Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Laurent Koscielny? He Won't Be The Last Defender Coming In

This summer the Arsenal back-line has taken a bigger pounding than Lindsay Lohan's back-door.

Big Sol looks like he's off to Celtic to enjoy an easy ending to his career, Fish-Head is going home to the Atlantic Ocean, while Big Willy has not been seen since France's exit from the World Cup. He is rumoured to be in a mental home.

This leaves us with TWO centre-backs in Johan Djourou and Thomas Vermaelen. It that enough for an entire campaign of football?

Of course it's not I hear you scream!

It's widely believed that Laurent Koscielny, the Polish-French centre-back, will be signing for us in the next couple of days.

So with him signing, and going by my mathematics, that makes three centre-backs at the club.

We really could do with another. I think Arsene Wenger will sign another too.

In my opinion Thomas Vermaelen and Johan Djouoru will start as the first-choice pairing this season.

What's that you say Wrighty? Wenger has just spent £8.1m on Koscielny so surely he will start as one of the two centre-backs.

I think not.

Thomas Vermaelen is going to be the number one choice next season. He's earned that title and possibly a crack at the Skippers arm-band if Cesc Fabregas does leave.

Johan Djourou said that Wenger told him he sold Kolo Toure for the Swiss man to play. That's enough for me.

I think Johan has earned his stripes at the club, served his apprenticeship, and is more than good enough to start despite his doubters.

Ideally I think Wenger would like Sol Campbell to stay but I can't see it. If Sol did stay then I doubt we would see another defender joining but as I've said it looks like he is off.

For me Laurent Koscielny will begin his Arsenal career as back-up. Probably to Vermaelen due to him being left-footed like our Belgian defender.

With Koscielny being the back-up left sided center-back, Wenger will need a back-up right sided one too.

That's why I believe Laurent Koscielny will not be the last defender signing for Arsenal this summer.

Keep it Goonerish.........


Anonymous said...

Wrighty if this guy comes in and becomes part of the starting 11 I won't even know what to say. Not because he's bad, I don't know him, but because a club the size of AFC should have a veteran hard nosed Premier league defender trusted with that responsibility. If this happens then I will say Wenger will have lost the plot.

Anonymous said...

What if Thomas V has 2nd season jitters, known to happen. We are far too big a club to be this foolish.

Wrighty7 said...

As I've said mate, I reckon Djourou and Vermaelen will start.

It's difficult to judge this fella because, I'll be honest, I've never seen him play!

I suppose Vermaelen was kind of in the same boat so I suppose we should reserve judgement on Koscielny.

Wrighty7 said...

If Tommy V has second season jitters then we are fooked!

gunner said...

Laurent koscielny is not left footed ,he is right footed with a decent left foot and i can bet koscielny will start as first choice

superfly said...

@Wrighty7 Laurent can play on the right. He's not coming as backup. Djouru has missed a whole season and he's likely to have a bit part this coming season due to his body adjusting to the hussle and bustle of the league alas rosicky.
Wenger may promote a young player or likely by another

Anonymous said...

if hodgson goes to liverpool wenger should get hangeland for once and for all,get hangeland please,get luis suarez aswell a proper striker get rid of deadwood (eduardo,vela)

Arse Shavin said...

i wouldnt be too annoyed if sol left, yeah dont get me wrong hes done great, but i reckon we can have better back up than an aging 37 or whatever the hell he is. id say we need 2 centre backs (including koscielny) and a holding mid as backup for song. Possibly another midfield if cesc leaves. If this happens then we've got ourselves a good shot at the title

Anonymous said...

Bougherra will take Sol's place in the squad as back-up centre back... FIrst choice TV alongside Djourour or Koscielny.

anto said...

djourou is an accident waitin to happen i seriously hope he is not first choice nxt season i hope im wrong i doubt it tho.have yous all forgotten djourou playin like?? hes a disaster

Wrighty7 said...

He's right-footed?

I've heard and seen so many people say he is left-footed.

I maybe wrong!

Anonymous said...

Spuds sign a top
class C/back we sign a nobody that doesn't even no were he's from.this is bollox and am sick of it.THink away to Stoke,boltan,Blackburn we outplay the home team all game only for them to put one in the mixer late in the game and we end up with nothing because are centre halfs are 5"11.spuds and city will overtake us this season and deep down we all no it.southlondongooner

Anonymous said...

