Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Has Arsene Wenger become....untouchable?

I've always believed that no man is above criticism but it seems one man, in the eyes of some, is immune from any type whatsoever.

People reading this post should not take it as a pop at Arsene Wenger, far from it, all I'm saying is surely the great man can be criticised. Can't he?

I love the man and everything he has done for Arsenal Football Club. He has given us trophies and we play the football that most teams in world football could only dream of playing.

But does that mean he can't be questioned?

Of course Arsene Wenger knows a lot more about football than me. But I know when he has made a wrong decision and I'm sure when he looks back at some of his choices he does too.

Some people take everything Arsene Wenger does and says as gospel and I don't think that is healthy. It creates complacency.

I know Wenger analyses everything he does with extreme detail, so whats the point of me doing it I suppose? But surely I can give an opinion on him can't I? Whether you agree or not?

Because that is all it is, opinion. It's not the end of the world because it isn't something that we agree on. Debate about it.

Don't come on here and just hide behind an anonymous comment calling me something because you don't agree. Talk about it.

Or do you have no argument because you are a sheep who follows every Arsene Wenger move? Can you not get your point across? Or do you not have one?

I'm of the belief that Wenger will bring the good times back to Arsenal. I trust him. But I will still question him when I believe necessary.

Look back at my posts over the last year or so. You will see a Gooner who still believes in Arsene Wenger and that he is still the right man for the job, even when some didn't.

Even when some were calling for his head. I didn't. But I still have the right to give my opinion on him whether you like it or not.

You may not agree with me, many don't. But Arsene Wenger is not untouchable by any means.

He is the right man for the job and I hope he will be for a very long time but immune from criticism? He is not.

Keep it Goonerish............


Neal said...

I have it on good authority from Mrs Wenger, that Arsene is, indeed, untouchable!

Anonymous said...

i thought michael jackson was untouchable too

Renoogami said...

err - and your point is....?

nastytern said...

great post, i think too many people either sit on the fence as arsenal fans and take wengers word as given, or especially over the last two years, have been to quick to criticise wenger and ask for his head.

Neither are healthy, and i think it is clear that a compromise is needed.

No manager is perfect, ferguson signed nani and anderson for 30 million, neither have live dup to those lofty prices, chelsea signed schevchenko for 30 mill and we all know how tht worked out, and benitiex has had more than his fair share.

Wenger has made mistakes, not replacing flamini being key among those, but throughout all of this, he has never made any decisions rashly. when wenger makes a signing it is based on months if not years of scouting, learning how a player works in the tea,, how he plays, where he could fit in to the Arsenal. Never does he make a rash decision, Arshavin was watched for almost a year, not merely signed on reputation.

hats off to you sir for raising a topic that too many gooners would shy away from even contemplating.

xisco da gooner said...

This blog is wasted on newsnow when other quality ones are crying to be accepted.

There are tons of blogs out there, but after reading it often, you can get a good bit from them every now and then.

But this blog is always bare shit. Always zero.

I will just start looking at the name of the site with the headline on newsnow before clicking it.

Wrighty7 said...

Thanks Nastytern

shazara said...

I would say you are so right but it would rather be like the guy who says his girlfriend is so funny because she laughs at his jokes.
I totally agree with everything you have written (i think, if i havent, i apologise). I agree that Arsene is the only person to take us out of this downfall we are presently experiencing. However this is concerning the fact that he is definitely the only person who can keep us in the Champions League placings whilst others spend more around us.
It certainly does not mean he is the man to lead us to a title.
Arsenal need a Defensive Centre Mid and whatever you say about Denilson he is not it. We cannot go into another season thinking he is. If we do. Even if we start well. WE WILL NOT WIN ANYTHING. I know the feeling that we need a big centre back as well, when it comes to Chelsea i agree but Bolton and Blackburn don't have a Drogba and i think a quality DCM could see us through.
My opinion is that Arsene is still in the market but presently we have no cash. I pray we can sell Adebayor and go Van Persie/Arshavin upfront next year, maybe get a decent tall centre forward (i am not going to say Chamakh, I dont know if he is the guy and i hate it when people say "yeah, yeah he is definitely the guy we need" just because we have been linked with him and some half assed journalist has told us everything we want to hear).
Please Arsene, buy us a world class DCM. If you can't afford it please question how much the present board are they looking to simply ride out the storm of debt and then start cashing in.

Linsey said...

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Linsey said...

wrighty7, can u contact me cutie?

Wrighty7 said...

Ha ha!

nastytern said...

