Monday, 3 January 2011

Could FC Barcelona Cope In The Barclays Premier League? I Don't Think So!

Ever since Arsenal were drawn against FC Barcelona in the Champions League people have said that we are on a hiding to nothing and that it will be like men against boys.

Pretty much everyone on this Earth, and their dog, believes that it is simply a formality that Barcelona will crush us. We will be destroyed, or if you like, Barcered.

In fact, we might be Barcered so bad, that it could be an embarrassment.

Luckily I don't follow this herd. Of course I know it will the hardest test we come up against this season. Barcelona ARE the best team in the world but the best team in the world doesn't always win. The law of averages won't allow it.

Who knows? When the time comes around to play these beasts of football they might not look so good. They could be out of sorts, whereas we could be liquorice allsorts, I mean, bang-in-form.

Football is a funny ol' game of sorts.

Of course Barcelona against English teams over two-legs can look superior but how would they cope with the rigours of the Barclays Premier League week-in week-out like we do?

Teams kick the shit out of Arsenal in most games, that is a scientific fact, and I often wonder how Barcelona would deal with playing against sides determined not to be taken the piss out of all the time.

Could you imagine Barcelona having to play away, in winter, in consecutive games at grounds like Ewood Park and the Britannia Stadium? Imagine how Carles Puyol and the like would deal with a 100 yard throw-in by Rory Delap or Christopher Samba in your face for 90 minutes?

Don't get me wrong, I believe Barcelona are mustard but I don't think they could handle the English Premier League every week.

A lot of people think that the standard of the English league has dropped slightly. Maybe in regards to the likes of Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester United and Chelsea this is true. However the other clubs in the division have improved hugely, more hugely than Frank Lampard's arse over Christmas.

The Spanish league is lovely to watch but seriously, in my opinion, it is a glorified Scottish League in truth. I mean no disrespect to the Scot's but they know the truth. The SPL is a poor league and of course the standard in La Liga is higher than that but you can predict the top two every year.

I don't think that Barcelona could walk away with the title in England like they do in Spain. Of course they would challenge for it but I would love to see how they would cope in our league over a season.

I love the way they play football and could watch them all day long. Could they do that week-in week-out though with teams beating the granny of out them?

Keep It Goonerish...........


Anonymous said...

pointless article
just because we think barcelona cannot cope with the EPL is irrelevant as to whether we can beat them or not.
this article is just the author trying to convince himself that we will dominate barcelona. Not the case.
Did you see how we played against Wigan?

Anonymous said...

Until the last minute, where we had given up, we were only losing 5-3 on aggregate to the reigning champions of europe, spain, the world club cup. Considering we were playing the likes of Silvestre, Denilson, Rosicky and Bendtner at the Nou Camp, we are going to have a much better chance this year. No offence to these guys, in fact pre-injury Rosicky was my favourite player, but these guys dont get a look in the first XI, what are they doing in the toughtest game of the year. Fabregas, Van Persie, Vermaelen et al, lets take it to them, Clichy is getting back, and Sagna is at his imperious best, im looking forward to a cracking pair of games, i really hope it isnt as one sided as last year. ALSO, its worth noticing, that when we had out 1st choice pairing in last years fixture (Gallas Vermaelen, 45mins) we didnt conceded one, but after the break with a poor defence, Ibrahimnovic slaughtered us. Ibra is like the drog, and thankfully they dont have him, we will cope better against Villa imo, not that Ibra is a better player, not at all, but our def cant really handle the big guys.

Wrighty7 said...

This article is not the author trying to convince himself anything.

I actually think that form is the key going into this game.

Who knows how either side will be playing at the time we face each other?

If you going to be petty did you see the way Barcelona played against Hercules or Mallorca?

Anonymous said...

Barca will rape Arsenal..and its not tastefully done

Anonymous said...

Agree with the Article, I dont believe Barca could cope. Its different when teams are not watching you play your pretty stuff without "gettin stuck in".

Anon 15:47, If I am not mistaken we were beating Wigan with 8 changes and had a 100% penalty denied while a fake one was given against us.

Anon, Denilson is and was the perfect player to play against Barcelona. He was brilliant against Barca, one of the players that didnt allow the stage and playing Barcelona to get into his head. What he does better than anyone else in the team is intercept passes, since Barca are so great at passing this is the type of player you need. Wonderful player.

Rosicky was terrible in the 2n leg but would be much better this time around, I think, given he has had more time back from injury. Technically gifted, he also is the type of player that would cause Barca problems.

Fact is though we have a team that can and for me will beat Barcelona. We are better than given credit for.

