off, carry on. I just hope it unites us Gooners and doesn't separate us. I've seen signs of splits between Arsenal fans, don't let them do it to us.

Yes times have been frustrating recently, even worrying as well, but lets rally.

Don't go mental if we don't sign players straight away. Wait until September to judge. I really feel that this summer will be a good 'un for us.

Keep calm and believe.

Arsenal are not dead. I think there are changes round the corner and this time next year we will be the ones with smiles on our faces whilst the mugs who continue to try and knock us will have egg on theirs.

Keep it Goonerish...............


Anonymous said...

Ignorance is bliss.

Plug said...

If you read the latest doomsday report from that colostomy bag at ANR you'd think we're in total meltdown!. . . Up the Arsenal!!!

Anonymous said...

Finally someone who talks sense... Someone who is positive... Lets start supporting our team instead of slagging them off all the time... Top Top Man Wrighty come em coming...

Anonymous said...

Finally someone who talks sense... Someone who is positive... Lets start supporting our team instead of slagging them off all the time... Top Top Man Wrighty come em coming...

Welsh_g00ner said...

Your a breathe of fresh air mate in a sea of negative blogs written by "arsenal fans"! Keep it up mate!

Anonymous said...

Last time they ran us close they only played 40 games in the season. In the following season when they had to balance playing in Europe on top of all the other games they fell away, as they will again.

Dev said...

This has been the best blog in days and I read most of them!

These idiots are really doing my head in calling for Wengers head and saying its ok for Cesc to go!

No it is NOT ok for him to leave he has a contract and I believe he will see it out his still young and we gave him the chance to shine, he owes us that to see out his contract!

All we need is a great goalkeeper and to replace our out of contract stars with players better than them!


Anonymous said...

I agree Wrighty. The Fabregas rumours are a bit of a concern and I don't want to lose him but we know he will go back to Barca at some point and I don't see us collapsing if he goes. I would prefer it if it was 2 seasons from now so Ramsey and Wilshere can have time to step up but there are always alternatives. We would certainly need a midfield player who can dictate the game with a good passing range that can play penetrative passes rather than sideways passes. Arteta would be a good example. If we were to get £34m plus Toure and bring in Arteta for £15m for example we would have a more powerful physical midfield and still have a player who can split the opposition defence. That leaves £19m to start looking at a top class keeper and CD before we even dip into our own money. Add Chamakh on a free and we wouldn't start next season in too bad shape.This is just an example of what could happen if he left and I would prefer him to stay of course and then add the keeper e.t.c., but there are probably 4-5 different combinations of players you could bring in like the one above so I don't see Arsenal collapsing like a house of cards. I think whatever happens we should start next season with a stronger squad.

Anonymous said...

get in there wrighty, can always rely on you to say exactly what i was thinking,fuck'em all

Jonny Gunner said...

I always thought that supporting a team meant leading it your support and spirit, not knocking them at every possible opportunity. Its good to see a blog that is written by a true supporter and not one that is plastic and interested just in glory. we're arsenal fans because we want to be, whether its because of our dads, or some magical moment in years gone by, but fans through thick and thin. we may not have won fuck all for a while but I really dont give a toss, as long as we conduct ourselves with dignity then the rest it what it is. I see that we topped the fair play league. Dont see the media screaming about that like they have the 3 billion red cards earned under wenger that they mention each time we get someone sent off. oh well par for the course I suppose. Up the arse!!

Anders said...

Great post.
thank u

Anonymous said...

To do:
1) write an outrageously offensive headline.
2) write blog about the complete opposite.
3) count number of hits the completely useless blog has brought in.


Anonymous said...

Why would Fabregas want to go to barca at the mo, i know he says its his dream but he he's behind the pecking order in the spain's starting 11 with xavi and iniesta infront of him, what makes him think it will be different at barca. to me there no logic in him playing there.......its not a biased point of view its common sense really

Anonymous said...

Thank you... you talk a whole lot of sense. up the Arsenal

Sam Glasgow said...

Great Article!
Sick and tired of all the negative, regurgitated shite that seems to pop up on NewsNow all the time!
Keep up the good Writing mate.

Goab said...

I'll be honest i have been sucked in a bit of late, not that much but i have a nervous feeling about how our transfer activity will go, history is not a good indicator and i really feel the team needs some tinkering, will it happen?, maybe but im not sure any more.While im almost sick to my stomach at the thought of being caught short next season i still believe in Wenger.Fab4 will stay but if the unthinkable happens then so be it and good luck to him, i love him ( in a manly way ( not sure that's quite the phrase im looking for lol ) but i genuinely can't stand in his way if he chooses ).

The doom merchants simply want everything their own way, if we got more steel and less flair they would be saying we lack flair.AFC is simply a class above others and if you can't see that then we really have no need for you as fans, i understand frustration but this has gone to far now.

