Thursday, 10 September 2009

I cheered more when Eduardo scored than when England did!

I'm glad that Eduardo scored. Proper glad. That geezer does not deserve any of the treatment he is getting at the moment.

Yep, he went down easier than Audley Harrison against Celtic but you would have thought the Crozillian invented diving the way everyone is going on.

People in the pub asked why I was cheering Eduardo on. The reason? I'm more Arsenal than England any day and that goal was just a little pay back for the rough justice that he is receiving from all quarters.

Let me tell you something. If these donuts think that a little booing and jeering will affect Eduardo then they better think again. That man has been through more than they can imagine.

Eduardo had his leg snapped worse than a Kit-Kat and is lucky to even be playing again. Does anyone really think that the abuse will put him off his game?

I think I get more angry than he does and that is because I see the likes of Rooney, Gerrard, Drogba and many more hit the deck faster than 52 card pick up and it pisses me off that it is brushed under the carpet.

To be honest if this harshness on Eduardo banishes diving from the game then it can only be a good thing I suppose. My fear is that Eduardo has been singled out and that is not fair on him and Arsenal.

Both will suffer now because ref's will scrutinise whether Eduardo went down easy. It happened last night. Eduardo should have had a penalty and it was more blatant than the fact that Frank Lampard eats pies for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Anyway we'll see how things progress. Lets see if others are as victimised as Eduardo has been.

Keep it Goonerish..........


Anonymous said...

how pathetic you are, I have been an Arsenal fan since 1973, but when England play I see them as England, I imagine you bring up their club when there is a mistake, I spend a fortune following Arsenal, but I am an England fan as well, how sad when people like you make these crass comments, last night Eduardo was a Croatia player not an Arsenal player.Would you rather see Cesc score the winner against England in the final because he's our captain, you have no sense of national pride

Wrighty7 said...

Listen, that does not make me pathetic just different.

Maybe your right, maybe I have no national sense of pride because I find it very difficult to support the likes of Rooney who I cannot stand week-in week -out.

Its hard to just switch that emotion on and off.

Anonymous said...

national pride leads to wars...what a loser YOU are!

Aphiss said...

The score was 5-1. I think most Arsenal fans were happy that Eduardo got on the score sheet...

He never said he wanted England to lose. You are pathetic.

Anonymous said...

I obviously have no sense of national pride either because I cheered more for Eduardo's goal.
Absolutely pathetic England fans booing Eduardo didn't help.
I can't hate Cole, Gerrard, Rooney and Terry one week and want them to do well the next.
Choosing between watching Cesc score and Fat Fuckin Frank Fuckin Lumpard score... well it's no contest.
Nice one Wrighty.

Anonymous said...

can't a man be entitled to his opinions? If Eduardo keeps that up, Arsenal will win the title!

Anonymous said...

national pride leads to wars.. I imagine you are the sort of fool who waves a white flag rsther than fight for what's right. Religion I believe is the main reason for wars

Anonymous said...

Red and white flag.

leon christofi said...

nope he,s right u are pathetic, i bet u would have been happy if eduardo scored a hatrick u traitor , why dont u start supporting croatia u stupid fucking arsehole

Anonymous said...

What kind of English name is leon christofi? FFS

ebonumba said...

did you see how eduardo shook his head when they announced his name after the goal and everyone booed? That's exactly how we all should feel about the way he's being treated, no matter where your national or club allegiance lies. This is all absolutely nonsensical.

jrockdc said...

Perhaps some perspective from a foreigner (a non Englishman) might be useful. Before yesterday's game I actually looked forward to watching the English national team since it is made up of players who are in the league that I follow. But, after seeing the classlessness of both the English players, some of whom have hypocritically claimed they've never dived; the English media, who've slated Eduardo beyond belief; and the English fans who booed him during the game last night, watching England makes me ill.

Blind patriotism and ideological arguments may not lead to war, but they do create enemies and make people hate you. As an American, I know this first hand!

Anonymous said...

Yeah I cheered more as well, If we were the ones that were losing by 5 goals then I wouldn't have cheered.
The guy calling you pathetic who is an Arsenal fan is the pathetic one.
He is basically calling most Arsenal fans pathetic. He probably got abused asa child and bullied at school, because they're the type of people in society that we could all do without.

Tombo said...

