Monday, 28 September 2009

Announcing record profits may release the fury in the future!

So there you go. We have got dough to spend. In fact we have so much dough I reckon that Kingsmill and Warburton are shitting themselves.

Now it's all good Arsenal announcing these record profits. In fact its fucking awesome. The problem though is Arsenal may have just kicked themselves right up the arse!

Of course the Arsenal board are probably feeling very smug sitting on their throne of world-record breaking profits but I reckon they have just released a time-bomb that could go off next May.

If, at the end of this campaign, Arsenal do not achieve success for another year then there could be a lot of Gooners going more mental than a Whitney Houston break-down.

After the stadium move I knew things would be tighter than Frank Lampard trying on an XXX Large wooly jumper but these announcements could make things very difficult for Arsene Wenger.

There have been grumbles from disgruntled Gooners over the lack of spending by the gaffer in the past. Now we know that he has got money to spend there will be many questions as to why he hasn't spent it to improve our squad.

I know Wenger believes in this squad even more than The Darkness believe in love but over the course of a long campaign it may become a little stretched. The quality is there. But I'd be a little happier knowing there was more quantity, with quality, too.

I actually thinks it's great we have a manager that cares about the future of the club and that Wenger will not skint us out but others won't see it like that. When you look at the money others spend then it can be hard to not feel frustrated when we never seem to use ours!

And we need to use it for the right reasons!

We all know that football fans have a short fuse. Arsenal might just have lit one that will burn until May and it has the potential to go ape-shit!

Keep it Goonerish.............


Anonymous said...

You're right. And it doen't help whyen Wenger keeps proclaiming the squad doesn't need strengthening. You must always be aware of adding to your squad to make it better & if Wenger truly believes he can't buy better than the majority of the squad than that delusion/stubborness will not be tolerated by another sub-standard season. We can't better the likes of Fabregas, Arshavin, Vermaelen & possibly RVP - but if he honestly believes Arsenal wouldn't improve ten-fold with a World class keeper & holding midfielder then the wrath that might follow in May will be louder than ever before.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure there will be plenty of fans who go ape shit, even before the end of the season but I don't think Wenger or the Board care too much about that. Everybody knows that football supporters make hopeless managers and I don't think anybody in the Arsenal management are at all interested in the supporters team selection and nor should they be. FFS, we have had supporters begging Wenger to buy Micah Richards - a defender who can't defend!!!

Anonymous said...

Was watching some old goals on youTube - the Bergkamp/Bobby/Paddy/Henry/Freddie pass & move masterclasses. That side would stick six past this current squad.

You've got the cash so BUY BUY BUY !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Haven't you figured Wenger out yet? He won't spend because he wants Arsenal to be the underdogs, that way he can claim that whenever he fails it's because he's got no money. He only wants success to come out of the blue. In other words, he's not doing what's best for Arsenal, only what's best for himself. And once that happens, a manager should be shown the door.

Anonymous said...

I know what you are saying Wrighty, but...

The beleive Wenger has is what keeps a lot of players in the side, for example, Wenger wont go and get a replacement for Almunia because he beleives in him and in Fabianski and Mannone, getting a world class keeper means that Almunia will have to go and if he doesnt then there is going to be no chance for Fabianski and Mannone to play.

The same applies to every position, get a world class Defensive midfielder and Song/Denilson will be on the bench more often and unable to progress as players as quickly as they are doin now.

Get a right winger and it means Walcott is now on the bench, Eboue gets to play less often and with the new system means Bendtner will play when Van Persie and Eduardo are injured.

Didnt Mourinho say that to have a good squad you need 24-25 players? without the keepers we have 25 players in the first team.

If we want more players then we will have to get rid of current players and I dont think Wenger will do that unless the right offer comes for the players that go.

Anonymous said...

Since Arsenal are listed on the stock exchange the Board are obliged to make the numbers public.

Wenger is not adverse to spending - most recently Arshavin and Vermalen - but he will only do so if:

A) The player is right for the team
B) The price is right for the player.

If wenger wanted to cover his arse the easiest thing would be to fork out £30 mill on a couple of established players. And the hold up his hand and say I've done my bit. But does what is the greatest interest for the club, not for himself. Unfortunately a lot of fans do not understand that.

matt said...

"Announcing record profits is the WORST thing Arsenal can do!"

You do know that companies have to do it by law, don't you?

Anonymous said...

the way accounts work is you have them authorised for the year just ended, the profit made is used the NEXT YEAR. so we will have the cash to spend from jan. only fools spend it before they have it
"record profits is the worst thing" if any numpty really thinks that, well, god help em

are you that idiot ian wright in disguise

Danish Gooner said...

The problem with wenger isnt money but his refusal to acknowledge that we need maybe one or two players,one in midfield and one in attack to have any chance of dislodging the current top two.

Wrighty7 said...

You are right!

The title was pretty shit, and really made me look a bit of a dumbass!

