Monday, 1 March 2010

Not A Bad Bone In His Body? Well Aaron Has Thanks To That Mug! At Least Wenger Is A Man!

So Ryan Shawcross doesn't have a bad bone in his body eh? Well, he might not but courtesy of his 'hard, but fair' tackle Aaron Ramsey certainly does.

I'm still fucking seething and it gets worse whenever I hear twats like Rory Delap and Tony Pulis defending the inbreed cock that is Ryan Shawcross.

People are going on about the boys tears. Well, he is only crying because he got caught. Did anyone else notice that he only started the tears when he was shown the red card?

Those tears were not for Aaron Ramsey, they were for himself.

It wouldn't surprise me if he knew he was was on the verge of an England call-up and then thought that he had blown it with that assault.

Luckily for him, it didn't matter.

That bastard has smashed three players legs in his career. That is a disgrace. He is only 22 years old. He could have another 15 years in front of him so how many more careers is he going to threaten?

What amazes me is people like Rory Delap defending him. I understand he is a team-mate but why not speak the truth? Why can't Delap just say that it was a horror tackle? Just admit it!

The tackle was not warranted. It was near the half-way line. Is there any need to launch yourself into a challenge like that? But that's Shawcross all over isn't it? Fuck me, the mug tackled Adebayor off the pitch last season!

The likes of the Match Of The Day and TalkSport pundits wind me up even more. They are disgraceful. Quick to defend what Shawcross did but never to condemn it.

Martin Samuel goes against the grain and writes quite a decent article. My only gripe is that in my opinion Shawcross tackled with intent. Why else go in that hard?

If Ryan Shawcross is such a nice guy where is his public apoligy? If I was a professional footballer and I had just broke someone's leg on a football pitch I would want to say sorry; Regardless of whether it was an accident or worse.

People are quick to make excuses for tackles like this. It bugs me something cronic. Jamie Redknapp is at it too. I even read somewhere that Ramsey was just too quick for Shawcross!

Incredible! Lets shift the blame of a disgusting tackle onto the victim. Then again that makes sense in this country.

Through this tackle English football has been dragged back to the dark ages again. The likes of Tony Pulis are the dinosaurs of the game and I couldn't care less if they became extinct.

I have no doubt that he told his players before the game to rough Arsenal up. With instructions like this in his ear it is little wonder that Ryan Shawcross has smashed three ankles in his short career as a footballer.

All week leading to Arsenal-Stoke City games you read and hear interviews from Stoke about how they are going to rough Arsenal up. So well done, you roughed us up and in doing so broke a 19 year olds leg.

Even after Pulis has had a dig at Wenger. Yes, the Stoke manager is defending his own but he has to take some responsibility. Admit it, it was a bad tackle. None of this 'he hasn't got a bad bone in his body' shit.

The press went ballistic when, against Bolton, William Gallas made a bad challenge. Gallas didn't break a leg but he may as well have killed a man going by the reaction.

And you know something? Wenger apoligised for that tackle. That is a proper man. Pulis isn't worth the dogshit that Arsene trod on.

Keep it Goonerish..............


spur said...

More Gooner whinging...bunch of wimps.....double standards at the emirates is vomit is well known that "arsehole wanker" never sees a gooner bad tackle or dive...always claiming a conspiracy against the gooners...blah...blah...blah...excuses, excuses.

Anonymous said...

excellent post.
i am sick of the press and pundits who keep sayinh the only way to stop arsenal is to get intheir faces. what does that exactly mean???
its no wonder that England havnt won an international tournament when they coach players to get in their FACES. the fact that shawcunt has been called up to the England squad just says it all.

Anonymous said...

Spot on article, Wrighty....
@ Spur, at least we are better than u and ur bunch of spuds! the rest of the EPL is out to break our legs but we will always break spuds hearts!!!

Wrighty7 said...

Ha ha Spur.

It's almost as bad as the "Lasagne-Gate" excuse isn't iot?

Anonymous said...

Rose tinted biased view wrighty, nothing less to be expected.

Arsenal fans should stop whining and moaning all the time, you all act like your kids.

None of the arsenal bloggers have played the game professionally but they think they have.

Anonymous said...

Shame it didnt happen to CESC would love to see his leg shattered then maybe he would stop doing what he does, remember the 95th minute????? arsenal 3-1 up so he decided a bit of payback by sithing down a stoke player from behind!!!!! Now that was deliberate!!!!!! not poor old shawcross who is an honest lad

Anonymous said...

typical comments from the Spud and Anon.... you guys are such scum...your more obsessed with Arsenal than we are!!!! come on here to have a fucking pop when a bit of empathy wouldnt go a miss. where were we when that lil cock modric broke his leg? i will tell you, minding our own!