I'm with you on this wighty!
Watched it supporting the Croats.
And yes give me cesc over fat frank any day!

Perrygrovesworld said...

some of you get lives please, England doesn't even have an English manager. I cheered for Eduardo scoring. It’s a game for christ sake and Eduardo is a football player and a human being not some faceless enemy soldier in a war for national protection. I'll be more amiable towards English players when they weed out the divers like Rooney and Gerrard. At least Owen is out of the squad. Anyhow in a few years the England team will be populated by English Arsenal players who are very talented so all will be good once again!!!

Renan said...

LOL at Kit-Kat's joke !

Ignore those comments mate,, if I were an Englishman I would do the same. Think about it guys. Just imagine how Eduardo feels right now. His leg was broken a couple of years ago,, then one day just when he's back to his best he's branded as a diver, cheater, or anything bad by the whole British / English nations. Would you respect him a bit ?

What a true footballer Eduardo is. Never gives up, doesn't talk too much, and very tough mentally as a person.

PS : This is a football blog guys,, no politics and religious talks please.

aqqe said...

Nice one Wrighty. Patriotism is ridiculous; loving a few lines on a map? Give me a break. Arsenal always comes first. You don't get to choose your country, but you do get to choose what club to support.

I'm Swedish, and when we played Denmark in an important World Cup Qualifier recently I was hoping Bendtner would score. That didn't go down too well with the people around me. Same goes for the u-21 tournament earlier this year when Sweden played England. So I get your point, I'm just the same when it comes to that.

Anonymous said...

I agree totally, I can't stand the national team as I see them as a horible combination of brainless thugs (There are a few exceptions) Rooney for example does nothing to promote professional football values for the next generation. His attitude towards officials week in week out is a disgrace but this is never punished as he plays for England. Lampard, Terry, Cole, Lennon, Ferdinand do not compare to other national team player or even England players from the prevous generation. It is horrible to watch and being patriotic has nothing to do with.

Anonymous said...

So did i Wrighty!!

Wrighty7 said...

Look like I'm not on my own then! Ha ha

Anonymous said...

Great post Wrighty! i was hoping for a 4-3 england win with an eduardo hatrick!
What would you gooners prefer to see, England win the world cup or arsenal win the champions league? I know i'd definitely prefer the champions league!!

Wrighty7 said...

Arsenal win the Champions League. 100%!!!!!

Anonymous said...

UEFA said that eduaurda being charged was one off, and was used to send a warning to all the other players, but that statement was made way after ashley young dived THE NEXT FUCKING DAY, so their reasoning cannot be justified.

Anonymous said...

the heart can love one thing

that is Arsenal

big fan of you Wrighty7

jay z said...

To fucking right wrighty don't worry what these other cunts say i don' know how anyone could want england to win with a squad of cunts like that

jay z said...

you can't go and cheer a wayne rooney goal after what that cunt done to us last week

tim said...

right behind you on this one - eduardo 1st england 2nd. apart from the wankers on the pitch the team is run by a friggin' italian - give me a break for the love of god. "england" coached by an "italian" - how humiliating is that. the FA has sold the national team down the river forever.

Anonymous said...


i was born and still live in london but I bloody hate england and international football. it's got nothing to do with national pride because i am british and not english and bloody proud of it. any sportsman or woman wearing the GB flag gets my support. this is FOOTBALL not WAR and your club comes before country; if it does not then you are a lightwieght.

Anonymous said...

I cheered Eduardo's goal. No shame in admitting that. Even if I was supporting England, "we" were 4-0 up at the time. I thought the booing was a disgrace. I'd refuse to stand side by side with those sanctimonious, self-righteous fans. Eduardo is being made a scapegoat and the fact that he scored was a huge middle finger to those who have chosen to victimise him over the last fortnight.

If you want to talk about nonsensical 'national pride', how about the fact Eduardo 'dived' to help an ENGLISH club knock a SCOTTISH club out of the Champions League? If you (the likes of Anon 19:04) are SOOOO patriotic, our little Crozillian should have got a standing ovation for that...

matt dred said...

I know exactly where you u coming from wrighty. Even though I wanted England to win, I definitely wanted Eddy to score just to stick it up the muppets that were booing him. These are probably the same people,like our Mr patriotic gooner friend,who only a few months ago, were booing England players like Lampard and cashley and talking about how shit England was! Now our ITALIAN manager has got them playing like some sort of team, they're waving their union jacks about !! Fucking hypocrites !!

