Thursday, 1 September 2011

Double Standard Mugs

Some people out there make me laugh harder than when I'm watching Harry Redknapp having a twitching fit when S*urs are losing.

Many said Arsene Wenger needed to add to the squad and 'spend some fucking money' or Arsenal would free fall into the Orpington and Bromley Division 5 Sunday league in no time.

Well, Wenger has finally dusted the cobwebs from the Arsenal chequebook and brought in several dead-line deals and all the sudden he has panic-bought!

It does my head in more than Marmite, and I hate Marmite, so gawd knows how Arsene Wenger feels.

Look, don't get me wrong, it would have been better if Wenger had had a settled squad a few weeks ago but it didn't happen.

However, he was rectified that now with some very good signings so how this is panic-buying I will never know.

If that 'diamond geezer' Harry Redknapp had done the same deals as Wenger the media would be absolutely creaming their knickers.

Sky Sports News would be going mental.

Imagine the breaking news banner at the bottom of the TV screen. It would have gone into meltdown faster than Usain Bolt having a sprint on the sun.

Harry would be proclaimed as a genius or the messiah and we should bow before him or his twitch would strike us down in fury.

Arsene still gets stick and he has done exactly what people wanted him to do!

How can he win?

These players that Wenger has brought in are of high quality and still he receives grief.

Its double standards of the highest order if you ask me.

Keep It Goonerish........


SammyNelsonsPants said...

At last, some sense, in a mad, mad world. Well done.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't have put it better meself.

Anonymous said...

Now sign David Dein & terminate the board's contract

Anonymous said...

Spot on and I'm not someone who can be bothered to leave comments!!

Anonymous said...

too bloody right- i have just had an arsenal ‘mate’ , drunk and annoying boring the shite out of me in a pub how we arent good enough and will finish 7th this year. He, like the rest of the nouveau riche haters need to sod off and support Manshitty. We are the Arsenal, and I will support my team through good times and bad. i believe Wenger wanted more, hence the massive 35m bid for Goetze and 22m bid for m’villa -n when it became clear they werent for sale he bought quality stopgaps until Hazrd, Goetz etc come on the market- smart management and the new shape Arsenal look good even without the uber signings he was going for.

Give this team a chance for christ sake before you bitch and moan. I think we have bought one of the best defenders in europe, a top quality centremid, a fast and expansive left back, a tricky winger and a backup striker with an immense workrate a la Kuyt.

How can this be bad business

Anonymous said...

Haeey is English, remember?

Anonymous said...

Bang on.The arsenal media witch hunt continues.

Anonymous said...

Your completely right.
If you want a bit more perspective after a fornight of unprecidented Wenger bashing, considder this...
Take away Chelsea's & Man Citys backers £'s & $'s & put them back in the PL table where they'd be without it & Arsenal (struggling along paying their own way) are looking pretty good.

Anonymous said...

Yes, agree with all you guys. Disappointed lack of superstar signing. I would love to see Goetze and Hazrd. However, they are not available, there is nothing AW can do. While he did make some economical signing to ans at least short term problem and pressure. At least most of fans are happy with the new move. Those superstar may be more available later and more young guns will be developed and promoted. Especially after the effective of the coming financial fair policy

Breezy said...

yep we got exactly what we needed some quality and experience and the squad seems to have good depth all round. No complaints from me, our season starts now.

TrueGooner said...

All I can say is I am happy. I don't care what those so call know it all thing. I hope the fans can continue to support the teams on at every game. No more booing. Let us sing theo name maybe it will help his confidence. Gunner for life.

Anonymous said...

I hear you. We all knew the move to the Emirates was going to be a problem for sometime especially the way the club is run. We are the only EPL side not living outside our means and if any person in the real world looked at Man city and their new 400m sponsorship they'ld say it was money luandery.
Fact is Jossi and Arteta are signings to help blood Wilshere and Rambo and help them with the experience, why else would Arteta get a 4yr contract at the age of 29? Also I read Arsenal had come to an agreement for Hazard but they would not have had enough time to replace him.
Moreover, even though Arsenal came out to deny that article that said Wenger was fighting with the board over signings, the signings prove what the article said was correct, i.e. Wenger wanted to sign new young players and bring in more experienced players. Which he has now done.

