Thursday, 11 June 2009

Manchester United are Real Madrid's feeder club now then? Arjen Robben to Arsenal?

It looks like pretty boy Cristiano Ronaldo is set to leave Manchester United for a world record ten bags of potatoes and his contract includes all the spray tan he can manage.

In a strange way though it could actually affect Arsenal...............

First things first, I'd like to ask the question; Are Manchester United the feeder club to Real Madrid? Does Fergie have a deal with Real Madrid that he grooms players until they are ready to join the Spanish club?

In recent years David Beckham, Ruud van Nistlerooy, Gabriel Heinze and now Cristiano Ronaldo have all left Manchester United for Madrid and I have to pose that question.

United fans are adamant that their club is the biggest and the best in the world but it clearly isn't. Real Madrid have the pulling power of George Clooney using Lynx deodorant and United fans need to realise that.

For the last few years I've heard that Arsenal are a selling club. Maybe in some ways that is true but we have reason. We have just built a new stadium. What is Manchester United's reason for continually selling their best players to Real Madrid other than they are actually Madrid's feeder club?

Anyway, enough about them.

Madrid buying Ronaldo, and Kaka, surely means they have to cut back on costs somewhere so I assume they will be looking to sell some assets.

They may be able to sell Ruud van Nistlerooy as a racing horse and even Lassana Diarra as a Flipper lookalike but realistically they wont fetch much.

Thats why I ask; How about Arjen Robben?

I don't like the personality of the guy but there is no doubt that he is a quality player and a natural winger, something Arsenal lack in the squad. Perhaps then we use Arshavin as a second striker or even put Theo Walcott upfront.

Just a thought.

Keep it Goonerish...............


Anonymous said...

Robben?..Another rosicky,injury proned as anything.No thx,maybe sneijder Or Van Der Vaart!?

Anonymous said...

Just heard Ronaldo failed his Pap Smear and the deal is off.

Robben at Arsenal would be a fucking disgrace. Huntelaar on the other hand. Now that would be alWrighty with me.

Spike said...

Mamadou Diarra would do for me!

As for the mancs, we'l soon see if the rumours about the Galzers needing money to pay for the humoungous debt are true... If Fergie doesnt get all the CRonaldo fee, then that'll tell you, they are skint.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 18:23
best comment ever, lol

I would hate having Robben at Arsenal. We don't need him either.
Although surely there is someone we could pick up from them. Maybe van der vaart... hes class and apparently not happy there, and he wont get a game their next season.

Gunner tom said...

I get what you are trying to say but the bottom line is manu wanted to sell ruud beckham and heinze, look who replaced beckham - ronaldo , heinze - evra.

They probably didn't want to sell ronaldo but he has achieved every trophy possible playing for united and £80 mill is £80 mill

I think you need to quit with the Utd jealousy as they are not really our rivals anymore. Fourth place is success for Arsene's Arsenal is it not?

ashwin said...

wow....u guys are idiots. United a feeder club? look at the facts . Beckham was booted out . RVN transfer was done the same way . Heinze was past his best and Evra had already taken over. All these players were well past their best and had ready made replacements in CR7 and Saha/rooney and evra respectively . Real Madrid were acting as old age home then . CR7 although at his peak can carry on his form only for 2-3 seasons max, simply because he doesnt have the close control of Messi or giggs or Figo . He is a different player who relies on his speed and strength and moreover he has become too obsessed with himself . 80 mill is a great deal for us and note we are not a seller club as u guys are . We are also no R-Mad who buy galacticos for the sake of buying players . Fergie will spend wisely . This is a a deal were all the parties involved are winners .

Anonymous said...

No more than us being a feeder club for Barca i guess.


CescIsGenius said...

United now Real's feeder team! That's great stuff Wrighty!

You think that Robbin would fit into our team? I don't, nor would I want to see him wearing Red and White.

I'd rather see Huntalaar and see Ade out.

CescIsGenius said...

@ ashwin:

Ur loco if you think that you sold Ronaldo because he's only going to be at his best for the next 2 years.

You sold him to service the looming interest payment on your massive debts!!!

I do agree w/ you that Ronaldo's game is based on speed and theatrics, not close control.

Anonymous said...

Robben is too injury prone. Him and Rosicky will become best mates in the treatment room...

Wrighty7 said...

Hi CescIsGenius,

I think that Robben could fit into the team.

Also we lack natural width in the squad and Robben could provide that.

He is very direct and the only Arsenal players that spring to mind who are direct are Walcott and Arshavin.

Andrew said...