Anonymous said...

Nice one Wrighty, i never watched the match but saw the Eduardo goal, i was so happy for the guy.

I'm an Arsenal supporter and always will be, i cannot watch or support England as long as the thugs, divers and bastards are in the team, i watched the Dutch beat the jocks and Russia play Wales, you see i watch international matches where my players have an intrest.
It's not pathetic to not support the England football team it's called freedom of choice

Anonymous said...

Arsenal win the Champions League. 10000%

claude said...

Right on Wrighty!! Club over country everyday of the week and twice on Saturdays

Anonymous said...

totally agree...

club always comes first... on a national level- any country with an Arsenal player in it...

we won the World Cup with France after all

Anonymous said...

if you dont believe in club over country you dont properly support arsenal!

Jonathan said...

I never realized it about myself but I also choose club over country. I was born in Scotland but raised in Australia (now in LA). I always thought I had loyalty to Scotland but the recent Celtic/Eduardo incident made me think otherwise.

I am embarassed to mention my Scottish ties and can't say that I am overly upset about our likely exclusion from the World Cup next year.

I also watched all the internationals that included Arsenal players (quietly praying that noone would get hurt - damn that potato-head Hiddink).

Everything about the English team/media drives me nuts these days and it is good to see that I am not alone. Reading these blogs and knowing that there are other people with the same opinion is the only thing that keeps me sane.

Keep up the good work Wrighty!

Jeter said...

Totally agree with wrighty7..Im not an englishman, but england was my favourite team and I supported them all this while. But after seeing how hypocritical they are, I kind of lost respect for a lot of english players.
I cant believe i was supporting croatia last has nothing to do with club over country.. Its just that you would like to see your heroes in a good light and when they reveal their bad side, they no longer remain heroes..

Anonymous said...

best of both worlds,edy scored and stayed safe and england qualified.
shame about the media driven morons who booed.
funny i like capello the most out the whole dam set up.
a little heads up for anyone who don,t know.the carling cup west brom tickets are on general sale between 5 and 20 pounds.
come and show how to support a team properly.booze are for the pub

Anonymous said...

Well said Wrighty sir.

giks said...

Nice one not english and i fucking hate england bcoz of wankerz like rooney and fat frank i jus cant cheer 4 such muppets bt i was off my seat when theo stuffed those croats in Zagreb with that hattrick i just love the arsenal players unconditionaly.UP THE ARSENAL,FUCK EVERYONE ELSE.

Anonymous said...

Arsenal are my country.

Anonymous said...

Leon were are u from?

Why dont you cheer Greece or Cyprus

Club/arsenal over country every day of the week and just as somebody posted earlier twice on saturday.

Thomas Vermaelen said...

Great post, I totally agree with you. Cant see how people can support players like rooney. That just shows that football these days is really f*cked up. People like players like rooney because they are popular, not saying he's not any good.. but yeah, im just so f*cking used to supporters with the brains of a new born child, since im from norway i have a lot of them. all i hear is: "Manu iz de bezt!" "NO! LIverPOOl IS!" "OMG NO! We have FaRDiNan n vidiC!"

to be honest i dont care if arsenal dont win anything this season or the seasons comming, cause i just enjoy watching them that much.. it would suck yeah, cause we'd loose our key players because "winning is the shit"... not the joy of watching the game, like its suppost to be?

still, i really believe arsenal will take the PL title in may, if they dont f*ck up. or have large amounts of unluck, like we usually have.

btw, anonymous #1 (the first post), think again you old, blinded england patriot.. club football definitely has an influence on peoples minds when it comes to international football.. if you dont like a certain player at a certain club, are you able to erase those negative thoughts about him when he plays in an international match you watch? of course not! well, i guess people like you (the majority of football supporters now a days)can, cause its so cool to support your country and your own men.

goonermichael said...

My sentiments entirely Wrighty. I'm a patriotic Englishman but rooney and gerrard are cunts

Anonymous said...

i have always be an arsenal fan but when england play , if theres an arsenal player playing then i will always look out for them even if that ment d.semen, as for england what the special group have to offer , ie rooney,lampard,gerrard,cole, bunch of cunts if you ask me,so why cant a man support an arsenal player playing against his beloved england,arsenal always

bonaku said...

i think ur right to cheear him. We are all happy that he scored. Hope, these booing stuff can inspire him more and can get more goals for us.

