Sunday, 30 May 2010

Would Joe Cole Fit In At Arsenal?

So Joe Cole is set to sign for Arsenal. Well that is according to the Star newspaper anyway.

I'll be honest (if its true) this excites me. I've always rated Cole and thought that Chelsea got a bargain when signing him for £6.6m back in 2003.

In my opinion Joe Cole is technically the most gifted player the England national team have and he would be an asset for ANY side in the Premiership or even Europe.

Having said that I do have my doubts that the transfer will actually happen because I wonder whether Cole would fit in at Arsenal.

Ability-wise I have no qualms about Joe and no doubts that on the pitch he would suit Arsenal's style of play all day long. It's off the pitch that worries me.

I'm not suggesting that Cole is a trouble maker but I wonder whether he would be able to mix with the Arsenal squad.

I think he would be a little out of his comfort zone.

At Chelsea there is an English contingent at the club and Cole is a part of that. He wouldn't get that at Arsenal being that there is a more 'continental' feel at our club.

Having said that hearing Joe Cole in interviews I understand his speaking of the English language isn't the greatest either!

Seriously though Cole has been linked to Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur as well as Arsenal and I think a move to either of those is probably more feasible due to the fact there are more English players at both clubs making it easier for him to fit in.

This may sound narrow-minded on my part but its just my opinion and I think its quite valid.

If Cole's decision is based on just football then I would have no doubt that he would join us but as with all walks in life its not that simple.

Begrudgingly I have to accept that this move may not happen but hopefully I'll be proved wrong because as I've said Cole would be an asset to us. Or anyone for that matter.

Keep it Goonerish...........


Anonymous said...

you need to say will he fit in as everybody thinks its a done deal!! :-)

also I dont think the star would make such a story if it wouldnt be true. They are saying it is a done deal and no speculation. And finally to answer your question. Of course he will fit in cause he is twice the player Rosicky is.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have a link to the Star article? For some reason I can't access it on the website, it's only the back page they're showing...

Anonymous said...

I just don't understand why the news is on their paper but not on their website..

Anonymous said...

I just don't understand why the news is on their paper but not on their website..

Anonymous said...

We're now joint favourites with united on skybet at 7/4 and we had a lot longer odds last week...maybe theres something in it

Anonymous said...

we are on a free transfer sign cheapos kick
why is this? this is not a formula for trophies

Anonymous said...

Been tryin to find out bout this story all day. Saw it on sky sport news paper review late last night n daily star havent updated their site but u can see back page on site

Anonymous said...

@Anon "Vheapo free wignings kick" ???

Are you really that dumb?

Joe Cole is the most gifted England player IMO and would be a top top signing.

Whether its actually true is another matter.

But then again, he could well replace Arshavin or more likely Rosicky.

george said...

well I think hes not half the player Rosicky is

Anonymous said...

I thought Cole did mentioned earlier that Arsenal is not the type of club that he would join. Wonder if he does sign for us would make him feels ashame of what he said. I guess this is just a speculation and not true. But if he join, it's a warm welcome since we all know what he is capable of!

Anonymous said...

It think Joe is quality, the fact he is a free transfer means nothing, although he wages could be a problem. I believe this could be got round be paying him a signing on fee to keep the wage structure the club has a present intact.

I feel if Fabregas is heading for Barcelona (and they can f**k off with the €30M crap bid they are talking about)... Joe could easily step in....... for me his best position is in the centre making things happen. He has good vision can beat a player and good passing range okay he is not Fabregas but he would soften the blow.

Arse&Nose said...

I wouldnt get over excited.
J.Cole spends 60% of every season injured.

Anonymous said...

With Joe Cole (possibly) signing at least Van Persie and Rosicky will have some competition for the dubious honour of club crock. Honestly if you think he would be a good, reliable player you are out of your mind- I would not even enter contract negotiations with him in case he got injured.

Anonymous said...

I agree with anonymous !

amorris444 said...

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2009 - 10 Chelsea 26 (12) 2 2 0
2008 - 09 Chelsea 14 (0) 2 2 0
2007 - 08 Chelsea 33 (5) 7 5 0
2006 - 07 Chelsea 13 (10) 0 3 0
2005 - 06 Chelsea 34 (8) 7 7 0
2004 - 05 Chelsea 28 (9) 8 5 0
2003 - 04 Chelsea 35 (17) 1 3 0
2002 - 03 West Ham Utd 36 (0) 4 10 0
2001 - 02 West Ham Utd 30 (1) 0 5 0
2000 - 01 West Ham Utd 30 (6) 5 5 0
1999 - 00 West Ham Utd 22 (5) 1 1 0
1998 - 99 West Ham Utd 8 (6) 0 1 0
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Anonymous said...

"I thought Cole did mentioned earlier that Arsenal is not the type of club that he would join."

that chav cole is correct: arsenal are much too big a club for him. he should sign for the spuds because that's more his level.

as for the comment that he is the best english tallent this country has got i have to say that that does not count for jack. he is a one trick pony just like every other english player apart from shreck.

when the special *unt was at chelsea he did not fancy cole. i would trust the opinion of mourinio and forget about this sorn off, injury prone, iron chav...

Anonymous said...

What the heck is wrong with you people? Cole is the last signing we need. Why would Wenger sign him when he would demand HUGE wages that not even Chelsea could afford, hes always crocked, we've got 3 players just like him in Nasri Arshavin and Rosicky. The former two are both better than him. Lastly, why the hell would you want another Chelsea player? Who gives a damn that hes English. Wilshere has a better technical game than him and this move would only hinder him. This would also mean no chance of signing players with actual talent like Hazard.

8 inch knob said...

Anonymous 23:07,

Exactly right. We should really be looking at Hazard. A player who can play on both wings, in the hole and attacking midfield. He won't be cheap but exactly what we need.

Sell Cesc for sure.

Anonymous said...

We must remember as Ramsey may need awhile to recover fully, J.Cole is the perfect addition not just due to his creativity or technical ability, but cos he's free. Two above average free-transfer imports will also bring big smiles for Wenger (Mr Burns lookalike)

Anonymous said...

There is no pleasing some people, they want experienced players with winning mentalities, well that is Joe Cole, a class act in my opinion. And as for signing gorchuff? I honestly do not rate him, he has proved he can not perform at the hignest level and is doing an ok job for bordeaux. I think alot of arsenal fans need to be realistic, wenger is not going to splash the cash for no reason and I am glad, a few prudent signings here and there and I can see us being a finished article! UP THE GOONERS!!!

Ethangunner said...

YES . wrighty he would !

hope its fucking true :)

Mohamed77 said...

It would be a great signing in my opinion. Rosicky, Nasri and Arshavin aren't really naturally wide players, and We need someone out wide who can cross better than Theo.

b.b.k said...

got any news on the cole rumours?????????

Anonymous said...

Amazes me how brainwashed so many people are...

The media makes a big deal of Arsenal not having English players... some fans make the same point.

Should Cole sign, then next season we potentially have, Cole, Walcott, Campbell, Wiltshire, Gibbs, Ramsey (British), Simpson, Eastmond, JET, Watt... all probably training with the first team.

Which is actually the same amount of English players registered in Chelsea's squad... and not counting people who sometimes play/train with first team members , Gilbert, Randall, Afobe, Freeman.

But, yeah, the media say Arsenal does not have English players, so they must be right!

p.s I am not saying Randall is better than Lampard or something like that, I am saying we do have plenty of English players for an English player to feel he is in an English squad.