To the first poster, not every succesful defender was bred in the Premier League. In recent years players such as Vidic and Vermaelen have shown that you need not be well known or have PL experience to succeed. I know for some it will be inevitable, but to claim Wenger has lost the plot before even having seen a player play is a bit dramatic.

That being said, I'd love to see another player brought in, one who can play at either DM/CB and provide cover in those positions. Experience would be nice, but if Wenger believes Djourou or Kolscielny is ready to start it's good enough for me.

j.w said...

wenger is left with an odd dilemma though (when it comes to the fourth cb). i wouldn't be surprised if he goes for someone relatively old, especially when you consider the age of of cb's 23, 24 (and the new guy is also 24).

but how old does he go? does he look for someone at their peak, who's club will demand a huge fee (jagielka). or, does he go for someone who's slighly past their peak (i.e someone like rafael marquez).

personally, if i still had 15-20 million burning a hole in my pocket, i'd go and buy jagielka to partner vermaelen. djourou and koscielny as backups. i know johan is a good centre back. but you gotta remember he missed the WHOLE of last season (bar one sub appearance). to rely on him to play a whole premiership season is farcical in my opinion.

schwarzer, jagielka, joe cole, koscielny and chamakh in

eduardo or rosicky, almunia or fabianski, campbell, gallas, silvestre out (by the looks of things).

if fabregas does go, i'm certain we will attempt (and probably fail) to sign oezil.

i'm excited but very worried about next season. we are losing even more experienced players than before. when sagna and eboue are you're oldest outfield players, i'm sorry but you are in trouble.

b.b.k said...

we are wasting 8 million on a back up defender that is daylight robbery.

Anonymous said...

That being said we should back the boys all season no matter what but we will be overtaken make no mistake.I do think spuds have a better side there now and city will buy one this year starting with yaya,denis vrs yaya in midfield is a big miss match, if rvp stays fit we will be 4th if not lights out.from the real home of arsenal southlondongooner

Anonymous said...

he might wait for the pre season to start and asses Nordeveit, who has come back with great reviews from Germany. If AW feels Nordveit has what it takes to make it at Arsenal he will be the 4th choice..

Anonymous said...

tommy v aint gonna have second season jitters no way, the geezeris solid as a rock,he puts nails in his rice crispies,even his dog is known for attacking without provocation, give him the armband

Anonymous said...

I've lways been a fan of djourou and think he should be a part of the starting eleven. TV will like someone with a big presence next to him aswell.

Anonymous said...

you forgot one thing, koscielny is right footed who can also use his left foot. he could very well be vermalens partner, i have no problem with djourou starting though, always looked solid to me

Anonymous said...

djourou is for defence what fabianski is for goalkeeping: zero experience, error prone, big-game howler boy.

bostongunner said...

it seems to me that we also need someone to help Arsene with defensive tactics--Perhaps a different role for Sol: coach??

Anonymous said...

lol what a joke you are?!

Off course he will start.

Crazy article.

Anonymous said...

Tommy v is overrated,he's good at one on one fights for the ball and is good in the air for his size but is all over the place at times and runs forward far too much that being said his goals last year were very much needed but mask some other parts of his game.hopefully he will improve as he is still the best we have.spudgun

Anonymous said...

G: Joe Hart subs: Szczesny, Fabianski
DC: TV5, Mexes/Subotic/Kjaer subs: Kocielsny, Djourou, Nortveild
DR: Sagna sub: Eboue
DL: Clichy sub: Gibbs
DM: Song sub: Diaby
MC: Cesc, Kroos/Gourcuff subs: Ramsey, Nasri
AMR: Cole sub: Walcott
AML: Arshavin sub: Rosicky
FC: RVP subs: Chamakh, Bendtner

Transfers out: Denilson, Eduardo, Almunia, Merida, Simpson, Silvestre, Sol, Gallas
Loans out: Wilshere, Vela, Coquelin, Mannone
On-the-plate: JET, Eastmond, Landsbury, Traore

j.w said...

we arent going to buy joe hart, mexes, gourcuff, kroos and joe cole. GET FUCKING REAL. stop with these championship manager lineups. it makes you look about 14.

gunner17 said...

