Saturday, 8 May 2010

Will Ian Wright Like Us Again If We Save His Son?

I've read with interest that Arsene Wenger is 'preparing a cut-price £5m move' for Shaun Wright-Philips.

The source has come from the 'very reliable' Sun newspaper, which probably makes the story about as reliable as a chocolate fire-guard. Yummmm, chocolate fire-guard.

Anyway, over the past decade we have been linked with SWP probably over a million and one times so where is the harm in linking him to Arsenal again? After all, it's almost silly season!

I think in the past Wenger has admitted a fleeting interest in Ian Wright's son. It's a bit like when you catch a glimpse of a 'beautiful' women, turn to check her out, only to realise the women looks as good as a cross between Harry Redknapp and Iain Dowie.

You thought you saw a sort but in truth the reality was different. These mistakes can happen. We are homo-sapiens after all.

I can't see it happening but I wonder whether Ian Wright might actually start to like us again if it did.

Wrighty gets a mixed reaction from Gooners these days. Some still worship him, others think he has become a turn-coat. Some people think I named this blog after Ian Wright. I didn't, Wright is my surname too and Wrighty is a nickname of mine.

Sometimes I wish I still had my child-hood image of Ian Wright ingrained in my mind. Then he could do no wrong. I loved him, like a brother.

These days I have a different opinion of him. He seems bitter about Arsenal to me and never hesitates to stick the boot in. I think he might be bitter because we never signed his son and let him leave.

Of course, he is entitled to his own opinion but I just wish he stuck up for Arsenal more than having a dig.

As a matter of fact a lot of ex-Arsenal players who go into the media seem to take up the trend of having a pop at us whenever possible. I think its wrong.

Enough of the media have a go at us already without Arsenal 'Icons and Legends' taking the same route. It's almost as if its the way to remain in your job. They probably get a pay-rise for every anti-Arsenal remark they make.

Charlie Nicholas is the exception. That man sticks up for us all the time and in my view is the benchmark for how the others should be.

You will never hear a former Manchester United player having a pop at United or a former Liverpool player having a go at Liverpool and that is how it should be.

Why do these former Gunners go into the media and constantly whinge about Arsenal and what they should do?

Keep it Goonerish............


Anonymous said...

Wrighty -

For once I agree with most of your post.

We need to sign another midget in SWP like Gordon Brown needs to renew his broadband connection at No. 10 for another year.


Anonymous said...

I cant understand all this rubbish some gooners say about Wrighty!! I use to listen to him on talk sport every day, and he never said a bad word about the club. He told some home truths about what was wrong with the club like all true fans (Except the shamfull akbs)
Maybe thats the problem. akbs cant bear to hear anything anti Arsene, so take it out on Wrighty when he dares question the madman!!

Anonymous said...

There are so many idiots who write about Arsenal-actually you are usuallly right. SWP should have signed for us!

Anonymous said...

Never posted on here before Wrighty but i have to say your site is one of the few Arsenal sites around that still seems to love Arsenal?! Great stuff, keep it up!!!

Another past Arsenal player in the media that still supports us is defo the man 'Martin Keown'! Hes a legend man!

As for Ian Wright, he is a bit of a douche to be honest! He was a legend in my eyes back in the 90's?! Shit happens and Arsenal move on!! As far as his son SWP is concerned, Shity can keep him! Hes useless and wouldnt be a step up on Walcott?! I dont like having digs at Arsenal players but Walcott really hasnt stepped up his game at all has he? When you compare him to Bale, its a bit sickening?!

Fabianski, Almunia, Silvestre and possibly Denilson have to move on in the summer!

Answer me one question Wrighty! Why cant Arsenal sign the likes of Joe Hart, Neven Subotic, Gokhan Inler and Edin Dzeko this summer?? Dont tell me its got to do with money because as far as i can see we're the only proper RICH team around in world football?! These four players would cost roughly 60million! Not alot when you subtract like 30million that we didnt spend last summer from adebarndoors transfer?!

