Sunday, 16 January 2011

They Can't Remain Unbeaten All Season Can They? CAN THEY?!

I gotta admit I'm starting to shit myself a little bit here. I'm getting a tincey wincey bit nervous.

Watching Manchester United grind out a goal-less draw with Spurs today had me thinking, it had me thinking something bad. What I was thinking of was horrendous, more horrendous than the jumper my Nan lovingly knitted me for Christmas.

What was going through my mind might upset you, it may even scare you, you might want to look away for it could scar you for life.

I've tried knocking my head against a wall to remove this thought from my brain but alas it remains and the wall is battered. Are you ready for this monstrosity? Are you ready for this sick thought?

Could Manchester United remain unbeaten for the season? Could they do what we did? Be Invincible over a campaign?

The thought sends shivers down my spine but it is a realistic possibility.

United are more notorious than Biggy Smalls for becoming a stronger force in the second half of the season and they haven't seemed to have hit top gear yet. But they remain unbeaten!

That said they could go unbeaten and not actually win the league, it is that tight at the top of the table.

Luckily they have a lot of hard games to play, including playing us at the Emirates so it will prove to very difficult for them to equal our fantastic achievement but it is achievable none the less.

I hate the thought that they might do what we did. That is our fame to claim. We are the Invincibles, not them.

The image of Fergie with that bright red nose crowing over the fact they can claim to be invincible too, sickens me. It sickens me more than vomit.

They can't do it can they?

Keep it Goonerish.........


Anonymous said...

I doubt it. We'll f**k em up and end their unbeaten run when they come to the emirates, just like they did to us!

Anonymous said...

Dont scare me like that, now I'll be having nightmares all night, of course they wont do. they wont right

Anonymous said...

this utd team aren't going to be invincible don't worry about that. during our invincible season we had one lucky result - against portsmouth - apart from that we were in total control. man utd are riding their luck big time, how they've got this far unbeaten is a miracle as well as reflection of refereeing bias. no - they have still to play chelsea twice and chelsea are starting to play again. and another city derby. they have liverpool away - who're maybe getting it together as well, and us at the emirates when we will thrash them - actually e quite nice if they stay unbeaten until then in some ways - poetic justice! don't think it will happen though. they'll porbably get beat by birmingham next week.

Anonymous said...

naaaa! dont thnk dey can.unless refs. like webby nd co.makes it easy 4 dem. invicible blongs to arsenal nd arsenal only.even if dey go unbeaten dey cant win d epl.

Anonymous said...

I think that they could... they will draw a lot of games but they refuse to be beaten.

It's up to us to beat them at ours later on in the season

JonJon said...

oi oi wrighty

they wont go unbeaten mate
as the poster above pointed out they have all their difficult fixtures away this half of the season..

they also have blackpool away in a fortnight or so, which will be a difficult one for them

im hoping for 2 outcomes

A..they stay unbeaten until they come to emirates and we do em in


B..they stay unbeaten all season yet we win the league.. which will be my personal

how funny will that be..utd keep drawing and go unbeaten but becuase of all the draws we take the title..hahahahahaha

Neal said...

Hi Wrighty,

I can't remember which pundit it was that mentioned it, but if you go through the archives, Man U's famed strength in the second half of the season is not supported by the statistics - it's only about 50-60% of times if my memory serves me right.

All the best!

Anonymous said...

Having managed to remain unbeaten, United have a motivation to continue to defend well and grind out draws. But this trend will be shortlived, trust me. They will soon get beaten, that shower! I am convinced Blackpool will defeat United; so will Chelsea, Everton, City and Liverpool. Then they still have to come to the Emirates.
Jonjon, while I like your idea of poetic justice, I'd rather they get beaten sooner than later (not to speak of never) this season. They need to be knocked off hat high horse ASAP!.

Anonymous said...

lets see now, they still got:

Chelsea (home n away)
Liverpool (away)
and of course us (away)

i can see them not only lose one game, but i will go as far as three and possibly four defeats lookin at this list ..

and of course there is always that little team that no one expects to get any thing and they cause an upset ..

them losing is just a matter of time, surely!!

Al Amoudi

Anonymous said...

Well, unbeaten + title = legends
unbeaten + nothing = nothing

visionary said...

wrighty, good topic for debating and lets hope the press buy into it big-time. no doubt fergie would love it but i am of the opinion that this is one of the poorest manure teams for a long number of years and the pressure associated with going the season unbeaten will be a bridge to far and could lead to a lot of drawn games, which we could benefit from
i remember the sunday afternoon when we broke brian cloughs record against one stage we were 3 - 1 down before going on to win 5 - 3. CYGAN played that day and it was always scary when he got a game. ray parlour who was a middlesboro player at that time congratulated all his former teammates at the end of the game and joined in the celebrations

Anonymous said...

People say United haven't hit top gear, but to be honest I think they are doing extremely well considering the limitations in the squad. It is a testament to their rock-solid defence that they have remained unbeaten for so long, but this is the weakest attacking United side I remember. Take Rooney and Berbatov out of the equation and all of a sudden they look bereft. Hernandez is a great goal poacher but he won't take a game by the scruff of the neck. Nani is inconsistent, Giggs is 37, and Fletcher, Park, Carrick and Anderson are tough competitors but very limited offensively. I think United will lose 2 or 3 games between now and the end of the League season - they have been very lucky in a number of games and against better sides that luck will run out.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry wrighty, they are sh*t but lucky, they'll lose and it will be quality to watch them failing miserably

Anonymous said...

If they pick their captain (Howard Webb) for the Emirates game then we're in trouble...

