Thursday, 18 August 2011

Samir Nasri, Its A Shame

For me, there is no way back now for Samir Nasri.

As soon as he had a little pop at us Gooners that was it.

His Arsenal career is as dead as the dead-leg I received at football training last night.

Cast yourself back six months. Could you imagine feeling like this towards Samir?

I hate clowns and the colour brown but even if he had worn a brown snood with clowns on it I'd have put that aside.

Because I felt he was one of us.

It's shame because I believed that he could become an Arsenal icon. Maybe he could have been as loved as much as Robert Pires.

Instead, if as expected he leaves for Manchester City shortly, he will become a hate figure with Gooners.

Nasri may even be disliked as much as Emmanuel Adebayor.

He, like many others, will go to Manchester City because they have been hypnotized by pound notes.

Now I hold my hands up here. If I was approached by a rival Window company and offered 3 times my salary I would run around my office naked screaming 'I quit'.

So I can understand why his head has been turned.

The difference though between myself and Samir Nasri is that I'm not a top-level professional footballer who could earn SIX figures a week.

I have to make ends-meet. I have to feed my BBQ spare rib addiction.

Nasri could have become an even bigger cult-hero amonst us Gooners had he snubbed the money on offer at City and signed a new, very well-paid, contract at Arsenal.

Instead we will see him as a greedy little bastard who sold his soul.

Forget the fact Nasri wanted to see our ambition in the summer with who will sign for the club because it wasn't about that for him.

It was all about money.

Samir had a fantastic first half of the season in the last campaign and then his form died off.


I think he was tapped up more than a tap dancing competition.

When Samir saw the money on offer at Manchester City or Manchester United his eyes went bigger than Beth Dittos left arse-cheek.

His agents eyes went bigger than the right cheek.

We were challenging for trophies when we first offered him a deal to stay at the club so his chat about 'ambition' is shit.

I suppose we might expect too much loyalty in this day and age from footballers. Especially me.

Well it appears that loyalty is an attribute that most of them don't have.

And in Samir's case that is a shame.

Especially when it will end more bitter than sucking a slice of lemon soaked in a dose of pine nuts.

Keep It Goonerish.......


Anonymous said...

It makes you think doesn't it. Last season we got many points ahead of MC, then fell away - so did his form. What we supporters class as tapping up could have had an effect - putting two and two together.

Anonymous said...

Gallas was right.

Anonymous said...

I really really liked him until when i heard he had a problem with Titi and to some extent gallas. The guy kept talking about Gallas more than anything else. At that time i knew he had some attitude problem.

He could have easily replaced Bobby with the goals but he could never ever replace Bobby with class n attitude. As you said his form went downhill in the second part of the season and that could be because his agent hooked him up wit citeh and his head was completely turned over.

I just wish he never had a pop at us! We pay his wages so we deserve the least respect and commitment while he is still with us. Not showing commitment would be classed more as disrespectful than what some of the fans did.

Adios and hope you rot in hell oh na na na thats a shame

Anonymous said...

Nasri will just go to Citeh and be one of many, makes me sick, especially in the same window that Fab went. Anyway if we get hazard I wont give a shit. TV cousin :)

library2.0 said...

The guys scum.......good riddance...."5m for the pricks good money for wenger (not) to spend though

library2.0 said...

That should be 25m and not "5m

Anonymous said...

Nice post. Who needs the greedy little s**t anyway.

Any player that lets something like that affect his form on the pitch doesn't have the heart and will of a champion. And that's what we need right now, players with a deadly will to win at any cost. Ha Ha, Seeya Samir, have a nice time comparing wage slips with the other Man City mercenaries.

dannydog said...

samir,s form dipped after wenger chose to pick rosicky in the fab4 role in the cc final

Anonymous said...

well why must we go after players like they dont have feelings? Cos they play for our team or what?
i like money too and i begrudge no one who can make more money.
Beside why do you expect loyalty from some kid who left his beloved club to join you.

