Tuesday, 21 December 2010

So, What Is The Difference Between Fabregas, Rooney And Tevez Then?

Since Carlos Tevez and Wayne Rooney handed in transfer requests something has really bugged me.

Why does nobody really question either players loyalty to their clubs?

They both told their employers that they wanted to leave, made it public, and put it in writing.

Of course the pair retracted the requests in the end but to me it almost seems as though the fact both want(ed) to leave has been swept under the carpet.

Especially in Rooney's case.

In the summer it was clear that Cesc Fabregas was torn between staying at Arsenal or leaving us for a club very close to his heart.

Barcelona, the club he has supported his whole life, managed by his footballing idol Pep Guardiola, made a very public chase for him.

No wonder he was torn between staying with us or leaving.

One thing he never did was throw his toys out of his pram. Fabregas never did what Tevez and Rooney have done.

Cesc never put in a transfer request yet his loyalty to Arsenal is forever being questioned, tenfold now we have drawn Barcelona in the Champions League again.

Fabregas never went as far as either of those two yet the story of him joining Barcelona still lingers.


As far as I am aware Fabregas has shown a lot of loyalty to Arsenal and yet his integrity towards the club is always questioned.

Rooney and Tevez went a lot further than he did yet it appears that they have been forgiven and the episode forgotten.

Why can't Fabregas be given the same treatment?

Keep It Goonerish................


dula said...

very good article and fully agree with you there

dula said...

very good article and fully agree with you there

Anonymous said...

Viva la Fabregas!! He is the best! Proud to have a captain of his calibre

Anonymous said...

the different treatmeant given to fab4, rooney and tevez can be accounted for by the media's subservient attitude to man U, the media's general xenophopia, and our country's inferiority complex when it comes to sport and sunnier countries.

Raif said...

Ahhhh a very smart post mate, and how very true indeed, 

But I think it's this Xenophobic media and press we have over here, they truly hate us, look at SKY & MotD, every time they talk about a footballer from another team and show their goals or clips, 99.9% the footage or goals will be against arsenal, they either show us last, don't show the bad challenges against our boys unless it's a leg break, and yet the leg breaker is a "Honest Guy" but look at the song and dance they made when Cesc done a bad takle asif he shot someone. 

It's really pissed me off

Anonymous said...

The media don't like Arsenal because you have a manager who treats everyone like they are below him.

After every defeat he comes out with the most weirdest comments about the game. The ref, the pitch, the fixture list, the other team's tactics are all to blame. Like everyone was watching a different game to him as it was quite obvious on most ocassions you were simply not good enough.

That is why they don't like you and can you actually blame anyone. If he was not your manager, would you find him likeable? Nothing whatsoever with xenophopia as the idiot above as commented. Tevez is an argentine with an italian manager run by arabs. That pretty much blows your theory out the window. The fact is that your manager with each passing year becomes increasingly annoying. I think even your own fanbase are running of out patience with his inability to point the finger at himself and his players.

Also if you think Fabregas has acted out of respect to Arsenal then you are deluding yourself. By putting in a transfer request he denies himself a huge pay-off on a 5 year contract he signed.

He's also now completely disinterested in your club and is moping around like a lost child.

KissMyArsenal said...

Yes I agree he is moping around.

The reason why cescs exit is still being spoken about in the media is because in Rooney and Tevez's case, no destination club was identified, making a transfer seem like something a distant future.

Cesc has been linked to his boyhood club who will relentlessly chase him, where most of his international compatriots are playing. His transfer seems alot more viable.

I think it's inevitable.

Wrighty7 said...

I actually agree with Raif that the media do show a xenophobic attitude to Arsenal.

Yes Arsene Wenger may moan but the man always attends press conferences and answers every question thrown at him.

Could you imagine if he told an interviewer to fuck off like Harry Redknapp did?

There would be murders, yet Redknapp is treated like royalty.

As for Cesc moping, yes I agree his head hasn't been right but then compare him to Rooney.

Rooney has moped about since March, I don't see anyone saying he isn't committed.

Tevez, however is the opposite, it almost seems as if he is playing for a move.

Anonymous said...

It seems arsenal get a bad rap in the states too. When were top of the leage they talk about how we will be luck to finish top 4 since city and the spuds are just Soooo good. And don't get me started on the fucking manc support over here.
Anyways on my way to London come Xmas pray this storm doesn't keep me from walking over those other cunts in London as I did spend 100 dollars for the worst sets the emerites holds

Anonymous said...

Oooh...sounds like you just learned to curse.

slimshady said...

top top post wrighty, I definitely hadn't thought of it that way! I do tend to agree with the comment on AW though - no Xenophobia at all, the manager's know it all attitude is what gets our beloved club all that hate. Its gonna take some manager to reverse this shite after he f*ks off, why he thinks he knows more about defence & keepers than the rest of the world combined is just beyond me

Anonymous said...

Fully agree with the previous comments. The Media are against Arsenal, With the backing of the media we could instill confidence in our team, which i would say needs it greatly.
Nasri has confidence, Yahoo was stating he was the best in the premier league only last week.

Fabregas has been hit and miss this season. He was outstanding last season. The cameo appearance against Aston Villa. 2 goals in 26 mins from coming on as a sub and leaving again... Class when on form!!

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