The Britsh press have always hated Wenger and the fact he does not spend stupid money on players. I mean we got Per for 9m less than Bolton were demanding for Cahill and I'm sorry but the German is much better and more experienced. They attacked Wenger last season for not buying a goalkeeper but Szchzney was already there. Henry, was a flop before he joined Arsenal, who was Viera before Arsenal? Did they not abuse Wengeer for playing Cesc at 16years old?

These football pundits have no clue

Anonymous said...

never felt that numbers was the issue myself. mertsaker(?) for instance, technical player. feel that arsenal has enough technique, should maybe forgo technique for a little of the battle hardened bastardness.
feel that parker and an english defender (if inferior technically) would have added the drive & bastardness missing from the squad.
parker would be a perfect midfield leader, ideal example for the technically superior ramsey wilshere.
hope that i am wrong, but do not believe that wenger has addressed the fundamental problem: heart & attitude. frimpong has it, but he needs the leader to temper it.
think that wenger has got it wrong this window.

Anonymous said...

Remember Harry is English... Only way Wenger will get that kind of praise is only if he signs a bunch of English players.. Then maybe.....

elbow said...

Could not agree more most of the rags and media have already written off the signings before a ball has been kicked......roll on the Swansea game......which now all of a sudden seems to be sold out....She Wore....

Sid said...

Mertesacker is too technical now! Haha! I have heard it all now.

He is too slow, too tall, too German and now too technical.

The dude is 100 times better than Cahill and is both battle hardened and a great organiser. He is vastly experienced too.

Its a media fucking myth that you need some English grit.

They have to say that as English players have fuck all bar grit.

Anonymous said...

Pleased than I was 24 hours ago.
New players definitely gives the fans something to get excited about.

But we got Mertsacker instead of Cahill because he was cheaper.
We got Arteta instead of Mata because he was cheaper.
We got Santos instead of Baines because he was cheaper.

All the money spent was less than we got in for Fabregas/Nasri/Clichy/Eboue.
The board have managed to keep their grubby paws on our money in a transfer window yet again.

Where is our back up goalkeeper?
Why are we still a minimum of one centre half short?
Where is our defensive midfielder?
Where is our physical striker who can head the ball?
Where is our winger who can actually cross the ball?

Why are Almunia, Diaby, Sqillachi, Song, Denilson, Arshavin, Djourou, Rosicky, Vela and Bendtner still Arsenal players.
10 crap players still on Arsenal‘s books.
Bendtner said in early August that he had a dozen offers to think about…Bo11ocks!…no one wanted you, you useless donkey!!!

But can we be positive with the new players? Yes…but not for this year’s Premier League, we’re too far behind already, all these signing should have been done in June or early July.
We had the money, we chose not to spend it, the board and Wenger have cocked up yet again.


Anonymous said...

It's not Harry is English. Wenger gets his fair share of delusional followers in the media. Wenger has been in the job for 15 years. 6 of which he's failed with a project that's got him appearing like a mad man on the touchline. He's then professed about how English football should be run whilst not achieving anything with the method he keeps telling everyone is the right way. Funny thing is that whilst Wenger has taken 6 years to foster youth (hardly any of which are from our own development structure), Ferguson achieves what he tried within a summer.

You might be all excited about spending money on Arteta, Benayoun and Mertesacker but someone of us (you know the ones who actually pay to go to games rather than blogging and watching illegal streams on net) want more quality for our money. We've effectively downgraded. When spurs sold Berbatov and sign Pavla-whoever, we all laughed.

The joke is on us this summer, you're just too thick as sh1t to get it.

Anonymous said...

Sack the board for this debacle of transfer activity clearly brought on by getting smashed by the arsenal hate the way the board and most of all numb nuts hill wood are bring back dein.embarrassing transfer activity

Anonymous said...

sId: like i said hope that i am wrong.

but the team has worked a position to challenge & then crashed 3{?} seasons running.

the kind of response to adversity should be positive, not what we have seen.

pattern recognition.

hope that mertsaker is a success.

Anonymous said...

Well said, only shame is we should have bought

Anonymous said...

Who cares what everyone thinks its us gooners vs the world let's all go crazy this season at the emirates let's make it a fortress come on you gooners let's unite!

TrueGooner said...

Why is these so called life long ticket paying fans ever saw us buying big name players. If you are so much of a fan that attend the games, then you should be aware that when we were winning we never bought a player with big name. We made them big names. Some people let their emotion get ahead of them and kick all objectivity out the door. Let the players he bought fail before you start talking. Goodness be happy and support what you've got at least players were signed. By the way we only sign two players on the deadline day. Matesacker and Dos Santos were pretty much done deals before deadline day.