Joe said...

Great post wrighty. I am Arsenal over England every time. I can't stand the attention Eduardo is getting for this when the likes of Rooney and co would have done exactly the same. Like others have pointed out, I can't hate a player one week then want him to do well the next.

Anonymous said...

I won't watch or support England. They are a team of thugs. I'm English for the most part but with the likes of Gerrard (Thug) Rooney (Thug) it's ugly. Ugly football ugly players ugly everything. Walcott made me switch on for a couple of games but who want to see John Terry a man who dates girls while his fiance is home with the kids. He is the captian?!!! The vice captain slated Walcott in his book ofr Sven's world cup choice? Surreal? They will never win anything till they get over their big ego's which will be never lol. Wooooo

Boris said...

Interesting post - I think these days a lot of people put club over country, I think that's a fairly recent thing given the Premiership & Champions League seems to have more media exposure than ever before. What than means though is that hatred for other clubs' players has also grown, which I don't think benefits anything/anyone in the game.

While I don't like players like Rooney scoring against Arsenal, it doesn't mean I think he's a good footballer - and when he puts on an England shirt I'll support them all the way. (Maybe some don't agree.)

If anyone scored against England on Wednesday I would have preferred it to be Eduardo as I think he's a great guy, but I still would rather have no-one scoring against England. Would I rather England win the World Cup or Cesc scores the winner? England every time. Players move from club to club but the national sides remain, and aren't part of this every-increasing circus act of transfers.

Anonymous said...

How can anyone be patriotic in this country any more, the country is down the shitter and the morals of these overpaid wankers in the side is as low as the lowest of chavs.

England lost any class that it had many years ago now.

Arsenal are hated because we have always been class. The best run Club in the history of football.

We have had many problems in the past but it is magnified enormously by the media.

The FA is bent and should be invetigated, when billions of pounds are involved there will almost cetainly be dodgy deals going down.

I came back to London from Wales yesterday and there was droves of Northerners coming down to support their beloved England.

The League is a stitch up as most of the Northern teams are run by friends of the so called biggest Club in the world. This all makes the pathetic England fans think they are also the best.

Sadly we are laughed at by the Europeans for our attitude.

So they all think we are going to win the World Cup now because the media tells them so. Well we will see how that works oout next yyear when it gets serious.

I loved England up to the Bobby Robson days but after this it just all went wrong.

Arsenal forever.

El Tel

Anonymous said...

Spot on Wrighty!
I was happy that England qualified for the World Cup. We have something to look forward to come 2010. However, it was just classless what those idiots did booing Eduardo. I was well pleased when he scored. It was as if to say "you can boo all you like, I will do what I do best and that is to score goals". It is no secret every single boo boy was a non-gooner. So all you haters, watch him slot them home against you, then you can really boo. Eduardo has overcome adversity and shown more mental strength than any of those idiots can fathom. Your boos will only strenghen his mental resolve and make him more determined to silence you.
He has shown that he can do it even giving Glen Johnson a piggy-back!

Anonymous said...

I look out for all Arsenal players when playing for their national sides, I just want them all to do well and return injury free. For me Arsenal comes first, every time!

Anonymous said...

I think the England thing really lost me when the Beckham bandwagon arrived. This classless average footballer was the start of the trend for me. Capello could be the answer but when push comes to shove he will keep faith in his Chavs.

I also hate the racist side of things and the hatred of arsenal because the Manager is French and we have many foreign players.

How they all love Happy Harry from down the road because he is English and uses English players no matter how shit he and his team are.

El Tel

Zigzag said...

Wrighty, proud of you man. The future belongs to us. Arsenal forever.

Anonymous said...

Great post, and a "suck my big fat hairy one" to the first poster

I'm also English, but couldn't give a flying fuck about the national team - it's full of cunts, and it represents a country of, lets be frank here, mostly cunts.

What does Engerland stand for ?

Fucking over half the world for its great empire. Spivvy US poodles. Warm beer and cold sarnies. What sort of country calls itself "Great" in the name. FFS.

Give me Arsenal values any day.

Anonymous said...

I'm English. I liked it when Eduardo scored – shut up some of the fickle boo boys.

If we weren't four up then it may have been a different story.

GRA said...