Great work Wrighty as always, nice to see some people still have faith and passion

Joppa Road said...

I am far from convinced its all rosey. Wenger came out spouting some absolute tosh again, this time about the Barcelona match.

I actually think these are quite worrying times, not because Spurs may overtake us. I don't see that happening at all. I just think Wenger is far too stubborn and it will hurt us. We have gone 5 seasons with nothing now.

If Fabregas did leave then that would be the heart of Arsenal gone. Why wouldn't I worry?

All the AKB bollox really is giving me the hump.

Wenger said last week there are only two main trophies in England, the title and finishing in the top 4. If he is serious it confirms the dumbing down of standards like I predicted last season.

I have every reason to be worried but not particularly because I worry about other teams. I just worry about us.

Anonymous said...

the reality is if you are a big club and do not win trophy's this is what will be said

Anonymous said...

Very emotive, but lacks substance.
We need someone if not 2 up front. We lost RVP and were a shadow of our normal quality up front. We need a tough man in midfield and we need someone to cover any probs with Fab. We need AA to find consistency and we need to get rid of Walcott. We need at least 2 Centrebacks as Gallas also needs to go. We need a GK, a good GK which is something Wenger has never done. I'm so depressed. Spuds have better squad overall, there I've said it, face facts they have a good English core, they have at least 2 decent players for each position, and you know they will try and splash the cash in the summer unlike us. The only thing we had in our favour, till now, was that we could offer the better players Champions League football. We need to get in Mourinho, he would signal the return of big thinking.

californiarsenal said...

hear, hear!

Anonymous said...

All the spoilt glory hunter gunners who are too weak minded not to get swayed too easily against their own club and only supported arsenal because of Thierry Henery GTFO.

You are of no use to the club what so ever and are not a fan.

Anonymous said...

You won't find a bigger Wenger fan, but your photo of Martin Keown giving it some to Van Nistleroy sums up what we have lacked for 5 years. Bergkamp was the most skillful player on the planet but he also adapted to the premier league and sent out the odd "message" that he was no soft touch. You didn't mess with Ian Wright, Viera, Parlour, even Edu was a hard man etc etc. This team needs to find that F*CK YOU! attitude before it can find success.

Anonymous said...

Talking off slagging the team off, have you seen the ANR blog. Unbelievable.

luke said...

i think there is only a small percentage of really fans the rest just want what man city are trying to buy. well ive got a good indea.... why don't they FUCK OFF AND SUPPORT MAN CITY. fed up with arsene, the club and the player being slaged off. any way that my outbust for today over

Drizzle said...

Spot on mate!!

Kevin Rowe said...

FINALLY, and I thought I was the only Gooner left not talking shite.

It's like 28 Days later... most Arsenal fans are now negative zombies but on my travels with my baseball bat and shotgun... I find a normal living positive gooner...

Anonymous said...






Anonymous said...

Wrighty you are the man!! Im a Gooner from up north in scotland n all i hear is the same pish from bandits that dont have a clue. "Your teams shit", "Arsenal will never win anything",same old shit.I think we are at the dawn of something special & ill be laughing all the way when we out do the rest of the shit pots in the EPL! Gunners forever pal,keep it real!!

Anonymous said...

Fuck i love you blog!! haha always optimistic and the way all loyal fans should be!! A real supporter shows his love when then the going is tough, I mean thats what differentiates you and I from the plastic chelski fans!!

keep it up mate

Andrew said...

In my humble opinion Arsenal fans need to stop being so reactionary. We are not entitled to trophies! (mucha as that would be lovely) We have just built one of the best stadiums in Europe remained comptetitive and barring the sugar dadies, most teams are in bad shape, even MAN U is feeling the streched finacial thing. Can we please just be happy we support a club who tries not to make ridiculous with signings ( how much do u make a make? 150k a week?) and continues to be competitive. We haven´t won anything in a while, true... Would u have rather had spent money like Liverpool! Has Wenger made mistakes?course but the people who react without any perspective should go support liverool, or even man u! financially they are both...or if u want to be souless man city or chelsea.. money can buy everything but actualy fans!

lp said...

hahahaha...what a joke spud will challenge the top four spot...LMAO..
I'll be laughing hard when they lose on the qualifying game in CL..can't wait to see that..

lee said...

love it keep it up! we are ARSENAL!!!
we came close this year despite appalling injurys gonna be a great season next time
come on u gunners!!!!!!

surgeoleo said...

