Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Theo Didn't Earn His Place At The World Cup But He Needs Us Now

The kerfuffle surrounding Theo Walcott is out of control.

The poor lad will be suffering at the moment but it seems almost everyone is enjoying kicking him whilst he is down.

I fully admit that Theo hasn't done enough this season to warrant a place in England's World Cup squad. Far from it in fact, but what he doesn't need right now is people jumping on an already rolling band-wagon trying to explain why.

It's done now, just leave it. Walcott doesn't need the likes of Chris Waddle basically saying that he is shit and he didn't deserve his place anyway.

What he needs right now is an arm around the shoulder. A talk to prove Fabio Capello wrong in the future and not these harsh words.

Waddle should know what its like to be a young footballer under pressure. He was one once. What he should also know is Walcott is probably the most under-pressure footballer to wear the England shirt in recent times.

So why be so harsh? It's almost as if now he and the Theo-bashers can say I told you so.

Theo, the poor little git has now had TWO World Cup nightmares at the grand old age of 21. I feel for the boy. I really do.

Where is anyone offering support in the public eye? Where is the help? People are quick to criticise but not sharp enough to help. It's like they are enjoying watching Theo fail.

That's why Theo needs us. The Gooners. We can support him and hopefully, through this bitter disappointment, he can come back next season a more refreshed and focused player.

Get behind Walcott now. He needs us.

Keep it Goonerish..........


Anonymous said...

It's a shame really and an odd one to spout off "he doesn't deserve to go" when he played a big part in some of England's qualifiers (both games against Croatia I recall him making some vital runs and crosses, and obviously got the hat trick in one of them).

I think he had just as much right to go to the World Cup as Shaun Wright Phillips who has had an equally meh season and he definitely deserved to go more than Heskey, but heh.
Capello obviously thinks he needs the big man... we'll see if that actually works.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree that Theo has not done enough to warrant a place in the WC squad. That was blatantly obvious to those who attend matches at the Emirates, where his performances in the last 2 seasons (where I expected him to mature quicker) have not lived up to expectation.

Chris Waddles comments earlier this year were right on the money. He does not have a football brain. Very rarely has he the confidence to take on the last man and when he does succeed his delivery is normally woeful....remember the bad ball away to Nick B at Barcelona. Aaron Ramsey on the other hand does seem to possess that 'instinct'.

For me, and at £60k per week, he doesn't deserve a starting position on current form.

I do hope next season he can emerge from the disappointment, but my gut feel is that he hasn't got the tools to be a great Arsenal player.

I've been going to matches since 1979 and a season ticket holder for the last 15 years, so I do want Theo to prove me wrong; but I hope AW doesn't persivere with another sub standard signing if the potential is not realised soon.



Anonymous said...

Who cares. It's about time we stopped mollycoddling these kids. They either grow some balls and get serious about your football or go away. When Theo was called up he said something like "this time I deserve it". Bloody laughable, he's been complete shite this season an has deserved nothing. He's no better than he was when we bought him and looks like a complete waste of time to me.

Anonymous said...

Too right. It's not Theos fault he was so hyped up at such a young age. These grey haired pundits sat in their cosy seats and their nasty vicious little attacks on him are pathetic, he's a 21 year old kid for christs sake! Give him some room to breathe, maybe this will be good for him.

It's england that have messed him up so badly in the past. Making someone a household name at 16 before they've even kid a ball is hardly smart, then taking him to that stupid kiddies tournament last year when he was a full international and then hardly playing him! He was injured out there and he needed a rest, thanks to that his season is dogged by injuries and again his development dashed. Thanks a lot Pearce, obviously you really always had englands best interests at heart, not your own in trying to win that stupid tournament ;)

If England had left Theo alone to develop normally in the first place we'd have a right sided Marc Overmars on our hands. Now it's up to us to rebuild his confidence


Anonymous said...

guys spouting off comments like "who cares" and "he needs to quit pouting" do not realize how badly this kind of attention can ruin a career. he has been under too much of a spotlight too early in his career. fabio should have taken him just to avoid having him deal with another world cup fiasco. did he really need 5 CBs? Plus Theo can be a great impact player. We have witnessed.

juan carlos alcocer said...


this isn't 1st grade, and theo can grow the F*ck up!

what should we do? wash his vagina?

i don't give 2 cents worth that theo isnt going to africa to kick the ball around while england make a fool of themselves, i care about the arsenal, and the SIMPLE truth is, he has been consistent crap for arsenal all season.

i know he has injuries, but hes had nearly 5 years now to develop his game and still, all he has is raw pace and an occasional cool finish that gives us hope.

he needs to settle down, get some rest, hire a personal trainer, beef himself up, and set himself some targets for this coming season with arsenal.

once cesc leaves, some of these panzies will need to step up.

vona said...

well this is what you get playing for England. You overplay help them qualify then get axed. And have everybody insulting you for no reason.Lovely

Joppa Road said...

With Fab now leaving shortly (as I said) this just rounds off a totally forgetable season.

I blame Wenger as well in Theo's case. Most people could see Arsenal were crying out for a second striker this season and I often said to my mates "Play Theo through the middle, what have we got to lose?".

Wenger knows best.

The club is turning into a shambles.

Anonymous said...

damn right

Anonymous said...

walcrap has learnt the ways of the scum, lightweight, no commitment, better off at the emptycrates with all his foreign pals than disgraceing the england shirt, coys

Anonymous said...

Capello's a c%nt.

Anonymous said...

I'm with u on this Wrighty.

Theo is still our player, and we shouldnt be slagging him off.

The wankers that want to say 'i told u so' or 'he has no brain' are just plastics or spuds. They dont help 1 bit.

Sure he is not as good as we'd all hoped(yet), and he shouldn't be talking himself up in the media, but his BEST years are still to come.

And if he cant get support from us, then who the fuck can he get it from?

Hopefully this will end up being good for him, like it was for rio
RF: "I was left out for Euro 2000 and it took me that summer to get over it. I was devastated but I went back to training, was a better professional, trained harder and became a better player"

PS Top blog Wrighty7

Ray said...

Yes he's been indifferent at Arsenal however its not like SWP has set the league alight, in fact he has been more conspicous by his absence, Aaron Lennon can hardly be said to have an end product either and well Hesky is only going because Rooney likes playing with him. Robert Green has also had a slight mare of a season, not as bad as Almunia and Fabianski, but still a bad season.

Theo hasn't been fantastic but as pointed out neither have some of the players that made the squad.

prredro said...

this will be a huge blessing in disguise for theo, he will be a great gunner for years to come