Arsenal are so close to greatness but Wenger better shape up or Fab4 and RvP will piss off to Spain in the not so distant future!!

Com on the Arsenal!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sign SWP, why not..he who dares rodders, he who dares....

clockendrider said...

Wright was clearly quickly summed up by Wenger. Hardly played again after being allowed to break Bastin's record in 97. By that time he was already an egocentric pain in the arse which has only been confirmed by his subsequent attempts to become a tv star which were at best painful.
Merson is another one. At the same time, anyone who attributes any value to the ramblings of a self confessed coke addict, recovering alcoholic and inveterate gambler who spunked so much money it took him to the edge of bankruptcy clearly possesses no critical faculties.
Adams is just plain embarrassing. Smith is possibly the worst of all and clearly has pretensions to being a proper journalist which is fine if you haven't equaly clearly decided to take the line of least resistance and blindly agree with the Murdoch corporations blatant anti-Arsenal bias.
Three ex players stand out as being unbiased and having something to say which is not simply media bandwagon jumping- Dixon, Keown and Robson (Stewart). All of these have clearly thought about tactics and can cogently argue their cases (Robson from a position of some strength being in possession of top level coaching badges, not just the watered down and frankly worthless FA ones).

Anonymous said...

May be it has something to do with the way our club treats the players. People say that Wenger is faithfull to his players I disagree. He was not faithfull to Viera, Pires, Parlour, and many more. Man. U. are way more faithfull to Giggs, Scholes, Ferdinand, Neville,,etc. Chelsea were more faithfull with Lampard, Drogba, Terry, Zola,,etc
Players at Arsenal know that when they turn 30 then Arsene is going to trade them for three magic beans.

Anonymous said...

If you knew Wrighty (Ian) you would know that he loves this club pretty much more than any other former player.

People look at what he says and think its all negative, i see it as talking sense, why should we all be mollycoddled and shielded from the truth? AW does enough of that for us year in year out.

The man loves the club and its only because of genuine concern that he says what he does.

I don't agree with this namby pamby approach, if there is something wrong, something should be said and coseqently, delt with, it doesn't and hasn't been for a while.

And honestly, Champagne Chazza always sticking up for us? Sorry while i go and piss myself, he may say a few good words here and there but he sticks the knife in enough especially with his bezzy mates Phil "the conk" Thompson and Paul "sniffer" Merson on Sky.

Lee Dixon, Ray Parlour and Martin Keown for me epitomise how the modern day pundit should be, they remain objective and neutral, are not overly negative, yet they still show that little twinkle in their eye when they talk about Arsenal and they are both as die hard as ever.

I am not saying Wrighty is as clear cut because some of the things he says annoy me but only because he states the obvious.

Anonymous said...

Facts are ManC will not sell a single player to a rival for the top4. They'll probably do a Chelsea when Mourinho was there and buy players other teams want to prevent them getting them (like the Chavs did with SWP and Parker). Redknapp a;ready said they threatened to buy Palacios if they pursued Bellamy.

But Wenger will buy a winger who can cross because Chamakh is great in the air and we don't have a single player who knows how to cross.

Anonymous said...

i always been following your site Wrighty7, IMO, probably the BEST Arsenal fan blog I can find on the net.

Every fan would say he's gonna following the club through thick and thin. In reality though, few really do. You are clearly one of the true faithful Gooner.

And yes initially I too thought you named your site after IW8.

As for the Wrighty who used to play for us, frankly, I never felt he "loves" Arsenal. Arsenal were merely a club he once playing for that's all.

Remember at one point he actually thought of leaving us for Benfica after falling out with Bruce Rioch?

Ian Wright to me is nothing but ego. If he's playing in today's time, I wouldn't be surprised he does an Adebayor.