Anonymous said...

Wake up..

City sign Aguero, we sign Jenkinson..

We sell our captain for cheap without a replacement and they add to their squad with quality.

They come 3rd and win the FA Cup, we hold on to 4th and fail to even win the Emirates Cup.

The truth is, he's going because they show more ambition and have more chance of winning something. The extra £100k a week is a lovely little bonus.

Anonymous said...

Thank u for everything u did for Arsenal Nasri. This is how football is in the new age where money is everything. I'm not going to hate the man or talk trash about him. Arsenal for life.

Anonymous said...

You really think nasri gives a shite what us fans think, so what if his booed. Wenger should of brought some big name signings, you never know, he might of stayed. But frankly who other than arsenal fans would want to play for arsenal right now, whats the attraction.

You have always been one of the more positive posters (AKB) but even you must admit our club is going backwards fast.

Just wait for the line up on Saturday + subs, and lets see how positve you are after that.

Mik said...

I agree with your article. Nasri could have become a legend. We had extremely important games and he wasn't there. He played a big part in our disastrous summer and when the fans chant his name he claims that he is still an Arsenal player.

Well then he should be on the field instead of flirting with City.

The positive news is that we could see Adebayor in a Tottenham shirt this season. Maybe he can then go on talking to the press how he never wanted to leave Arsenal and that he was forced out?

Anonymous said...

These players never seem to regain their best form after leaving Arsenal. Just as well frankly.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more and also wonder whether his form in the 2nd 1/2 of the season was in any way related to him being tapped up by Citeh and their gazilions.

A real shame it has come to this but no turning back now-so long Samir.

Ahhhh, what could have been.

Come on Arsene bring in the right players now.

goonermichael said...

fuck him

Wegin van Wegsie said...

I’m not emotional about Nasri leaving. It’s just something else that’s happened. He joined us because it was a good career move, to a bigger club in a bigger league, playing the sort of football he’d enjoy. And now he’s managed to angle himself a huge pay-day.

Good for him, if that’s what he wants. It is a lot of money and much more than the Arsenal could offer.

I just wish Wenger would invest that money into bringing in a player of equal measure.

Anonymous said...

You talk about money and greed, but isn't the clubs greed on money why Arsenal are falling by the way side? Why such a hatred on players when they want to leave Arsenal for more money yet you mugs say nothing toward your money hungry board who's only interest is to line their pockets?

Truth is the only reason you have all turned on Nasri is pure frustration in the lack of success your club has seen in the last 6 years. The difference between us supporters and players is that we can't just drop a team because our club lacks hunger for success but players can.

If Arsenal were on the verge of winning the CL or the Prem you would have kept not just Nasri but Cesc as well. Undoubtedly you will buy some players before the window closes but it will be too little too late. So try looking at the real traitors in this saga and stop looking for scapegoats.

Anonymous said...

Great article, but I have to conceed that in this age of greed I expect very little loyalty. Fab left with dignity and class, and we wish him well. It would have been better for Nasri to recognise that we the supporters want more for the club and are equally frustrated. We know he is going and don't mind that but he should appreciate the support we gave him when he was a real Arsenal player..

Beside that we reinforcements badly..


Santos said...

Am I still stuck in 1999 or has football evolved? Loyalty no longer exists in club football. Although , I wish Wenger had signed some quality players to supplement those who are growing insatiated.

I think this is why we need to emphasize on building this team around homegrown players who would kill to play for us, then also mixing them with skillful, reputable and experienced internationals. We used to achieve maxi results when that was our philosophy.

Now I am hoping that the board does something in the transfer market before the window closes.

Anonymous said...

When you're already earning 60k a week and Arsenal are offering something like 100k, you really don't need anymore. For normal people doubling their wages might make em move, but really how much extra cash does N*sri need? Whats he gonna do with all that extra cash.

