Wednesday, 29 June 2011

The English Media Claim The Premier League Is The Best In The World. So Why Do They Try To Weaken It?

The English Premier League.

The greatest spectacle on this earth. Even more spectacular than Rihanna in a pair of hot pants.

It is hyped up so much you would think it was on Amphetamines.

The English media love to portray the English Premier League as the number one venue for football in the whole wide world.

So why do they continuously try to weaken it?

This Cesc Fabregas business says it all for me.

The papers, and whoever else, are trying to get all the 'exclusives' and out do each other with the most ludicrous of stories at times.

The latest I heard is that Cesc will go on 'strike' to leave Arsenal. The only place he will go on strike is at bowling.

You see what I mean though? All these ridiculous fairy-tales are made to try and unsettle Fabregas and the media use it as gospel.

I've hardly heard a peep about when Cesc said he was happy to stay at Arsenal the other day.

That story had about as much coverage as Beth Ditto using a hand towel as a duvet.

The Spanish papers stick up for their clubs and use loads of propaganda to help them. Our papers stick their fingers up at our clubs and help to weaken them.

Arsenal are in a position of strength over this 'Cesc saga'. Not Barcelona. So why does it seem that Barca hold all the cards?

Its because every day we are seeing and hearing that the Spaniards are in charge, and that is from our own English media.

The same English media who claim that the English league is the most fantastic place to be.

Surely they must get bored writing and repeating the same things over, and over, and over, and over, and over again like a broken record?

If indeed the English league is the best thing since sliced bread then maybe, just maybe, it would be to our advantage to keep it that way.

That means keeping our best players, and Cesc is one of the best players, in this country.

Not trying to help move the likes of Fabregas on.

Keep It Goonerish........


Anonymous said...

I completely agree with you Wrighty, the hypocrisy of the English media is just ridiculous.

I was just wondering what you think about the Jack Wilshere court case (its being covered in the Daily Mail)? Apparently he's a bit of a twat, to put it mildly. Do you think there's a danger that he'll end up as another addition to the long list of English players who had the quality on the pitch but let himself down off of it?


Anonymous said...

Simple, its because Arsenal let it happen...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, well said Wrighty, this has annoyed the hell out of me for a while now. The Enlgish media are just an ignorant, backstabbing pack of dispicable c***s -ScotchEggsRule, London

Wrighty7 said...

I hope its just a case of Wilshere being young Murt.

It seems ingrained in the English culture to do stupid things when drunk when young.

(I did many stupid things)

Hopefully he will realise who he represents and will grow up soon.

You cant do these things when you are pro footballer.

It probably dont help that he in the England set-up with the likes of John Terry!

Barca is cunt said...

They want to sell their stories. And people loves it. Unless all of news readers out there didn't click any link related to that story then they might change mind. They don't care about Arsenal or whatever. It's no rocket science

Socrates45 said...

The truth is Arsenal will not be beloved by the Media, Arsene is one of the best managers in the Prem and he does it on a shoestring budget( if any other manager of his quality at that level of football adhered to such standards they would call him revolutionary, the messiah that is trying to bring prudence to the English game), and his club plays the best football, football we all agree should be the hallmark of the modern English national team, but since his team do not have the traditional English spine and his seems to unearth youngsters out of thin air with talent, that until recently have not been British. It is not hard to see why this love hate relationship will continue.

Anonymous said...

Wilshere doesnt drink, its just sensationalist media. He was the heartbeat of the team last season and gave 110%, don't even dream of putting him in the joey barton bracket. Have you seen Andy Caroll this summer?? He's been pissed every night since the end of season, papers hardly show that do they?? Arsenal have become a media circus this summer and the last the last thing we should be doing is helping the media portray our true star player in a shitty light. Back him or stay silent.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 12:34

You can't dismiss a court case as sensationalism. If you look at the article, you'll see the Dail Mail pass no opinion, they only report what is said. And as for your 'stay silent' remark, I have an opinion and I'm entitled to it and entitled to ask the opinion of someone else, Wrighty in this case.
Wilshere is a professional footballer, and I love him to bits but he isn't infallible and fans like yourself would do well to remember that.

Anonymous said...

I was referring to the way the story is compiled. The fact every quote comes from the prosecution team gives a totally unbalanced article. When the defence team give their side will that make the front page?? Obviously I'm defensive, and the stay silent remark is just my opinion not a demand. "fans like yourself" no need to get nasty pal I love all gooners. How many games did you attend 2010/11?

Anonymous said...

I also have more affinity with Jack due to the fact that every gooner who attended away games home and abroad this season will tell you Jack was always the last off the pitch applauding the fans for their support even when you could see he was gutted as we were at the back end of the season, whereas most just put their heads down and headed for the tunnel at the end of many disappointing results, I think it's love ;0

Abdel Karim Hisham Ibrahim said...

Some of you are beginning to sound like Arsene Wenger....whci is quite pathetic really........Fabregas wants to leave Arsenal how much more clearer does anyone want that to sound?...Nasri wants to leave did Ashely did did did did did Flamini....and so will Jack's called consistency....there is obviously a problem there because you don't often hear the same happening at Manu Utd, Real Madrid Barcelona or to a certain extent Liverpool unless there has been a major falling out with the manager...the latest i 'heard' is that Wenger has been trying to convince Denilson to stay!!!...that just about sums him up

Shubham Goel said...

Last year we had signed Chamakh and Kosc till July 1st. And they both performed well. And we all know about Squillaci.
I'm quite dissapointed we haven't bought anyone this summer.Even gervinho doesn't look a huge improvement to me.
Here are some of the most memorable Arsenal matches:

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