Anonymous said...

wright gets on my tits sometimes, but amongst the bullshit, some of what he says is actually true... i like dixon, keown, parlour and smith, because every now and then you catch them slipping and saying us instead of arsenal, and you can tell it still means something to them when they talk about arsenal, as for charlie nicholas, not really impressed with him after everyone on sports saturday was giving us abuse for about 15 mins constantly and it was down to phil thompson, to actually stick up for us, whilst that twat sat like a gormless moron saying nothin', thomspon even said to him that he was suprised that he hadnt spoke up for arsenal... not too confident about tomorrow to be honest lads, i can see another dire game from the likes of diaby, nasri, fabianski, walcott etc tomorrow, and ive a feeling we will scrape a draw, hope im wrong and we are 3 or 4 up before half time, but to be honest i think it'd be better to draw and it be a shit match, as if we win and win comfortably i dont think i could stomach wenger talking about mental strength, and bouncing back for a bad run :oS

Marko said...

Really don't like Wrighty anymore just forgets who got him started. I still wouldn't say no to Wright-Phillips but for no more than like 5 million really. Even though I'd prefer a Hazard or a Elia or a Ben Arfa. Another cunt I fucking hate is that Tony Casgarino, nothing but hatred shite coming from a player who was at best shit to alright. It's funny how all these people can come out and critisize this Arsenal player and that Arsenal player and yet you hardly ever hear anybody complain Drogba who in my opinion is the worse scum bag in football. Every game he dives throws his elbows and generally comes across as a prick. And yet a few weeks back I heard Casgarino complain that Chamakh dived when ever he saw him. A bit rich.

Anonymous said...

wenger didnt trade away his aging 30s players... remember our beloved no. 10 'ice man'? he retired at arsenal! :)

gliding said...

of course Charlie (Nicholas) does not have a nice thing to say about us. He's a failure during his time with us. Yes, the fans loved him back then. But he never lived up to his talent and hype. And his career went all downhill after leaving us. So i can't imagine he would have too much a sentimental attachment to the club Arsenal.

As for other ex-players turned football "expert" (so-called"), no one worse than Stan the Kid (Collymore). he's a kid cos he never grows up.

Anonymous said...

Ian Wright, Wright, Wright

'Like' Arsenal?

Wrighty is an Arsenal legend and still supports them. He is passionate about the club and speaks his mind. Why do people have such a problem with people criticising an underachieving club? What do you expect him to say? "Next year these young lads...yawn, yawn" Ask David O' Leary for his opinion if you want that.

SWP a better option than either Walcott or Eboue (doesn't even need mentioning i know). Someone that can actually cross a ball playing wide, shock horror.

Anonymous said...

Infact we wanted to sign SWP bt he opt for money & went to join Chelsea,then Chelsea never see anythng impressive abt him & decide to dumped him back where they got him b4. Arsenal can go n sign him out of pity & not requirement.

jo said...

so true! he is definatly bitter about something but i am not sure what and a lot of other players are also like merson has no love for the club and even tony adams keeps having sly digs. the true legend as you said is charlie nicholls he always stands up for the club. its ashame because i grew up with wright also but no one is bigger than the arsenal! ( dixon, palour and smith also are legends)

MANNIXX said...

We wanted to sign him but he was tempted to join Chelsea becos of money.Maybe Wenger reconsider him out of pity or as a return favor to his dad's legendry.

Danish Gooner said...

That would have been one hell of a bad deal,2o mil for a midget that cant hack,i think we have enough of does in our squad

Anonymous said...

@Marko - "forgets who got him started".

What do you mean Marko? Crystal Palace or the Sunday League team he was playing for at 21 years old.

If you were hinting that Arsenal got him started then you're way out mate!

Rocky4Ever said...

you lot slagging of a true legend should be ashamed, he does not slag arsenal off he just has his 'own' views on what we need to do to start winning trophys again, i don't agree with a lot of these views but im not as stupid as you lot to think he doesn't love arsenal. To be fair most you mugs are johnny come latelys who don't remember how much he put into every game he played for us.
Stop slagging him off and except other fans have different views to yours.