Who is better sneijder or van der vart? Could arsenal buy hunteler? also i think we cannot pay them. their wage would probably too high. Also yaya toure's agent said arsenal pays too little. its embarrasing really. But it would be nice to have some of the players real madrid off loading. sneijder and van der vaart are great, but real madrid have other plans. Many say sneijder is better, but on wiki isee vandervart scoring more goals overall.
Real madrid are trying to be the best in europe. but giving vlubs 56 mil and 80 mil is only making man u a better club financially and squad wise. its dumb. many arsenal fans think its a good m ove, but man u will be stronger as usual.

Pritpal said...

to be honest wrighty the best option would be to go for sneijder, younger better and not a chelsea reject!

Anonymous said...

Both Sneijder and Van Der Vaart are overrated lumps of crap with mediocre games that are only given some semblence of quality by the fact they both have a decent shot.

Robben is in a different league to both of them.

avenell said...

Haha alright Wrighty?..

They need to sell a Ronaldo off every season just to keep the debts in order..

Anonymous said...

All you need to know about Robben is the sound he made when tackled by Wes Brown in the Cup Final a couple of years back. It's priceless and revealed what a complete pussy/bitch he really is.
If you can't find the tape and want to know what it sounded like, try sticking your TV remote up your girlfriends ass tonight. Yes that sound.

VelaWillBeKing said...

Ashwin you are a chutiya...haha no1 else on the site will understand what I just called you...:P....

Marko said...

I'd prefer Mamadou Diarra or possibly Higuain but thats about it for me. Hey anybody see that Fliipe Melo play for Brazil last night? The guy was fucking outstanding and would be the perfect midfield signing for us.

Wrighty7 said...

Yoooooooooooooo Avenell!

Wrighty7 said...

OK anon 19:16! ha ha

adam truman said...

Robben!? hope not like to see Huntelaar myself...We do seem to be feeder club Barcelona tho

Anonymous said...

If injuries are no longer a factor, Robben would be an excellent acquisition for the club.

The only thing is that they would sell him at a price above what Arsene would pay.

However, I reckon after Vermaelen, we'll see two more signings at the club, one of which will bolster our wings.

Anonymous said...

Sneijder's probably their best player that could leave, but Diarra's the one we need the most (Mahamadou that is, selling Lasanna was a monumental mistake and we won't be getting him back). Diarra's experienced, has won 8 leagues in a row (this year doesn't count 'cos he was injured for most of the season) and speaks French so he'd fit into the team pretty quickly.

In Real Madrid's two consecutive league titles, they never lost a game with Diarra in the team...or Diarra played in every league game they won, or some impressive statistic along those lines that I'm searching for to show how impressive he is.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure about Huntelaar. When he scores, he's great, when he doesn't score, he's useless. Higuain would be better, although Real Madrid would be utter twats if they sold him.

Anonymous said...

To be honest we don't need Van Der Vaart or Sneijder. They're attacking midfielders and we'd play them on the wings if they came and they're not great as wingers, and the last thing we need right now is more players playing out of position.

Anonymous said...

this is all great buying the likes of sneijder van der vaart robben
its just a shame we couldnt even afford their plane tickets

Anonymous said...

Saying that we are feeder club for barcelona : HENRY,HLEB,SYLVINHO,OVERMARS,VAN BRONCKHORST

Wrighty7 said...

No, we let them go. All the United players demanded to go.

gazzap said...

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you learn something new everyday!

gazzap said...

its not wengers style to go in gobbling up Real MAdrid players. a couple of them might be useful but I honestly dont see any of them coming here.

Anonymous said...

schneider is the guy we should be looking into. he doesnt get much playing time and now that madrid are reloading i can see deff see schneider(i cant spell his name right) will be unloaded and i hope wenger takes a look at the guy

Anonymous said...

i like the idea. robben would be excellent.

but first we need a centre back and a crazy man in midfield.

Anonymous said...

ARJEN ROBBEN??????????????????

Of all the players to improve arsenal you picked ex CHELSKI DIVER who cant handle the premiership. Spain is his ideal league as they reward divers like him and ronaldo.

chris said...

in what way will sneijder and van der vaart be good signings? do we need more attacking midfielders...? we need to buy everything but attacking midfielders!

chiellini, melo, robben, huntelaar
yes please
and no more ANC players

Anonymous said...

Robben would be amazing. If this guy could keep himself fit for almost a whole campaign then I would buy him faster than I could get the money out of my pocket.

It's tempting if he becomes available, which I actually read somewhere that he will (also Drenthe, RvPenalty box, van der Vaart and some others)

Anonymous said...

i dont care about his injuries and personalities, as a footballer he just awesome. i'm not sure how many of you seen robben play in la liga but i watched his game a lot and he is a match winner. real would out of champion league spot next season if robben not playing for them. he is a guy u can just give the ball and he will deliver. people talk about messi the best but i do think robben just as good. the problem is madrid defense is too crap his hard work at the other end count for nothing.

bisovi said...

