Thursday, 5 January 2012

Arsenal Should Raid The Bundesliga Again. And Then Again.

As we know the transfer window is open and that means its silly season time again.

Arsenal will be linked with every Tom, Dick and Harry from the Tombs of the Nobles to Outer 'order' Mongolia.

Some of the rumours will make you laugh, others you can take more seriously.

Lukas Podolski is a player that Arsene Wenger is supposedly looking at. And by all accounts he is a serious possibility.

If the German joined the club I should imagine that at least 99% of Gooners would be happy with his arrival.

He would be welcomed to the home of football by his compatriot Per Mertesacker, who I think should start talking about Podolski's Arsenal DNA in the press.

I read today, and was quite intrigued, that Wenger was looking at a Bayern Munich player too.

For a change it wasn't Franck Ribery, a player mooted to join the Gunners by Nostradamus in 1547.

It was a winger though, and a very good one at that.

Arjen Robben is that player. 

Now whether or not there is any substance to the Dutchman rumours I don't know, but I would welcome him to the club with open arms.

I know that Robben is a bit of bitch at times, to say he doesn't like getting stuck in is an understatement, but there is no doubting his quality.

Of course he has had injury problems in recent years so that would be a worry, especially with our injury record!

However with Theo Walcott's contract situation, and Andrei Arshavin's lack of form, Arsenal could do with a decent wide signing.

Some will dislike Robben's Chelsea connections but personally I wouldn't give a shit about that and if it meant he would sign then I would go collect him myself.

I have no doubt that Robin van Persie would be over the moon if Robben joined and if Lukas Podolski signed too he would probably pen a new contract within seconds.

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Anonymous said...

Wrighty mate
seems to me You still don't understand...first we need to get rid of the americans who are doing their best to ruin Our Beloved Arsenal....and then we need to kick that halfwhit wenger as far as we can...The Arsenal have become nothing more than a money making machine...and yes buying shit players from all over the world...time to smell the coffe Wrighty are being ripped off and its sad to see that you do nothing more about it than applaude...

Anonymous said...

Anyone who calls Wenger a 'half-wit' as the MORON anon above said, really should do one and go support some other team on the internet (as he's never been to a game in his life!)

On behalf of every Arsenal - Fuck off you half-wit!

Anonymous said...

Not sure about robben as hes a bit injury prone too like RVP. But the Bundesliga is a great league that often gets ignored. I for one think Mertesacker has been great recently. He was excellent against Fulham and won all his headers, but i really like how calm he is with the ball at his feet and he never wastes a ball, always heads and passes to an Arsenal player. Podolski would be great but don't think it will happen.
PS agree with 20:49 that no one should call Arsene a half wit. The guy is our greatest ever manager and hauled this club up from its knees in August. If he can bag 2 quality signings in Jan i think we have a real shout for the Champions Lge. 4th is a shoe in don't worry about that.

Scott. said...

Anon're a complete moron.
If you're so upset about the owners,why don't get some of you're mates together and buy the club?
Then you can become the manager and forge a brilliant career.
Actually,go buy FIFA 12 and do the same thing!!!!
It's embarrassing to be Gunners fan sometimes because it opens me to comparisons to idiots like you.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more, with out wenger arsenal will be a mid table team like Aston villa.....
Wait and be paitent with wenger, as we alm say " in wenger we trust" we have plenty of quality players already, could do with few new faces.... We will be in the top four for sure.....

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure about Robben. No denying the fact that he is a world class player, but too injury prone and greedy with his shooting, which won't suit Arsenal play.
I think Wenger should do a HUGE RISK and buy Huntelaar. The reason this is a huge risk is that in order for him to play, wenger will have to go 4-4-2 or move Van Persie out of the striekr role and into Walcott's role (his finishing and crossing is useless anyway, so we won't miss much)
I know a lot of people will say it's stupid to take RVP out of a position he has just scored 35 goals in one season but I have my reasons:
1) Both Bergkamp and RVP have admitted that his best position is as a support striker
2) Arsenal create at least 7 chances every game, but with Walcott and Gervinho, you miss 6 of them. We need a pure finisher, Huntelaar can do that
3) This is the formation that Holland play, and RVP and Huntelaar play brilliant together!

As always, let me know what you think!

GoonerDave said...