Its changed now!

Marko said...

Still paying back loans every year though. It's good news but Wenger still has to buy prudently which a lot of fans don't realize, they think he can spend 30 million on a single player but we can't do that till either we fully pay off our stadium which isn't till something like 2012 or something or until we're bought by the American Kroenke. Either way the future of our club is very promising but as we well know there are fans out there who are impatient and want instant success.

The reason why the likes of Liverpool haven't built a new stadium is because not only have they fuck all movie but they'd have to do what Arsenal done and thats tighten the purse strings and I wouldn't be confident they could do what we do in the transfer market and at academy level. If spurs decide to build a new stadium they'd be fucked because those clowns haven't a clue when it comes to money. said...

people did u notice an imp thing in the accounts. it mentions that we spent 41.1 million on playr registrations(incoming transfers). if we take nasri 13 million , ramsey 5 n silvestre 1 million it still leaves 22 million in which there is only 1 player----arshavin!!!!. even gazidis says in interview arshavin our record signing. wat do u say??is the math right?? we made a 22 million signing??

John said...

Good points but don't forget Mr Wenger said at the end of last season/beginning of the current season that if he failed this time with this bunch of players he would be ready to overhaul the whole team. This would certainly mean acquiring new players. Wenger wants the current team to achieve their potential, failing which he will ship out the useless players and buy new ones and start his project on a new foundation.

Anonymous said...

the worst thing is i feel wenger wants the best for his players and thinks more about their feelings and development ahead of the success of this club. Like Diaby for instance, he kept giving the ball away which causes us points and yet wenger plays him in every game so that he has time to improve and 'grow'..

And the reason for not buying anyone because there is no one better than some current players is just LAUGHABLE.. No one better than diaby, denilson, song? pleasee..

And at least if we fail to win anything this year, we cannot use 'we are skint' excuse so that's one excuse crossed out of the annual Excuses list.

JediKnut said...

Unfortunately, it is compulsory for every club to announce their profits/losses every single year.

Let's not knock down our club without knowing the facts first!

Anonymous said...

What surprises me most is that this is a surprise to anyone..

I've been drawing attention to this issue for longer than i care to remember...Wenger has had money available not just this year but last year and the year before and has chosen not to spend it...this would be bad enough if we were winning things.. but not winning things and watching the squad get further and further away from what would be required to make a serious assault on major silverware makes it inexcusable.

Some might want to blame the board but i don't see how you can blame the board for the manager not spending money they have allocated for him to spend.. not putting pressure on the manager to deliver or to improve is what they are guilty of.. their job is to make money available.. they have done's the managers job to spend it..

Most managers would not only spend every penny of money allocated but would be fighting to secure more.. because they know their job would depend on them doing well or at least improving..Wenger is under no pressure within the club to win things or to improve therefore there is no need for him to try and make sure we he is quite happy to continue with his own financial and football philosophies in the hope that they bear fruit.. if they don't.. no problem.. he'll have another go..other managers don't have that luxury so they do whatever possible to enter each season as strong as they can possibly be.. as they should.. as should ours..

Before anyone tries to kid themselves that our profits of last year and the year before have been spent on clearing our debt quicker forget it.. that didn't happen.. that money was kept in the bank and our repayments were not increased above what was expected from our bankers and my guess is nothing has changed with this years profits.. we shall see when the club post the full financial results on the website.... but i fully expect our cash at bank to show that the bulk of the profits and the fees for Ade and Kolo have been used to swell the cash at bank to 100m + and considering the team is in serious need of strengthening that is beyond ridiculous.

If all the profits and money made from player sales had been used to pay the debt quicker i could accept whats going on.. but as yet it hasn't so there is no excuse for not investing heavily in the team.. after all when

Anonymous said...

Chelsea haven't spent anywhere near 80 million in a very long time. As Abramovich is getting more bored, less money is being made available fro transfers.

That's not even talking about in which state they will be once he fucks off. There's a very real chance that they'll be left with a squad of an average age of over 30 and little to no money to build a new squad (and that's not the worst case scenario, might I add).

Man City is a very special case, nobody can compete with their spending power - whether you have a sugar daddy or not. Do you believe that Usmanov would be in a position to pump 100 million pounds for transfers into the club every year? Abramovich could afford that for 2 years, that was it.

What those examples should show us is that self-sustainability and a world class academy is the only way we can compete with clubs like Man City long term.

Anonymous said...

Denilson will not be back until next season(remember Gilberto)

Almunia has had a bust up with his wife who wants to go back to Spain, chest infection,my arse. said...

people did u notice an imp thing in the accounts. it mentions that we spent 41.1 million on playr registrations(incoming transfers). if we take nasri 13 million , ramsey 5 n silvestre 1 million it still leaves 22 million in which there is only 1 player----arshavin!!!!. even gazidis says in interview arshavin our record signing. wat do u say??is the math right?? we made a 22 million signing??