Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Kick 'Em Up The Arsenal Arsene!

I know Arsene Wenger is a genius and I am a mere mortal but I'd love it if sometimes he just lost the plot in an interview.

People probably won't agree with me here but I'd find it refreshing if Arsene really gave it both barrels to the squad in public after suffering such a sloppy defeat like we did against Newcastle United.

Don't get me wrong, in my opinion, Chris Hughton's side deserved the win but that was a game we should be winning if we want to nick the title off Chelsea this season.

Maybe Wenger gave it to the players in the changing room, maybe a few tea-cups were thrown around, but I still feel a public dressing down would give these players a kick up the arse.

For me saying we were unlucky in defeat just breeds a little complacency. Sure I can understand Arsene wanting to protect his players but sometimes a bit of tough love can go a long way.

I saw Jack Wilshere's twitter (he said it was just a bad day at the office) and whilst I agree to a certain extent it has to be more than that.

Was losing at home to West Brom a bad day too? If so we are fast running out of 'bad days lives' and need to address it. Sharpish.

We were bailed out by Chelsea losing too but that doesn't really make me feel any better about it. I view it as losing vital points and ground in the title race.

The next three league games will shape our season. Three games tougher than the steak I had at the weekend and we have to bounce back. Hard.

Arsenal cannot afford many more slip ups. We face some potential banana skins in the next couple of weeks. Its a big big test.

Keep it Goonerish...........


oliver said...

cannot - will not - disagree with your point here. i think arsene has been overprotective for a while, and that has possibly come at the cost of accountability. there is a difference between throwing someone under the bus ("clichy cost us the game in donetsk") and frankly, publicly stating the team had "the wrong collective attitude, and cannot expect to win matches when playing in such a complacent manner." perhaps a bit of the latter will get some players attention and shake others out of their comfort zones. mitigating comments and contending the team were "unlucky" encourages the players to not take responsibility. and when they don't take responsibility, there is little incentive to improve attitudes and effort.

Anonymous said...


come on mate...we got bailed out.?..are you havin a laugh.?..this season like the season before and before and be...catch my drift,,,things need to change bad,...and lets start with the man responsible Mr:Wenger he needs to get out at once...there is no winning mentality in that man...its gone with the win years ago...watching Arsenal nowadays...is like watching a really good movie with a bad ending....

Danish Gooner said...

Wenger simply cant motivate them and Wilsheres admission that it was a bad day at the office rings rather hollow to me.There is a lethargic creeping in to these players,Parlour or Adams would have been apoplegtic with rage if something like this had been happning twice in a week.

Anonymous said...

Three things have to happen by Xmas if we are to win anything this season.

1: Fabregas has got to pull his finger out!

2: Chesney has to be made No.1

3: Song has to play like a defensive midfielder.

4: Vermaelen has to come back.

5: RVP stays fit.

End of, title in May. Carling Cup already in the bag.

Anonymous said...

er... I mean 5 things : )

Anonymous said...

This Arsenal team is Wenger's experiment, and maybe he sees them as "his" kids.
For those two reasons, Wenger may become overprotective whenever there is outside media pressure.
That being said, we don't know what really goes on behind closed doors. But I suspect AW doesn't use the haidryer treatment very often. The only time he'd done it and it's gone public was during half time at Anfield last season. And when you remember the outcome, you can be allowed to assume that it worked and maybe even the players need it from time to time.
A father's role isn't just about showing your child how much you love him/her, it's also about doing what's necessary when it is for their own good.
Ps: I don't proofread my posts, so apologies fir any mistakes/nobsense


wenger a genius, at what may i ask definitely not at managing my beloved gunners, never fooled visionary for a moment
now he swims with the pond-life like rooney, terry and cole,speaks to arsenal players about honoring contracts as being the sign of being a man why dose he not honour the contract he made to his wife.
do you call hurting a kid you brought into the world being a genius wrighty, how could arsenal be successful with someone as sneaky as him in charge

Anonymous said...

Your post "Visionary" is nothing more than an ad-hominem, amd therefore doesn't require nor deserve a reply.

visionary said...

anonymous at23>37, thanks for that amd ill buy you a pint when wenger lifts the C/L or PREM trophy

Anonymous said...

There is too much inconsistency this Arsenal team play. For some years now they have been playing together(for an exception of a few) and yet we see this team lack the bite. Other temas have improved and harder to beat. To add to the woe, Arsenal do not, I repeat, do not have the best man at the sticks. Almunia and Fabianski are they the only ones Arsene Wenger "believes in"?? As it is, it is so difficult for the strikers to hit the targets into goal, yet Arsenal have still not arrested its defence problem! If nothing is done this January transfer window, it is unlikely Arsenal will sustain its challenge for any honours!