Saturday, 6 June 2009

Arsenal closing in on..............?

See the title of this blog? You will be seeing a lot of that this summer.

'Arsenal closing in on....'

'Arsenal close to.........signing'

'Arsenal in talks with........'

My advise? Take no notice if you want to keep your sanity.

It's always exciting to see what players are linked with Arsenal but some I've seen mentioned are ridiculous.

The other day I saw that Gianluigi Buffon was being targeted by Arsenal. Come on man! What next? Pele is making a come-back?!

This summer is going to be more mental than Britney Spears and I'm going to do my damned best to keep my feet on the ground and not lose the plot. Its the least I owe the missus.

I hope most Gooners do the same because it is going to be one looooooooooooong hot summer.

Just breathe, count to ten and remember the last time Arsenal won anything.........Fuck it, wheres my brolly?? I'm gonna smash a car up and shave my head bald.

Keep it Goonerish...........


Spike said...

Oh noooooooo!!! I cant take it any longer!!!!! We havent even signed anyone yet!!!! What the fook is Wenger doing???? Why hasnt he signed all the players now???? FFS! We are gonna be relegated at this rate!!!!


Ahhh, feel better after that...

Uncle Goon said...

There's a reason why it's called "silly season" ;)Of course you shouldn't believe in every rumour, and a good rule of thumb is looking at the source of the "news". I think Buffon & Chiellini rumour came from which seems like an amateur sports web-magazine or something. And their source is again "" which I've never even heard of. I think these rumours started when Tony Adams opened had a case of verbal diarrhea a couple of days ago. Didn't he say that he has been scouting an Italian centre back for us the last couple of months?

The two rumours I have most faith in at the moment are Thomas Vermaelen and Blaise Matuidi. Never seen either one of them play, but I've heard good things of both.

Anonymous said...

I did some research and "" link their sources as the times and the independent.When the fuck did both of these newspapers say we are in negotiation with juve this year.They may have said a thing or to before the world cup 2006 but not this transfere window.So its all bullshit.

The_King_Of_The_World said...

u got to be patient coz its international week, nothin will happen till mid-late nxt week. plus he'll only sign 1 defender coz he'll not want to ruin the development of song and djourou if ya honest, 1 defensive midfielder, and only a striker IF adebayor leaves. think u can agree to that if ya honest.

Anonymous said...

Wenger is in China at the moment looking at young chinese players what a joke

Anonymous said...

Sign chielini, cana, veloso, the guy from wolfsburg, the guy from barca, the guy around the corner, toure's bro, toure's mum, tevez, messi, the guy who cut my hair last tuesday and then entire cast of fame!!

Whoops, sorry...., too much football manager. Either that or i've turned into a citeh fan.

Anonymous said...

lol...what about rumors of people moving away...cesc to milan is also pretty ridiculous!!

james said...

I dont think for one second we will sign Dzeko. I Believe the player and agent are just using us for a improved contract of his present club.

Anonymous said...

I for one will not believe nothing untill i see it happening. I am just praying that our could manager buy good players, at least three. Good luvk arsenal fc

Anonymous said...

James, I agree with your feeling about Dzeko it sound very much as an attempt to improve his contract where he is.

perrygrovesworld said...

I mean a year ago I'd barely heard of Dzeko, its all so transient and ephemeral these players names come and go....

Marko said...

Well Dzeko was gonna get improved terms from Wolfsburg anyhow James. Is it not possible that Real are gonna sign Kaka and Milan will try to appease their fans by trying to sign Adebayor and whoever and so Arsene and Arsenal expecting a bid from money bags Milan, after the sale of Kaka, will look to bring in Ade's replacement (Dzeko) before other teams get involved or before they sell Ade.

It's not so far fetched that we're looking to broker a deal for Adebayors replacement before we actually sell him.

kelsey said...

The Belgian is a done deal, will be announced in the next 72 hours. Trust me.

Spike said...


It would make perfect sense to make sure we had a replacement lined up before Ade was sold, IMO.

Hopefully that is the case. As for Vermaellen... meh

Anonymous said...

Id be just as keen to know who we are going to sell and by fuck do we need a bit of house keeping.The squad in general has no balance. Wenger seems to be collecting attacking midfeilders and trying to fit them in other positions.We have no natural wingers,you have the likes of ebuoe,diaby,bentner,denilson and eddie playing there and for arshvin,walcott and nasri its not there position. We havnt one natural wide man.Its like hes afraid to sell fringe players in case they turn good but quite a few have to go

Marko said...

I know what you mean Spike. I'd prefer Albiol or Chielini but one's unavailable and the both probably expensive. I'm just happy we're signing some players. I've always thought we've a bit of a small squad so this summer if we can keep most of our squad and add some players thus adding our numbers then I'll be happy. In Vermaelan, Toure, Gallas, Djourou and Song that should be enough to make us compete in defense.

Anonymous said...

Selling diaby and ade would almost pay for Frank Ribery and easily pay his wages and for that i would give my right testical.I lost the left in a freak accident a few years back.

Anonymous said...

I am keeping tabs on the amount of crap rumours, only started on 18th May, got 100 already! Feel free to send me more links, can't be many players left though!!

Gunnergetcha said... WHAT A LIST MAN. unbelievable.

since i like dreaming if we ended up signing: Thomas Vermaelen, Yaya, Dzeko, sahko,and thow in zapata, i will give my right nut. then they can have a left and a right.

Anonymous said...

ade for benzema

Mark Modi said...

1. Dzeko
2. Yaya
3. Chielini

1. Adebayor
2. Diaby
3. Sylvestre
4. Senderos
5. Traore

Hopefully this is what we see in the transfer window soon.

we can also might get Downing and Martins.

Mark Modi said...

What I love to see next. But of course only in our dreams and hope.

1. Mexes
2. De Rossi
3. Ribery
4. Ronaldinho
5. Beckham
6. Dzeko
7. Inzaghi
8. Chivu

1. Adebayor
2. Eboue
3. Senderos
4. Traore
5. Diaby
6. Sylvestre