Anonymous said...

if Denilson plays, we are going to be on a hiding. He is easily Arsenal's worst and laziest player (along with Diaby).
The way he conducted himself when we played thewm last season where he admired Messi rather than mark him was a disgrace and followed up his awful performance against nani previous.

Anonymous said...

Well, lets wait and see the rape take place.

People are quite delusional when it comes to Barca. They only won one thing last season and they only had to beat one team in RM.

Are they great yes, but they beat a team in Arsenal that was without all of of their most influential players. When we had a few we got a draw but I guess those facts mean nothing.

Juan said...

Pure comedy. Thanks for the chuckle.

This is quite a pointless argument but evidently myopia overshadows objectivity.

It is obvious that these matchups are all based on form, but then again so are every single match in the season.

The problem with Arsenal has been that- they have been coping with the Premiership for over six years.

Teams like Barca, Man Utd., Chelsea, etc. in recent years aren't satisfied with "coping"... they are satisfied with contending.

Would Barca win the Premiership? Maybe. Barca aren't even guaranteed to win La Liga. So those suppositions are just plain drivel.

Will Arsenal beat Barca? Probably. Why not? That is, after all, why they play the game

They are a quality team with a boatload of talent. As a matter of fact, they have a shot to win the Champions League.

But there is no need to bring down your opponents in order to feel better about yourself.

Barca could play like they did against Hercules back in August-September, but I doubt Arsenal will play that style.

Thanks for inspiring my rebuttal on my site.

Anonymous said...

anon @ 16:16.

for me you dont know what you are talking about, watch the vid. Denilson is underated. He was istrumental along with Eboue and Walcott in the first leg against Barca. Watch the vid.

Anonymous said...

Barca are a lot better than Arsenal, so they would defo finish above us in this league.

Goodwill Hunting said...

A glorified Scottish league ?Is that your best shot man.The teams who compete regularly for europe`s top honor is a glorified Scottish team?you are havin a laugh.

Wrighty7 said...


Where do I try to bring down our opponents?

I actually said that Barcelona ARE the best team in the world did I not?

I'm merely asking a question mate.

Anonymous said...

not a chance. EPL refs would have none of their diving and carry on. make no mistake i`m not delusional, barca a a top team but deffo not suited to the rigours of the EPL.
as for our chances this time round,lets reflect on last year. first leg was 2-2 and we played shite.
second leg team sheet: almunia,sagna,vemaelan,silvestre,clichy,denilson,diaby,nasri,rosicky,theo,bendtner. 4-1.
they will not be seeing that team or anything that resembles it, and if we are fully fit and focused we can definitely beat them.

Anonymous said...

Why would somebody make comparisons only with the way we played against Wigan? why not the way we played against Chelsea, why not the way we played against Birmingham? we must remain positive. Barcelona is not a team out of this world. They are beatable.Ernestly,i don't think Barca would cope that much with the rigours in the premier league. i love this article.

Anonymous said...

In terms of headline nothing wrong with the article, Barca would be close to the relegation zone if they were to play the number of games under the climate in the UK, teams like Wigan, B'Ham, Stopke etc going at them twice a week.
Nevetheless, someone commented last time out we had different players - spot on !
This time it could be well Barca trying to cope what we throw at them - EPL style bundled with passing magic they claim to be master of.
The Gunners will pass this hurdle this time - I'm pretty sure of that.

Ibrahim Mustapha said...

Barca would piss on the English league the same way they have La Liga.

If you actually watch any Spanish football rather that indulging in borderline xenophobic stereotyping, you would see that the players of other teams regualarly give Barca players the the kind of kicking you feel they wouldn't handle over here.

It's a complete myth (an unforgivably lazy) to suggest that the Spanish league isn't as physical as our own.

Whether Arsenal can beat Barca or not is certainly open to debate but don't give us this nonsense that they couldn't handle handle the likes of Stoke and Blackburn. Honestly, listen to yourself.

Anonymous said...

goodwill hunting, "reading is fundamental".

No where in the article does it liken barcelona to an SPL team.

Anonymous said...

Ibrahim, to you too, read with understanding.

The point is could Barcelona deal with the PL for a whole season, I doubt it.

The CL and Serie A are very different. I watch the Spanish League and sometimes you wonder if defenders are supposed to admire the skills of RM and Barca or actually tackle. Its boring and slow.

Barca dived so damn much in the second leg and as has been said, they wouldnt get treated with kid gloves in the PL. Its a different beast entirely.

Its a known fact that the PL is the toughest league in the world.

Ibrahim Mustapha said...

Known fact? Really?

Where is the evidence to support this so-called fact?

'Toughest league in the world' is actually a statement that you literally have no way of proving.

A bunch of incompetent cloggers at the clubs mentioned that don't know the art of tackling do nothing to back up your point.

Anonymous said...