Anonymous said...

One big positive to come out of this painful period could be that all Gooners unite as one to support the mighty Arsenal, there's been far too much division in our support lately. C'mon you Gunners!

visionary said...

is it wenger who has made these signings or have the board intervened?????. no french africans or african French's and no 16yr old wonderkids, makes u think and lets face it he dose like the above mentioned players.
still i hope we turn the corner and the drubbing manure gave us will be erased by a trophy

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Well said, we should put the fear of God into teams that come to the Emirates just like Barce, Real and Turkish fans do!!! The Emirates is the 3rd largest capacity football stadium in the country only behind Wembley and Old Traford. Enough of the we are lacking English grit and all that crap, Puyul is short but he is technically good enough to get the job done at Barce, Per is good enough to get the job done of Germany, how many times has Cahill played competitively for England?

Lets turn the Emirate into a stadium opposition teams fear coming to, and lets make the refs scared to give a decision against our beloved Arsenal when at Ashburton Grove

Forget the armchair football mangers. If they really knew what they were talking about they'ld be getting the 10m a year Wenger and co earn

Anonymous said...

No Wonderkids? what do you call Ryodinhio, or Alex, or the Barce and Real kids that joined this summer?

w12mcee said...

is arshavin allowed to mount mertesackers shoulders for corners??:D

Anonymous said...

I am 50 / 50

I think we should have at least brought in one real world class player... this would of sent out a message to our players, opponents, and the media.

However we still need to give these players our support they now where the Arsenal colours!!!

If we do not believe in them who will... I still find it hard to believe that players will want to play for us when our support is easily the worst in the league.

We need to give all the support we can to them and who knows.


piken79 said...

i like what wenger has bought, who cares what people think?! how is cahill better than mertersacker? what has mata done in football to command a 26pd fee? what moron buys just to show intent?

Anonymous said...

At last someone with some sense. We all wanted experience and we got it. Those of you who still believe we should go out every summer and buy 3 or 4 world class players for 20 to 40 million each are just crazy. Unfortunately we were not given our stadium like Man City, we had to pay for it. We also don't have an owner who wants to give our manager 400million to spend so that he can he can build 2world class teams. What Wenger has done on his budget is nothing short of phenominal. I would love for someone to give Wenger 400 million like at Chelski and Man Shitty and I'm sure Wenger would too but not if it means that the club ends up on it's knees in debt. Look at the protests at Liverpool and Man Utd in the last couple of years. Well done Arsene on buying experience internationals to support the kids while still making a profit. can all us Arsenal fans get behind the gunners and stop your bloody moaning. Our players need support week in week out not just when things are going well but even more so when times are hard. Personally I think we have played a big part in ruining the confidence of a few players in recent years and quite frankly that is disgaceful. Before anyone has a go, I do have a season ticket and I listen to the moaning week in week out, booing your own team is wrong

Anonymous said...

It is not double standards at all. Wenger has panic bought and extremely averagely too.
This is a manager who wouldn't keep stars like Gallas, Pires, Gilberto etc. once they got much past 30 because they were 'too old' and not worthy of anything other than a 1 year extension. Now we sign two injury prone midfielders, albeit one on loan, aged 29 and 31. And let's face it neither have ever set the world on firs.
Furthermore, we bought the cheapest of our centre-back targets in Mertesacker. Evidently Jags and Cahill were Wenger's preferred choices but we would not cough up.
Santos is a relatively unknown quantity who by all accounts is great going forward but cannot defend. Plus neither defender has PL experience and will take time to adapt.
Meanwhile the striker brought in is very cheap, got relegated last year, and has never performed at this level.
It is a fucking joke. I pay £10,000 for four season tickets each year. I have been atending all home games and at least 50% of away games since 1986. I am not a fickle fan who doesn't understand the game and thinks the only solution is money. But why should we comparatively much more than every other major club fan in world football, in order to watch second tier players.
We accumulated £75m from transfers this summer, yet spent £53m. He has done it again - a tidy profit. We lost three guaranteed starters and replaced them with maybes. The manager was given £80m to begin with this summer regardless. Where was the planning?
We bring in a 17-year-old for £15m but won't buy an established English centre-half for the same price.
Wenger bounded around Europe bidding left, right and centre and got what he deserved - a load of unreliable second hand cars. That is not to say that oe or two will not do well. I hope they do, but don't try to convince me we can challenge.
I have on excellent authority that Wenger went for marquee signings but fell short. Well that is no suprise. Look at how long those type of signings take. Fabregas took two years, Nasri 6 months, Vieira three years, Ronaldo two years, Henry two years etc. If you want top players you have to plan ahead and sell the vision. You also have to pay over the odds.
We should have had this sorted months ago - even years ago. It also helps if ypu get your squad together early - before you have demoralised the club's players and supporters, before the media have gone mental, and before you have lost two of the first three games by substantial margins, with sendings-off in every game!!!! Wenger has fucked up royally. Win the league of CL this year or you are out!!
Mourinho et al would love his job.