I believe they are literally bank rolled
The sale of Ronaldo will just unleash rooney's full potential, now to try and keep hold of tevez.......

Anonymous said...

I think robben will be a great signing for arsenal even though his always injured.

arshavin v.persie

robben nasri/song fabregas walcott

clichy vermalean toure eboue/sagna

sub: adebayor, vela, eduardo,sagna,denilson,senderos,song

Anonymous said...

Sneijder, VDV or Huntelaar. Get some Dutch into the Arsenal side

irtaha said...

i think VDV is the best ,, he is way to better than sneijder ,, i think wenger should go for either of them ,, as we need a backup player in case of fabregas injury ... and as far as DM is concerned ,, wenger should try to sign CAMBIASSO ,, inter have alot of DM ,, they might let go one of them ...

Anonymous said...

robben and huntelaar would be need to sell adebayor..can keep him on the bench and treat him like bendtner for a while..robben is a class act but i doubt wenger would buy him..guess his pay would be too high..but it would definitely allow arshavin to run amock like gerrard..theo on the right, robben on the left, arshavin and cesc in the center with RVP and huntelaar attacking, i guess we could do with just one defender per game..can even play fabianski with his eyes shut..teams would be too occupied defending the barrage of attacks on their goal to even what a dream..Martin Luther king had a dream!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Robben is a very talented player who can turn the game on its head but I don't see him as a team player. I won't be surprised to see him fighting over with RvP on taking freekicks of penalties. Plus his wages won't come cheap.

Anonymous said...

Arsenal will not sign any of Madrids cast offs.

Possibly Huntelaar if Ade goes I guess, but the others Wenger would have been aware of years ago - and he disdn't try and get them then.

I should think Man City will give a home to quite a few madrid cast offs.

Anonymous said...

wht happened to vermaelan i mean it looked like we was going to sign him last week? and our bid got accepted so whens he havin the medical??

Anonymous said...

Mugs slagging off robben. Fair enough he's been injured, but he is one of the most frightening players with the ball at his feet.

A class act. People moaning about diving in this day and age are in the past as well, its part of it, the best players know how to win free-kicks.

I'd love him at Arsenal imo one of the top 10 players in the world.

Anonymous said...

Robben? Guy's got no Ball's has he ever heard of a 50/50 he shirks tackles at all costs at all times. V.Der Vart and sneijder are very good players but are both on the small side i still think Toure alongside Hangaland, Ryan Bable and RvP on the wings WE NEED YAYA along side Cesc, Huntalaar along side Arshavin an thats four when super Denis said we needed Five new players Nice 1 Wrighty!

Anonymous said...

Top ten in his position maybe? But when he'll play 10 seconds per season he's not worth the risk should come with a warning "very fragile"or go see mr-T an get some Nut's!

Anonymous said...

Very shit post. Wrighty7, you can do better than try soak hits from newsnow with your foolish deceiving headlines.

Shit blog you have now

Anonymous said...


Of course they are, Wrighty7. Manure fans have always deluded themselves about being the biggest club in Europe. What a load of bollocks, they are not even the biggest club in England let alone Europe. You have to thank those disgusting cunts on Sky Sports who have spoon fed this nonsense to all the children and new "footy" fans. I fucking hate that word, it's football you muppets. Anyway, sorry about the swearing and I leave you with this observation: When that ganster turned up at that mickey mouse club in Fulham and gave Arsenal a blank cheque for Henry and Paddy, who were in their prime, did we sell. No way. Face it Manure, you have lost one of your greatest ever players, in his prime, to a far bigger and classier club in a far bigger and classier city. Those are the facts which you must now live with...

Anonymous said...

wat doet jij tof dan wat wat wat ?

huntelaar is koning sjappie
kom 1 op 1


greetz kim :)

Anonymous said...

who's better ?

van der vaart ?

sneijder ?

leon said...

bd atitude,not a team player hold the ball to much for himself,does not linkup well with other players and very injury prone,plus we have enough wingers

Anonymous said...

heres what he needs to do.

Buy Stekelenberg from Ajax sell Almunia (spain/holland)
Buy Sakho from PSG sell Senderos (germany/spain/italy)
Buy Vermaelen from Ajax sell Djourou (spain/germany)
Buy Hangeland from Fulham Sell Toure (england/spain/italy)
Buy Hazard from Lille Sell Diaby (france/spain/italy)
Buy Cabaye from Lille Sell Denilson (spain/italy/germany)
Buy Veloso from Sporting Sell Randall (england)
Buy Huntelaar from Madrid sell Adebayor (italy/spain)

we'd be laughing all the way to the premier league and european cup double.

Anonymous said...

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