I consider my self as patriotic as
anyone-I'm of an age where i saw England win the world cup in 66(Saw every game with my dad!)and have travelled to 5 world cups watching England.But give me Arsenal every time! i bet most 'Gooners' given the choice(or any other premiership team fan for that matter)would rather see their team win the champions league,than England win the world cup)I'm also dissapointed that we cant find an English coach to manage our national team(you would not find this in Germany,Itay,Spain....etc)
As for the 'witch hunt' against Eduardo,What a load of Bollocks! I admit that he dived,but doesn't Drogba,Rooney,Gerrard do the same thing every week? And as for Ronaldo phew! Eduardo is not known as a serial diver,And has just come back from a serious injury(he did not know if the keeper was going to 'Pull out'or not?)just needed to get that off my chest!

Anonymous said...

I dont feel patriotic when I see scum like john terry leading our national team out!

why should I suddenly support players that I usually hate week in week out?

I want england to prosper but not with these arseholes representing them (theo excluded of course!)

Anonymous said...

im not english so cant say weather or not it would be england over arsenal. But fuck me,the shit we take from the same media who champion the english team with all their nasty characters,it would be hard to take.BTW itv has to have the worst comentators ever.
"its going to be winter in south africa" well there going to win so

Anonymous said...

Patriotic with Diver-Liar Rooney, Hypocrite-Gangster Terry, Money-Greedy Cashley Cole, etc.. and attention-hungry WAGs to boot and all... ha ha! Fact is England team is 'dead' since the 1970's.. Wny no World Cup since '66 and why NO successful ENGLISH coach for the national team? Maybe the best is still McClaren. Get real, something's wrong with the FA & its officialdom running the football but too bad the media is so blind. EPL is good because of the foreign players.

Anonymous said...

if you gave Rooney an enema you could bury him in a match box.
Nice post Wrighty !!!

Tony said...

england fans, media & players = hypocrits with no class
arsenal football club & fans = pure class

MESSI said...

i tell you all something F england any day arsenal all the way today, tomorrow, FOREVER... how can people support a country that discriminates a club into bits just because our manager is french and we have more foreign players than everyone else that is ridiculous. Arsene isn't a person who would or has ever come out and disrespected someone or something in his life so why the world against him WHAT HAS HE DONE WRONG, PLEASE TELL ME???
and as for the eduardo situation this is a disgrace, this is a man who come back from a career threatening injury lucky god was with him, i admit it was not a penalty against celtic but how do you not know what he was thinking of. As for the england players F* all of them other than the real ones like joey cole, hargreaves, theo and the young gunners coming through like wilshere and gibbs, hypocrites like rooney, terry, gerarrd, lampard, ashley cole and the rest of the scum bags never mention when they're fellow club partners dive to win penalties ronaldo, drogba, gerarrd, CONTINUOUSLY! and then to embarrass themselves by saying they are true professionals who dont dive at all "JUST GO AND LOOK AT YOURSELFS ON YOUTUBE YOU DISGRACEFUL HUMANS!" I CANT WAIT TILL EDUARDO STARTS TO SCORING GOALS AND GOALS ESPECIALLY WINNERS AGAINST CHELSEA, LIVERPOOL, MAN UTD CITY AND THE REST OF THE ENGLISH TEAMS I HOPE ENGLAND GET KNOCKED OUT OF THE GROUP STAGES PLEASE GOD BRING THAT WISH TRUE TO ME SO I CAN LAUGH AT THESE EDIOTS, THE NATION IS A DISGRACE YOU ARE AN ENGLISH TEAM WITH AN ITALIAN MANAGER JUST TELLS YOU EVERYTHING YOU NEED A FOREIGN MANAGER TO BRING YOU SUCCESS, AND THEN YOU COMPLAIN AT ARSENE WENGER OVER A CLUB BUT NOT AT CAPELLO OVER YOUR PITY LITTLE COUNTRY! LIKE YOU WILL WIN SOMETHING YOU WONT WIN SHI*T, CROATIA KNOCKED U OUT OF THE EURO QUALIFIERS WHO DIDNT NEED TO DO THAT WHEREAS YOU ONLY BEAT THEM BUT THEY STILL QUALIFY FOR THE WORLD CUP SO FU*K YOU, YOU SCUMBAGS !!!

gunman said...