Anonymous said...

well i doubt it
chelsea are looking like they are getting their act together (good thing we got them over and done with) whilst united still have to play them home and away.
on top of that there is still city who would definitely fight for a famous win away to manure.
liverpool can barely help themselves right now, so no point asking them for favors
and lastly arsenal at the end of april which mite be the title decider,

am confident we can pull it off this year and maybe even a double

Anonymous said...

There is one predominant reason why their record has persisted for so long this season, and that is nemanja Vidic, he is back to his monstrous best. Ferdinand is a shadow of his former self and the 2 back up defenders smalling and evans are pants! Take Vidic out the team and they are seriously weakened. Also i think the champions league participation will have an effect, as well as having to play the chavs twice, man shitty at home, the red scousers away and a trip to the emirates. Make a cup of bovril, roll a joint and chill! our record is going nowhere!!

Goons_with_Guns said...

we will do them over at ASHBURTON GROVE ( not Emirates, ffs) if someone else hasn't done it by then.

Raisonar said...

Well to be honest i m having this same fear from a month or so. But if if they go unbeaten i think press bias will claim it to be better achievement as season is tougher now, and the likes of
valencia/nani would be claimed better than ljungberg/pires
anderson/fletcher would be claimed better than gilbeto/vieira
rooney will be compared to HENRY
and berbatov will be compared to DB10.

That would be a disgracefull day for football.

I hope for sake of justice to football, van der sar puts the ball into his own net on the final matchday just in case they are still unbeaten!!!!!!

But i seriously dont think they can reach the end of season till the end unbeaten.

metalhead said...

Karma's a bitch. Weren't they the ones who ended our unbeaten run? What goes around will come around

Anonymous said...

if they ends our unbeaten runs before, so we might stop them too..

if they go unbeaten all games but we still win the league, we still invicibles throughout the decades..

Danish Gooner said...

In an poor league they actually could achieve it.The key games will be Pool,Chavski and City at home if they fail to lose those games and get a run of no injuries they could do it.

Idd Salim said...

bah! Impossible. Like someone said, 'I am more than convinced that Blackpool will defeat United; So will Chelsea (home and away), Everton, City and Liverpool. Then they still have to come to the Emirates.'

Anonymous said...

I actually like the pressure this will heap on them. The result will be a lot of draws (often goalless) while they try to cling to the undefeated tag. So, I think it will adversely affect them .. and give us an advantage. Just my thoughts. But I dont think they will succeed with today's much more competitive league. They will loose at least one of the next 7 matches. Simples.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if you're aware your blog get's regularly reposted into the comments at, I wonder even if you do it yourself?

Anonymous said...

They will get beaten this season don't worry

ish said...

this a bit diffrent to the topic but i was wondering if anybody can give me some advice to do with the leeds arsenal replay . im going to watch the leeds vs arsenal game at elland road on wednesday! im a student in leeds but i support arsenal . as the away tickets were sold out the only place i cud get any tickets was in the north stand im a bit worried about going as leeds fans are a bit notorious for being a bit rough! has anyone got any advice except dont wear an arsenal shirt and keep quite that may help to still enjoy the night and not be tense?

and i really want to go as this the first time ill get to see arsenal!

visionary said...

ish,make sure your life insurance is up to date, make sure to phone your mom before the game and end the conversation by telling her you love her
enjoy the game

ish said...

thanks for the reassurance !

Anonymous said...

1. Don't worry. Even if they go unbeaten, they are just the Indomitables, not Invincibles, as you say, they are not in control.

2. I'll bet they will lose not to a big team, because when they face a big team, they play like they did against the Spuds, park the bus. They will lose to a mediocre team. actually, if not for the ref, they should have lost to West Brum, with a red card against Neville and a penalty.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

the only obstacle to them losing a match is the ref/s.aslong as they get they;re usual helping hand from the likes of howard"i lun manure"webb,the record will be under can bet your bottom dollar ,webbo will be given the emirates clash ,i can guarrantee it-speaking of webbo(who has an agenda with us)he's given 4 penalties to manure in his last six matches.who is hear of refs assoc.none other than our old friend mike "i luv manure"riley whoholds the prem record for penalties awarded to manure at old trafford by a single't think so!

Gooner4Life said...

Well to be honest , i've had this fear since we lost to them @ old trafford. They have this ability to just avoid losing , be it referees, teams wasting penalties against them , you name it, and though as much as i HATE, HATE , man united ,i've to hand it in for them , they can have the lousiest display you can ever see , yet they can go unbeaten for 21 games.

I genuinely believe, that if you want to do something the right way , just do it yourself , its about time our team MAN UP and get 'em suckers down , otherwise , it's gonna be a shameful day for us , gooners, a day that i really wish i will never live.

Generic Gooner said...

Saturday, 26 February - Wigan v Man Utd
Tuesday, 1 March - Chelsea v Man Utd
Sunday, 6 March - Liverpool v Man Utd

That says it all to me. Wigan away is no walk over, and to grind out a win there will take a little effort. Of course you would say they should win it, but then they will have one eye on the Tuesday, a trip to Chelski. Chelski are finding the confidence to win again, and will look apon this as an important game to win and reassert their strength as a top 4 club again. And then just a few days later they travel to the stadium of their old enemy, and a team who will be desperate to stop them getting more leagur titles on the board. And Liverpool always have a knack of raising their game for ManUre. It could be a pub 11 in Liverpool shirts yet when it comes to the game against the old toilet mob they play like Barcelona.

Thats the key week if Blackpool dont make all this redundant next Tuesday (I think Birmingham simply dont offer anything to stop it personally).

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

As if Messi will go arsenal, DREAM ON!

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