Why the fuck do you people keep coming back to this blog if you are of he impression that it is so shit. Xisco, do you not understand that this is a blog, not a fucking thesis. It is an opinion of the author, who is entitled to write what the fuck he wants, for other people to read.
It is an opinion, some will like,s ome will not, but if you are of the impression that is is shit, and always has been shit, why don't you just fuck off, so that some of us who quite like just readin other peoples opinions on the Arsenal can enjoy the read Dickhead!!!

Anonymous said...

If we are winning trophies then fuck it, he is untouchable but i need not remind people we are not winning trophies.Regardless of achievements in the past there has to be an evolution.Evolution meaning players must go on to reach the potential we hear so much about and im sorry but they are not.As a fan this is simply not good enough anymore, i support Wenger and everything he has helped turn us into but if next season we have won nothing and he still will not break his strangle hold on youth and the board continue to show a complete lack of ambition then it is time they or he go.

Ignore the haters Wrighty


Anonymous said...

I used to read this blog...it's not bad.

but it's pretty average not 'shit"

Linsey said...

wrighty, wat do u say hunnie?


contact me real quick


Wrighty7 said...

Cheers for the support!

Some people will not just accept its just an opinion.

If they don't agree then just say that! Don't start the abuse!

Listen,I know I'm not the best written blog around but I just write how I feel.

Anonymous said...

What the fuckin fuck?

"cock my ass"?


hey Linsey, I'm even cuter than wrighty, u might wanna fuck me...trust me

Linsey said...

wrighty7, plz i'm still waiting 4 ur contact hunnie.




MickeyGoons said...

To be fair anyone who clicks on a newsnow link without reading the website name first is asking for trouble. I always do, especially becase I bellieve that 90% of Arsenal blogs are pure shit... and 90% of the people posting on them are lame brain fags. Wrighty7 posts however are usually a bit of a laugh.. in fact it is fair to say they are almost like a parodical summary of all the other arsenal blogs out there. So keep it up wrighty7, you are doing pretty good!
It may also interest you that other blogs remove posts that aren't in the groove of their authors and usual posters. I posted once or twice on Le Grove, taking the general piss out of the author, for being touchy about what was written about him in another blog, and was amazed when it was deleted minutes later. I always thought that lot were a brown nosing bunch of idiots anyway... and avoid them... by reading the links ;-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your e-mail address Linsey. You made sure everyone on here will cock your ass now.

Anonymous said...

Please don't take what I am about to say as a criticism of this blog, it's not, it's a comment aimed at a number of other websites, not this one.

I agree that people are entitled to an opinion.

I also agree that AW is human, and makes mistakes from time to time.

Funnily enough, AW also agrees with that, as he admits he makes mistakes too.

However, Goonerdom has recently been inundated with a small but very vocal minority who blindly regurgitate the rubbish spewed forth by the disgustingly dishonest media like mindless sheep, yet somehow manage to claim they are doing this because they "have their own opinion".

News flash, they don't, they're being led by the nose by people with a very determined agenda to do damage to the club.

With this as a background, it's become clear that the web has become a bizarre battleground between a bunch of hysterical bed-wetting sheep, and those who would like the manager to be taken a trifle more seriously, faults notwithstanding.

These two viewpoints have become very entrenched.

So yes, your point would be entirely valid under normal or reasonable circumstances.

Unfortunately we currently have an abnormal set of circumstances, and I really don't think complacency is part of the equation right now.


Tommi said...

Umm... Wrighty, I think you may have a point there. I just can't figure out what it is. I was reading your post waiting for the punch line to appear but it just didn't. I was waiting for a chapter or at least few sentences where you present some claims about Wenger that could be up for debate, something to disagree with, but I didn't find any. I mean, the whole post of yours, while being thorough and well prepared, just felt like it was justifying some criticism towards Wenger that actually wasn't there. I guess it's just me: I was waiting for something you weren't about to write. Your point just was that you think everyone has a right to criticize Wenger, right?

What you say there is of course totally correct. Anyone who disagrees with the basic principle of that post is actually admitting that he is blind and believes that Wenger is a god who doesn't make mistakes.

The thing is that I don't see too many fans who would say something like that. Yes, there are many of us defending Wenger and his actions and I believe rightly doing so to respond the ridiculous and disrespecting arguments made by some members of the "Sack Wenger!"-brigade, but I don't think the vast majority of fans actually think that Wenger doesn't make mistakes or is untouchable.

Naturally I agree that some extreme arguments have been used in the Wenger-debate and surely some of them may indicate that the commenter actually thinks Wenger does not make mistakes. However, usually these kind of arguments, be it for or against Wenger, seem to be provoked answers to an outrageous claim from the other side and not really expressing the real thoughts of the commenter.