Perhaps some perspective from a foreigner (An Australian) might also be useful. It too looked forward to watching yesterday's game (England v Croatia). I too witnessed the classlessness of the English players, the relentless English media who have selectively chosen Eduardo, a Non-English player to crucify is beyond belief. And the English and ManU fans who booed him during the game last night and against Arsenal makes me sick too.

What if the media has chosen Rooney or Lampard to make an example of. Never happen!

Unfortunately blind patriotism and ideological propeganda dished out by the English media does create international enemies and makes Non English people start to hate you.

I have witnessed it with the Cricket and the Football. I love the EPL but some norrow minded supporters make it hard.

The English media deliberately use the English ideology of painting non-English players as cheats to sell more papers and increase TV viewering. Arsenal players are specially targeted because they have more non-English players than the other top 4.

But in a free democracy where justice, equity and fairplay should prevail, some narrow minded English fans get sucked in by the bullshit media hype of 3 lions and dont help that cause by booing what is a very courageous player that has been clearly singled out because he is not English.

Shame on you!!!!

lp said...

Wrighty, you are not alone mate.
stuff politic and religions, this is football, FFS.
Go Gunner and i think we gonna do better on the weekend against Man City.

Anonymous said...

I honestly cant believe some you you fuckwit "patriots".. national pride starts wars..? fuckn twats.. religion..? arrogance..? oil..? money..? power..? Pride is something we all have you fucking idiots.. doesnt mean we start wars over it. Some of you infant cunts need to get off your computers and outside.

as for Eduardo.. the player is a role model for any football player.. the amount of mental strengh and determination this guy has is sureal. He is being torn apart by the worst media in the world. English papers are a disgrace.. but that is what they are paid to do. All I ask is for consistency in the ruling.

Eduardo will still bag 20 league goals this season.. and some of you English Patriots will be cheering him on.. Open your minds a little.

Harshal :) said...

Good job Wrighty!

Nice post!

Anonymous said...

this is george the gman i agree with u mostly i didnt cheer eduardos goal but i expected our england to dominate and score and score they did so in a way the eduardo goal meant more to me than the england ones but only as the scoreline was a win and as it was .its a disgrace that eduardo gets booed its only the man u ,chelsea and liverpool fans who boo i bet i been through a bad injury and its hell as a great football player i and anyone else injured or not would of got out the way of any celtic player coming in like a train as they they want him to stand strong as he did before and got his leg snapped and get it snapped again. its a joke .our team dive cos we get players trying dangerous tackles on us week in week out thus the injuries we dive we dive less than any team and other players ie ronaldo =man u ,liverpool chelsea dive all the time and theres no bans or reaction that platini guy is crazy and he just makes all these decisions to fuck the big teams and the game as we know and love it more now than ever.and that is because of the rules with players young or old or all rules as they are, ecept maybe video tech for controvesial u know why because france league is so fucking shit and he wants them to be better ,bias cheat.who agrees

Anonymous said...


so let me tell you one thing, that this group of sick english will not win the world cup.


1. they have a wag culture
2. they earn a lot of money
3. they are cheats.
4. JT is a arse hole for saying eduardo is a diver and drogba is not. rooney not, lamps not, gerard not.
5. they are obbsessed with money. they transfer from one club to another for money, like barry,
lescott. etc.
1001. finally they all are fucking arse holes.

Daz said...

Well said Wrighty! I couldnt agree with you more!
I am very patriotic but I must admit I find watching England is like watching paint dry compared to watching the Arsenal. Plus I can't stand most of the England players as the they are all hypocritical tossers! (i.e Rooney, Cole, Terry, Lampard) to be honest I would like to give each of the named above a good smack in the gob!!

Welcome back proper football!

arsenal only said...

i hope anyone wins the world cup other than can any arsenal fan support any team with that ugly diving little cunt rooney in it have you all forgotten about the dive over campbells leg ine 49 game unbeaten run just type in rooney dives in you tube theres loads of em as for terry the biggest fucking hypocrite in english football how comes he never criticeses drogba,lampard and cole/(one of the worst in the prem)....and yes i am english who do i support....... one else

Anonymous said...

These so called patriots make me laugh. They'll happily 'boo' Cole when he is playing against us and cheer him as an England player. Hypocrites would be a better name for them. I to was happy to see Eduardo score , as it had no bearing on the result , but will boost his confidence for Arsenal after all the disgraceful treatment he has received since the Celtic game.

