Tuesday, 23 November 2010

The Invincibles Would Have Gone TWO Seasons Unbeaten These Days!

In recent weeks Arsenal have left me more gutted than a Tuna fish fresh from the Atlantic Ocean.

In fact, the way things are going we might even be watching Arsenal on a Thursday night in the Europa League!

Arsene Wenger really needs to kick this lot up the arse. And quick. No more excuses, just be brutal.

The Premiership is there for the taking and yet we seem to be bottling it. This could be the easiest title that Wenger has ever won for Arsenal.

We should have qualified from the Champions League group stage already. Instead we are left sweating it out in the last game.

Just what is going on?

I used to laugh at teams having a serious go at winning the Carling Cup. I called it a joke.

Now I realise by disregarding it, and in some ways the FA Cup, Wenger has just bred complacency throughout the club.

That winning mentality has left the club.

"The Invincibles" would have smashed this seasons Premiership title by a record number of points.

In fact, "The Invincibles" would have gone TWO seasons unbeaten.

I'm telling you now, the state the Premiership is in now that side would crushed any fucker in the way.

It's not that the other teams in the division have improved rapidly, its that the so-called top-four have deteriorated and gone down in standards.

If any team put a run together then the title is theirs. That's what frustrates me.

We lack winners and that's why I worry so much. Cesc Fabregas looks like a beaten man. He is a World Cup and European Champion. He wants to win.

He looks round at this side and how many are winners?

His team-mates are bottling it. But they are not completely to blame.

Arsene Wenger needs to shoulder some blame too. He built this side but it has been built on complacency. As long as they play pretty football its ok. Winning isn't everything.

That's what most of this squad believes, with a couple of exceptions.

We need to change something. Maybe its the back-room staff that needs a shake-up? It's obvious Wenger needs to buy players who have won things.

What ever it is, something needs to be done or we will be kicking ourselves come May that we haven't won the easiest title we ever could.

Keep it Goonerish.............


Anonymous said...

Relax all.

Here's a thought... This is the BEST result we could've hoped for!!! Now Braga HAVE to beat Shakhtar. And will go all out to do so. And if they do and we beat Patizan - which we will! - we are group winners!!! Ever thought about that?

We've had zero luck with refs this season. 4 ridiculous sending offs, the penalty tonight, the free-kick v the Spuds for the pen, the 6mins at Sunderland...

We just gotta hang in there. Top by January - then catch us if you can.

The Wenger haters can fuck off.
As can Clichy - Gibbs proved again tonight he's 10times the player.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

which we will! - we are group winners!!! Ever thought about that?

Ever thought about the fact this squad has no clue how to win because of wenger?

Red And White Irishman said...

Spot-on Wrighty! And the fact that we could so easily win it is what has everyone so angry.

But it's only November and Wenger could turn it around in January with a few decent buys in defense.

Milseán said...

"We need to realise the games are hard." Johan Djourou, about an hour ago.
What the fig is this attitude?? Why don't they know that games are "hard" already????


Anonymous said...

Wenger is his own worst enemy, great coach average to poor manager

Anonymous said...

Haha who's living in the past now? overated, overconfident, arrogant bed wetters, that what Arsenal are these days

How does it feel that everyone is talking about the Spurs?

Gooner shite

Anonymous said...

Ow wot a bad day for Arsenal funs? Oops!! We dyd et aqayn..

Doublegooner said...

Spuds can fuck off back to stratford.

Wenger, is old hat. I wouldn't let him spend a penny in january.

He spent all summer chasing 2 CH's & 1 is light years away & the other average, he needed a DCM & stuck with Song & Denilson

Regretably its time for the board to start worrying & thinking about a Wenger replacement in the summer.

Anonymous said...

Great coach! lol. He's a shit coach, his tactics are hilarious. He plays 4-5-1 and doesn't tell his striker to stay in the box and lets his DM attack like Maradona. Arsenal go through the middle all day long and can get found out by anyone, this prick of a manager is insane. Please get rid before he turns us into a bloody laughing stock.

Anonymous said...

How about this thought Wrighty7:

Your a total shit. The invincibles ... is that all you phucks ever think of? Grow up and get a life.

Anonymous said...

Funny how some cunt spuds have turned up here saying we're shit. Still have more points than them in both Prem & Champs Lge and still in Carling Cup - so if we're shit what does that make you???? Oh yeah - WANKERS!

Anonymous said...

Spot on as usual Wrighty,

Funny how the Neanderthals are voicing an opinion. Reading what you say is correct the reason those Spud idiots are riding so high is because the big boys are not playing so well.

Still mate like you I know that when the fat lady starts chirping they will all dissapear into their caves again.

If they do have any decent players they will be sold off to the Mancs by next season you wait and see.

What I really don't get is how they spend time on a Gooner website, no way in the fucking world would I look into what they write. I mean one of them writes in fucking Klingon.

They will always be jealous of us and thats a FACT.

It took them 17 years to get a win at our place and all of a sudden they think they are a big Club.

What a fucking screaqm them jokers are.

With or without our so called hopeless Manager we will be in there at the seasons end.

Up the Arse.

El Tel

Anonymous said...

No-one likes it, but we area poor shadow of the side we should be. Who on Earth can say that tonight's result is a blessing in disguise. You deluded idiots may well have said the same about the result on Saturday! The odd blip is one thing, and in times past may have delivered the right reaction from our team, but my how times have changed. Our current team / management lack leadership, guile and the balls to WIN. Time for some BIG changes and less pathetic excuses about bad luck, bad refs, and opponents not "playing football". Pathetic!!!

Anonymous said...

Braga 2 - Arse Nil.

Anonymous said...

Wenger out.

Anonymous said...

I have to admire some of you. Despite some crap results and the manager blaming everyone but himself, you still have your heads in the sand.