Anonymous said...

Sorry but I disagree with this wave of excitement at the moment. All the blogs & Arsenal news sides were linking us with stars like Hazard, Cahill, Samba, Benzema, Malouda, Alex, Kaka, Mvila etc .... And we missed out on all of them. I dont understand all the huge expectation around Mertesacker. Based on what? Most comments are from fans who have never watched him! Santos looks great on youtube but yet again, most of us have never seen him in a full match. Arsenal were rumoured to have £100m to rebuild our shattered humiliated team - we spent around £30m. So I can understand why some fans arent getting over excited. Nasri & Cesc were quality - the new guys will have a lot to try & live up to. One thing Im glad about is Park, Santos & Pers initial interviews as they all seem keen to get going & give 100% effort. Good luck to them but im not sure we have brought in the quality we needed to win some silverwere.

Anonymous said...

Definitely agree about the press. I watched a program last night and some twat was moaning about how Arsenal should have bought a star player for some ridiculous sum of money. Wenger just bought four players, each internationals ( admittedly Arteta is not a regular but he is still of that standard), each experienced, and in the positions we needed for 25-30 mil. He bought eight throughout the whole transfer period (accruing a couple of dead ball specialists in the process!) for 55-60 mil. and he was prepared to spend more. Chelsea bought Torres last year for 50 mil. hrrrmm, 8 players or a misfiring spaniard. Wenger can't get a trick it seems.

Our starting lineup is still impressive, we have good players. They just need to get cracking and put some wins together, which they'll do starting next week, and then normal proceedings will resume. As a result we'll get to watch some of the most beautiful football ever played and Arsenal will challenge on four fronts just as we always do. Lets help our team get there so we can pull the finger at the haters!

Arsenal FC!!!

P.S Walcott and RVP to ship a ton of goals this season!

Anonymous said...

well said matey, well said. Yes arteta might not be cesc, but he is a diffrent type of player to cesc.I cant even believe the media have the audacity to criticise mertsacker, a proven defender on all levels, Probably world class, tall,strong and a gooner, exactly what arsenal need. If Alex Ferguson or harry Redknapp had signed Arteta the media would have declared this as a major coup for them. Lets face it Cesc was a great player for arsenal, but in that period, arsenal never won anything for us. Same with Nasri, the new look squad is close to what thye invincisbles were bar the DM position. This transfers saw a change in philosophy at the emirates, now the revolution as begun. what we need next is an overhaul of the backroom staff.

Anonymous said...

Wrighty of mighty horsepuck, what you have written is rubbish of the highest order. When will you ever understand, true supporters don't care about Arsene FC, we care about how the team performs. Wenger's imploding youth policy brought this on, what we've got is second hand panic buys, which is what happens when you do essentially nothing until the last moment. Wenger has done what people asked him to do? Writy, your are a shameless sellout, how much is the club paying/giving you for this?

Anonymous said...

Spot on well done. Love Arsenal Hate Football Media.

Anonymous said...

Exactly my thoughts Wrighty, I was saying the exact same thing to all my football friends. Well done Arsene, hopefully these players will really help us challenge this season. How is Mertesacker not a million times better than Gary Cahill?? All Gooners wanted a big, rough, no nonsense player, and when we get one, they complain that he's too slow and not technical enough! We have enough of those types of players!

Anonymous said...

Please the trully GUNNER's let lift our players ,let forget abt the past & move our football club to where we belong to on the table and am confident by the time we play three consecutive games we wiil achieve that with the new esperience players WENGER has added,C'mon Gunners,GUNNER'sfor life.Loads of thanks to A Wenger.

Anonymous said...

Arsenal are being managed by morons.

Anonymous said...

yeah i'm thinking arsene didnt buy these players you know....its just a pheory but he went to france 2 days that because the board finally stepped in and said they was buying the players? i think arsene got pissed off and went to france to chill out and calm down. what do you lot think?