Anonymous said...

9; U R all THIEFS
My blood is Arsenal.

Anonymous said...

I cheered more when Eduardo scored aswell! Arsenal are in my blood

Scott said...

'm English but I'm not gay as per the previous poster.

I do agree though that the National team has lost all sense of pride in itself.

I was cheering Eddy's goal.

The overriding sentiment on here is the same for me, I can't suddenly cheer on pricks like Rooney, Cole, Lampard & Gerard just becuase it's the national side.

Fuck the lot of 'em..

Victoria Concordia Crescit. End of.

Jerome said...

Wrighty, excellent post. I felt the passion and the fury in your word, and they are sentiments I share.

On Sky's Sunday Supplement, the journalists came out and said, after view a new angle, Eduardo didn't dive as there was contact, but yet the rest of the media still perpetrate this injustice in branding Eduardo a diver, in insinuating he goes to ground too much. Let's conveniently ignore the horrific injury and what that might have done for his pysche. Let's ignore the fact that Eduardo had no prior reputation as a diver. Screw them. Screw the English players who think him a diver. Screw the referees who think him a diver, and screw the fans.

I cheer for Eduardo, I cheer for Arsenal, I care little for England.

On a happier note, did anyone see young Nick's goal against Portugal? Like the Lily O'Dwyer it was a thing of beauty.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:48

You're an idiot. All those things you say are about the majority of people who read this site, English people. You say all English people are "racists" but in dismissing us all as "dickheads", "thiefs" ('Thieves', you mean?) and "gays" you are proving yourself to be hugely racist too. Makes your first point about us being "hypocrytes" (again, it's 'hypocrites') seem a little out of place. Now fuck off and stop talking about my country you cunt.

Other than that, I agree with what everyone's saying. I find very little to like about the England team other than I have to, and I can't remember the last time I actively 'cheered' a goal. However I do want them to do well becaue they are still my team whether I like it or not. And I too was happy for Eddy, who showed his class by just keeping his head down and getting on with it when it must have been so tempting to celebrate and rub it in the boo-boys' faces!

Anonymous said...

Totally with you Wrighty, Wish Eddy had got a hatrick then then put his finger to his mouth at the england supportes (AA Style)

2-0 win 2moro

Be Lucky

Anonymous said...

it was offside you fucking wankers, didnt any of you turncoat paki lovers see that. silly cunts

Anonymous said...

The reason I pick Arsenal over England is that the England team is full of Cunts.
Terry = England Captain! Smashed a wine bottle over a Bouncers Head, That makes him a complete CUNT!!
Cole = What a little fucking CUNT he is, we all know why!
Gerrard = Beat up a DJ because he would let him play the music he wanted. What a CUNT!
Rio = Drug cheat CUNT !!
The team is full of Animals! England fans Boo Eddie for diving!! Get a grip they should be Booing there own players for being CUNTS !!

Anonymous said...

For the first time I agree totally and wholeheartedly with Wrighty7. Yes most definitely, England team do not have class and honour, their players and so called fans just jump on the shameful bandwagon of making Eduardo a scapegoat of what Rooney does in every match - deceiving the referee, that's UEFA phrase not mine. I sincerely hope England will NEVER win the World Cup or European Cup for the next fifty years !

Anonymous said...

this is about love my friends. it is easy to love england without the likes of rooney, cashley and lampard. when arsenal flows in your veins and you get to see the way ur players are treated at the expense of others like rooney, u get fucking mad. i mean MAD. wishing england to lose is not out of being un patriotic but out of wanting justice to happen. i follow all matches our players are involved in and i felt insulted when eduardo was denied a spot kick with the glen tackle. rooney and co do it and get away with it. the other thing is that with dual citizenship and the world becoming a global village, the boundary for patriotism is getting blurred. thats why some of us are arsenal through and through. wake me up on a monday morning at 2 am, ask me something and i will certainly answer u ARSENAL!

CosAFC said...

I cant believe some of the things I have read here!

1. Leon Christophi....because he doesnt have an english name does that make him not english? I was born and bred in London and my name is far less english than that....fuckin racist pricks! Sounds like he is more patriotic towards this country than half of you who are saying that you cheered more when Eddie scored!