"Barca would piss on the English league the same way they have La Liga."


GeoJ said...

Two separate issues here:
1. How would Barca cope with the EPL
2. Can Arsenal cope with Barca

The first question is entirely hypothetical of course. Barca are a very good side; but aren't unassailable - if they were they would have been dominating their domestic league and the Champions League over the past decade. The record books show that since 2000 they have won La Liga four times, and the CL just once.

On present form they look as strong as they have ever done - with their players riding high in the wake of last Summer's World Cup success with Spain. It remains to be seen whether the World Cup challenge will begin to show on Barca's Spanish contingent in the coming months.

I agree with those who keep trotting out Sky's hyperbolic mantra that the EPL is the toughest league in the world. Are Villareal, Deportivo, Seville, Athletico Madrid and Espanyol really inferior to Sunderland, Bolton, Stoke and Newcastle ??

To the more important question - can Arsenal beat Barca over two legs. The answer, of course is 'yes', in the same way that West Brom or Newcastle, on their day, can beat Arsenal.

If Arsenal's players are on form in the two matches they can beat Barca - and quite possibly would have done so in the Champions League final in 06 had they not lost a player in the first 20 minutes of that match.

We will need to be on-form in both games, could do with a bit of good fortune (like a Messi or Xavi injury??), and have Vermaelan back in defence. But of course it can be done, and any self-respecting Gooner will tell you the same.

Anonymous said...

ibrahim you need to watch premier league week in week out not only big games but all games, you will understand how difficult is life in PL, la liga dont have quality teams leaving RM and Barca, rest they play one season then fade the next season, how many clubs in la liga have real good players when compared PL.i am damn sure barca will struggle in PL. this article make lot sense in that way.arsenal can beat any team in the world on their day. proud to be a gooner.

Anonymous said...

Epl has the best players? Blasphemy! U really need to get ur head examined.
people say that the liga is inferior to the EPL thanks to the over-hyping british press. Has any1 really checked the stats? From the past 6 years the epl has been dominated by chelsea and man u making it a big two liverpool, arsenal and spurs are the valencia villareal and sevilla of epl.

MANNIXX said...

What makes different between Barca & Arsenal is only on two basis. (1) Barca is matured enough to realize that in order to win titles, you must be ready to fight hard against any opponent no matter who they are, until they give up & let them in but Arsenal are not matured enough to know to be the best you need to beat the best to become one. 2nd, Arsenal always lose hope even before we play when facing the giant,we always look naîve when play against big clubs,tht's why we hardly beat Man U,Barca or even Chelsea. I know Arsenal can beat any team in this world only if they believe in themselves, use every chance they get and make sure no wasted chance go unpunish.. Mannix frm Kenya

MANNIXX said...

Arsenal can only beat Barca through courage,determination and fighting tirelessly. This can only be achieved by mentally and physical preparation. If only Arsenal will face Barca with simple notion that Barca is beatable or assuming they play against spurs,bolton or west ham i believe we will beat them home & away. Hope we will meet them with our current squad on form.

Danish Gooner said...

We will come closer then last time around but it is as likely that we will beat them as me climbing Mount Everest.

Anonymous said...

There is no need to deal with Samba and Delap when the opponent will have almost no possession at all. All the mis-timing EPL tacklings will only mount to red cards.
Arsene will only need to watch DVDs of recent matches between FC Rubin Kazan and Barcelona to have a chance of drawing. But then again we don't have the discipline and strength at the back to implement that system.

Anonymous said...

40% of barca's game is based on cuntwats like busquets diving all over the place.
not to mention the major cheats valdez, the second keeepr, iniesta, xavi, pedro, alvez, pique.

the only guy i have respect for in this squad is messi

Anonymous said...

What would Barcelona do playing against Stoke or Blackburn...beat them 7-0 is what they'd do!!! This argument is always thrown out there and its pointless, how would 90% of teams in the EPL cope with a team like Barca passing the ball around like they can do...if you've ever seen Spanish football you'll notice that the teams that play against Barcelona don't stand back and admire them...a few looks at some of the tackles put in on Messi throughout the year would make Ryan Shawcross look like a saint...maybe the bigger question is not what would Barcelona do if they were in the EPL, but more, why can't a team like Arsenal who play as close to the style of football as Barcelona do win something, the answer as we all know isn't because our style of play doesn't allow it, nor is because of Christopher Samba or Ryan Shawcross that we haven't won anything, but its because we weren't not good enough to win anything for the last 5 years. Barcelona have been more than good enough in the last 5 years to beat all round you honestly believe that Newcastle, West Brom and Spurs would have all won at the Nou Camp this year the way they bet us at the Emirates? I can understand what you’re trying to say...but if we lose to Barcelona, it won't be because we play in the hardest league in the'll be because we're not good enough to beat Barcelona over 2 legs and for no other reason than that!!!