Rafik Halliche

Anonymous said...

i reakon itl be cahill vermz with djour an kos backup.

Danish Gooner said...

When you absolutely,positively want to sign bargain basement rubbish you simply cant expect to win anything.I have seen Koscielny play on a couple of occasions and he didnt exactly stand out,he looked a bit shaky but it could just be that he had a bad day at the office but 8,5 mil for him is at least 5 mil to much.

Anonymous said...

Nice one JW. The British media play champiosnship manager year in year out when bullshining about supposed Arsenal comings and goings, truth is Fish Head is off YIPEEEEE, Gallas may or may not go to Juve, happy if he stays happier if he goes, Sol is thinking but not decided on life in Glasgow, CESC IS STAYING!, Chamakh is a done deal, the hard to spell Polish/French guy for 8million seems high but thats the market, and Joe Cole aint leaving London meaning its either us or the spuds. Again happy if he comes to The Mighty Arsenal, not that fussed if he chooses a champions league awayday by joining spurs. Defence wise, do you really think Wenger is that mental to leave the Mighty Arsenal with only two centre backs? I dunno if he plays championship manager but even he aint that stupid, Everything will be in place for a glorious future, OOOOOH TO BE A GOONER Jaygooner

Anonymous said...

Just so you guys know Nordtveith was on loan in the Bundesliga. Not league one or the championship. He was up against decent forwards and he even played Defensive midfield a few times. So i think he will come back and be fourth choice and get games in the Carling cup.

Anonymous said...

The new CB is right footed, no idea where you get this info from? clueless site.------------------------------

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

can i throw a name into the hat?.. Rafael Márquez, the barcelona outcast? had a solid world cup for mexico, saw him play a few times for barcelona last season and look alright, comfortable.

He's publically stated he wants to leave barcelona (http://www.goal.com/en/news/12/spain/2010/06/26/1996649/mexico-defender-rafael-marquez-considering-barcelona-exit).. hes experienced at 31.

the only problem would be barcelona, considering all the fabregas shenanigans that are going on.


Anonymous said...

Arsenal will sign a Defensive Midfielder. Song can play both position, this gives Arsenal cover both in the back and at Mid-field.

Anonymous said...

So after watching Englands so called top defenders in the World Crap, is anyone honestly suggesting we pay Pds 15m for some northern monkey who didn't make the England team. Give me a fucking break.

Get the big fella from Algeria if only for someone to knock heads with Drogbha and Pooney. Not expected to carry the ball just stick a knee in someones back.

i'll take my chances wiith Kyle Bartley and anyone else waiting in the wings.

as long as they have the peoper protection from someone like a Melo or Song we'll be fine.

Health is our biggest issue. If healthy with what we have going forward opponents will ahve to score 3 to get a draw next year.

we'll be scoring goals for fun next season, guaranfuckinteed.

Anonymous said...

and ze "expert" has spoken...

Anonymous said...

With all of the matches to be played and Djourou's injury history, Arsenal needs to have a solid four man rotation at CB, plus a fifth CB as cover.

While younger, up-and-coming players will be delighted to start whenever they are given the chance, no established, big-name veteran star is going to want to sit on the bench, even if it means risking injury by playing too often. So, you need something of a mix of players, most younger (but with quality), to fit into a workable rotation.

Vermaelen is the only CB on the roster who is in a position to essentially demand playing time. He will start the most often. Djourou has the size and talent to blossom into a top CB, but doesn't have a lot of experience because he is injury prone. He'll need time to ease back into the game and must be rested to keep from getting injured again. Koscielny will compete with Djourou for playing time, with the better one getting more starts.

With Bartley and Nordveidt being the only other CBs on the roster, another at least somewhat experienced CB is needed and will be signed. Depending on how AW sees Bartley's development, it could be an older veteran CB, like Sol or Marquez (I doubt Barca lets Arsenal get him), or another younger CB who can compete with Bartley for playing time in the future.

It appears that Sol has been holding off on a move to Celtic to see if Arsenal makes a deal for a CB. With it now looking like he is ready to make that move, it would seem that Arsenal's approach to Halliche could be serious. Halliche looked to be quite a tough, physical CB at the WC and fits the profile of a younger player who could fit into a rotation with TV, Djourou and Koscielny.