NorthBank Jay said...

Think your barking up the wrong tree, Of course Wenger was invloved! When are some so called Arsenal Fans and the media going to realise that we don't have the spending power of City, Manure or the Chavs, its not just about the fee for the player you have to consider the wages, our top earner is on 80k a long way from the 250k a week that City are paying Aguero! I heard some idiot asking why we didn't bid for Tevez - for gods sake get real! The players we have bought are great additions to our team ( i would take them over Liverpool's any day) One of the main things that needs to happen for them to succeed is for the fans to unite behind the team and the manager and create a siege mentality against the press and the haters. We will finish in the top four but i hate to say it but due to the stupid amounts of money and spending power of the two mancs and the chavs we can't realistically compete, but at least we will get very close compared to the spuds, Villa et al


Looking forward to seeing the new players on the 10th and a few cheeky pints in the Eaglet before!

Steve D. said...

Bloody Wenger has messed up my club calendar; I'm going to have to flip over October and November now Clichy and Nasri have gone. I want my money back!!!!

For all you thick whinging gits, THAT WAS TONGUE-IN-CHEEK.

Well said Wrighty - ESPN slagged off Arsene and then praised Citeh for signing Hargreaves - go figure?!?!

The doomers are so easily manipulated by the media. They spout the same nonsense they read in the Sun and call it original thinking. Get behind the team guys and STOP BLOODY WHINGING

Dandy Dan said...

To the 2 anons at 21;23

Get a life you sad pricks!

We didnt sign Cahill because Bolton wanted stupid money for a half decent CB. WE got Mertesacker who is a better fucking player you twat.

Some of these wankers need to get some perspective really.

Id have loved us to have done all our business early and for whatever reason that didnt happen, but now we have a much stronger squad.

WE have signed a Brazilian LB, our last one wasnt too shabby either! And park, is a 6 footer, so maybe he has some presence to him eh? As for a defensive midfielder, apart from Song (whp was on your list you dumb cunt) we also have Frimpong and Coquelin.

But why let facts get in the way of your puerile childish rant?

Brain Dead said...

anon 22;28

Fuck off you go to away games or pay £10k for 4 season tickets.

You are just another whiney armchair twat with no balls.

Your support is a joke, what kind of fan slags off players when they havent even seen them polay for us?

Arteta is a quality signing, Benayoun is a quality signing, Per metesacker is a 100 times better than Cahill, the media darling with one cap and no CL experience and yet you dslag off the german with 75 caps? The fact that Germany are far better than England obviously didnt even register with you?

Santos is the current brazilian LB, and yet he is not good enough? The only gamble for me is the S Korean, who is his nations captain BTW.

Then theres Gervinho who has already shown his qualities.

You need to go get another hobby

Loh said...

Phew... took me awhile to read through all the comments. I am excited to see many actually feeling positives and happy about the fact that we have got in some quality signings in the back end of the transfer window. I am however sad to see some people writing off our chances before the next game!

I absolutely agree with Wrighty7 and feels that all these negative comments from the media and all the Arsenal witchhunt that is going on. Yes, we didn't get any $20M+ signing but we got quality signings coming in. Some said we didn't get an international star coming in but Per Mertesacker is a battle hardened German international! To me, that's a quality international star compared to Cahill who has barely featured for England! And as far as I am concern, Germany in recent years had done much better than England! No disrespect to Cahill and I do agree he is a good player, but writing Per off before his first came and concluding that he, an experience international, as no where as good as Cahill or Jakielka is unfair. I can understand everyone's opinion on English grits but I don't believe grits come only from English players! We have walcott and gibbs but I don't see much of the so called English grit.

Then, there's Arteta. People goes about saying he is not good enough because he was not in the Spanish team. However don't forget that awhile ago, the English media was hoping for Arteta to represent England!

All I am saying is, we are (or most of us are) proud supporters of Arsenal. We want the best for the team. But it's just too early for anyone to judge the players coming in when none of them have even play a single minute for us! Just give the players a break, let's see how they go about with the team before giving unfair criticism about them.

I admit that at one point I was very frustrated with our transfers and I was feeling horrible when MU trashed us. But things are changing. We got new players in and each and everyone of them are experienced quality signings. They may not be the $20M+ signings people are hoping but if Wenger can sign these quality players for $10M and below, to me it's a good deal!