Like Gallas said, there's a rat in the camp. Let him take the cheese elsewhere

Anonymous said...

Before you'all nail Wenger to the cross you need to stop letting the fucking media mess with reality.

Can you tell me where clubs like Leeds are now?

Last season Arsenal were written off and then what?Before Samir Nasir became a regular Arsenal did just fine,and when he's gone someone will step up.I believe getting Eden Hazard and Per metersaker would do for now.


Anonymous said...

what's A shame to me is not being able to win anything last season despite of so many quality players we have... why?? because someone is stubborn enough to look at the limitation within the club...

want to talk about loyalty? win something for God sake... then expect loyalty...

My fear is next season there will be more players exit if we dont win anything again this season,

goatlad said...

Na$ri is a cunt, is a cunt, Na$ri is a cunt!

tally said...

next season nasri may be offloaded to tottenham - just my prediction

Anonymous said...

once believed to be our next bobby, now completely loathed upon. whatever went wrong dear sami... we couldve been great together.

TrueGooner said...

Did someone say Cesc left with class? If Cesc left with Class then Nasri is leaving with more class. Cesc sign a five year contract only to force his way out and forcing the club to bend to his demands without getting what they would have if he was put on the market. How is that class? Atleast Nasri is at the end of his contract and is being honest not to re-sign cause he doesn't want to stay and doesn't like being put where he doesn't fit on the pitch. That's honesty. Nobody told Arsenal not to sell him earlier. Stop worshiping Fabregas. If Adebayor had done what Cesc did you would have nail him to the cross literally. My suggestion is support the clubs and the players you have cause nothhing is changing at the moment. Maybe if you actually sing your hearts out or support the club and manager the players will love the club more and want to give their all. Maybe they just don't like the way you are treating them. That's why they are leaving.

Anonymous said...


All he wants money
Sami Naseri!

Fuck him. Up the Arsenal!

Anonymous said...

It is a shame that Nasri is likely to go. I can't blame him though.
Why would he want to stay at a club (regardless of money on offer)that is clearly happy to opperate on a knife edge when it come to the squad, rather than invest in proven quality in key areas. The fans have been lied to & strung along for the past 3 seasons in this respect & I expect that the players have too. Nasri is a quality player & no fool.

Anonymous said...

I was hoping to like him for years to come. He did act kinda spoiled and bratty. I lost so much respect for him. Gallas seems like a better person than him.

Anonymous said...

Hard to take but Man City are going places and Nasri will win trophies with them. Fabs won his first in 20mins at Barca, having spent 6yrs winning nothing with us.

It's a shame but it's reality that they want to get paid well and win trophies.

Future's looking bleak

Edub said...

It's all relative! He may have made what we think is a massive amount of paper but he's used to that now so it's out equivalent of say 2k a month. A rival company comes in and offers him 8k, of course he's gonna go! I think the stupid fans shouting about Nasri should have used their energy to worry about our players on the pitch. If ever the Arsenal needed a twelfth man it is NOW! I don't think he'll be hated as much as Ade as he wouldn't be stupid enough to run the length of the pitch to come to the Arsenal fans. If he goes to Spurs you'll see real hate. We need to worry about the players who we have now and who want to play for us! We need reinforcements!!!

Anonymous said...

Arsenal fun are so ungrateful,never appreciate anyone but their failure manager who live in their former self. I pray for Nasri & wish him all the best. Arsenal is just a kindergaten club & i can't expect them to stay even when they qualify to graduate to a higher institution. Arsenal is dead and accept it. As for me am also tired of Next c'son. Good bye Arsenal.

Shishir said...

Have hope, for every Samir Nasri there is a Robin van Persie.

Anonymous said...

gallas was right. i remember saying that at the time and getting flamed by idiot fellow arsenal fans. now you are all hypocrites. you have seen nasri for what he is. wenger is to blame of course, he signed the @unt and he also signed adycunt to name but a few. every one of those bastards used wenger and arsenal for their own ends and then stuck one in our arse. wise up.

