Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Yeah It Was Laboured, Yeah It Was Sh*t, But It Can't Always Be Sublime!

Right, lets be honest, that performance was an absolute pile of shite. Pure and utter dookie.

But really who cares?

The main thing is that we are through to the last 16 stage of the Champions League isn't it?

Sure it was more painful to watch at times than having an ingrown toe nail but at the end of the day our name is in the hat for the next round.

Of course we know we can play better than that, in fact my Nan could play better than that, so things can only get better. Right?

Obviously the performance was pony and Wenger left the changes too late (in my opinion) again but we won. That's all that counts.

Maybe we have been too spoiled over the years. We expect super sublime performances every game and that is just not possible.

Footballers have off-days too, they are human, and tonight was an off-night.

There are question marks over whether we can win the Champions League but when have we ever done things easy?

We should have qualified to the last 16 in the Stone Age but we decided to make it hard for ourselves.

That's cool.

We face one of Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich or Schalke. Not the easy route but I guarantee none of that lot will fancy playing us.

You have to play the best to win the Champions League. Bring 'em on!

I wasn't expecting to play any big guns until later in the competition but shit happens.

We've scored the most home goals in Champions League group history and the best progression rate to the last 16 of the English teams involved.

Not too bad eh?

A win is a win. Ugly or beautiful. They all count.

Keep it Goonerish...............


Anonymous said...

fair point, thought we were shit, but im of much the same opinion... we're through and that's all we could've done before tonight started... not too confident about the next round, but I'm sure we can give whoever it is a good game, unless its barca, (we'd get f*cked up bigtime) be honest though, if we get spanked in the next round and win the carling cup, i wont be too bothered... i really believe, this team needs to taste success so they can build up some momentum and take a run at one of the bigger competitions...

Anonymous said...

good point wrighty a win is a win...Contrasting blog to the 1 at le grove!!

b.b.k said...

no wrighty,but the defence can at least show us they have an ounce of intelligence?no

Anonymous said...

problem is it isn't just one game, we are utterly average

dan said...

defence was shocking, AA shocking, denilson shocking etc etc

dan said...

same old same old, unbelievable how we are top and where we are in the cups

Anonymous said...

we won!

chandler said...

to some posters; It was ugly and yogh but we won 3-1 and The Team is getting slagged. Wake the Phuck up, we won three one to The Arsenal. We are top of the league and we are in the sweet sixteen of the CL. Phucking average. and Einstein was kind of smart. Phuck yourself Enjoy IT.

Anonymous said...

Chandler... I'm with you man I'm with you.

Anonymous said...

the fans of arsenal fc can't even take joy from their own football club. where are all the supporters praising nasri after the fulham game? we have an offense that exceeds defense on it's day

why the fuck don't we give out positive energy before the manchester game? it makes no fucking sense. the fact that le grove has such an influence is sickening

you just can't berate a manager who has kept us in the champions league this long and has us sitting atop of the league. you can critique, yes. but there's hate, and there's criticism.

i would not be watching nasri, i would not be watching van persie, i would not be watching fabregas, my favourite players, and others i love, the list goes on. if it weren't for arsene wenger

we can fight anyone. newsflash, chelsea beat marseille. the "mighty" barca only managed a 2-0 victory over rubin khazan

there is much to be optimistic about, arsenal can be back at the top and stay there a long while i tend to believe

Anonymous said...

meant to say marseille beat chelsea, 1-0. their streak just keeps going, our squad is a poowerhouse and the other top 4 teams are utter shit

(in my books)

visionary said...

spot on wrighty, it was laboured and shit but what can you expect with that central defensive pairing, goalkeeper and denilson in midfield.did you ever drive a car with one of the wing mirrors out of focus ? have we got that in management?

Anonymous said...

A 3 :1 win & we were sh*t!!!
I thought it was generaly acknowleged that a team winning even when playing poorly was the sign of a good team.

ruel said...

We struggled and won, because we were under pressure and the partizan side was not going to give us a free ride we worked and toiled and got 3 goals with one against , was not pretty, but hey we won.

The team that we are going to face may be a good one, but i will tell u that none is better than Arsenal, all the teams we going to meet have shitty defense too and there attacking line can be stop.

So its left for the arsenal to get our act together for february, couple games with regular defensive pairing should improve our defense line before Feb

So shut up u idiots and lets go arsenal

Anonymous said...

How can Denilson survive in Arsenal? He is a complete crap.

Anonymous said...

Denilson is a team player.Gets the job done. if you know anything about football you will understand. teams need them. Man u has a whole host, Chelsea have a few. these are teams that have won the CL and EPL as of late. watch the game properly and you will see he put in a great performance which helped stable the team. he is a great player to get our team moving. gets a lot of hate from fat ARM chair supporters. needlessly, in all honesty.

also le grove should be smeared imo. I think blows like this an untold, arseblog should shame its name. Total dirt. we played shit.. so did everyone else buy we scored an amazing goal VIA song and Nasri and won 3-1. Can't complain.

arsene-al said...

its good that we can scrape up wins, even though we did win fairly confident in the end. as for the possibility of facing madrid, barca, or the munchkins, i think we're actually really lucky. think of it this way, to win the cl we have to be the best of the best and at the moment we're facing one of them next (more or less). if we win then that would just be spectacular and it would really give the team a big confidence boost, not to mention confidence in our team on our part. but if we lose and we're knocked out then it just means we're not ready to win it yet, and in turn will let us focus on the other cups. yes it would be horrible to get knocked out and i wouldnt really take it away as a positive, but i like to think itll give us less to worry about. honestly at this point just winning something would be nice, everything else will follow

Rascal Crowe said...

And what is it with these Arsenal 'fans' that are too busy to see the match to the end?. You know u just had to stay 5 more minutes to show your 'appreciation'.

Anonymous said...

its amazing how itv and sky tried to make a near disaster out of a 3-1 win to qualify for the last 16 of champions league - fair enough we played mostly rubbish but managed enough quality on a bad day to knock in 3 goals - sure there are issues withing the team but we have time to hopefully address this before we get back to champions league footie

pat said...

wow - no matter what, win lose or draw, gunner fans unhappy? At least you aint aussie cricket fans! (or even further hurt souls that is the New Zealand cricket fan)

Gee we have fab and TV out and we are still in the champs league and top of the prem. Pretty friggin good if you ask me.

Bring on the mancs!