I also agree with the fact that the $20M+ players we want (Hazard, Goetze, M'Vila) are not available but this is not saying Wenger may no go back in for them in January to continue to strengthen the team.

Finally, i also saw a comment from people saying they are season pass holders and the fact that some of us are positive because we don't spend a fortune getting season passes and just go about blogging and watching Arsenal play by watching illegal stream. All i want to say is but not attending every game does not mean that we expect less from the team or we are happier with cheaper signings. Not all of us live in London. I for example is from Malaysia and subsribe to satellite TV to watch Arsenal play! It may not cost as much as a season ticket, but it's the only way I can watch my beloved Arsenal play!!! I just think it's an unfair comment to say that we care less for the team and have less expectations just because we paid less to see the team play.

I guess bottome line is, while we could have signed more "expensive" players, I am happy with the fact that we have bought quality players regardless of their price. All I am saying now is for us all to get behind the team and support each and every player wearing that red and white jersey and not simply writing them off before we see them play for us.

Have faith Gooners....

Top-GuNNer said...

My god the moaning still continues why must some of you gooners always be complaining about something. This has to end now and just support the team, this divide is hurting the club. Weve made some quality signings this summer,at a fraction of the cost compared to our rivals. But i guess some of you would have prefferd us to p1ss every penny up the wall(liverpool) jordan henderson for example 20mil fuk off better be the next sneider for that ridiculous price tag. And another thing considering the quality players (not clichy) that we lost this year, this has been a good transfer for us, The only thing that would have topped it 4 me is if we got parker/m villa, but i think frimpong will suprise us all this year...

Can you feel it?

Anonymous said...

hmmmm sorry Wrighty but why did you not comment after the 8-2 defeat to United?...was that defeat part of Wengers plan also to deceive the press into thinking he was finished only to suprise them with new signings and then win the Premier LEAGUE????

Anonymous said...

To those of you criticizing Arsenal for going for Mertesacker instead of Cahill...
Which is the better team;
- Bolton or Werder Bremen?
- England or Germany?

You must be kidding! Cahill cannot establish himself in an England team that consistently fails to deliver. He has been playing for a team that cannot qualify for CL while PM4 has played 53 times in Europe. Oh, and they are about the same age...

Song a crap player...? He has been named in the Team of the Tournament after African Nation´s Cup the last 2 times.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Wrighty, thanks Dandy Dan, thanks Brain dead.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes this Fackin article is top notch just what the doctor ordered and I bloody loved reading all the comments.
Don't forget though, however bad Arsenal have been this season and the last 6 don't compare to what they were before Wenger got here winning the double in his first full season!! Etc etc

Anonymous said...

my goodness - never ending moaning from some people.

world class players? Henry, Viera, Toure, Pires, RVP, Cesc. Arsenal made one not bought one in case you haven't follow Arsenal long enough. Anyway, $40M player for Arsenal? dream on.

Showcase some intent? here's some name Robinho, Adebayor, Santa Cruz, Bellamy, James Milner - that example shows some intent that goes to the drain. At least Mourhinho bring unknown Drogba and Cech to quality not because of intent.

Mark my word, by December Arsenal will be in top 4 mix.

Roachy said...

Good call Wrighty...

People have to understand that we do not have the sort of resources that ManU, Chelski and ManC has so for us its not as easy to entice players. When they say we have 30 or 40 mil to spend that also includes wages.

What has made it hard this summer is that Barca dragged their feet with their valuation and eventual transfer of Cesc (If you note the Barca president now says they got a bargain at 34m pounds as he's worth at least 53m pounds)AND ManC dragged their feet with buying Nasri, so we had little options to organise the services of Mata, Hazard and/or M'Villa sooner.

Then throw in the massive injuries and suspensions to key starters and you see the mess we were in.

Wenger acknowledged this and made some good signings on the death as he had little choices with the window closing. What I cannot understand is why Wenger did not pick up Enrique for 6m Pounds after selling Clichy. Santos may end up being a better player but Santos is still unproven in the EPL as yet.

At least now we have a spine that will help to produce results with the late additions of Mertzacker, Arteta, Benayoun and Santos.

Most of the English media a full of Spud sports reporters so did you expect them to write positive articles.

buy online percocet said...

You definitely put a new spin on a subject thats been written about for years. Great stuff, just great!

Anonymous said...

And wow what fantastic signings. Concede 8 to Man U 4 to Blackburn

We are in such good shape