The first commenter should do his research. Take a look at our accounts pal, we had far bigger financial problems than you obviously realise. Slate Wenger if you want, but had anyone else been in charge, we would be a top 6/7 club with a big stadium and nothing else since 2005/6.
As for Robben and Podolski, Id love it but I doubt it. I think we might be interested in Podolski, but Im not too sure about Robben. If we signed both these players, Id be very worried that Persie is being sold!

GoonerDave said...

Assuming your comment is directed towards me, Ill fuck off when Im good and ready thanks.
Try to engage your brain here - why the hell would our board announce we dont actually have much money? Do you not realise the paltry offers that would come flooding in for our players? Dont you realise what the media would do with that information?
Its a jailable offence to publish false accounts. Like I said, read them and you will see the truth.

p.s. acting like a tough man behind your laptop is gay. Try to make a point without telling people to fuck off.

Gooner S said...

There is nothing wrong with this post other than being speculative but hey who cares. Harmless fun. If players can survive the German league they will have a far better chance of surviving in the Premier League.

To the anonymous fool who wrote "half wit Wenger" are disgrace and oh by the way "Americans" don't run the club.

Anonymous said...

Mertesacker is STILL rubbish. He has been making more mistakes lately & it was his mistake which led to Zamora breaking into the box when Djorou was sent off. We still have Squillaci sabotaging games. We need decent defenders and a decent pedigree striker. We wont get Podolski or Huntelaar because they cost too much & wouldnt agree to go to Arsenal. Whoever we buy I just hope this time Wenger will not be afraid to use them! We have hardly let Park & AOC near the pitch! Arsenal fans need some good news soon because too many signings have failed in recent years & all the good players are walking away!

Thomas - Once a Gunner Forever a Gunner said...

Rubben + Poldolski + Henry + RVP = EPL Title 2011-2012

Every Gunner's Dream.

Come on Wenger, show us your ambition. We are an ambitious club!

Anonymous said...

If we don't sign known quality we will have a far bigger problem on our hands... Wenger already let nasri and cesc leave without replacing them with similar talent. If the board continue to allow anymore of our star players to leave they will lose one of the clubs best assets... the prestige of the club.
Top players will no longer be interested in playing for us and no matter what we offer to pay them they will go else where. It was bad enough Wenger let van da vaart go to the spuds because 'there was no room in our midfield' although he knew cesc and nasri had their bags packed yet he let the opportunity pass. Could you have mgagined van da vaart linking with van persie up front, it would have been beautiful to watch...

Finally us supporters can speculate all we like but the truth of the matter is we have little impact on the boards decisions or how the club is run and like any business no one outside the board can know for sure what the true intensions or future plans for the club are. I know it is harsh but unfortunately that's the way football clubs are conducted these days.

We all remember the glory days when Wenger lead us to trophy after trophy, with all the poor decisions being made now it's not to hard to believe that maybe a higher power is calling the shots and Wenger is doing his best with what club assests he's being allowed to utilise.

A True Arsenal fan from down under

Anonymous said...

Hmmm yeah Robben deal seems really likely doesn't it. At least do some research before you post complete LIES,

Anonymous said...

i don't think Wenger is being told who to buy or the cost.
If he is allowed to shell out £15m on a 18 year old, who is very good, but will only begin delivering constantly in around 3 or 4 years, then i think it is in his hands.
with vieira, henry, petit, wiltord, pires, he bought players that were in their early 20's so only needed 6 months or 1 year to adapt and start producing. he then changed that to 16 to 19 year olds, who will take a long time to deliver.
he has changed his transfer dealings, and for the worse.

Anonymous said...

"Hmmm yeah Robben deal seems really likely doesn't it. At least do some research before you post complete LIES,"

Read the post you dope;

"Now whether or not there is any substance to the Dutchman rumours I don't know, but I would welcome him to the club with open arms."

Anonymous said...

Wrighty your blog deserves much better comments than the drivel above. Seems to me it's time to ditch anonymous posting to get rid of the big phat c*nts like #1. See my drift?

Asim said...

Wrighty I've been a regular reader to your posts. Love your style of writing. And often copy you (ur style) as well.
This post is kinda naive.
Knowing how Wenger is when buying players how can you expect him to buy two established National Side regulars? And these are not ordinary players, its Podolski and Robben.
Even expecting either in winter window is almost close to a dream.
Well if I were Wenger, I'll surely lure Podolski to arsenal. But, Robben nah we have no more room in the medical section.
And guys stop dreaming.

And first guy dude get life or follow Citeh. They should suit you.


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