Wenger is a human being who makes makes mistakes like a human being, who dosnt? letting Gilberto go, Flamini, Phleb, Diarra. These are the players that Wenger wants now but had in the past.Come on guys, dont tell me that you have never had a bad day at work, and you have let a good woman leave without caring. Then time goes by and you realise your mistake? well Arsene has now realised the small things in this team that need a adressing, not a major shift but a small one. And when they do,when that first trophy gets hoisted then you well be ashamed of your opinions in past.Yea Chealsea won the title this year...YAWN...Man U could have won ..YAWN...but if Arsenal had won this year !! Every man,woman and dog would have been proud. As we are the underdog, and it easy to love the underdog, the ugly duckling, the kid who gets bullied at School who goes away and learns Karate and kicks the bullys ass...yes that is us , that is Arsenal. That is why we should never lose faith in your team.If you started to love Arsenal when we were at the top just because we were at the top, then we Arsenal supporters will not miss you or hate you if you changed the colour of your shirt and supported another team. So in a nutshell all you Arsenal supporting cry babies who cry when things are not going your way,enjoy your world cup and by August please,please,please( like James Brown im getting down on my knees)....PISS OFF!!!

surgeoleo said...

Opps sorry its liking going to a supermarket just to buy Milk and you end up buying everything else apart from the Milk.. I only wanted to write nice blog Wrighty and just got carried away... Nice one Wrighty,keep it up!! no pun intended.

Dave said...


well said

we have some serious defficiencies, which were reveealed last season once more.

Whatever the reasons - whether it smoney, stubbornness (which is really a form of self-belief) or whatever - we have not been improving our swuad as one might have liked over the last few years.

Wenger said it himself during the season - if we dont win anything this year, the experiment has failed.

well - i think it failed. And our worst season in about 15 years (in terms of our chances of winning something) coincided with Spuds best - and we were STILL 5 points ahead of them, even after we couldnt be bothered late in the season.

Lets see what happens this summer - if Cesc stays, it'll only be because he is given the assurances that we all hope and pray he'll be given, ie that the squad will be improved, and that we will be competing for the trophies next year.

Lets face it, if he goes because Wenger can't promise him that then perhaps the money we generate from selling him means that we can plug the gaps that we all know exist, albeit that we'd have sold our prize asset to do so.

But even if that unthinkable situation does occur, we'll still be Arsenal and we'll still be in the top 3.

arsenal passion said...

Yes we may be down at the moment but surely we are not Out.

Fabregas will not leave, that for sure, not at the momemnt anyhow but we surely need TWO great players to revive our ambitions.

I pray to God that the Buffon rumors are true. He would be Tremendous to us.

We would need also a World Class defender to replace the departing Gallas,however I cannot pictures this guy just yet.

We could also rid of some of the squad to make way for new blood such as SWP and welcome back Wilshire in the first team

Anonymous said...

I do think a small, but noisy, section of our so-called supporters are just like babies, crying all the time. They have no concept of the real world. Yes, we need some players and yes, we need to show some grit and determination, but all is not wrong with AFC. We are nearly there and with a couple of signings could have the perfect mix.

I wish those whingers would bugger off and support the spuds.

Anonymous said...

Wrighty spot on as usual! Nice to see a bogger who knows what he is talking about....Myles Palmer heading the list of annoying -ve bastard bloggers, what a penis,
why does he bother, seems he loves Mourinho or Fergie far more than Arsenal.

RVP being out this season is the same as Mun u missing shrek for 6 months.

I for one believe a keeper, a couple of CB's and maybe another could see us explode to the top.

Roll on next season...keep it going wrighty....a lagoon of reason in a desert of idiots!!!

Oh yeah.....Anonymous 'Ignorance is bliss' You must be in paradise son!!!

Anonymous said...

Well done Wrighty for keeping it positive. These whingers with knee jerk reactions need to grow some balls

Dimitri said...

Look, the bottom line is we need changes made to the team. You can't live in that kind of denial and say everything is rosy.

We have a squad full of players who have been given large contracts for achieving nothing in the team. We refused to give Flamini and Diarra the treatment players of their calibre deserved but have no problem giving it to lazy and incompetent players like Denilson and Diaby.

We have too many molycoddled babies in the team. Wenger spouts rubbish about Fabianski being world class, what an insult to the fans that is. I know he doesn't criticize players in public, but the question left is why does he buy players so weak minded they can't handle a bit of it.

The lack of effort in a lot of games has been inexcusable. The lack of defensive coaching is also a joke. Inidividually we have some fantastic players, but as a unit they simply have no clue how to defend, making schoolboy errors time after time.

A defensive coach is an extra 1 mil a year tops. We need more English players, players with more grit and less technique but with more physical power and a winning mentality. Far too many passengers in the team. Can you image if we had 3 or 4 players from Stoke in that team, how good would we be?

Players with power and determination don't cost a lot, so the money is not an excuse. Some of this technique needs to be sacrificed, along with Wenger's sense of self gratification.

The glaring problems in the team can be seen by anyone, especialy Wenger, but will he have the balls to do something about it in the summer?

Anonymous said...