Depending on whether AW thinks that it would be better for Bartley, who impressed last season on loan, to get regular playing time on loan or spend more time on the bench at Arsenal, IMHO Bartley and Nordveidt (who was not that impressive in the Bundesliga)will probably fight it out for a spot as the fifth CB on the roster. If Djourou seems healthy at last, I would expect Bartley to go out on loan again for one more full year of seasoning with Nordveidt seeing very limited action.

There will be another CB coming in and probably a younger one. If its Halliche, the centre of Arsenal's backline will be bigger, quicker and more mobile than last year. However, it may require having an experienced veteran keeper to insure that they stay organized--something that Schwarzer would be well suited to do.

Anonymous said...

As soon as I saw Vermaelen play his first game last year I said that he would be our next captain and with Fabregas leaving sooner or later I see no reason to think otherwise. I hope personally that we buy as many are leaving. This Koscienly will be a Gallas replacement and dependent on how good he is I can see him starting. So that leaves another 2 required. Ideally 1 massive fella like Mertesacker and somebody up and coming and quick.

Anonymous said...

I reckon that we need Sol, not only because he's a good player but also he's a big character.

If we buy two CD, let's say Konchelski and Metersecher (sorry for the spelling), then we have to manage the ego's of these guys that all demand hefty playing time.

I'd rather have a strong englishman marshaling our youngsters towards success.

Our squad is missing leaders - we are missing guys that would die for the club. Sometimes it feels like some of these guys are just biding their time until Barcelona or Real Madrid comes with an offer.

Anonymous said...

Hey wrighty, nice blog!!! mate i belieave we ve should buy one more defender but quality one not an unknown, its not like i dont trust arsene on his choices but i believe as a HUGE club we are should buy a quality expirienced center back to play along with Tommy V!!!

Anonymous said...

"I don't know him, but because a club the size of AFC should have a veteran hard nosed Premier league defender trusted with that responsibility."

Give it a rest. Have you not yet realised they're all shit?

Terry without Alex is a fuckwit.

Rio without Vidic is a fuckwit.

They're supposedly the best our country have to offer. Pair of fucking carthorses like the rest of their countrymen.

It's the foreigners that play around them that make them look good. Why do you think the best clubs in Europe aren't chasing English players?

Anonymous said...

I do agree the guy above that terry and Rio, rooney and lampard are over rated and over paid but in premiership with english refs they all way's going to get the big decisions in their favor's. It stinks but thats the truth.

Anonymous said...

we need to raid man-city Ireland,De jong get um on the cheep spending money like its about to run out! scotty parker hard bastard,Koscielny to start with TV Djourou an Nordveit as back up, You no we hate to spend that money!

Marko said...

Yeah I agree Wrighty I think we'll be seeing another defender coming in or at least a fella who can play in defense and defensive midfield. I'd say it's more likely we're moving for someone like Diakate or someone similar instead of a Kjaar or Subotic, someone who'd make about 20-25 appearances all season as back up to Vermaelen, Koscielny and Djourou. All in all it'll be a step up from last season if we can keep them fit of course. Koscielny, Djourou and a new fella is a step up from having a crock like Gallas, Campbell and the crap Silvestre. All in all we're doing our business quite and I expect a few more players.

Scotland Steve said...

Geez, I'm worried that too many Gooners might need psychiatric help!!!

Relax, everybody.

Second-year jitters? What the hell is that?

You might as well sit around worrying that the team bus will crash. My God, what a stressed-out bunch we have.

Nobody's seen Koscielny play one minute, and yet people are slagging him off. Daylight robbery, somebody says.

Yeah, really? Are you one of the mob who said the same thing about Vermaelen, by any chance?

It's amazing how many morons on blogs seem to know more about football and everything else than Arsene Wenger.

Arsenal Football Club has NEVER been in better shape, had higher aspirations or been admired by millions as it is now.

I don't think all that happened because of genius bloggers.

So take a minute, grab a deep breath and be thankful. Would you rather be Portsmouth -- or even mighty Liverpool, headed for the bin?

Calm down, or go get some medication.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Go on wikepedia Laurent Koscielny on club infomation it says he is at Arsenal with shirt number 6
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Anonymous said...

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