Mikeg said...

Gallas was a scapegoat, there was a witchunt stirred by nasri.he was right about nasri. Nobody listened thts why he went to tottenham. Nasri used arsenal to get where he's going. But what can u say??

t2 said...

TrueGooner is right. He is better than Cesc. Cesc is world class player but Samir is straight and honest.There is no fucking Barca DNA, boyhood gay club etc. He wants the money and the ambition and money, money. Let him go - he is in the last year- and take the 22 we get and invest it. Cesc's hide and seek was disgusting

Harryabdu said...

Why don't people stop talking about arsenal not wining anything for 6yrs how many teams below arsenal have won any thing and they have nit won any thing fir the last 40 years like spurs for instance at least we have not spent any money . And is still in the top 4 for 15 yrs with no money spent there are teams out there that have spent over 400 mil and still won nothing spurs have sacked at least 8 managers still paying compensation having spent about 500 mil in 15 yrs where as arsenal has made that much and more and new stadium it's not the arsenal supporters that want to get rid of wenger it's the yids who are jealous and want to see them get in to the same state that they are in skint and no money to build a stadium and are trying to get a second hand stadium

Anonymous said...

more burying your head in the sand you realy think if Arsene wenger had built a competitive side he would have wanted to leave? Fabrgas took a pay cut for christ sake.....mark my words...Jack Wiltshire will do the same in a few seasons time...that is if Wenger is still around

WeGunnerBeKings said...

Nice to see the fans force out another talented player!

WeGunnerBeKings said...

We seem to be the quickest fans to turn on our team and individual players. You say he had a pop at the fans. Well he was right it was disrespectful to start calling him greedy. No one bar wenger and nasri knows what is going on behind the scenes. Cesc fabregas told the media that he wasn't allowed to talk about things. Maybe nasri is trying to wait and see if wenger signs more players. And the way he came out and played on sat, I have complete respect for him.

Anonymous said...

The epl trophy is in nairobi today ,il go see it tommorow its then heade for Ghana .125 years of Arsenal this might be the perfect gift for the fans ,but we need to be realistic Wenger loves money more than Nasri Adebayor gallas,he always takes the money Bergkamp was the last hero to truly retire at Arsenal,Wenger should feel as embarassed as he felt last Sunday ,he needs to listen to majority of fans and buy real players or 125 years Arsenal have been around will not be remebered in a good way.

Anonymous said...

there is no way back for you Wrighty all the bs you were saying about Wenger and that we should wait and see what he is going to do......the fact that he just offered 6million for Cahil shows you the extent of his ambition...the whole Arsenal FC has now become e big con

Anonymous said...

Doublegooner says:
August 28, 2011 at 19:36


Various fans from real old timers to the 20 somethings have been calling me.

Many are talking about organising and asking how we can arrange Demos.


We ALL need to come together. There are 000′s who feel lke we do.

Lets ALL see what we can do. We ALL love this club & Wenger, Gazidas have failed. THEY MUST GO NOW.

We are in a relegation battle.

email me at or

I’ll print T.shirts & offer them at cost ( approx £3-4 each) Digital Printed large banners all at cost.

Geoff & Pedro, stop fannying about, You’ve both been a brave voice for a long time. Lets all get together.


Please support this.

Anonymous said...

The Arsenal Board are happy to take our money for tickets and merchandise but are not willing to spend some money on players. Time we started boycotting games until they start spending some money on players. You can help save our team by doing one of the following: Boycott future games until we spend 70 Million on new players or Bring a red card with you to the games! Lets show the red card to Wenger and the Board

Anonymous said...

hmmmm sorry Wrighty but why did you not comment after the 8-2 defeat to United?...was that defeat part of Wengers plan also to deceive the press into thinking he was finished only to suprise them with new signings and then win the Premier LEAGUE???? said...

Very worthwhile data, lots of thanks for this post.

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