Ok Guys,

let's me clear this up once and for all - there are overreactions on both sides. AFC is far from dead, infact in a few years time we will probably be in better health as a club than we have ever been. But it cannot be denied that there are problems and we cant continue to ignore them. The truth is that we are not as good as Man Utd and Chelsea, but we are well ahead of the chasing pack. A few top-class players will rectify this IMO. The reason that Spurs get so much praise is bcos of the number of English players they have in their first team - and they do deserve credit for that.

For me, the biggest issue is expectations. AW seems to think that our players are on a par with Chelsea & Man U... Well, perhaps our first team might be, but certainly not the squad! That's why he expects to challenege for the title, but for the last few years we have always fallen short. We also need to address the recurring defensive/goalkeeper issues that cost us vital points. It took a humiliating masterclass from Barca to show how much our attack has papered over the defensive frailties - and how lazy some of the midfield players are in terms of tracking back. Pls AW, bring back Keown/Dixon to show our team how to defend as a unit!

Finally, I would like to say that I agree with the "Arsene Knows" brigade that we do need to remain positive, but they too need to understand that there is a reason for Arsenal fans' criticism of the team. We are not glory hunters, I myself grew up in Islington and have only ever supported Arsenal - that cannot change. We accept that a team will not win trophies every year. As I recall, we won nothing between 1998-99 and 2000-01 but the criticism was nothing like it has been for the past few years! That's because everybody knew the players we had at the time were capable of winning the title, and the fans believed in them. If you compare the 1999 team to the current Arsenal team, there is a huge difference in quality and the number of english players! (Seaman, Dixon, Adams, Keown, Winterburn, Petit, Vieira, Overmars, Ljunberg, Bergkamp, Anelka). 8 of that 1999 team were around when we did the double in 2002, having suffered a 3-year trophy drought!

Anonymous said...

We play great football, we have entirely restructured the financial under-pinnings of our club while competing at the top level. We have missed out due to persistent horrifying and catastrophic injuries and yes some naive play. We persistently get ourselves to the late stages of the big competitions despite this. Now, we are really financially sound (take a look around; if thats what you want through your lot in with Usmanov, but count me out). A few good summer signings. Good striker, good keeper, one possibly two (depending on Gallas; frankly despite the fact I like him, there is clearly a dressing room issue there) in central defence, and maybe another in the central midfielder destroyer mould, and we are in good/great shape.

We are a great club. We have been winning since the '30's. We don't need criminal cash. We need to get behind the lads, and the manager. Keep the criticism constructive and its fine, but the stuff I read now belongs on a Chelsea blog.

Come on you Gunners.

Red and white for 45 years....

Anonymous said...

Same old thing with u on this blog... creating a hits headline that slams arsenal because u know how many fans have theese feeling at the moment and then u go on to be the voice of sanity....

-2 transparent....-and pls pls pls dont give me the old "i dont care bout hits" and "and iam not a complete gay faggot" cause u fukkin iam right... on both.

MANNIXX said...

No matter what, i'll never forsake my Arsenal.No matter what people say or right will not shake my eligience to this team.I'll never betray my trust to Wenger.I can't imagine where we would be without Wenger with the kind of budget he uses and still maintain to battle out with the bigest team both in europe and domestic. Imagine the big spenders like Man City,Liverpool n spuds still cannot compete with us or do anything to secure our position. Come to thnk about it,suppose those injuries wuldn't happened?We played more thn 24 games without four or five important players bt we manage a clean sheat in top flight tht's why i alwys said no manager in EPL can manage the squad like tht and finish let alone 3rd even 8 pos wuld be lucky. Keep it up gunners,Go Gunners Go & prove em' wrong.For funs stick to ur gun & spare Wenger.

MANNIXX said...

Prophet of Doom alwys keep prophesicing our down but @ the end they left dead with shame & guilt. Abt Spuds let em' celebrates for a little while before they join Leeds utd or Everton. I don't thnk they'll go anywhere beyond preliminary stage and next c'son they'll go back to their normal position.The last thng i want it to happen,is to let Fabrigas go,no not ths time,we need him more than ever.We can't afford to mould a player when he become a star we bow down to Barca transfer pressure to sign the player.No if they want they can have Arshavin,Diaby,Denilson,Eduardo,Silvester,Gallas,Senderos,Almunia,Fabiansky bt not Cesc.

Joppa Road said...

LOL @ Anon 17:01

Anonymous said...

IF you are a Reall GOONER, its ok to CARE, but dont stress, Enjoy your SUMMER, cuz in the end it will be all good!!
Don't worry about a thing,
'Cause every little thing gonna be all right.
Singin': "Don't worry about a thing,
'Cause every little thing gonna be all right!"
Bob MArley siad it so it is true.

Anonymous said...

have you seen what happened today mate 8-2 RIP

Walker said...

have you seen what happened today mate 8-2 RIP