Dont get me wrong, I loved it when Eddie scored...but only because we were winning 5-0 at the time....if it was 1-1 and Eddie scored the winner against us I would have been gutted!

Anonymous said...

you then get to wish that if they lose (england), they should lose with a blunder from rooney where he dives and is given a red card and then cashley, lampard and terry blunder. then we see if the media will still act lovey dovey with them. justice is slow to come but it will come surely.

bourne said...

nice writing... cheers to u... you are the one who got true english spirit.... being english doesn't mean supporting all the english players including cheats like rooney... there are good players like lampard, gerrard and for them support england. this is not a war, so that just for national pride support a team. support the sport, support good sportsmen...

Julian H said...

A belated "well said" to the author of this post.

I was born in London, live in north London. Naturally, that's within England, which is within Britain, which is within Europe - so I have some affiliation with all these areas. But why should I blindly approve of everything "English" above, say, my allegion in north London (aka "Arsenal")? Fuck that.

I punched the air when Eduardo scored. The boy's a legend and we'll be singing his name all season.

Anonymous said...

I did exactly the same. It was poetic justice. Eduardo was booed throughout the game and should have had a penalty. So, with the knowledge that England were though and had thrashed Croatia i was happy to see Eduardo score and keep the boo boys quiet.

Heres a question i've always struggled with.

Champions League or World Cup?

Anonymous said...

Religion is the main reason for wars? Is it? Think about it for a minute or two. It was power politics that started World Wars 1 and 2 and the Soviet invasion of the Eastern block states, not religion.

Anonymous said...

I was in the ground and still cheered when Eddy scored! Arsenal first and England a very, very distant second.

Mr Tsao said...

I didn't choose where I was born, but I chose what team to follow. I have no interest in International football and a growing number of us who are disillusioned by nationalism, jingoism and general idiocy seem to be following the trend. I'm only Interested in the any of the British teams when an Arsenal player is their ranks and wasn't the best thing this week Ramsay's U21 goal against Italy? Well any way I'm with Wrighty. International football is nothing more than an obstacle which deprives me of real football for more weeks each year than I could possibly care for - to the point where I see International football (friendlies or not) as depriving me of something more essential than air. Fuck internationals. Fuck England.

Anonymous said...

i agree wrighty top article its as funny as ENGLAND COACH Fabio Capello (ITALIAN) says coz alumnia has qualified for england he dont wanna choose him coz his spanish last time i looked we got a italian incharge of the england team!

Mr Tsao said...

Also, correct about religion and war. I can't think of too many wars which had religion as the cause. I've seen it plenty of times used to keep a war going but nearly all wars have been fought on a political not religious agenda.

pablito said...

This has been a wonderful intervention by Wright7(thanks), and reminds us of the best, the funniest and democratic of, as well as the asinine opinions on blogs, and why some like this are needed.

For anyone who was not partisan (and I hope even for some who were) and watched the Manu game, and who watched the game against Slovenia, and wondered if cheating is not part of Rooney's game; who sees his foul mouth rants, match day by match day; his revenge (people often charitably put it down to his work "ethic") chasing back when he's been fairly dispossessed, let alone slighly knocked; and who believes that the booing of Eduardo in an international game is acceptable, are at best being hypocritical.

I happen (yes, as an Arsenal partisan of forty-five years), do not believe he dived.

Louts who have plenty of, loads of, money, and who shout persistent abuse at players, are not the measure by which players like Eduardo, who has suffered so much to get back to where he is today.

But what's it about some among the English that they feel so,so self-righteous to boo the way they did? For good reason people question this an is an expression of ugly patriotism.

By the way, here's a prediction, and despite the best efforts a very, very good coach in Capello, England have no chance of winning the World Cup. They will implode under the weight of their own weaknesses, which are many. Qualifying is one thing; to play consistently against the best over a short period of time is another, and as anyone who saw the Slovenia game knows, that implosion just needs a tip, and that will come against better teams where the manic and abusive support (that is, fanaticism) offered at "home" will not be around to help them, to the extent that it does.

Anonymous said...

A bit late commenting.. totally agree with the post..

And just to add, anon at 10:48, what a rude,ignorant bastard. Going totally OVERBOARD with misspelled criticisms and such at a blog based in UK, with majority of English readers. Say something bad about the england players but not the people. Some people just amaze me with their ignorance stupidity...

english people are not racist, i know because I've been there and the people are nice..