The Fan said...

Ian Wright helped protest to keep Oriental City open for one extra year in Colindale. I owe a many awesome meals and good times to him for that.

On a arsenal note, he's like what the media make you think arshavin is like :b

Pritpal said...

would prefer hazard all day long. we must not miss the opportunity to sign that lad!

Anonymous said...

was watching Soccer Sat last week and heaerd that Scouse chap they have on there. 4got his name rite now.

He did not let anyone else say a word about Liverpools shite season. At the time he was suggesting they would beat Chelsea and could stilll finish 4th.

Anonymous said...

my arsenal side 10/11 <333 Green - Sagna - Gallas/Mexes - Vermaelen - Clichy - Fabregas - Song - Melo - Nasri - Rvp/Chamakh - D.Silva/Arshavin.

Anonymous said...

my arsenal side 10/11 <333 Green - Sagna - Gallas/Mexes - Vermaelen - Clichy - Fabregas - Song - Melo - Nasri - Rvp/Chamakh - D.Silva/Arshavin.

Anonymous said...

my arsenal side 10/11 <333 Green - Sagna - Gallas/Mexes - Vermaelen - Clichy - Fabregas - Song - Melo - Nasri - Rvp/Chamakh - D.Silva/Arshavin.

RobM said...

Ian Wright is one of my Arsenal heros. End of. He is critical of us at times, and sometimes I wish he was less so, but I think he does no more than state his opinion. He was still an awesome player for the club, either way and that is what I remember.

As for what gooners besides me think, I also seem to recall the whole Emirates going absolutely nuts when his name was announced in the team for Bergkamp's testimonial (ahh great day that was... As well as seeing a great Arsenal team once again, I got to see Cruyff and Van Basten play!).

Wright got one hell of a reception that day. A well deserved one imho.

Anonymous said...

Another interesting post Wrighty.

I am a huge fan of God8 as a footballer., but it ends there.

As a pundit he leaves much to be desired. However, I cannot forget or dismiss the wonderful moments he gave me, the man was just a fantastic pitch entertainer - there is no-one of his ilk playing today.

I expect most of the knockers were too young to see him in his pomp.

SWP? As MC chose to buy Johnson it gives a fair impression of SWP's limited talents. Shame that he took the Russian Rouble, had SWP come to Arsenal and AW, he would have become a wonderful player. Too late now


Big Raddy

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 8 May 2010 14:50

ARE YOU INSANE? When doesn't Ian Wright criticise the club? Give him an audience and his mouth starts shooting off. When he played he kept begging ref's to book him, when he left he was saying Thierry Henry should leave Arsenal to go to Barcelona. Thierry stayed, but that doesn't excuse what Ian Wright said. No Arsenal fan would have said those words and off all the ex-players, Ian Wright has gobbed off about Arsenal the most - it's like a personal mission for him. He thinks his Legend status gives him licence to say what he wants - well when do you see him involved with anything to do with our club. You don't anymore, and that might be why he always says he loves Crystal Palace the most.

Joppa Road said...

Ian Wright is a true legend and god in Arsenal's history. One of our greatest ever - oh for someone like him in the team now.

Anyone who watched him play week in week out will know that, end of.

Wrighty7 said...

I knew you would say that Joppa! ;)

Joppa Road said...

I love all our legends Wrighty....will never run them down, they have givwn me too many good memories and feelings in the past.

The only one I have a slight dislike for is David O'Leary for the way he celebrated when his Leeds team beat us in what was a nothing match for them.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Noreen said...

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Ericomwg said...

my arsenal side 10/11 <333 Green - Sagna - Gallas/Mexes - Vermaelen - Clichy - Fabregas - Song - Melo - Nasri - Rvp/Chamakh - D.Silva/Arshavin.