Anonymous said...

"Rose tinted biased view wrighty, nothing less to be expected.

Arsenal fans should stop whining and moaning all the time, you all act like your kids.

None of the arsenal bloggers have played the game professionally but they think they have."

Jesus, if you can't moan when your player's leg has just been snapped in half when can you. I'm sure you're on a windup but there is a serious point to be made regarding these tackles.

Your post may as well be saying that you shouldn't cry if your son gets stabbed when you live in Brixton; to which every gooner I know would suggest that maybe Brixton should be better policed.

Wrighty7 said...


Spuds will go out of their way to have a pop at anything Arsenal.

We sound like little kids??

You mugs are so obsessed with us. Why?

Is it jealousy?

Concentrate on you own. As for the Cesc comment, yes it was a naughty challenge and I admit that.

But did he break a leg? Was it off the ground?

Saying you wish Cesc leg was shattered is the type of comment I expect from most of you twats down the road.

Forever going on about us being foreign and how you have so many English players.

Who gives a fuck?

Look where you are. Outspend us every year and still don't come near us.

Do you put Savlon on your knuckles when they rub along the floor?

ryan said...

Wrighty your blogs are absolutly spot on every time!!


1 thing that i havnt seen anyone pick up on.......i dont believe for 1 second that Shawcross was even crying at all!!
As he was walking away, yea he wipes his eyes, screws his face up and covers his big ugly fucking head with his shirt but he wasnt!!!
Crying is what happens to people when they feel emotion, when u cry your face seems to go red and your eyes fill up with water otherwise known as tears, Ryan Shawcross is not a person he is a criminal and a fucking shit 1 at that, he wiped his eyes and screws his face up to make it look like he is crying when actually hes not, i was watching the lot on tv the camera followed the big cunt leave the field every step of the way and i did not see 1 tear fall down his face i beg u all look at it again a bit closer, probably thought hed done a good job!
How people can say 'oh it was an accident he would not do that he comes from a nice family' BOLLOCKS!!!!
Hes done it before, tried lots of times and failed because hes a fucking useless cunt, and WILL do it again, my only hope is that 1 day someone does it to him!! Anybody remember him putting adebayour out for 3 months with a shocker! Nope well i dont blame u because i hate ade as much as the next gooner....
I just hope Aaron will come back the same player, somehow i dont think he will, even dudu isnt the same, Aaron is a fiesty fucker as well as a very quick, skillfull and technically gifted footballer, I just hope that when he comes back he wont shy out of challenges and still puts himself about, but who could blame him if he didnt! Such a shame it really is......

Good luck Aaron xx

Joppa Road said...

Love you Wrighty7. Spot on, the guy is a c**t. We have to take this league down now.

george said...

William Galas was run by sky on a loop ,they had everyone and his mum on claiming it was a disgrace.his victim was out for a week.Ramsey has his leg smashed and god knows how long bhe will be out.Sky have everyone and their mum on to say that it was not a malicious tackel and what a lovely lad Shawcross is.And people say we are paranoid.pfffft.

Summerspur said...

you really are a dick head

Anonymous said...

The media dont like arsenal, a fucking blind man could see that! Jamie redknapp, he's just a spud licking cunt...i bet he's the team buffer before they hit the showers!!!!

Wenger said only a short while ago about the media being against us and asking for some sort of protection for our players.

We are fucked whichever way you look at it!

We have player on merit in our team who happen to have different passports than british. A foreign coach, a spanish captain and a style of play thats not very english in its origins or approach!!!

It all amounts to being fucked over by the fa, the refs, the useless cunts that kick walls instead of footballs at training and the pricks that manage them!

God forbid we should ever have some english players in the team because thats the only way we'll ever get any sort of fairness, untill then we are clearly scum!!!

Anonymous said...

Well, one thing is for sure, this incident or should I just call it an Assault, has incensed and angered most of us Gunners, and many other decent folk whom love the game that is football.

Shawcross may not have set out to injure Ramsey, but, his actions showed little or scant regard for his opponent's general safety or well being. If that's normal tackling, then Shawcross will injure and probably maim a few more in the near distant future.

Mikematic said...

I couldn't have articulated it better...Keep it goonerish!!!!

Harikrishnan said...