Even if I personally find an idea of unerring, god-like Wenger quite laughable, some thoughts from the "other side" are far more off. For example questioning the previous achievements of Wenger by saying he was given a team of good players when he arrived and basically presenting that Arsene really didn't do all that much for the success the team had had during his time is a disgraceful thing to say from an Arsenal supporter and even presenting the boss as an unerring God is more accurate.

So, all in all, excluding the extremists (that I think are the vast minority of the fans), I don't think too many fans disagree with you: Wenger should not be above the criticism. However, when criticizing, everybody should remember that they are just expressing their view: usually they can't say 100% sure they are right and there can be alternative views that should also be tolerated without branding the writer a blind sheep.

Another thing that people tend to forget when criticizing, is respect: if anything, Wenger has earned that during his time in Arsenal and fans should not forget that. For example, if you think Wenger made a mistake by not replacing Flamini last summer, fine. You are entitled to your opinion and you may very well be right, but do not make it look like Wenger never buys the right players, because that's just untrue and very disrespectful.

Tommi said...

Just to clarify my last comment: there are some parts in my comment that may seem to be references to the other posts here, but I was not answering to anyone of you here: I was just writing the post for a while and many posts appeared during that time that consisted similar things that I was talking about.

Anonymous said...

Please stop this blog, it's embarrassing. You sit at home and some daft idea enters your head and you can't stop yourself typing it out.

Everyday more shit.

The best blogs are the ones that keep their mouth shut during the summer and only say something when it needs to be said. Meanwhile, your shitty nonsense continues to pollute the internet.

nastytern said...

I love the way that the majority of abuse for this blog comes from "Anonymous"

It is so easy to criticise someone form behind a brick wall, and so much easier to provide criticism than something constructive or productive.

Obviously your life is very unfulfilled, and maybe you should just fuck off, because we value the opinions of tottenham fans more than yours, is just comical!

ignore them Wrighty

James said...

Best Arsenal blogs are Goonerholic, ANR, Arseblog, Arsenal Truth, A Cultured Left Foot and Young Guns.

The rest are a waste of space, and Wrighty7 is the biggest waste of space of all.

Anonymous said...


King_Kolo said...

yeah I agree that he is not untouchable. I think the media and some fans have been way too hard on Wenger and other fans have had it up to here and is ready to snap at people over. I'm all for backing up our legendary boss but he is not perfect.

Nobody should think he is but at the same time he is far from the worst person on the earth like others make it seems. I always thought Wrighty7 was one of these "Bash Wenger" nonstop people.

While I don't agree with what Wrighty7 said all the way I respect it.

jafyjafy said...

hey mate i agree and dont agree but i think if we fuck up again then i want him out, but till then lets pray that ade-cunt-yor leave asap and get new striker,dm,and even a keeper.

Anonymous said...

Nobody is untouchable or above crticizm.I peronally believe that the coming season is make or break for AW.Failure to compete at the top level and finishing as semi finalist in cup competitions won't do and neither will long unbeaten runs be tolerated.
This is the challenge facing AW. If he adopts an ostrich in the sand policy with regard to the teams shortcomings and failure to address them will be the final straw.
But you never know . Football is unpredictable and for all you know he will,hopefully,confound us especailly with the growing maturity of the team.

nastytern said...

I think a lot of criticism towards Adebayor and especially Bendtner this season has been very harsh.

As much as i can completely understand the gripe that gooners have with both players, i think it is slightly unfair.

Adebayor has been a fucking twat at times, and has definitely not played at the standard that his salary justifies. But at the same time, i don't think he has been getting the support on the pitch that he needs, and has been left totally isolated at times, and unfortunately he is not capable of playing the lone striker role. It reminds me in a way of schevchenko, at AC Milan, he had balls coming in from everywhere for him to knock in, at chelsea, he had none of this. The same goes for Ade, give him enough supply and support and he will deliver, leave him isolated and he will end up offside for the whole fucking game.

As for bendtner, 15 goals in a season where he started less than 25 games, his return is better than Tevez, and he works fucking hard whenever he is on the pitch, i want to see more of him next year, his play is direct, he know what he wants, and he never rests on his laurels.

We do need a good Dm, not that Denilson isn't good enough, but he is inexperienced. he showed glimpses of brilliance last year, but he needs a sold head to calm him down, teach him a few things about positioning, so that in 2 years time he will be better than flamini. If we did continue with him as our Dm though, i really wouldn't be that worried.

We need to give this team more support, it is no wonder that they underachieve when they are bood and run down by their own fans, it's just nt fair.

I am in no way saying our team is perfect, it does need a few more level heads to lead this team, but i don't think we are anywhere near as fucked as many "gooners" are making us out to be

Anonymous said...