Ibrahim Mustapha said...

Anonymous 18:39

Unless I am losing my mind, I'm not sure I said anything about 'known facts' but since you asked, Barcelona pissed on the third best team in the English league last season and strolled past the English Champions in the final the previous year.

Yes, they struggled against Chelsea in the semi but if an Arsenal fan wants to tell me that struggling to a draw against Chelsea at the time was the sign of a team that can't cope in the premier league then I must remind you that in their very next game after going out to Barca, Chelsea went to the Emirates and humped Wenger's team 4-1!

It may not be a 'known' fact or even a fact at all but all evidence would suggest that I was making a more than valid point by suggesting this Barcelona side would not struggle in the Premier League at all. It's a daft statement by the author and makes anyone who defends it equally as daft.

I stand by that point.

Wrighty7 said...


Is it daft because you don't agree with it? It seems more do than don't.

Listen I'm not knocking Barcelona as I've said I think they are the best team in the world and would challenge for the title.

What I believe is Barcelona wouldn't have it all their own way in the Premiership like they do in La Liga.

There are loads of factors, weather, no winter break, better quality of opposition, faster intensity of matches and definitely more title contenders.

Don O said...

If I had to choose, then, without doubt it would be La Liga all the way. It's skillful, tactical and passionate; what more could you want from a league?
If you want to watch headless chicken football, then the premiership is your thing.
I'm not watching football to see someone get kicked off the park and if they are then the ref is doing a bad job! (ala World Cup final - that was prem v la liga, sort of...)
If Arsenal play their game then Barca will beat them no question, just because its a very similar game but Barca is just better. So what do arsenal do, change their way of play? can they?
Barca play the same be it against Hercules or Real Madrid or Stoke, the only difference that maybe is the personnel. Barca's game will not change for their opponent.

Mark said...

Wrighty of the many Arsenal blogs I only read 4, and this is one of them because you always talk sense. So it's dissapointing to see something like this. Barca outfought us for most of our tie last season so it's obvious they'd cope against the rough teams just like we do, only better because they have half the worlds best players on their books. I think there's more evidence to suggest they'd piss the league than not.

I still think we have a chance of beating them aswell, but as said thats a different point.

Wrighty7 said...

Thanks for always reading Mark.

I admit Barca mullered us last season but that wasn't the reason I wrote this mate.

Its just a thought that has gone through my head for a long time.

Anonymous said...

I was reading a blog about how Barcelona have a great defense. I even nodded in agreement but that was on the deck. How would they deal with the aerial bombardment that would be thrown at them by teams like Stoke, Bolton, Blackburn, Everton etc? The answer is that they'd struggle just as the other teams do.

Anonymous said...

Barca beat an Arsenal team that was depleted. For some strange reason that goes unnoticed.

Its funny but Barcelona supporters like to tell you that Chelsea beat them in the CL because the ref gave them the game.

Well in that case what do you say about NB being on goal and a false Offside call.

To be truthful, if not for Messi, I dont believe Barcelona wouldve beat the weakened Arsenal side. No Messi is way different as shown against Levante.

You cannot beat the best teams without the spine.

And Geo how dare you compare Arsenal beating Barca to Newcastle or WBA beating Arsenal.

Arsenal is way more comparative to Barcelona than those teams are to Arsenal.

The PL is harder, the fact is that more English teams progress in the CL that the Spanish League. Thats speaks for itself.

In that time, Pool and United have won. Arsenal and Chelsea have been in the Semi's and Arsenal in the Final plus quite a few quater finals.

We can look at the Euro Cup and see a great number of the teams that have progressed are in the PL.

At present there are 4 PL teams in the CL to 2 spanish teams.

In the Europa League the 2 PL teams lead their league. 3 serie a Teams.

So it may seem as if the Serie A is all so skillfull but its a fact at present that the PL is more competetive and stronger.

Its simply a tougher league all around.

Anonymous said...

Anon 14:38, we saw how they dealt with teams that park the bus in Inter Milan also. They lost.

How would they deal with 10 men behind the ball in every match?

Chelsea also had them in the CL.

Anonymous said...

In the Europa League the 2 PL teams lead their "group".

Anonymous said...

Fair enough Wrighty, I can sort of see where your coming from - (still disagree but I guess there no way of telling whose right).

In fairness if I didn't think you were right all the time I wouldn't have pulled you up! Here's to big performance tomorow - I hope theres a preview!

Mark said...

That last comment was from me!

Anonymous said...

barcelona Rocks!!!1 said...

This cannot have effect in actual fact, that's what I think.

Tommy said...

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