Regular reader first time commentor here...
The question is what can we do about this mindless berating of our club and manager? I have taken it on myself to go to as many web sites as possible of these hacks and prove them wrong. It will be great if popular gooner spots like yours can take a lead on countering this, let us show these guys for what they are..

Mario Zagallo said...

Hi Writghty7

A few months back, when some chicken brain were complaining about Diaby, I raised the issue about the plague at the core of English football. This Shawcross incident, is just another chapter on a long list of career threatening injuries, and we are lucky in escaping hundreds of them. We all know what is the mentality of the media, referees and opposition teams when facing Arsenal. It's programmed on the very fabric of english football; "when you can't compete, kick them" and what makes me sick, it is universally accepted by everybody.They even laugh about it.

Another thing that makes me vomit, are some former Arsenal players, looking for a place as TV pundits, so they can pay the mortgage and afford a bitch as well, trying to defend all this bullshit, turning even against Arsene Wenger, and with the nerve to compare the Gallas incident v Bolton to this.

They are nothing but a bunch of whores, paid by their SKY pimp.

Yes, no one goes on a challenge with the intention of breaking a leg, even if you try, you might not be able to do it, but there's an intention when you leave your foot, and that is intent to cause harm, which could be a broken leg.
Don't give me this " he's got no malice in him" bullshit.

This is where I come back to my point, raised a few weeks back, when people were looking for scapegoats in the Arsenal team, and I said it then I will say it again: Look no further than the cancer of english football:REFEREES!!

Until Arsenal are given the respect we deserve by referees, we will struggle to win this League.
I have a dream that one day the final Premier League standings will reflect what really happen on the pitch, without end results being manipulated by referees!!

That's why this Ramsey's injury is another chapter: We could be seating here talking about how we won the League two seasons ago, if it was not for the Eduardo injury and subsequent moral trauma.

Or we could be talking as well about another leg breaker, after that Ridgewell tackle on Walcott in the Emirates. That dog even managed to send a linesmen to Hospital this weekend with a bad tackle; red card? no, of course not, the dog hasn't got a bad bone in his body!!

When we watch and analyse Arsenal games and see how quick the referees are to show yellow and red cards to Arsenal players, like the Song yellow card in Stoke, that will make him miss 2 matches, we have to start wondering what is going on? They know the next Arsenal matches are crucial.

When I see Vidic bringing Agbonlahor down in the box when through on goal and not even a yellow is shown, referees come on TV on support saying it was not a red card, and surprise, surprise no one talks about it, now we are sure that something is going on.
Some of this referees could be pacing the pitch, wearing a Man U shirt.
It's funny how the english media react when a foreign referee is involved in some "controversy"; they will use all kind of adjectives on him, but when it comes to domestic thieves they are all "honest lads".
Clearly they are eating all from the same bowl!!

Last year, Arsene showed a statistical analysis about the number of fouls allowed to teams in the PL, until the referee produces a card; guess what? top of the list was Arsenal, every 6 fouls =1 yellow, while the PL average is 15 fouls per card.

Are you getting the bigger picture?

Until a crop of new referees come along with new mentality, leaving this xenophobic mentality in the dark ages of the British Empire, and without feeling any need to be subservient or scared of any club or manager, I feel we are going to keep paying the price by all this cowards referees, that are grazing the PL in this FA/Mafia controlled game.

Take care

Mario Zagallo

Redzuan Hanafi said...

There was a time, and even now in some parts of the world, where rapists are defended because "her skirt was too short" or "her blouse was unbuttoned" and "he's not a bad person but could not resist the temptation the devil has waved in his face."

same script, different actors....

Anonymous said...

a few points.

Ryan Shawcross doesn't owe any of you an apology. He may owe Aaron Ramsey an apology. That's for them, not for you.

There were no studs showing and the angle he came in at went for the ball. If you're trying to break someone's leg that's not the way you do it, slow it down and you can see him aim for the ball, as you may have seen on MOTD.

The clip was not shown because it featured a broken leg. If someone broke my leg on a football pitch it would only be right for it not to be shown over and over again.

However, to go so far as to doubt the integrity of Shawcross himself? It's more than a little blinkered. None of you ever thought this of him before. It's not a reckless tackle, nor intentionally trying to hurt Ramsey. Therefore he is no different a person than before.

Wenger isn't being "a man". He's standing up for his player- playing the PR game. Sadly you have bought into it, rather than taking a step back and taking it upon yourselves to make judgements you're neither qualified nor balanced enough to make. I feel sorry for you. I really do.

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Anonymous said...

sre94 said...

In that picture he sure looks evil!


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