Wrighty, decent topic. Alot of people believe he is untouchable, unquestionable, un-sackable...
The first two, no he isn't every man can be questioned, not interrogated though like he was at the AGM.. Un-sackable, yes because he has given us so much, has had the chance to jump ship at least every 2 months but still beat Madrid's requests back with a big bat lol He is also the only man in premier league history to say... "I will make my team play the way I want them to" and stuck to it. Every manager says that, but none of them have, Not even Fergie... everyone can play like Bolton and kick the fuck out of the team in front of them, but not every team can play like us. And we've done it whilst being "skint".
I've questioned him, many a time, but that doesn't make me a non-believer, it doesn't mean I'm not an Arsenal fan either. He IS still the man to take us back to the top, and I believe in his project, but I agree about Denilson, we need a Stronger centre mid. Then we will be fine. Vermaelen is a quality signing, He will easily deal with Drogba and all the other big strikers we will come across.

Nice one Wrighty,
Gunner #1

Anonymous said...

the cow says moooooo

Anonymous said...

It's not your opinions that upset people - it's the click grabbing headlines you post.

When you lure people to the site with headlines that are irrelevant and spout of your opinions, your going to upset people. Get used to it.

You can't post an opinion and then expect everyone to fall in line and agree with it.

The other fact is your infromation doesn't seem to come from a solid source - it's what the papers say, and discussion on what has already been printed, and we all know that 90% of that is pure fantasy.

You obviously write about Arsenal as it is a passion, but it is the same for many of us. And when Arsenal fans are lured to a site via Newsnow through a 'Shock Headline' such as todays - you will get abuse from Anonymous as it is a quick vent of frustration at being decived.

My opinion would be - stop the shock headlines, grow a loyal following and it will grow. you want the clicks and the praise now - who do you think you are Man City? You can't just force people to fall in line.

Anonymous said...

of course wenger untoucable, but in a good way. because his commitment to this club, can't be replace with anyone else. we all know, when wenger decide leaves this club, arsenal probably would falls too. so he must stay untoucable until this club very much can stand on its own. i mean, who else can operate a big club with so little fund. im sure new manager would need 50m to keep arsenal in top 4.

Anonymous said...

Fanner said..yes yes, Wenger is untouchable because no other manager would want to manage Arsenal with tons of spoilt fans whining non-stop, craving for "success". I cannot wait to see Wenger leave Arsenal one day.. and see Arsenal tropyless for the next 20 years.

vajara said...

I don't think AW is the untouchable. But sometime,he looks to fix idea and not change the idea to good enough for team like Pires and Flamini that may be die for team if he wants the artist to do that ,and show the youngster to this.

emmanuel said...

ur recent story is also a product f idleness.i guess uv got nothin bets to tell us & u even sound lik u wer fighting urself or ur thots thereby contradicting urself.plz try somthin beta nxt time ok.u r one of my best blog writters.iv gt no bad feelings bou u bro.its all in support f our beloved club.

Anonymous said...

To JafyJafy,

yeah I agree with you. if we don't win anything next season you fuckoff. also if we win anytying next season you should fuckoff. in fact it would be wiser if you fuckoff just right now.

I am really sick of people like you. Instead of asking for wenger heard spend your time and comments on finding a replacement to Arsene. if you found one then we will go with you! and thats what makes Arsene now untouchable. we don't have other options since our cash is tied to loans.

Anonymous said...

Posted Today @ 09:48 View all prince10's posts

I've decided I really do hate transfer season. It's the same every year for us. Teams are signing players for ridiculous fees that we would never ever pay for anyone, and we're linked with 34,592 players and don't sign any of them. It makes me not want to read about Arsenal, but I have been watching a lot of football lately in the form of the Confederations Cup, so I wanted to talk a bit about that today, so if you don't care about it then turn off your station. Felipe Melo was a big player for Brazil in this tournament, and since he's a holding type central midfielder, he's been linked with Arsenal. I think he'd be a great addition personally. After watching him several times in the past few weeks I think he's the type of player we could really use. Problem is, he's just signed a contract extension with Fiorentina. It does say there is a buy-out clause in the contract, but who knows how much it is. If we could get him for 12-15 million though I'd be all for it. On another note I'm glad Bischoff is gone. What a terrible waste of money he was. I know he was signed for free, but he still got paid, so don't leave comments telling me it didn't cost any money. There's some rubbish in the paper about how Andrey Arshavin would love to play for Barcelona. So would I. But it doesn't mean they'll be signing me any second now, and the same is true for Arshy.

Well someone likes to copy and paste wrighty.

Anonymous said...

sorry copied and pasted from arsenose, not your site wrighty.

big Pete said...

hi wrighty7 you hunky spunk - can cock my ass hunnie?

luv the blog to - makes me hard reading your wit

Evo In Oz said...

what you on about Wright, i didnt really understand?

Anonymous said...


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